Should PRSA Sanction Public Relations Practitioners?

Marketing Craftmanship

In his most recent bi-weekly column on customer service, “The Haggler,” New York Times writer David Segal addressed a long-standing and well-founded gripe that many journalists have against public relations practitioners who send out press releases and other solicitations in wholesale fashion; regardless of the content’s relevance or likely interest to the journalists they’re pitching.

10 Social Media and Public Relations Tactics You Need to Know

B2B PR Sense

Social media and public relations might seem like an odd pair upon first inspection. Can public relations and social media really work together to bolster your business? How social media can help with public relations. How to prepare your social media profile to use for public relations. How to combine public relations and social media into one seamless strategy. How Social Media Can Help with Public Relations.


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B2G Public Relations: Government Heros


B2G public relations is a difficult challenge under the best of circumstances. At Bluetext, we’ve found B2G public relations workarounds for our clients who sell to agencies at the Federal, state, and local level: Talk about the government customer as a hero and innovator rather than pitching a story about the contractor’s solution. And third, it built up a bank of media-ready customer case studies to power B2G public relations activities.

Time for a B2B Public Relations Tune Up

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For those of us working in B2B public relations, now is a good time to review the accomplishments of the past few months. It’s also a good time to review your PR operations to keep your tactics fresh and ready to continue moving your clients’ publicity forward for the rest of the year. In B2B marketing, press releases are still a useful way to reach your target audience by placing your news in trade publications that speak directly to your customer demographic.

The Ultimate Guide to Public Relations in 2018


Welcome to the world of public relations. Commonly abbreviated to PR, public relations defines how a company communicates with people. Read on to learn more about public relations, or click below to jump to a specific section. Public relations can be split into three categories: owned, paid, and earned media. Public relations and inbound marketing are closely related and using them together drives the best results.

3 Ways to Better Integrate B2B Public Relations Into Your Marketing

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B2B public relations, or PR, is just what it sounds like — relating (connecting) to your public (or audience). It’s the process of securing publicity either for you or for your clients. B2B public relations may seem like its own isolated or separate branch of marketing communications. Both involve your relations with trade pubs. This is absolutely a viable use of B2B public relations — but why not use it for a second function?

Influencer marketing tools of the trade


So, since blogger outreach is at the top of mind, I thought I would talk a little bit about the tools of the trade — what we use to stoke excitement about our clients! The post Influencer marketing tools of the trade appeared first on Biznology. Content Marketing Influencer Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing AdWords Apple Inc. We’re off to the races!

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Season 1, Ep. 19: Re-orchestration of Puzzle Pieces: How to Effectively Prioritize Your Time When You’re Overwhelmed feat. Vinda Souza


She leads Bullhorn’s global public relations, analyst relations, industry marketing, content marketing, social media, strategic thought leadership, events content, and internal communications strategy. Season 1, Episode 18.

26 Solid Pitch Ideas that Will Make You a B2B Public Relations Pro

B2B PR Sense

Journalists and B2B public relations professionals have two different needs regarding a media pitch: The journalist wants stories that resonate with an audience; the B2B PR professional wants a company's story told. But not all stories make the cut for effective media pitches in B2B public relations. It also attracts public interest. Your local press (and in some cases trade press) will be less demanding in terms of a great story.

The 10 most fascinating people in B2B marketing in 2017


The project turned into a huge community relations win, with enormous press coverage, books, films, and even the birth of an in-house employee-driven photography project. “I I’ve served on John’s board for 5 years now, and recognize him as a master of extracting value from media properties — trade pubs, websites, databases, seminars, conferences, online training programs — and rounding up data sources across a complex organization. Top 10 lists are everywhere this year.

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Public Relations Trends: How to Explode Your PR with Visuals

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Visual content is one of the public relations trends that has exploded recently. So it's unsurprising that this has trickled down to business to business public relations and communications. Visuals are intrinsically linked with human emotions.Tapping into those emotions is a key part of public relations, and an excellent way to boost such PR metrics as engagement and lead generation. Handpicked Related Content. Handpicked Related Content.

The art of narrative storytelling via social media marketing


So, while I need to call what I am doing social media marketing and micro-influencer marketing , what I am really doing is public relations and public affairs — and it’s always been this way. Sales, reporting, journalism, and public relations done right have one thing in common: personally engaging targeted individuals, soul-by-soul and person-by-person. Marketing Uses a Spreadsheet but Public Relations Uses a Rolodex.

Will growing income disparity force CEOs to re-brand?


