6 Things Good Lead Generation Vendors Do Right (That You May Be Doing Wrong)


Keeping in mind that there’s no such thing as a good list (and remembering that more expensive lists are not always better than cheap ones), the only way to keep your team productive is to make sure your data is fresh by cleansing it continually, analyzing characteristics that indicate propensities to buy, and continually testing to maximize segmentation efforts. There’s plenty of mediocrity in lead generation—both in-house and outsourced.

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To Manage Sales You Must Manage Sales Leads


It isn’t an inquiry on a product I have a quota for. “Why,” I was asked, “must you manage sales leads in order to manage sales? Sales lead management is a marketing function, isn’t it?”.

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What Percent of Leads Should Sales Close?


This blog will take you through five factors that impact lead close rate and a calculation you can use to determine the minimum close rates your product or solution requires. The answer to this question is a lot more complicated than it looks. There are many factors that impact the percent of leads that should be closed by sales.


"Marketing is too important to be left to marketers."


Marketing’s separation also facilitates the rise of technologically driven product and service development as opposed to customer-focused, research driven development. This saying always amuses me. Partly because it’s true, partly because it’s funny, but also because it’s often misunderstood.

Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales

Q4 Does Not Mean Wait Until 2018


The most optimistic sales cycle for the more complex products or solutions is three-to-six months. I am already getting questions from prospects about whether they should start a sales lead generation project now or wait until after the holidays. My answer to that question is not based on self-interest.

7 Steps to Gain the Market Share You Deserve (& Sometimes Don't!)


They may create a terrific product and learn how to manufacture it efficiently, and yet they approach marketing as an afterthought.

Bubble in the Funnel


The most optimistic sales cycle for the more complex products or solutions is three-to-six months. Per Healthline Media, an air embolism, also called a gas embolism­, occurs when one or more air bubbles enter a vein or artery and block it.

The Skinny on Lead Nurturing - 11 Experts Weigh In (part 1 of 2)


And the message content can be everything from product information and case studies, to a breakfast event invitation at an upcoming trade show, to a peer-to-peer letter from someone in your company who has a similar kind of job or level as the prospect.

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company's product or service.

Looking to enhance sales lead performance? Put process before technology.


Then use technology to give you the productivity advantages and visibility needed to scale. When it comes time to exploring how you can increase lead generation ROI, that is, produce better leads more cost effectively, move "technology" to the bottom your to-do list. Technology is great at automating best practices, but you have to have them in place first. So start by engineering your processes to focus on lead quality not quantity.

Why Buyers Buy


It takes an individual who has reached the highest level—self-actualization—to take the risk to invest in a product or solution that only promises an opportunity to improve your current situation. The product was already great. Yet, Jobs made changes (such as a change in shade of the box) so that the packaging was perfect for their perfect product. Improve a product or service.

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4 Things a CMO Should Do to Build Their Marketing Dream Team (Part One)


In addition, they have to be able to teach other people how to use technology, because technology is supposed to enhance productivity and allow the CMO’s dream team to do more, not less. In a recent interview, I sat down with Matt Heinz to pick his brain.

PowerOpinions: Making Lead Scoring a Success Part 2 [Expert Advice]


They create a single workflow using a top of the funnel product that combines and processes their emails, calls, social touch points, and even includes accountability.

Your Marketing Team Isn't As Good As They Think - Just Ask Sales


We blame the products, the salespeople, and then we blame the salespeople again. “If we''re going to win the pennant, we''ve got to start thinking we''re not as good as we think we are.” Casey Stengel*. Yes, it was one of Casey Stengel’s best thoughts.

7 Common Marketing Mistakes and strategies to avoid them

This white paper addresses the 7 most common challenges marketers hit when marketing products, solutions, or services and offers proven advice on how to avoid these missteps and improve the success of your marketing efforts

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 2]


Account-Based Marketing is a philosophy, not a product. As Account-Based Marketing continues to rise in popularity among B2B companies, I decided to pick the brains of fellow industry experts and get their input on the matter.

The Whole Truth - Why CEOs Need to Know What Makes Sales and Marketing Click


The inability of sales and marketing to collaborate and work together towards common goals can seriously hurt growth and performance: it’s been estimated that lost sales productivity and wasted marketing budget costs companies AT LEAST $1 trillion a year. ”.

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The sales rep said, “I never got a lead yet that turned into a sale.”


Everybody wanted to get out, hit the lobby bar and trade stories about high prices, the lack of new products, how their new quotas were too high and their territories too small. We’d like leads on XXXX product.”. “We

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Status quo, you know, is Latin for 'the mess we're in.'


The other 25% of the questions are product related. Some questions will differ by product. This title is a quote from Ronald Reagan. The status quo—that marketing management doesn’t understand the definition of a qualified lead—is nothing new. Here’s the problem.

Developing a Conversational Approach

Speaker: Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Founder of VisumCx

With information at their fingertips, the chances are that potential customers have already met you, judged you and have a firm impression on your company and products. B2B buyers are more sophisticated than ever before, from the customers’ initial discovery, to the moment they commit to buy.

Expert Panel’s Feedback on Our Lead to Revenue Calculator


Theoretically, 100% of that sweet spot represents customers who will have a need for your product or solution at some time. During the last week of December I asked a panel of experts for feedback on our Leads to Revenue Calculator. I was surprised at the level of detailed feedback I received.

