DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo = Unrivaled B2B Intelligence


ZoomInfo, a B2B contact database provider, has been acquired by DiscoverOrg, a marketing and sales intelligence provider. Combined, DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo deliver the trifecta: B2B data of the highest quality, quantity and depth,” Henry added. ZoomInfo.

ZoomInfo: A B2B Platform Where World-Class Data Meets Groundbreaking Technology

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Earlier this year, Vancouver-based market intelligence company, DiscoverOrg acquired ZoomInfo for a reported $500 million. The new ZoomInfo platform is a combination of the best of DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo. ZoomInfo claims 95 percent accuracy on its data.

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4 Lessons ZoomInfo Learned From Their Own ABM Campaign


So, like many companies, ZoomInfo decided to give ABM a shot. Here’s a quick summary of our ABM campaign and methodology: ZoomInfo released a new product at the beginning of 2015, called FormComplete.

From Account Profiles to Account Based Marketing and Sales Success


Account profiles identify the types of companies with which you want to conduct business. Thus, account profiling significantly lowers the number of “prospects” you target. How to Create Account Profiles. Account Based Marketing account profile

How ZoomInfo Enhances Your ABM Strategy

For marketing teams to develop a successful account-based marketing strategy, they need to ensure good data is housed within its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. More specifically, updated data can help organizations outline key accounts for their campaigns. And to begin the targeting process, marketing teams must develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with appropriate firmographic and behavioral data to ensure they’re going after the correct audience.Download this eBook to learn how to start improving your marketing team's data!

Three Ways Data Can Improve Your ABM Strategy


Data can be used to improve the account selection process by providing you with the information needed to develop an ideal customer profile (ICP). Contributed by Krysta Williams, Marketing Content Specialist at ZoomInfo. Guest post by Krysta Williams.

Bill Gates Predictions About Intent Data: Headline Roundup


In data-driven news, DiscoverOrg has acquired ZoomInfo (Zoom Information, Inc.). You might remember DiscoverOrg from our Who’s Who in Intent Data roundup, and you may know ZoomInfo as another provider of B2B data.

Steps to Creating Buyer Persona Profiles [Infographic]


We talk about buyer personas a lot on the ZoomInfo blog— for good reason! For this reason, the experts at ZoomInfo put together the following buyer persona infographic. Do you need help identifying your buyer persona profiles?

Don’t They Know Who You Are? Why Reputation Management is Crucial


Use your real name in your profile. Create and maintain profile pages on social networking and directory sites like LinkedIn , Facebook , Naymz , Jigsaw , Plaxo , ZoomInfo , CrunchBase (for technology executives), and VisualCV.

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Lead Liaison Integrates with Pipedrive

Lead Liaison

The Salespeople can easily create new lead records in Pipedrive from a variety of areas within Lead Liaison’s platform, such as a visitor tracking dashboard, prospect profile, or lists. Utilizing Lead Liaison’s website visitor tracking to identify companies and Lead Liaison’s ZoomInfo add-on module, salespeople can find contacts that are linked to that company, making it even easier to drill down and find the very best contact. Press Releases Integration pipedrive Zapier ZoomInfo

15 Indispensable Company Research Tools for B2B Sales Reps


ZoomInfo. What kind of marketers would we be if we didn’t include ZoomInfo on this list? If you’re not familiar, ZoomInfo is a leading business database made up of more than seven million contact profiles and more than 18 million company profiles.

8 Ways to Use BASHO Emails in Cold Email Outreach – With Examples


Like many B2B companies, ZoomInfo has such a wide total addressable market. In this case, listening to a podcast was all it took: Note: The screenshots throughout this post are of emails from DiscoverOrg, which acquired and merged with ZoomInfo in 2019.

Which B2B Prospecting Tool is Best For You? [VIDEO]

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ZoomInfo. The third tool that we’ll be talking about is ZoomInfo. We really like ZoomInfo for a couple reasons. A major pro of ZoomInfo is that you can extract data a few different ways. We just import all of our ZoomInfo prospects into

How to Calculate Total Addressable Market and Perform TAM Analysis


To break it down, we spoke with Justin Withers , ZoomInfo’s SVP of Strategy & Corporate Development, who gave us insight on how to calculate total market size using the Bottom-Up and Top-Down methods. You can create hyper-specific company search filters in the ZoomInfo platform.

Top 10 Social Selling Tools


ZoomInfo ReachOut. ReachOut , ZoomInfo’s Chrome extension, allows you to simplify your social prospecting process. When you open the plugin while viewing a LinkedIn profile, you can export the prospect to Salesforce, Outreach, or send them a direct email with one click.

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3 Tactics for Using Data to Boost Sales Engagement


Defining your “ideal customer profile” (ICP) is a valuable exercise that’ll help guide your team in pursuing companies with a higher probability of closing. To define our ICP and then find “best fit” accounts, we use data enrichment tools like Clearbit and ZoomInfo.

Sales Intelligence: What to Expect When You’re Prospecting


Role of Sales Intelligence In: Data Quality and Management Creating an Ideal Customer Profile Lead Generation The Technology Stack & Intent Data. A Data-Based Ideal Customer Profile. Example of an org chart in ZoomInfo.

20 Must-Have Marketing Lead Generation Tools


ZoomInfo. If your leads lists are disorganized or mismanaged, and segmenting audiences is a giant pain, then ZoomInfo is the answer. Cost : Pricing isn’t readily available for ZoomInfo, however, they do offer a free version.

The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing for Financial Advisors


Once you have created a profile of your best buyer, also called a buyer persona , you will be able to target all of your messaging to this specific group – increasing relevance and encouraging prospects to listen to what you have to say. Contact ZoomInfo today to learn more.

The B2B Sales Rep’s Guide to Twitter


On December 2 nd , 2009 ZoomInfo published a blog post discussing the value of Twitter as a sales tool. Be intentional when you set up your Twitter profile—it’s essentially your business card. Lastly, make your profile public so that other users can find you.

6 Ways to Generate More Logistics Leads


The types of profiles created from these questions are called buyer personas and will help you greatly in tailoring your communications to these peoples’ needs. ZoomInfo can help! Contact us today to learn how ZoomInfo’s B2B contact database can help your business grow.

Privacy Experience: When and Why We Give Up Our Data


Business-to-business vendors can cull this info from LinkedIn profiles, email signature lines, and traditional business cards. For more stories, insights and market trends from ZoomInfo’s proprietary data, follow us on Medium.

Your Guide to the GDPR: A Comprehensive FAQ


Rights of automated decision making and profiling. Question Nine: What does GDPR mean for ZoomInfo and Its customers? Along with all other companies impacted by this regulation, ZoomInfo will be GDPR compliant by May 25 th.

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7 Ways to Find Contacts for Your Target Accounts in ABM


You’ll want to fill out these accounts and buying centers with specific contacts based on your ideal buyer profiles. List-building partners – an easy way to supplement your data and add it to your contact profiles in your CRM. Zoominfo.

71 ABM Technologies and Finding the One for Your Needs

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When building out profiles of key people within accounts, you will need additional data and information about those people. ZoomInfo. This is important for ABM, in which you typically have a good portion of data already available on your account profiles. ZoomInfo.

5 Surprising Sources of High-Quality Leads


Instead, encourage them to help share your organization’s content through their personal social media profiles. If you’re looking for more B2B leads, try out ZoomInfo’s B2B leads free trial today!

4 Ways to Recruit Like a Marketer


Similar to a marketing department’s buyer personas – which are profiles of an organization’s best customers – candidate personas define an organization’s ideal candidates. Contact ZoomInfo today to learn how we can help you improve your B2B recruiting efforts.

One Year Later: GDPR Compliance for Marketers


The views expressed are based solely upon ZoomInfo’s interpretation of these regulations, do not purport to constitute official guidance, and may not be relied upon. For more help with your marketing strategy, contact ZoomInfo today.

The Definitive Guide to Performance Based Hiring


Develop a Performance Profile. Instead, your recruiters and hiring managers must work together to create what is known as a “Performance Profile”, or a profile consisting of specific objectives that the ideal candidate should be able to successfully complete.

7 Steps to Creating a Successful Account-Based Marketing Strategy


ZoomInfo. One of the biggest challenges B2Bs face when setting up an ABM strategy is ensuring your sales and marketing teams are reaching companies that are fit your target account profile. . Source: ZoomInfo.

Building Trust in Sales: A Guide for Sales Professionals


Be sure to optimize your web presence accordingly—especially your LinkedIn profile. For an in-depth guide to profile optimization, check out The B2B Sales Rep’s Guide to LinkedIn. Contact ZoomInfo today to learn how to increase your B2B sales productivity.

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6 Important Social Selling Mistakes to Avoid


Consider this scenario: You reach out to a prospect and begin to ask them questions about their business – but the answers to these questions are readily available on their profile. Look over their profile and collect relevant information.

4 Critical Door-to-Door Sales Lessons for Marketers


Once upon a time, salespeople chose neighborhoods based on their target audience profile and common knowledge of the area. Today, technology provides a wide range of demographic, firmographic, and technographic profiling resources to find audience segments.

4 Tips for Selling to the Social Savvy Buyer


To get started, invest in a social media management tool, track your competitor’s profiles, and monitor branded hashtags. Draft a post, and with the click of a button you can share it across every employee’s LinkedIn profile—with permission of course.

November 2018 B2B Blog Post Round-Up


Similar to the content published here on the ZoomInfo blog, these pieces are intended to help sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals with their day-to-day job responsibilities. But social recruiting isn’t as simple as creating a profile and reaching out to candidates.

Forget B2B vs. B2C – Long Live B2P Sales & Marketing


If you looked at any of your brand’s online profiles but covered up the company name and logo, would your brand itself still be recognizable? Contact our sales team today to learn how ZoomInfo can improve every step of the go-to-market process with our leading B2B contact database.

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October 2018 B2B Blog Post Round-Up


If you’re new to the ZoomInfo blog, we use our monthly round-ups to highlight the work our writers have done for outside publications. Buyer personas are semi-fictional profiles that represent your ideal buyers. For more information about ZoomInfo, contact our sales team today.