7 Examples of Email Signatures That Drive Conversions


Through the employee email signature. It seems simple, but by pairing an on-brand signature with a clickable call-to-action banner in every employee email signature, teams can use email signature marketing to help fuel their broader company goals.

4 Unconventional Ways to Promote Blog Content on Social Media

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The same old content promotion tactics don’t work anymore. With organic reach rapidly declining on social media, you need new ways to effectively promote blog content without paying for it. Well, one of the most underused forms of content promotion on Facebook is live video.

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Content Promotion Checklist [Infographic]


But just as creators have to up their games in terms of content quality, they’ll need to expand and enhance content promotion efforts as well in order to rise above the noise. The helpful content promotion checklist infographic below from CleverClicks is an excellent guide.

19 Favorite Tools for Content Promotion in 2018

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We know how important content promotion is today so we’ve updated it to reflect some new tools and some older favorites. To boost the odds of that happening, I have to ensure that my content gets in front of as many people as possible, and to do that I have to promote it.

10 Clever Ways Your Email Signature Can Support Your Marketing


Yes, your personal email signature can provide a serious marketing opportunity. You are most likely already using your own email signature to provide information about who you are and where you work. Wondering what exactly you can promote through your email signature?

How to Write a Great Email Signature: 9 Tips With Real Examples


A lot of people treat their email signatures like an afterthought, which makes for a real missed opportunity. Jamming your signature full of links and information is just plain spammy and self-promotional.). So, what does a great email signature look like?

Your Must-Have Checklist for Successful Blog Promotion (Infographic)

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Editor’s note: Given ongoing demand for better content promotion, the author updated his earlier posts on blog promotion with this fresh checklist. Follow #blog promotion checklist to squeeze every last drop from your content, says @BrodyDorland. Continue ongoing promotion.

7 Creative Demand Gen Tactics to Drive Trade Show Booth Traffic

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Invite, don’t Promote – if you’re presenting scheduled demos at the show, or if one of your executives has a speaking slot, invite people to the event as you would a Webinar, i.e. with date, time, location at the show, “what you’ll learn”. Signatures can be an extremely effective (and free!)

6 Winning Social Media Promotion Ideas

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But how do you promote your social media profiles to get viewers to follow, like and share? Try these social media promotion ideas to get more eyes on your profiles. You will want to promote all of your business’s social networks. Try this social media promotion tactic. This is a great way to promote your other profiles. The first is through your signature. Most email marketing platforms will allow you to add a custom signature.

B2B Blogging – 8 Ways to Promote Your Blog

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How can you promote your blog? Advertise the blog in your email signature line, newsletters, and other marketing collateral. Readers – please add any other promotion ideas you have in the comments below!

5 Ways to Promote Your Webinar

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Variety is the spice of life (or at least the spice of promotion). This can help identify which promotional channels are working best for you. Ask people in your organization to add a line to their email signatures that promotes your event, including a link to register.

How to Promote an Event with Social Media

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As a frequent speaker at events of all sizes, I’ve had a chance to observe some of the best practices conference organizers used to promote their events through social media. Create a Twitter hashtag and promote it to your colleagues and registrants.

14 Offbeat, Extreme, and Downright Unusual Ways Brands Have Promoted Their Products


We've rounded up 14 creative campaigns and promotions that rely on unconventional mediums to spread brand messaging to consumers. 14 Unusual Brand Promotions.

Promoting Your Content: You’ve written great content, now make sure people see it!

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You also need a thoughtful content promotion strategy to get your blog post in front of people. There are five elements to consider in an effective content promotion strategy: 1. You need to have a single location you can use to drive traffic back to as you promote your content.

Secret Ingredients to Blog Subscriber Growth: Persistence & Promotion


Promote the Blog with Small but Consistent Messages. In the early days of the PrimePay blog it didn’t make sense to do large scale promotion. Nancy created email signatures for the whole company to include a very low-cost and easy to execute promotional tactic.

More Tips for B2B Video Marketing -- Best Practices for Shooting, Editing, and Promoting


However, over the past few years, since I've been more involved in planning, shooting, editing and promoting videos, I've learned some tips and best practices that will ensure they don't come across this way. It might be a video bio to add to a web site, email signature, etc.

How to Use Social Media to Promote Non-Profit Events


We outlined key trends and best practices, as well as several strategic recommendations about which social media efforts should be included in event promotion strategies. Do you create a strategic, long-term timeline for your social media event promotion?

10 (Mostly) Quick Wins to Steal for Your Original Research Project

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I’ll let you in on a little secret, too: Some sites won’t link to gated pages because it feels promotional. Include your research in your email signature or out of office. Content Distribution and Promotion Editorial Strategy and Planning

5 simple steps to increase your online visibility


Use the signature feature in emails. Always include the signature , as well as an image of either you or your company’s logo. You may need to check a box within your email client to ensure the signature is visible on replies and forwards, too.

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5 Types of Content That Naturally Attract Links: Insights From 628 Advanced SEOs

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Alternatively, if you have a large following, publish the infographic on your website and promote it via social media. Promote your webinar to the bitter end. Announce the opportunity on social media well before the webinar date and continue to promote it as it goes live.

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3 Simple Ways to Make Your PR Campaign More Effective

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PR Campaign Tip #2: Use Your Email Signature as a Billboard. When you send a non-automated email, you likely have a digital signature. If you're offering a new ebook, include in your signature line a CTA to the landing page for your content.

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CMOs Should Leverage Identity Confirmation Tools to Validate Stakeholder Sign-Off

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As an outside marketing consultant working in the corporate arena, much of my day is spent chasing down approvals for campaigns, ad schemes and promotions. There are many ways to authenticate an e-signature.

10 Online Marketing Shortcuts To Increase Productivity

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From Instagram to email signatures to increasing site traffic inexpensively, this list is going to help you save time, resources, and lots of headaches. Maximize Your Email Signature. It takes less than a minute to add a line to promote your latest product, service, offer, or resource, which means you are marketing to everyone who gets an email from you. Let’s face it, our collective attention spans are either at zero or hovering right around it.

Top 10 Tips for Building Effective ABM Plays


If you are writing emails on behalf of someone else on your team (for example, an executive) frequently, try to sit down with them and ask for stylistic tips for that person, such as introduction, word choice, punctuation, and signature. Create a global signature for your team to use.

Top 13 Tools to Automate Proposals


Close instantly with electronic signatures. With our unique Deal Accelerator your sales proposals will be promoted to the decision makers. Robust e-signatures. Easy-to-use online signature tool. Tools that automate proposals save organizations countless hours and dollars.

5 Predictions for Influencer Marketing in 2016

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Employees will be encouraged to share owned content, promote brand messages and target key accounts. This signature can then be matched against signatures generated from actual tweets (a bit like how Shazam recognizes music).

How to Capture Captive Audiences With Content

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Covelli Enterprises, which owns Panera restaurants in Ohio, takes Wi-Fi users to a landing page promoting an upcoming feature such as this one for Veterans Day. Email signature lines. Email signatures offer prime real estate to engage a captive audience w/ #content.

Back to Basics: How to Write an Effective Business Blog


You can also use the space to announce promotions, contests, and deals. Its topics should align with key items on your calendar such as promotions, events, and so on. It could be a click to your website or an activation of a promotion. But, as with anything you create, you’ll be best served by promoting your blog just as you would your product. Also, make sure to sync up links to your blog on all your collateral – from website to social media to your email signature.

9 Viral Change.org Petitions Nonprofits Can Learn From


Since 2007, the online petition platform Change.org has had more than 224 million online signatures in 196 countries to support and drive change in national, state, and local government legislation and corporate policies. This particular petition gained almost 56,000 signatures.

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How to Explode Your B2B Content Strategy with Earned Content

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If you have owned content (a website, blog, or newsletter), and pay for your content to be distributed with pay-per-click advertising and other venues, you may feel that you are doing enough to promote your company. Promote it in social media.

5 Simple Ways to Write Better Emails


This applies to interoffice emails, outreach emails, sales emails, and even to promotional and company announcement emails. To give you an idea of what that might look like, here’s a content promotion email from Neil Patel. The signature lines tell me a lot about who he is.

14 Ways to Get Free Advertising for Your Business


Promote Your Website on Your Email Signature. Your connections and other LinkedIn members will engage with your posts and share them, doing the free promotion for you. Promote Your Website on Your Email Signature.

How to Boost Your Thought Leadership PR with a Powerful Personal Brand

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Personal branding is not the same as self-promotion. Self promotion begins and ends with self-interest, while personal branding involves advancing yourself by serving others. Create a Signature Piece of Content.

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Five Brand Building Tips for B2B Businesses


For example, you can create a business blog that regularly publishes latest industry news and trends in different ways by: Creating White papers you promote through email marketing campaigns. It’s become my visual handle and it’s also a signature and a sign of authenticity.”.

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Why Plan a Social Media Takeover?


The promotion started with Platco promoting the Disney Snapchat launch on his social media platform, then ended with the influencer hosting a takeover from the Disney Orlando theme park, where he shared images and commentary with his audience. For example, Mountain Dew was promoting two new flavors in their Kickstart Morning beverage line. The influencer promoted both brands by sharing images and videos that reviewed favorite Clinique products that were sold on Sephora.

How To Turn Your B2B Blog Into a Golden Egg-Laying Goose

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Promote Your Blog. Even the very best content has to be promoted to help draw readers to a blog. And don''t forget to use a blog sidebar to promote your most recent or popular posts. Promote your blog articles through social posts (Twitter, LinkedIn company page, Facebook, etc).

Why you need an optimized e-commerce site


You’re engaging in social media, softly promoting your brand when possible, and using keywords to draw attention to your site from search engines. You can retain your signature elements, taglines, and graphics if you don’t want to part with them.

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7 of the Best Free Apps for Startups to Kickstart Growth


How you could use it: Create a survey to understand customer satisfaction by leveraging a template for Net Promoter Score or a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Request signatures, autofill contact information, and track status.

Community Management: A Social Media Expert Spills Her Secrets

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It lets us add a custom message or link to the bottom of our employees’ email signatures. If this week we are trying to promote sales for Content Marketing World, for example, I can go into Sigstr and add that promotion.

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship [Examples & Template]


Sincerely, (*leave four spaces for your signature, then type your name underneath the four spaces). Sincerely, (handwritten signature). Experience organizing, promoting, and implementing social events. Sincerely, (handwritten signature).

5 Creative Ways to Generate Leads You’ve Probably Never Tried Before

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With content syndication, you can collaborate with another company to co-market your promotional efforts where you both promote a single piece of content. You can also swap content with another brand where you both agree to promote one another’s content on your respective social media channels. When you start out, you want to create your own events so you can craft your signature talk and gain experience with your audience.

70 B2B Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign


Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services promotes Amazon Translate, a neural machine translation service. ConvertKit ConvertKit uses a creative retargeting ad to promote its product to people who have visited the website. Fuel Cycle Fuel Cycle’s ad promotes a content resource for how to create infographics. G Suite Google’s ad promotes the referral program for G Suite. Hubspot Hubspot appeals to Facebook users by promoting its “100% free forever” CRM.

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Corporate Blog for Lead Generation


If you need to rank on long-tail keywords, this kind of deep link anchor text to specific pages that promote those long-tail terms is very beneficial for your site ranking. You’ll need to promote the blog via newsletters, email signatures, LinkedIn, and other distribution channels. . .