New Mobile Innovations Enhance the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience


These include: SMS Campaign Management. You should be able to use a variety of campaign templates to support various SMS use cases within easy-to-use frameworks for building two-way customer interactions. Link Tracking for SMS. Go ahead and embed branded short URLs in your SMS messages to get deeper insights into how well campaigns perform by monitoring SMS click through rates, conversions, and click recency. SMS Keyword Listening.

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Inbox Nightmares: Webinar Recording + Q&A


For most of the year I’d suggest even tighter – 6-9 months, but with holidays coming up you can open your recency data window to 13 months to catch people who last engaged last holiday season. You can also look to target them in other channels as some folks prefer SMS/push.


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Are Your Customers Experiencing Marketing Oversaturation? Here’s How to Deal with it


For example, if a customer engages more with email, you should focus on targeting that person with an optimal number of emails rather than sending a large number of SMS or mobile app messages. This tactic is commonly implemented as an RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) score.

B2C Personalization Blog Series Part 3: Knowing Your Customers So Well You Can Predict Their Needs


Think of this as a type of RFM (recency-frequency-monetary) model on steroids—it is a much more advanced predictive model that can take thousands of inputs. In part 1 of this series , we looked at the importance of responsiveness and reacting to customer behaviors.

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Are You Using First Party Data To Drive Personalized Customer Experience?

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You can start with the data generated by your mobile web/application channels, offline sources/point-of-sale, CRM, email/SMS databases, beacons and sensors, as well as your call centers. Recency issues can also arise as data ages or as it gets passed from one system to another for processing. Customer experiences are one of the most complex challenges marketers face today.

Mobile customer lifecycle management in 2019: How to reach the hyperconnected


We recommend that our clients use a tool that can look at the recency, frequency, and monetary value of user actions within their apps. Recency shows how engaged customers are with a brand, and it’s also a great metric for retention. Send SMS with reactivation offer/discount. Customer lifecycle management (CLM) isn’t a new idea. But it is a useful tool for figuring out how to market to your mobile users in a way that keeps them engaged and, more importantly, wanting more.

The Best Marketo Add-Ons for SMB

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Sales reps see their leads ranked by recency of engagement and overall lead score. Other add-ons include a variety of advanced analytics and reporting tools, Mobile Push Messaging and SMS Messaging , and more.

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Why They Matter and How to Manage Them


The most important review factors: 1) Star rating, 2) Legitimacy, 3) Recency, 4) Sentiment, 5) Quantity. Sending an email or SMS with a link isn’t the only way to ask. Customer reviews. Uggghhh. Am I right? You both love them, and love to hate them.

Your 3-Step Guide to Creating a Successful Review Acquisition Strategy


Their customers are invited to write a review via SMS and email autoresponder campaigns. In fact, according to Moz’s 2019 The State of Local SEO Industry Report , 91 percent of marketers believe that aspects of reviews, including ratings, quality, positive/negative sentiment, presence of keywords, and/or recency can impact local pack rankings. Posted by McDermott Wouldn't it be nice if you had an easy way to learn about your competitor's deepest and darkest secrets?

Numeric Scoring: The Key To Lead Management Success

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They have added new capabilities for delivering highly personalized direct mail, SMS/voice reminders, and on-demand fax and RSS delivery – interesting stuff that, while I’d need to talk to a client or two to be convinced of their specific usefulness, show that Eloqua is delivering a broader range of lead nurturing, drip marketing capabilities.