How to Use SEO to Increase Your SaaS Website Traffic


Having increasing website traffic is a great indicator that your business is growing organically with online visibility. More traffic means a greater likelihood of conversion, and possibly a sale. That being said, here are a few ways to increase traffic for your SaaS through SEO: 1.

7 Mother’s Day Promotional Ideas (+ Tools You Need)


Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day promotional ideas to honor and celebrate moms everywhere? That’s why, in this post, we’re going to share 7 Mother’s Day promotional ideas that you can use this year. 7 Mother’s Day Promotional Ideas.


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How promotional products tie into your web design and branding


Promotional products might seem old school, but they are still one of the most successful advertising methods available. Even with all of the modern and digital advancements, you can (and should) use promotional products to assist with your current marketing strategy to help your branding efforts. Today, we are offering tips on how promotional products tie into your web design and branding. Include your logo on your promotional products. About Promotional Products.

How to Create a Promotional Popup in Squarespace (Step By Step)


Do you want to create a promotional popup in Squarespace to grow your email list? Whether you’re running an online store or blog, you’ll find promotional popups helpful alike for growing your email list, promoting a coupon code, age verification, and more.

The best 34 SEO add-ons and extensions to increase your traffic


As a free tool, it provides an astounding amount of data: domain level search traffic estimates, key phrase queries (both nationally and globally), key phrase variants, and domain level backlinks. For SEO-specialists, it’s important to know how to display the promoted site for all users.

UTM tracking & URL shortening for social media marketers

Sprout Social

How much traffic are those links generating? This typically involves getting more relevant link clicks and therefore, more high-quality traffic. That’s where UTM tracking and URL shortening enter the picture. UTMs, or Urchin Tracking Modules, are a tracking device to help you get really specific with your traffic source. UTM tracking involves adding unique UTM codes to your URLs to easily identify exactly where your traffic is coming from.

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10 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020

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Want to grow your organic traffic by 20-100%? Looking for SEO techniques that'll increase your rankings and send you free, qualified traffic? Unfortunately, this makes things much harder for those of us who rely on Google’s organic search traffic as a lifeline.

7 Effective Ways to Promote an Event on Facebook


Here, we'll explore some creative opportunities you can use to promote an upcoming event on Facebook. How to Promote an Event on Facebook. To demonstrate how to effectively promote an event on Facebook, let's walk through an example. Best Ways to Promote an Event on Facebook.

7 Father’s Day Promotion Ideas to Increase Summer Sales


Are you looking for the best Father’s Day promotion ideas to boost sales for your online store? That’s why, in today’s post, we’re going to share 7 Father’s Day promotion ideas that you can use to boost conversions.

What Is Organic Traffic and How Does It Work?

Organic Traffic 101. + Why Is Organic Traffic Valuable? Organic Traffic as Part of SEO. + How to Measure Organic Traffic. One of the most important concepts associated with SEO is organic traffic—the number of people visiting your site from search engines.

The Best Twitter Traffic Hacks to Grow Your Business

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Promoting a business on Twitter can be tricky. On a recent episode of our Marketing School podcast , Neil Patel and I each shared our best Twitter hacks for building connections, growing engagement and bringing in traffic and leads. If you see an opening to promote your product, content or service in a non-spammy way, take it. Is this strategy going to get you a ton of traffic? Will it get you more qualified traffic?

Why You Should Update Content – Or Risk Losing The Traffic You Have [Case Study]

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HubSpot released statistics stating that updating old blog posts increased traffic to old posts by 106%. In fact, not only do some posts remain flat after an update, but sometimes the traffic even tanks. Updating Blog Posts Increased Traffic by 96%. Ultimately, updating old content increased our traffic by nearly 96%. In other words, it nearly doubled the traffic of the old posts. 17 posts generated less traffic. Traffic increased by 135.8%

Content Marketing Results: 18 Ways to NOT Get Blog Traffic

Writing on the Web

What are you doing or not doing on your blog that screws up your traffic? I’m posting twice a week, but I’m still not getting comments, and my traffic stats stink. I can almost predict where the low traffic problems come from based on looking at a lot of blogs over the last five years. He doesn’t have low traffic and he gets comments. Promote this on Orkut.