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Factoring Psychographics into the Buying Process [PowerViews LIVE Highlights]


He goes on to explain how this approach translates into a more productive process for both buyer and seller. On January 8, 2015, I had the privilege of hosting Paul Gillin on my PowerViews LIVE show.

The #1 Reason CEOs Should Care About Lead Generation


I often say that CEO’s don’t care about leads, they only care about revenue. Unfortunately, unless you, as the CEO of your company, start caring about leads you are going to lose revenue and miss your number.

Most Market Share Battles Are Lost, Not Won


They have a great product for the industrial marketplace (construction, mining, etc.). The product pays for itself in three years and has a lifespan of ten- plus years. That is, if anyone knew about the product. The founders are not “sales” people but “product” people.

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5 Keys to Becoming a Sales First Company


By Chris Tratar, vice president of product marketing, SAVO. I know what you are thinking. We don’t want to become a sales first company, we are a customer first company.

5 Sales & Marketing Thought Leaders Weigh In on Inbound Marketing


Leads are people who express interest in discussing your product or service. ISRs become slaves to the reactive, and if there''s a charge to break into new verticals with new products, you can''t just wait for prospects to come, you''ve got to go out and get them.".

Changing the Sales Conversation [PowerViews LIVE Highlights]


Gone are the days of solving product issues. On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, I had the pleasure of hosting Linda Richardson on PowerViews LIVE for an informative discussion on Changing the Sales Conversation: How to More Effectively Sell in Today’s Hyper-digital World.

Is AI impacting Inside Sales Rep Revenue? Mike Plante of InsideSales Says it Is.


In our open dialogue with InsideSales’ CMO Mike Plante we explore ways that inside sales rep productivity (code word for revenue) is shifting for the better. Mike Plante joined in 2014, with more than 30 years of experience in technology marketing, strategy, product management and sales. Prior to Citrix, Mike spent nine years at Symantec, where he was the vice president of product marketing and marketing strategy.

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Are Your Sales Suffering Because You've Picked The Worst Times To Contact Prospects?


Fridays and Mondays are the worst days to contact prospects as these are the least productive days of the work week.

7 Tips to Jump Start Your Life from Todd Schnick's Live the Intrepid Life


While no one’s got life completely figured out, Todd provides tools and insight that can make it easier to cope with challenges in order to become a better, more productive individual. Todd Schnick is a stellar individual.

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Three “Lies” That Plague B2B Businesses Today (Part Three of Three)


Deb Calvert, People First Productivity Solutions , President. There are many reasons for this, but also just as many opportunities for these groups to finally get on the same page and operate more efficiently, productively and successfully moving forward.” The Three “Lies” That Plague B2B Businesses Today Are: Cold calling is dead. 57 – 90% of the buying process is complete before a sales rep needs to get involved. Marketing and sales are aligned. Do you agree these are lies?

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PowerOpinions: Making Lead Scoring a Success Part 3 [Expert Advice]


This is the final installment of a three-part series in response to the following question: As we enter the second half of 2015, have companies made the adjustments necessary to utilize lead scoring or is the status quo killing results?

What Do You Sell, Who Do You Sell It To and Why Everyone Has to Have The Same Answer


The company had a good product—better than the competition—yet it disappeared. How to define a lead and gain agreement is the first of 7 Truths about Sales and Marketing that CEOs need to know. This post is part of a series about the CEO’s role in eliminating wasted marketing spend and increasing sales results.

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Three “Lies” That Plague B2B Businesses Today (Part Two of Three)


Deb Calvert, People First Productivity Solutions , President. I think this statistic very much depends on the industry, product, and circumstance. Mike Weinberg: “As far as this bogus straw man statistic (that buyers go 57% or 67% or 80% through the process before engaging with a salesperson) being propagated by the Kool-Aid pushers trying to sell you their inbound product or social selling course, forget about it. Cold calling is dead.

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Three “Lies” That Plague B2B Businesses Today (Part One of Three)


Deb Calvert, People First Productivity Solutions , President. If it’s an unprepared, random call, to pitch your products to anyone who is foolish enough to pick up a phone—it’s not dead, at least based on the phone calls I get. Cold calling is dead. 57 – 90% of the buying process is complete before a sales rep needs to get involved. Marketing and sales are aligned. Do you agree these are lies?

How to Set Your Outsourced Lead Generation Program Up for Success (pt 2)


First, we ask that at least five stakeholders from multiple departments (sales, marketing, product, executive management, etc.) We need sales, product and marketing expertise. What makes some lead generation programs fail and others flourish?

Database Clean-Up: How to Avoid Blowing a Lot of Money and Your Career!


Current product environment (as it relates to the potential solution). When evaluating the value of your database(s), is there a better, more effective alternative to either contacting all prospects in the databases or throwing them all out and starting over?

4 Tips to Power Up Prospecting in 2015: #4 Use the Telephone!


Mike says to use it as an opportunity to leave “value nuggets”—short, focused messages about the prospect’s needs, not your product.

4 Tips to Power Up Prospecting in 2015: #3 Sharpen Your Story!


No one cares what you think about your company, product or service. In the 2015 Virtual Sales Kickoff earlier this year, I had the pleasure of hearing for the first time, Mike Weinberg—sales coach, consultant, and author of the book New Sales. Simplified.: