Versium Releases Open-Source Data Tools


Versium released a set of open-source development tools to simplify high-performance data processing for marketing, helping developers and data scientists understand and manipulate files to clean up dirty data and optimize campaigns.

Ontraport Survey Press Release


The post Ontraport Survey Press Release appeared first on The Ontraport Blog. Half of Entrepreneurs Believe They Cannot Step Away from Their Business for Even a Week. Survey Shows Many Small and Medium-Sized Business Owners are Encumbered With Daily Tasks That Could Be Automated.

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How To Write And Distribute Press Releases


Digital PR

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Writing a Press Release? 8 Awesome Tools That Will Help

B2B PR Sense

Writing a press release isn't rocket science -- but when you don't do it on a regular basis, it can be a bit challenging. But with the right tools, you can avoid any pitfalls and make your press release writing a lot easier. Before we look at the tools that will help you to create better press releases, let's focus on some of the major mistakes you should avoid in your writing. The 4 Culprits of Sucky Press Release Writing.

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Versium Releases Open Source Development Tools for High Performance Data Processing


Versium, a leading data technology company, today released a set of open source development tools to simplify high performance data processing for improved marketing outcomes. The first release in a new initiative to make data more accessible, Versium’s open source. REDMOND, WASH.

What is the Difference Between a MAT Release and a Press Release?


Are you stuck deciding whether to take advantage of a press release or a MAT release to distribute your branded content? Press releases are cheap and easy to distribute, so they seem to get more attention than MAT releases. Press releases don’t have that luxury.

How to Write Press Release Headlines That People Actually Read

B2B PR Sense

However, when it comes to your press release, you want your headline to work across the board. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of equally distressing or controversial headlines found in press releases. If only all press release headlines incorporated that measure of clarity, but without the negative press attention. Now, for a few stellar examples of press release headlines: This gets you curious and laughing at the funny mental image. Press Releases B2B Press

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WordPress Releases a New Performance Plugin via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Search Engine Journal

The post WordPress Releases a New Performance Plugin appeared first on Search Engine Journal. WordPress announced an official plugin that helps speed up websites. Publishers can test the new beta features and offer feedback.

Meta Team for WordPress releases a new plugin author feature


Last month, the Meta Team for released a new plugin author feature in the official directory. If this kind of update were released for almost any other platform, it would most likely not make the news.

New Visible Expert® Study Released

Hinge Marketing

Hinge announces the release of a new study of high visibility thought leaders and the clients that retain them. The post New Visible Expert® Study Released appeared first on Hinge Marketing.

Get To Know the Spring ’22 Release


Innovation is one of Salesforce’s core values, and we commit to this value by releasing hundreds of new features and enhancements three times a year. Today, our first release of the new year, Spring ’22, is now generally available.

Google Releases Annual Search Spam Report via @sejournal, @BrianFr07823616

Search Engine Journal

The post Google Releases Annual Search Spam Report appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Google's annual report details its achievements in fighting spam and preventing users from clicking on harmful sites.

Crisis Drives Innovation: Businesses Release More Products than Last Year


In a larger sense, industries continue to push forward with offer expansion through product releases and additional features, and some of these launches will surprise us. Through September, companies have released more new products in 2020 than in either 2019 or 2018, according to research by ZoomInfo. When digging into why small and large businesses are releasing so many more products in 2020 than in 2019 or 2018, there are two main reasons: survival and opportunity.

Maximize Your Salesforce ROI With the Summer ’22 Release


The Summer ’22 Release preview is here! We release hundreds of new products, features, and enhancements three times a year, and many of them are free! Learn more about these and other features and innovations in the Summer ’22 Release. Summer ’22 Release demo video.

10 Press Release Best Practices That Will Skyrocket Your PR

B2B PR Sense

Press releases are a valuable tool in the hands of PR professionals -- as long as you use them correctly. Learn what press release best practices can make your news and announcements more effective in today’s busy world. While there are those that believe emphatically that the press release is dead, we are here to tell you that that is an urban myth. Press releases are alive, thriving, a vital tool that continues to empower companies in many ways.

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How To Write a Press Release


In this guide, we’ll provide you with advice on how to write a press release. We’ll cover formatting, how to write the content itself, and syndicating it. Content Marketing

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7 tips for effective press releases


Press releases can be very effective for helping to create a buzz and getting the word out about something new with your business. However, since many other businesses also know this, there are often too many press releases floating around. Press releases can be a useful tool for any size business, and they allow smaller businesses to grab the same press attention larger businesses can get. How can you make your press releases more effective and stand out against the rest?

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Feature Release: Simple Email


The post Feature Release: Simple Email appeared first on The Ontraport Blog. You can now quickly create plain emails with stylized text and images with our new Simple Email. In this new email editor, changing your text styling is as easy as a click of a button, and you can add images that can be resized while you edit. You can also: Add alternative text for images, […]. Engineering

Are Businesses Releasing More or Less Products in 2020? Depends on Size.


Figure 1 : New product release totals are higher in 2020 than in the prior two years. ZoomInfo analyzed press releases and media articles captured in its Scoops feature to track new product and service releases. Figure 3 : Medium firms released less products in 2020 than in 2019.

How to Find & Brainstorm Press Release Topics & Titles

Content writing for regular press releases is a valuable strategy. There’s only one downside: press releases aren’t easy. Just paying to push your press release to various publishers can be expensive, and perhaps more importantly, getting your press release published is tough.

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We released our premium courses for free during Covid-19. Check out the results!


We decided that releasing some of our paid Rock University courses would be a quick and efficient way to collaborate with professional growth during the quarantine. The post We released our premium courses for free during Covid-19.