The Difference Between Direct and Organic Website Traffic Sources

SmartBug Media

For a long time, digital marketers summed up the properties of direct and organic traffic pretty simply. To most, organic traffic consists of visits from search engines, while direct traffic is made up of visits from people entering your company URL into their browser. Traffic Sources. Beyond organic and direct traffic, you must understand the difference between all of your traffic sources and how traffic is classified. Direct Traffic.

How to Easily Create Custom Pin It URLs for Pinterest


After all, adding these Pin It buttons gives fans another outlet for sharing your stuff with their networks -- which helps drive more traffic to your website while organically increasing your Pinterest following. For one, it doesn’t allow marketers to promote pins on Facebook posts, emails, or anywhere else other than a traditional webpage. So did I -- which is why I built a Pin It URL Generator: a free tool that spits out custom Pin It URLs.

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How to Easily Set Up a High-Conversion Facebook Retargeting Campaign

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You’ll see that Facebook retargeting not only isn’t an intrusive way to promote your products, but it’s a great way to remind people who’ve visited your website that you still exist. There are a variety of behaviors you can create Custom Audiences for, including: A) Website Traffic. It’s worth noting that when selecting Website Traffic (arguably the most popular audience), you can control the timeframe within which people visit your website to qualify for retargeting.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website’s Landing Pages (2021 Guide)


Unfortunately, it can be an uphill battle to capture some of that traffic unless you know your target audience as well as you know your product. This guide will share 14 different ways to start driving traffic to any page on your website, conversion-focused landing pages included.

How to Promote a Virtual Event, According to HubSpot Marketers


When you surf the web on any given day, odds are you'll see at least one social media post, email, video, or stream that promotes or covers an online event. If you're one of the many brands switching your in-person events to a virtual, how do you promote them to keep attendance up?

Outsized influence: the size of social media platforms has little to do with their referral traffic

Let’s compare the size of each platform’s user base in monthly active users (MAUs) with the average monthly referral traffic it sent to’s The opposite of this is unidentifiable social traffic, or dark social. The height of each platform corresponds to the social platform’s MAUs, and the size of the bubble illustrates the amount of traffic the platform sends. . That’s how little traffic actually comes from YouTube.).

The 15 best SEO techniques to drive more traffic to your blog


SEO techniques need to be applied to get more traffic. This post will show the 15 SEO techniques that will drive more traffic to your blog. Thus, these types of posts will always receive high traffic volumes. By 2022, videos will be 82% of all web traffic.

10 Sites You Can Use for Free Blog Promotion


As a marketer, promoting and driving traffic to your blog isn't easy. Getting blog readers is all about promoting your content to the right people at the right place and the right time. This is a great way to generate continued traffic to your blogs. Quuu Promote.

How to Optimize Content for Maximum Traffic in 2021

Searching habits change, and Google changes the criteria of what your content should look like to drive more organic website traffic and rank higher. In this article, you’ll find actionable tips on how to optimize content for maximum traffic and higher ranks in search engines.

13 No-Fail B2B PR Methods to Promote Your Content

B2B PR Sense

To help you generate the most attention for your content, we've created 13 no-fail B2B PR content promotion tips. Copy the URLs from these articles and search for them across multiple sites, such as Twitter, to see who has shared them. Social media dovetails nicely with content marketing, because it creates new, low-cost avenues for content promotion.". Click here for more great insight into leveraging social media while promoting your B2B PR content.).

PR 175

35 Brilliant Ways to Easily Repurpose Content and Boost Traffic


Great content can funnel more traffic to your website, strengthen your brand’s reputation, and encourage your site’s visitors to convert. Get more organic search engine traffic. While this is technically true, more traffic shouldn’t be the ultimate goal.

How Your Current Traffic Impacts Your SEO

SmartBug Media

If current traffic is low, you might be wondering if that’s hurting your chances at moving up the ranks. Although the total amount of traffic isn’t going to influence your search rankings, traffic does play a significant role in where your website appears in search results. Taking a glance at this list makes one thing clear: traffic plays a major role in your website’s success. Direct Traffic. Direct traffic is key to your ranking. Referral Traffic.

