Inclusive Relevance: Your Content’s Job Description

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Once B2B buyers figured out they could access whatever information they needed to understand a new subject, answer a question, or evaluate a product they no longer needed to talk to a vendor until they decided to invite them to the conversation.

Self-Serve is a Great Model for Vendors – and Customers

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Self-serve is an effective, cost-saving strategy for software vendors. Both customers and vendors benefit from self-serve because it places the concept of customer value front and center. Let’s get it out there right away.

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The Relevance Maturity Matrix Helps B2B Marketers Close the Gap

Marketing Interactions

A good customer experience must be relevant. As I stated in my book, Digital Relevance, “…a process for continuous improvement will enable your marketing team to tweak and refine strategy progressively to keep your brand relevant in the face of change.”.

Improve Sales Proficiency With Relevant Sales Conversations


Why relevant? What does relevant really mean? How would you know if you are having a relevant conversation with a buyer? Relevant — adjective; 1. Being relevant is important due to the shift of the locus of control in buying/selling situations.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

online and through other channels before they actually reach out to the vendor. content 5 Content syndication / lead gen vendors. relevant search terms are not yet widely. Campaigns External lead generation vendors and programs come in a variety of forms.

Latest Marketing Technology Acquisitions Bypass Marketing Automation Vendors

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On May 6, AOL and Google announced their respective acquisitions of attribution vendors Convertro and Adometry. In this context, it’s relevant that SAP recently decided to resell Adobe’s marketing cloud rather invest in its own solution.

Questions to ask martech vendors about personalization [examples]


When it comes to incorporating personalization into a martech stack, what questions should brand marketers be asking of their martech vendors? ” Example questions to ask martech vendors about personalization. Ask each vendor to deliver a walk through of how these will specifically be met. Determine if the support will be thorough and relevant.” What other questions do you ask martech vendors about their personalization capabilities?

Boost Email Relevancy With Dynamic Content

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IMO, they are and will continue to be very useful provided your content is relevant. The solution – use dynamic content to boost relevancy of your emails and make them highly personalized in order to truly engage with your audience of engineering, technical and industrial professionals. Dynamic content will automatically insert relevant content within your emails based on trigger rules and segmentation that you set up. The single biggest benefit is its power of relevance.

Improve Sales Proficiency By Being Relevant to Buyers


Why relevant? What does relevant really mean? How would you know if you are being relevant with a buyer? Relevant — adjective; 1. Being relevant is important due to the shift of the locus of control in buying/selling situations.

Marketing Automation Selection: Finding a Future-Safe Vendor

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Marketers can do a better job of picking their marketing automation vendors if they roll up their sleeves and work at it. But you also need a vendor who will support your long-term success. Here are some ways to identify a “future-safe” vendor.

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Best Practices for Selling to Government Agencies

Registration to get connected with other vendors. business specialist or an IT manager relevant to your product. source, then there are other vendors out there that could. Best Practices for Selling to. Government Agencies WWW.MARKETJOY.COM Contact: +1 484-302-0110.

B2B Vendors Need To Play Catch Up In A “B2E” World


The findings reveal that European business buyers expect vendors to display traits traditionally associated with consumer brands, demonstrating B2B and B2C landscapes are no longer distinct.

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Impact of Social Media and Blogging on B2B Vendor Selection


The process of B2B vendor selection which traditionally was based on performance indicators of service, delivery, quality and price is now based on all of these, plus evolving factors such as just-in-time communication, process improvement and efficiency, enhanced supply chain management, etc.

How to Assess the Relevancy of 3rd Party Intent Data


We are now living in the Engagement Economy where buyers have more power than brands and expect personalized, relevant interactions at every touchpoint. The two biggest questions marketers have right now are: What types of intent signals are most relevant to my business?

Influencers: the key to content marketing


In one of my first jobs at IBM, I was the editor of a team of SMEs who wrote for a very narrow audience–the independent software vendors (ISVs) who built products for our hardware platforms. Based on my research, what they wrote about was also highly relevant to clients and prospects.

How PeopleHR Found the Right Marketing Automation Vendor

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Finding the best marketing automation vendor for your business can be a difficult proposition. Here’s how his vendor evaluation resulted in a partnership with Act-On Software, an integrated suite of marketing automation tools and resources.

Intent-Driven Campaigns: Challenges, Solutions and the Value of Context, Timing and Relevance


In this video, taken from our March 2019 event, John Clarke CEO of B2B intent platform Cyance, explores common challenges that marketers face when looking to build intent-driven campaigns, and how an intent-model built on context, timing and relevance can deliver value. Relevance.

Customer Relationship Management: 5 steps for finding the right vendor for your data hygiene

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Here’s why: Effective marketing depends on relevant messaging, and relevant messaging depends on how well you know your customers. The problem is cleaning and appending databases – making sure they’re accurate and contain all of the information you need to send the most relevant information – isn’t as glamorous as branding or content strategy. That’s why I’m involved in hiring a vendor to support MECLABS with this monumental task. Compile a list of vendors.

B2B Vendors Need To Play Catch Up In A “B2E” World


The findings reveal that European business buyers expect vendors to display traits traditionally associated with consumer brands, demonstrating B2B and B2C landscapes are no longer distinct.

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5 Expert Questions to Ask Your ABM Vendor


Before you commit to a long-term ABM strategy, ask your ABM vendor these questions. If your ABM vendor doesn’t provide you with reporting at both the account level and contact level, walk away now. Don’t just settle on the first ABM vendor you happen to research.

