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Tips on Outlets to Contact for Your Public Relations Strategies

Navigate the Channel

For your public relations strategies to be successful, you need to have a list of media outlets you contact every time you want to get content out there. And it’s good public relations etiquette. What’s troubling is that more than 95% of news releases are not used for one (or more) of three reasons: They aren’t relevant.

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The Herb Schmertz Era: When Public Relations Had Some Balls

Marketing Craftmanship

., brings to mind what many consider to be a golden age for Public Relations; the period from the mid-60s to mid-80s, when the PR profession had the mandate, the skills and the balls to stand up to criticism leveled against the organizations and people whom they represented. Masterpiece Theatre Mobil Oil Corp.


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A Non-Writer’s Guide to PR


Before asking for a sale, brands must develop relationships with their target audience – that’s where public relations play an integral role. PR is an acronym for “public relations.” For example, many believe those who work in advertising and public relations are doing the same thing.

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Media Relations, Influencer Marketing & PR in 2020: An Interview with Brant Skogrand


So, it comes as no surprise that he took all his experience and knowledge and recently published a book for new and seasoned public relations professionals. I sat down to talk with him about his book, his career and public relations in general. The MAT Release’s place in public relations.

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Cobotics Is Becoming a Media Industry Game Changer: AI-assisted work requires upskilling as cobotics changes an industry


On Christmas day, I streamed HBO Plus’s Wonder Woman 1984 into my home while it was simultaneously released in theaters. Simultaneous theater/home release is one example of a significant and permanent change triggered by the pandemic. Satellite and internet streaming services now span language and cultural borders.

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Sprout on Sprout: How PR + Social collaborate to amplify our brand

Sprout Social

The nature of social media and marketing has transformed the public relations industry. Similar to marketers and social media managers, public relations professionals must wear several hats while balancing collaboration. What is public relations marketing? How our social and PR teams spread Sprout’s message.

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Is your website’s newsroom missing key pieces of content?


Sending out press releases and advertising on a regular basis will garner the attention you are looking for; but what happens if they come to your website looking for information? Press Releases. Make sure that your most recent press release is prominently displayed and easily accessible. Company History.

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