Marketing Vendor Selection: Trends You'll Need to Support

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Many marketing automation vendors have added mobile interfaces for the marketers and salespeople who work with them. Third party developers will probably pioneer these capabilities, so look for marketing automation vendors who are good at integrating with outsiders and, eventually, have the money to acquire their technology. But marketing automation vendors haven’t built many special features to make video easier to use.

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From 2016 to 2017, 5X more marketing automation vendors were added than removed


tl;dr — From 2016 to 2017, the marketing automation category of the marketing technology landscape grew yet again, by 36% , from 156 vendors to 212. So here’s the category — click for a larger version — followed by some commentary: There are 212 vendors included in this category, up 36% from 156 in last year’s landscape. Specifically: 142 vendors remained unchanged from last year. 4 vendors changed their name, focus, or ownership. 66 vendors were added.


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AI-driven Marketing: Multivariate or Single Variable Analysis?


Regression analysis helps understand various relationships between the data sets. The level of premium data needed for AI-driven B2B marketing is found through regression analysis using multiple independent variables. Not all intent vendors source data in the same way.

NGData Gives Enterprise Marketers a Customer Data Platform of Their Own

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If you read my recent post on Customer Data Platforms Revisited very, very closely, you might have noticed it listed a category of data vendors who “store unified profiles and expose to other systems”, which is pretty much the core definition of a Customer Data Platform. The predictions can be based on conventional predictive methods like regression or on integrated machine learning.

Rapid Insight Provides Low-Cost Options for Desktop Data Transformation and Predictive Modeling

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Summary: Rapid Insight offers low-cost desktop tools for data transformation and automated regression modeling. Rather than go into more details, I'll just point you to the vendor's on-demand demo. The predictive modeling tool, prosaically named Analytics, builds logistic and least squares regression models. The vendor says a half-million rows with a couple hundred variables is a reasonable universe to model.

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Buyer Intent and Predictive Analytics – Unified Through Data Science

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

While affording powerful logistical regression models based on any data that it could see, predictive analytics models suffered from near data blindness, as marketing departments struggled to feed anything more than CRM, website logs, and basic firmographic data to it. Logistical regressions optimize media mix models based upon advertising response rates by accounts showing buyer intent.

B2B Marketing Budget Allocation: Insights and Breakdown


The Covid-19 Impact on B2B Marketing Budget Allocation According to McKinsey, five years worth of projected business digitization was realized in just eight weeks—and there is no regression in the face of such progress.

What, Why, and How of Big Data Analytics For Beginners


Inside the organizations, the employees, marketing team, vendors, supply chains, and finance teams generate an abundance of data. All these analytical processes use statistical analysis methods like regression and clustering.

Forrester B2C commerce suites: What made the winners stand out


Operational efficiency, looking at if the platform lets users easily upgrade versions with no recoding and minimal regression testing. Kibo Commerce is one of the smaller vendors mentioned in this report, with a primary focus on the North American market. On the positive side, Forrester notes that customers “liked working with a responsive, small vendor,” and that price was a strong selling point.

How to Make Digital Transformation a Reality

Martech Advisor

I don’t have to educate people on why cloud platforms should be embraced, but rather how a software vendor manages and provides access to its core marketing technology’s application programming interfaces (APIs) and provides platforms on which to build digital experiences.

10 Ways to Crush the Competition Using Intent Signals


Next, the information is aggregated using a regression analysis to look for surges that register above normal activity levels. If you do not have the manpower, technopower, or automation resources, then don’t burn yourself out: third-party intent signals are available through vendors such as True Influence. However, make sure to ask the right questions when assessing the attributes of the right vendor, such as: 1.

Using a Purchase Funnel to Measure Marketing Effectiveness: Better than Last-Click Attribution But Far From Perfect

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Summary: Many vendors are now proposing to move beyond "last click" attribution to measure the impact of advertising on movement of customers through a sequence of buying stages. Of course, vendors only start pointing out a problem when they’re ready to sell you a solution. Examples of vendors taking this approach include: - Marketo recently announced new " Revenue Cycle Analytics " marketing measurement features with its customary hoopla.

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[x+1] Origin Digital Marketing Hub Offers Cross-Channel Decision Management

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My recent posts on real time decision systems have all described products from vendors of batch-oriented, outbound campaign management systems. Expansion to real time decisions helps those vendors cement their strategic position as a complete solution for marketing departments. Knowing this, you might suspect there are other real time decision management vendors with roots in Web marketing.

3 Types of Marketing Attribution Software to Try in 2020


Rather than use a tag or pixel to follow the individual user around the web, MMM uses multivariate regressions to predict just how much of an impact certain sales and marketing tactics had on customer behavior.

One Final Post on Multi-Variate Testing

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The same problem really applies to any analytical technique, even things like regression that don’t require data generated from structured tests. But, as one of the vendors pointed out to me yesterday, it’s difficult for companies to run tests that last long enough to measure long-term outcomes like lifetime value

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Shredded Wheat or Cap’n Crunch: Making Tough Decisions In Allocating Online Ad Spend


With so many channels and vendors, it can be nearly impossible to spend effectively or efficiently. A good way to tackle this problem is by mapping out daily cost efficiency and performing some basic regression analysis for each online advertising channel you are considering. Author: Patrick Chen When it comes to deciding where to spend your online ad budget these days, do you ever feel overwhelmed with choices?

The Relevance Maturity Matrix Helps B2B Marketers Close the Gap

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The company’s relevance increases with the report, but this relevance quickly regresses with the continued product focus in its communications. Consumers and business buyers have similar opinions about vendor content – that it’s less trustworthy, biased, and not a significant influencer across the buying process. A good customer experience must be relevant.

Communication (and Coordination?) in a Modern, Complex Organization

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Updated: Community and Social network Vendor Blogs. IM Standards: Vendors Are In A Different Reality. In individual-level regressions of engagement in category-spanning communication patterns, we find that women, mid- to high-level executives, and members of the executive management, sales and marketing functions are most likely to participate in cross-group communications. Vendor Briefing Request. Collaborative Thinking.

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The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools


Pricing: contact vendor for quote. Perform trend analyses, regressions, and correlations for statistical understanding. While chief marketing officers are under increasing pressure to quantitatively demonstrate the ROI of marketing investments, most still struggle with it. Yet as pointed out on Marketing Charts , “What’s interesting to see is that CMOs don’t seem to be pursuing what’s being touted as the solution to the ROI struggle: marketing analytics.”