Course 207

News Releases in Industrial Content Marketing — Part II

Industrial Marketing Today

Think of this post as an extension of my previous article “Why Industrial News Releases Make Good Blog Posts.” Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Industrial Marketing News Releases PR Press RleasesLet me start with some findings and statistics from different B2B [.]. This is only a content summary. Please click on the headline to read the full article. Visit my website for more content on industrial marketing.].

Anyword Product Roundup: Here’s Everything We Released in April


In case you missed all of the exciting new features we churned out, here’s a rundown of everything released in April. Anyword recognized this struggle (we’ve all been there) and released a feature called Customer Personas.

Don’t Publish a Press Release. Create a Product Story Instead


When companies write about themselves, we usually wind up with dry, hollow press releases. However, the typical press release machine has become somewhat outdated. Now, the series has become a staple of new product releases. The post Don’t Publish a Press Release.

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Brand marketing: 4 ways businesses should be using press releases — but many aren’t


Ah yes, press releases: a staple of the business collateral landscape that has not just survived the transition from the print to the digital world, but has thrived. Indeed, thanks to the “evergreen” nature of web content, press releases are the brand marketing gift that keeps on giving. However, despite their proven value — and staggeringly high ROI compared to most other forms of conventional brand building — many businesses aren’t happily aboard the press-release bus.

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Summer 2020 Release: Introducing Seismic Interactive Content


Today, I’m excited to announce that as part of our Seismic Summer 2020 Release, we are unveiling Seismic Interactive Content, a powerful new capability that delivers immersive, engaging buyer experiences.

WordPress 5.8.1 Released to Fix Multiple Vulnerabilities via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Search Engine Journal

Released to Fix Multiple Vulnerabilities appeared first on Search Engine Journal. WordPress Update 5.8.1 addresses three security issues in REST API, Gutenberg editor and Lodash JavaScript library. Recommends updating now The post WordPress 5.8.1

Kumar’s BIG release = Cricket Match

Ambal's Amusings

Kumar has been telling me that there is a “BIG” release at work this last weekend. After all these years with me, he fails to realizes how much I know (with my extensive reading and limited training) about psychology and reading both digital and body language … Continue reading Kumar’s BIG release = Cricket Match. Life/Experiences Parenting/Growing up Story/Telling cricket match release work

The Biggest Problems Solved by Marketo’s Q1 Releases

SmartBug Media

Each quarter, Marketo rolls out a release including product enhancements, additional features, bug fixes, and more. So what did the Q1 release include, and how can it help Marketo users? Here is a summary of optimizations and key problems solved with the release.

8 Steps to a Standout Press Release

Hinge Marketing

One way to obtain earned media is to write a press release that is both newsworthy and suited to the journalists’ beat. Like any good story, a successful press release is as much about content as context. Press releases are meant to be informative yet brief.

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Feature Release: New Dashboard Metrics


The post Feature Release: New Dashboard Metrics appeared first on The Ontraport Blog. We’ve added some of your highly requested metrics to the dashboard. These new additions let you use your dashboard as a thorough overview of all the stats that matter to you. Custom objects You can now create metrics for Deals, Companies and your custom objects. To set up your metrics, simply select the object type. […].

5 Ultimate Press Release Components That Will Boost Your B2B Marketing

B2B PR Sense

With the press release nearly as ancient as Methusalah, it's easy -- far too easy -- to bash this relic. Yet, it's been estimated that some 2,000 releases are sent a day by the major wire services alone. In fact, as a B2B PR and marketing agency, we frequently send releases on behalf of our clients. In fact, press releases with their inverted pyramid format of the big news on top are ideal for our 140 character world. Imagine your press release as a meal.

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Microsoft Advertising Announces September Product Releases & Updates via @sejournal, @hoffman8

Search Engine Journal

Today, Microsoft Advertising announced its September product releases and updates. The post Microsoft Advertising Announces September Product Releases & Updates appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

WordPress Releases Gutenberg 11.6 – Top 4 Achievements via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Search Engine Journal

The post WordPress Releases Gutenberg 11.6 – Top 4 Achievements appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Gutenberg 11.6 offers four important changes plus numerous other improvements and bug fixes.

Dynamics 365 2020 Release Wave 2 General Availability Dates You Should Know

Ledgeview Partners

Dynamics 365 2020 Release Wave 2 General Availability Dates You Should Know. Some Microsoft Dynamics 365 users may already be reaping the benefits of the Wave 2 Release. 1, 2020: “General availability: This is when production deployment for the 2020 release wave 2 begins.

Microsoft Advertising Announces June Product Releases & Updates via @sejournal, @hoffman8

Search Engine Journal

Today, Microsoft Advertising announced its July product releases and updates. The post Microsoft Advertising Announces June Product Releases & Updates appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Here’s what advertisers need to know!

Inside a Social Media News Release


Today, I plan to go through, “line-by-line,” a site we create to support all of our blogger outreach campaigns, that we call a Social Media News Release (SMNR) but we also call a Microsite, a Resource Site, or a Fact Sheet. To those of you who are in Communications, you’ll recognize the structural similarity between it and a traditional News Release/Press Release. We never used to add this to our Social Media News Releases. Image via CrunchBase. Releases Review Booster


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SpiceWorld Virtual 2021: Spiceworks Ziff Davis Releases Growing Agenda Optimized for IT Professional Education and Engagement


Press Releases B2B Tech Conference IT Professionals SpiceWorld SpiceWorld Virtual SWZD

Just Released: Forrester's TEI Report


Today, with the release of Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) research report , sales teams don’t have to wonder any longer. A rep who is consistently exceeding her (or his) quota is a lot like a great sales pitch: people want to know more.