Command the planet: Lead the exponential digital Earth


In 2 weeks, deliver a user-tested and proven app design that’s user-centered, along with a first range of insights into real users’ expectations and mental models. Lesson for leaders.

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Two new features added to SnapApp: Score Range quizzes and apps with multiple questions per page


A new type of quiz called a Score Range quiz , where each answer choice is assigned a numerical score, and the result is determined based on sum of the user's points. You can also use Score Range quizzes to do personal assessments (e.g., "How So, try the example quiz below, which is a 6-question Score Range Quiz, with 3 questions on each page. Yesterday, we added two great new features to SnapApp that have been frequently requested by our customers.

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Facebook ads vs Google adwords: 7 key criteria to decide


They consume content that aligns with a huge range of personal interests, beliefs, ideologies, and values. Consider these facts: Digital ad revenue in the U.S. grew by more than 20% last year to a record $72.5 billion. ( IAB ).

Should businesses use LinkedIn groups or Slack for prospecting? Part 2


I think the potential for Slack to overtake this space is huge, especially if the target age range is millennials and Generation Z. In my previous article, I introduced the up and coming Slack tool and how it serves as an alternative for LinkedIn , which is closing its groups.

New exponential publishing drives business growth and revenues


In a growing range of businesses, exponential growth disruption wins. Lesson for leaders. How can publishers switch from being disrupted to exponential growth that disrupts others? When an exponential competitor succeeds, they rapidly scale their business and transform an industry.

Cost areas that make up a business video marketing communication


Business video production services are a professional service and just like any professional services purchase there is a wide range of options.

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12 Questions SEO Vendors May Not Want You to Ask?

B2B Marketing Traction

Services. About. Resources. Contact. The page you requested could not be found. Here are some options: If you got here by typing a URL, please make sure the spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are correct, then try loading the URL again.

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5 Tools Digital Marketers Want for Christmas

Marketing Insider Group

To save time and make your job simpler, you will have to rely on a wide range of digital marketing tools. To survive in today’s competitive digital marketing landscape, you need to be intuitive, social media-savvy, and persistent. Most importantly, you need to be a jack of all trades. Whether you’re analyzing off-page backlinks or […]. The post 5 Tools Digital Marketers Want for Christmas appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing tools

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5 Great Mobile Website And App Examples

Marketing Insider Group

Unfortunately, they were launching their ‘signature for men’ bodywash range into a low interest, high competition market to compete with other well established brands, therefore they needed a campaign that not only spoke to their […].

Automating The Omnichannel Opportunity

Marketing Insider Group

For a while, multichannel was the thing, engaging with customers across a wide range of different channels and building a strong presence on each available platform.

Umm Umm Good: The Secret Sauce for B2B Online Lead Generation


Some insist it needs to be slathered in a tomato-based sauce that ranges in flavor from sinfully sweet to OH MY GOD SOMEBODY PLEASE PASS THE BEER. From the Carolinas to the Southwest, Deep South to New York, the subject of barbecue is a touchy one.

Weekend Reading: “The Analytical Marketer” by Adele Sweetwood

Marketing Insider Group

Leaders are grappling with issues that range from building […]. For the 133rd episode of The Marketing Book Podcast, I interviewed Adele Sweetwood, author of The Analytical Marketer: How to Transform Your Marketing Organization. Analytics are driving big changes, not only in what marketing departments do but in how they are organized, staffed, led, and run. The post Weekend Reading: “The Analytical Marketer” by Adele Sweetwood appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

Why Your Marketing Needs to be Data-Driven

Marketing Insider Group

There are now a wide variety of tools that enable marketers to capture a range of data at particular stages in their marketing campaigns. In this day and age, there’s no excuse for not knowing what your customers want.

7 Best-Practices for Visual Marketing on Social Media


It encompasses a range of strategies that vary from using simple photographs to crafting infographics and videos. Visual marketing is a cost-effective way to engage your audience on social media.

Time for a New (Automated) CMO?

Tomorrow People

As the client services director in a cutting edge marketing agency I am privileged to engage with a range of businesses and functional leaders from across multiple industries.

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Jeff Morris, GoodData’s VP of Product Marketing: The Power of Consolidated Marketing Analytics [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

As a big river grows exponentially from the contribution of many disparate streams and tributaries, so too does the powerful flow of Big Data come from an increasingly wide range.

Navigating The Twists And Turns Of The CMO Career Path

Influitive b2b

It now requires a range of skills, including: Strategic thinking Organizational alignment to deliver better customer experiences Data-driven decision-making This shift has also changed. By now, you’ve probably heard the news: the role of the CMO is changing. Gone are the Mad Men-style days when the CMO’s main job was to create flashy ad campaigns.

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What You Get When You Buy Technology


As Corporate Visions notes , “In the 1980s, if you had to decide what computer hardware to buy for your company, these words rang through your head. Consider a wide range of vendors. . Define a long-range plan. “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.”.

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Getting started with Content Marketing

Direct Response Coach

It’s such a broad topic that covers a range of activities like web content, blog content, gated content, search engine optimization, keywords, lead capture, email follow up and social media. Content marketing can be very intimidating.