While Congress has chipped away many of the regulations of this law, it has retained the part that requires publicly traded companies to calculate and reveal the ratio between the CEO’s compensation and the median pay of the companies’ employees. On the other hand the public visibility of many CEOs can provide an opportunity to take preemptive initiatives to re-brand themselves and/or their company, and even help prevent attacks from activists.

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Survey: Most B2B Marketing Writers Aren’t in Direct Contact with Customers

Sword and the Script

Don’t overlook industry surveys, such as those conducted by trade publications, consultants and even competitors. Marketing PR B2b B2B marketing B2B public relations marketing leadership marketing organization marketing surveys surveys

Analyze your target’s buying process, for greater marketing efficiency


When you are trying to become known to researchers, media relations and trade shows can be the most effective tools. B2B selling is a complicated affair, but you can simplify your marketing strategies dramatically with buying process analysis. This means that you lay out your prospect’s buying process, stage by stage, and then develop a selling process that maps to it. Voila! Your marketing investments will become much more efficient, being applied to their best use.

Event Marketing: How a technology start-up made a trade show splash booth-free

B2B Lead Generation

Brickstream enlisted the help of Arketi Group, a B2B marketing and public relations firm, to help create the impact it needed – booth or not. It combined these elements to promote the new brand at the trade show. The fun didn’t end at the trade show. This booth-free approach to trade show promotion produced more than 30 highly qualified direct leads and 200 prospects for Brickstream in addition to a spike in leads for its partners.

Am I connecting with my customers enough? 10 tips for customer outreach


Perfect your listening skills at trade shows and networking events. We don’t all love networking events and trade shows. When a customer hears about a great experience from someone they can relate to, they make a connection. How’s your customer outreach? You might be looking at how to secure new customers and follow up on leads, but are you also keeping your existing customers happy? We hear a lot about customer engagement and outreach these days.

How to Modernize a Public Relations Strategy That's Stuck in the Dark Ages


public relations can be a critical ingredient in your marketing mix. Below, we’ve outlined seven tactics to help you modernize your PR approach and bring it into 2013, along with some examples of great companies who have blogged, pitched, and publicized their way to great PR success in the 21st century. To that end, arming reporters with compelling visuals to make your story stand out from the pack can increase the success of your media relations.

What is Storytelling? Why Does Storytelling Work? What are Good Examples? [UML]

Sword and the Script

The problem is, that’s not a story and not one the business trade press will cover. It begins with a situation in which life is relatively in balance: You come to work day after day, week after week, and everything’s fine.

The Long Tail of Blogger Outreach


Internet Marketing Organic Search Public Relations Abraham Harrison blogs Outreach public relationsImage via Wikipedia. I had breakfast with John Bell of Ogilvy a number of years ago. He didn’t see the value of investing limited budget, time, and resources on the long tail when those treasures would better be used to woo the high-fliers, professionals, top-cows, and A-listers.

How to pitch a blogger


We don’t pay them, we don’t trade horses, and we don’t make empty promises. Internet Marketing Organic Search Public Relations Abraham Harrison Blog Outreach Pitch public relations social mediaImage via Wikipedia. So last week, I told you how NOT to pitch a blogger in your PR outreach, so it raises the pregnant question of what exactly should you do?

Competitors want you out, influencers want you in

Onalytica B2B

Ask them who they regard as influential, from whatever source – who they watch out for in trade publications, who they keep seeing at conventions, who they follow on Twitter, or which blogs they read, who they’re linked to in LinkedIn – or just who they happen to know is a mover or shaker in their field. Business Education Influencer Identification Marketing advertising blogs Discover Influencers influence influencers PR public relations

Coronavirus & PR: 6 Things Communications Professionals Should Do During COVID-19


Another example Annette gives relates to the lifestyle industry — “We shouldn’t be talking about party planning, but we can talk about creating meals from pantry staples.” Most all trade shows and conferences are canceled, and information is coming at us all times of the day.

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Can Google find you in your online store?


And you’re still crying foul, blaming Google, blaming Obama, blaming Mexican immigrants, and even blaming the Pacific Trade Agreement for your failure as a parent, as a business person, as a leader, as an entrepreneur. Blogging e-Commerce Influencer Marketing Public Relations Search Engine Optimization Search Marketing Social Media Marketing !!! With a little technical skill, it’s cheap and easy to build a self-running, autonomous, online store.

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My Best Biznology Blog Posts of 2016


Influencer marketing tools of the trade. Blogging Content Marketing Influencer Marketing Public Relations Reputation Management Search Engine Optimization Search Marketing Social Media MarketingEveryone’s doing clip shows this late into the year.