6 assumptions push marketing gets wrong


The presumption of relevance. They come down to what I call the presumption of relevance, the idea that we can make meaningful communication regardless of relevance. The simple truth is that unless communication is relevant, it can never be meaningful.

Vendor Negotiation 101: A Step By Step Guide


If you negotiate with vendors at work, you need to develop a skill set that goes way beyond vegetables versus dessert. Here’s our step-by-step guidelines for successful vendor negotiation: Step 1: Start by researching. Does the vendor have a track record of dependability?

When it Comes to Choosing Data Vendors, Buyer Beware

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However, even if you succeed in implementing a comprehensive data strategy for your organization, you can still end up with poor results thanks to the clever shell game so many of my fellow data vendors play to hide the inadequacies of their data. What are the vendor’s growth projections?

So…What’s the Relevance of the Marketo IPO?

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Not because vendors like Eloqua, Marketo, or Act-On say so, but because it adds value and businesses are ready for it. The post So…What’s the Relevance of the Marketo IPO?

6 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Personalization Vendor


But how do you choose a personalization vendor that will help you get the impact you are planning for? We’ve put together a list of questions to ask your website personalization vendors to evaluate how well they fit with your strategy. Does this vendor specialize in my industry? Sure, every vendor wants to help you, but are they really built to? A good personalization vendor has both the data and the methodology to identify anonymous visitors.

Expert Q&A: Transform Marketing With A Revenue-Relevant Customer Experience Strategy

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The best thought leadership content is where the vendor takes a definite position, communicates a point of view, about that business issue they solve or improve. But we have documented some thought leadership best practices from vendors such as Caterpillar, GE, and Owen-Illinois. Expert Q&A: Transform Marketing With A Revenue-Relevant Customer Experience Strategy is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

5 Marketing Lessons From Ballpark Vendors


Here are 5 key lessons from these vendors to watch for the next time you're sitting under those bright lights enjoying America's pastime. 5 Marketing Lessons From Ballpark Vendors. That toss is a simple but important way the vendor maximizes his sales and tips.

4 Trends That Show How the B2B Technology Buyer & Vendor Relationship is Changing


Is the dynamic between tech buyers and vendors changing in 2018? This post from Chanell Alexander at TrustRadius explores their recent findings on the disconnect between B2B tech buyers and vendors - and outlines how vendors can gain a competitive edge. The Disconnect Between B2B Tech Buyers and Vendors. So, how effective are vendors today at meeting buyer expectations and aligning with their purchasing journeys?

5 Crucial Considerations When Choosing a B2B Predictive Scoring Vendor


Search for a vendor that can supplement your 1st party data with a blend of multiple 3rd party data sources and plenty of relevant signals, especially social ones which tend to be the most accurate and up-to date.

How to Build a CDP RFP Generator

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Recent discussions with Customer Data Platform buyers and vendors have repeatedly circled around a small set of questions: what are the use cases for CDP? This comes from vendors who are now receiving many poorly written CDP RFPs.) cdp customer data martech rfp vendor selection

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B2B Marfketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool: What’s Inside and Why

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Summary: Our new B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) has been carefully crafted to help marketers at every step of the selection process. Sector Charts What It Is: This is the vendor landscape chart that users love and analysts are apparently obligated to produce.

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4 Key Marketing Technology Takeaways From A Forrester Wave

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report entitled “The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014.”. The vendor web site is an important first impression engagement forum. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this 2014 is poised to be an exciting year for marketing technology.

Six powerful B2B marketing tactics you may be missing


One very effective approach is to audit existing content based on the buyer role (like specifier, decision-maker, end user) and the stage of the buying process (like need recognition, researching solutions, vendor comparison).

The Change in B2B – 4 Rules To Live By


85% stated they wanted a vendor with knowledge of their industry. Much of the content or discussion I have with vendors (either digitally or with their sales people) is all focused on them – their products, their services, their unique value proposition.

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How Quality Content Is Helping IT Vendors

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Notice, no need for PPC placement – the quality and relevance delivers the results. Quality content is critical because prospects are paying with their most precious commodity – time. If you’re not giving them valuable information, they’ll click on to your competitors.

Email Marketing: How to maintain low opt-out rates

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Tweet I had the pleasure of attending MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit 2013 a couple of weeks ago, and while I was there, Jim Ducharme, Community Director, GetResponse, an email marketing vendor, asked me how to maintain low email-marketing opt-out rates. My answer, in a word, was relevance.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: E-Mail Marketing Relevance Tips And Resources For B2B Lead Generation

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The development of an effective e-mail program depends on how much you know about your target audience and how well you use that information to tailor a relevant message. The key is message relevance and program execution. Be relevant with each e-mail message.

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Recap: Day 1 Content2Conversion


Marketing leaders and content experts shared their insights and best practices on everything from connecting buyer preferences and strategies, to messaging missing links, to working with social influencers, understanding Digital Relevance, Strategic Demand Generation and marketing ROI.

Right vs. Wrong – B2B Sales People and Additional Thoughts About the SiriusDecisions B2B Buyer Research


What if this this latest study is simply an indication of the buyers need for content relevance during the buying cycle no matter if it comes from sales, marketing or somewhere else? Blog B2B Marketing B2B Sales Buyer's Journey content relevance Demand Ge SiriusDecisions

Content-Driven Conversations: The Future of B2B Engagement

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Given that Forrester finds that 62% of buyers say they can develop selection criteria or finalize a vendor list based solely on digital content, marketers must use technology to effectively grow engagement with buyers. If your content isn’t relevant, it isn’t read.