How to Choose the Best Digital Channels for Your Business [Infographic]


Those things cost a lot of money, so usually only the big players were able to broadcast their brand to a wider range of people. Guest post by Jess Andriani.

Infographic: Top 10 Types of Demand Generation Content

The Point

Whether you’re focused on generating net new inquiries, or nurturing existing leads through the funnel, it’s often best to utilize a mix of content types, the better to appeal to a range of prospects.

The Four Best Online Education Tools For Business Pros


Fortunately, the range and speed of continuing education tools and resources is greater than ever as well. Udemy is an online academy offering 40,000 courses across an incredibly wide range of subjects, and has served more than 11 million students.

How Many Leads Per Month Should You Be Generating?


However, you should note that the lead volume you specifically should aim for, will be determined by a range of factors. Note: To get an average percentage Conversion rate, we have taken the average number of Customers (from the ranges given) and divided by the average number of visitors (from the ranges given), x 100. Visitors to Customers range per industry from 0.25% through to 1.16%.

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7 Ways you can Engage with Your Influencers

Onalytica B2B

If we look at the engagement approaches as being on a spectrum ranging from truly organic to paid, content will come within the organic range, whereas product is more likely to be closer to paid. Influencer engagement is the most challenging part of Influencer Relationship Management.

Interview with Rachel Miller

Onalytica B2B

Her digital strategy has achieved global recognition working with a broad range of clients spanning enterprise to startup. Rachel Miller – Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Strategy at TopRank Marketing.

7 Things You Need to Know About Optimizing for Mobile in 2016

Act-On , Browsershots , Browser Sandbox , Browsera and BrowserStack are the best-of-class options ranging from $10-$100+ per month depending on your needs.

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How to Speak the Same Language as Your Marketing Audience


Personas are mini character sketches of various audience profiles – including things like age or age range, gender (if that matters to your product), income, likes and dislikes, emotional struggles, habits, even words they use or questions they may ask. Who are you writing for?

Email Templates


Use this range of email templates to send tell your customers everythng they need to know about Shopfront, the UK’s leading B2B ecommerce software. Partners Portal

Podcast Listeners Grow by 23 Percent … Does it Make Sense for your Marketing Strategy?


There is no perfect podcast length, but generally content ranges from 15 to 90 minutes. Podcasts aren’t anything new; in fact, they got their start as “audioblogging” in the 1980s and took hold again in the 2000s with the inception of devices such as iPods.

Why 32% of Companies Don’t Have a Formal Marketing Plan (Part 1)


The answers range from “Yes, of course,” to “No, we don’t have time or budget for that.”. When we talk to potential clients, we always ask a simple question: “Do you have a marketing plan?” But there’s always more to it than yes or no.

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SEO Experts You Should Be Following in 2017


The topics range from the recent tips on conducting an SEO Audit to identifying the content that’s best for your own SEO needs, and everything in between.

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The Best Number of Experts to Include in an Expert Roundup Post [Infographic]


The additional inputs generally support the conclusions of the original research: the ideal range for the number of experts is three to ten, with five being the most popular figure. A few weeks ago,, a post titled What’s the Ideal Number of Experts for Expert Roundup Posts?

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My 2015 Sales & Marketing Predictions

Crimson Marketing

These predictions cover a wide-range of industry-related topics that will have you and your marketing solutions ready for 2015. I recently discussed my sales and marketing predictions for 2015 with Backbone Media.

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Link Building and SEO Strategies to Resurrect in 2017, Part 1


Prices may vary and range from free to a few hundred dollars for submission. Websites that earn valuable organic traffic from search engines are often aware of the powers of search engine optimization (SEO).

Hiring the Perfect Person to Run Your Social Media


If you used the mid-range of the Creative Group’s estimate of a social media manager salary ($80,000 a year) and added a conservative (15%) burden, that would work out to $7,666 per month. Planning to increase your social media budget this year? If so, you’re not alone.

Why 32% of Companies Lack a Formal Marketing Plan (Part 1)


The answers range from “Yes, of course,” to “No, we don’t have time or budget for that.”. When we talk to potential clients, we always ask a simple question: “Do you have a marketing plan?” But there’s always more to it than yes or no.

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Only B2B - Untitled Article

Only B2B

Author’s remarks: Starting from marketing automation myths to demand generation blogs, Pardot offers a great range of blogs on different topics that can be utilised by the marketers to get latest tips and tricks for their businesses. 40+ Demand Generation Blogs You Should Follow Now!

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Key to 2016: Personalize Marketing with the ICE Formula

Ambal's Amusings

That question was recently posed to me and other thought leaders who contribute to B2B Marketing Zone, and 25 responded with a range of insights about content marketing, measuring results, employee advocacy, customer experience and other topics. What will successful B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?

Email Marketing vs. MA Solutions: Which is Right for Your Business?


Yet, while email continues to be a powerful tool for these companies, a range of other technologies have established themselves in the marketing arsenal, such as web analytics, landing page hosting, paid search, CRM, and social media.

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Welcome to Influencer Discovery!

Onalytica B2B

If you are looking for a quick start – pick one of our hand picked lists of influencers, ranging from animation to zoologists. Effective influencer marketing starts with identifying relevant influencers for your brand.