The Complete Guide to Scale Your B2B Business to Success by Marrying PR with Content Marketing


In no time, the backlinks secured from well-respected trade publications will also enhance your marketing funnel as your content collaterals complete the PR messaging. Publicize PR campaigns with content marketing. Mention : Monitor millions of online sources in real-time and discover conversations related to your brand. Muck Rack : A media relations solution to search and develop media lists, nurture conversations and analyze results.

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Add For Immediate Release to your podcast queue


Federal Trade Commission has issued explicit new guidance on native advertising. 76engage, an online public participation platform, 76insights, an analytics tool focusing on the resonance of social objects and gestures, and. Since 2005, he has blogged at , and is co-host with Gini Dietrich and Martin Waxman of the Inside PR podcast , which, since its launch in March 2006, is now the second longest continuously running public relations podcast.

Biznology’s best info on influencer marketing


Influencer marketing tools of the trade. Influencer Marketing Affiliate manager affiliate marketing Blog Brand Businessperson Buzzword Celebrity digital influencers Influencer marketing influencers marketing public relations smm social media social media marketingI am going to take advantage of the fact that every one of my favorite TV shows are on holiday to indulge in a “best of” Biznology blog post myself. “How dare you?”

Is Your B2B Firm REALLY Marketing…Or Simply Making Tactical Soup?

Marketing Craftmanship

Press releases and related media exposure is a good example of marketing activity that is often overrated in terms of effort vs. tangible outcome. Webinars and public forums entail lead qualification and follow-up with prospects. On its own, publication of the article was unlikely to generate any viable, near-term new business prospects. Is Your B2B Marketing a Tactical Hodge Podge?

Fresh Insights in Selling to SMBs


They still rely on trade shows and events for product information–second only to peers and colleagues. Establishing your executives and your company as trusted advisors in your field is hugely important in this market. This means networking, content marketing, PR outreach, speaking engagements, and trade/industry professional activities. A well-trained sales force, enabled with informative materials, both digital and print, email, phone and trade show support.

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Earned media influencer marketing demands your awesome


I’ll be honest with you, relatively few companies can conduct a successful earned media influencer marketing campaign. Earned media (or free media) refers to publicity gained through promotional efforts other than advertising, as opposed to paid media , which refers to publicity gained through advertising. As I said before, public relations isn’t all oaky Chardonnay parties, it’s earned media sales.

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3 Easy Ways Your PR Campaign Can Boost Thought Leadership

B2B PR Sense

For instance, not long ago I answered the question, "How does public relations help in building a brand?" If your PR campaign landed you press in a trade magazine or other publication, use the article as the basis for a speech. Trade shows are a perfect arena for such speeches. Carefully craft your presentation and make sure to apply as a speaker months, or perhaps a year or more, before the trade show.

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Can social responsibility initiatives strengthen a brand image AND satisfy investors?


More companies are adding cause related or social responsibility initiatives, especially since this appeals strongly to millennials. This certification is voluntary, but it does act like the “Fair Trade” label for coffee in that it is a sign that the company is committed to meeting certain standards that go beyond financial benchmarks. But will investors accept this, since many believe it is in conflict with the traditional goal of companies – to maximize shareholder wealth?

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The Secret of Digital Marketing? It’s All in the Details


But you may have noticed that a lot of marketing and public relations content is oddly free of details. And you can do that by arming yourself with details that will satisfy curiosity without divulging trade secrets. Content Marketing Copywriting Internet Marketing Public Relations Search Marketing Social Media Marketing Business marketing Marketing and Advertising World Wide WebPhoto credit: Lawrence OP.

Marketers: How To Get Noticed by “Influencers”


After all, the person drowning in information clings to trusted sources – and influencers trade in trust. Blog, tweet, review products, public speaking, publish research, write a book, comment on others’ blogs, produce videos, and contribute articles to trusted publications. Narrow and deep beats wide and shallow when it comes to influencer relations. by Joe Chernov | Tweet this The noisier the particular market, the more the influencers matter.

Tips for pulling off a successful business event


Your event can be a presentation, a convention, or a trade show. Business events can be a really big deal for companies that rely on them to generate new customers and increase word-of-mouth endorsements. If this is your type of business, then you know all to well how important a successful business event is. All of these types of events require a venue, and selecting the right venue can definitely make or break your event.

How Performance Marketing Accelerates B-to-B Prospecting


This highly popular technique was pioneered by trade publishers looking for ways to extend the value of their customer access. Internet Marketing Public Relations B2B marketing Digital marketing Internet marketing Marketing performance measurement and managementPhoto credit: Wikipedia. Every time you turn around, a new “performance marketing” opportunity turns up for B-to-B marketers. What a treasure trove!

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