How to use the Instagram link in bio to drive traffic

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As the name suggests “link in bio” refers to the clickable URL that you can add to your profile section. Plus, outside of Stories highlights, Stories links are ephemeral and not ideal for an account of any size to highlight the most important URLs to drive social media traffic to.

Get Real with your Search Engine Optimization; Practical Advice to Drive Traffic


I say that because the goal of search engine optimization is to drive increased unbranded (terms that do not mention your company name) quality traffic to your website that converts into a desired action; nothing more; nothing less. Website goal: Content-heavy with the goal to drive traffic and sell advertising on your site, bait audiences to a newsletter or a product (or affiliate). . Website theme: Promotional with benefit content; provide evidence of your services.

8 Successful Strategies to Promote Your Landing Page


Thoughtfully promoting it, of course! Successful strategies to help you promote your landing page. How well you promote your landing page will determine how many people see it. It’s not only about increasing the traffic to your landing page but also making sure the right people find it. The best way to do that is to promote your landing page to a target audience. Facebook landing page promotion. Instagram landing page promotion.

SaaS Marketing: 6 Quick Wins to Drive More Website Traffic

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When it comes to SaaS companies, the ultimate key to driving qualified traffic to your website is creating a software that your customers will love. This is why it's important to focus on driving qualified traffic to your website. But without website traffic, what is there to convert?

How to Know if Your Website’s Traffic Quality Is Poor (And How to Fix It!)

Single Grain

Is your website receiving a lot of traffic but not enough leads? If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then the problem could be “quality traffic” Read on to find out how to tell if the traffic coming to your website is of poor quality, and if so, how to fix it. How to Know if Your Website’s Traffic Quality Is Poor. ”: How to Improve the Quality of Traffic on Your Website. 2) Regularly Monitor Your Traffic Quality Level.

5 St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas (+ All the Tools You’ll Need)


We’ll also include some helpful tools that you can use to make your holiday promotion successful. Patrick’s day promotion that gets your business the results it needs? For that, there’s no better way to run a promotion than with a gamified popup.

Tools 92

Common Marketing Tricks That Can Actually Ruin Your SEO

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In this article, I will show you how to stop losing your organic traffic due to inadequate implementation of A/B tests, sliders, videos, pop-ups and other SEO nightmares. ?? . If the main source for this tested landing page is organic traffic , the consequences might be harsh.

SEO 69

4 Power Plays for Driving Qualified Google Traffic (Even When No One’s Looking for You)


If no one is searching for your offer , then no matter how brilliant your page, it’s much harder to get the traffic you need to validate, test, and scale. You don’t need a big list (or any list at all) to send targeted email promotions with high open rates.

27 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


You know you're a marketer when you're sitting in traffic on the highway, it's completely bumper to bumper, and all you can think about is " Why can't I drive traffic to my website like this? ". If you've struggled with driving traffic to your website, you're not alone. Between writing a new blog post, posting on social media, and strategizing for a new email campaign, it's hard to look back and see what's driving traffic to your site and what isn't. Post and promote.

4 Fundamental Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Firm’s Website

Circle Studio

One of the key metrics to measuring the impact of your firm’s website is traffic. Building a powerful growth-focused website is a top-priority for B2B marketing and business development, and driving website traffic is a vital component of the process. Generating website traffic is not rocket science, but it does require the right approach and ongoing dedication. Here are four fundamental ways to start driving more traffic to your firm’s website.

My Site’s DR Is 1.2 but My Article Ranks #1 in Google!

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I know that these results are weird because I work in SEO and content strategy, and I play with a lot of content designed to wrangle in that good ol' juicy organic traffic. Want to grow your organic traffic by 20-100%? Want to grow your organic traffic by 20-100%?

Sites 63

How to Promote an Event with Social Media

Paul Gillin

As a frequent speaker at events of all sizes, I’ve had a chance to observe some of the best practices conference organizers used to promote their events through social media. In most cases, these efforts cost little or nothing more than your time.Here are some suggestions for leveraging social channels for event promotion. Create a Twitter hashtag and promote it to your colleagues and registrants. Create short-code URLs using a service like