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    [Product] Tips for Choosing a CRM System that Will Please the Entire Firm
    To ensure you meet the needs of all key users and stakeholders and end up with a product everyone agrees upon (or at least to limit finger pointing afterward) it's a good idea to include a representative from each group. As a B2B marketing consultant, I know that a well-maintained client and prospect database (or lack thereof) can make or break a marketing campaign.
    [Product] An SEO Guru's Thoughts on Google, Tips to Improve Facebook Lead Gen, and More in HubSpot Content This Week
    Productivity Tools and Techniques to Stop Wasting Away Your Workday. Solving productivity issues can seem impossible, but we know plenty of online tools and apps as well as some practical methods that can help you complete all of your daily tasks with much greater ease.
    [Product] The 20 Things Users Want Most From Your Mobile Site [New Google Data]
    2) 67% of users are more likely to purchase a product or service from a mobile-friendly site. Still trying to make the case for mobile optimization of your company's website? Or worse -- have you gotten the green light, but are so overwhelmed by the project that you don't know where to begin? Makes sense. Starting from square one is hard.
    [Product] 50 Call-to-Action Templates to Help You Convert Leads in Style [Free Download]
    Rather than including a screenshot of your product, try putting that screenshot on a kindle to show it in action! Want to earn money for your business? Want to generate leads for your sales team? Want to accelerate sales for your online store? Want to do anything for your business that actually matters? Well then you need calls-to-action. Without them, we wouldn''t be converting our websitevisitors or social media fans into actual leads for our sales team.
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    [Product] 3 Powerful Ways to Kick-Start Your ABM Program and Get More Big Elephants
    If you’re using a video platform integrated with your marketing automation platform and someone from IBM watches your product video, you’ll know. Did you know that 92% of marketers worldwide believe account-based marketing, or ABM, is important to their marketing efforts? Why is ABM such a loved strategy?
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    [Product] 14 Ways to Increase Your Clickthrough Rate on Twitter
    Advertising wizard David Ogilvy was so enamored of the importance of headlines that he wrote this: “Unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money.”. Sign up now to hear about our mind-blowing new product. Tweeting is easy. You can type up anything in three seconds and press "tweet." But sending a clickable tweet -- that, my friend, is a science. Thankfully, making your tweets clickable doesn''t "just happen" based on the whim of the Twitter gods.
    [Product] 7 Reasons Calculators Are Your Next B2B Lead Capture Tool
    They also make it easier for an individual to present a new product or service to the decision maker. It also increases productivity, saving employees in the office from needing to have as many preliminary conversations leading up to a financial commitment. The NYT was not selling a service related to the topic but offering a free product with the intention of deepening their relationship to their audience.
    [Product] The Relationship between Social Influence and Customer Experience
    It’s the natural by-product of developing a company culture dedicated to delivering extraordinary customer experience and nurturing relationships in every channel. If they have had a great experience with your high quality product or extraordinary customer service, and they’ve had conversations with you that cement a positive emotional connection—that’s when the magic of influence happens, and you have an opportunity to grow that experience to a broader network.
    [Product] 3 Big trends converging for big branding opportunities
    This growing impact presents a unique opportunity for brands to develop new, credible, social purpose initiatives that will attract Millennials to new jobs, buy their products/services, increase their full engagement and encourage brand loyalty. The ability to identify relevant trends and stay one step ahead of them is crucial for keeping brands fresh and vibrant.
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    [Product] The Growth of Video and Mobile Marketing; Key Stats and Trends
    Partnering with media agencies that provide video and motion graphics services ensures creative production and high quality output, without a huge investment. As we examine the direction that marketing is heading in 2013 and beyond, we have to look at where the influx of technology is taking consumers. With the growth of mobile technology exploding, the majority of consumers have an Internet-capable video player in their pocket. Companies need to understand this paradigm shift and adapt.
    [Product] The Anatomy of an Awful Marketing Email
    Subject lines like the one in the email above don't tell your recipient anything -- I mean, 40% off what product? How often do you think about junk mail? Probably not too often, because there's a folder in your email that thinks about it for you, right? But consider this: according to Return Path , marketing emails are responsible for 70% of 'this is spam' complaints.
    [Product] Everybody needs both Pinterest and LinkedIn
    As I’ve noted in the past, it’s the marriage of promotion, product, place and price that resonates most fully for your customer. (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn). A few days ago, our fearless leader noted “nobody needs both Pinterest and LinkedIn.” ” And, generally, Mike’s absolutely right.
    [Product] Using Time Tested Tactics in Today's Marketing
    You printed collateral, produced mailers, shipped things around the country, crafted beautiful product packaging, wrote ad copy for print, purchased advertising in magazines and newspapers. Can you really talk about something as “way back when” when the “back when” is really just 20 years ago? Well, you can when something as significant as the rise of the internet sits in the divide. So here we are, talking about “way back when” in the late 90’s….
    [Product] Quit Dropping the Ball: Why PR Strategy Is a Perfect Partner for Your Content Team
    Where marketing focused on promoting product, PR served as mouthpiece for company leadership. Marketing directors and VPs are no strangers to hard days. From balancing content strategy with PR strategy, to acting as liaison between executive leadership and your employees, to finding time to make big-picture plans and calls, it is simultaneously everything you would expect leadership to be and so much more work at the same time.
    [Product] How Your Content Marketing Can Get an Extra Lift From Influencers
    If you can get enough influencers talking about your product or your brand, you start to really get noticed. Author: Ellen Gomes Every industry has influencers—people who have the ability, because of their power or knowledge (real or perceived), to influence purchase decisions. Hollywood has celebrities, fashion has models, and business has its moguls. The internet is no different.
    [Product] Klout Founder says Lithium deal will propel new development
    As soon as the start-up had its product ready, it landed its first customer – the gigantic San Francisco Unified School District. He had learned what it was like to bootstrap a new business, lead a team of business partners, deal with the highs and lows of entrepreneurial life, and build a marketable product based on massive amounts of data. In early 2009, Fernandez returned to Singapore to supervise the next evolution of the product. The genesis of Klout circa 2008.
    [Product] 10 Ways to Mix Up Your Visual Content on Social Media
    They help your Fans connect with the meaning and message behind your brand -- not just your product. Visual content is the most powerful tool your brand can use to engage your fans on social media. It allows you to express ideas quickly and effectively, which is a valuable tactic to set your brand apart from the vast amount of written content published online every day. So which kinds of visual content works best on social media? The best answer: a variety.
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    [Product] Commercial Misconduct: The Worst TV Ads Ever
    Old or young, man or woman, if you have hair (and access to a canister vacuum), Flowbee seems to think you''d be a great fit for this product. And how does the product or service advertised here actually work? It was a simpler time, back then … before the rise of DVRs and streaming video services. Back then, when people said they were “watching TV,” they meant that they were actually watching TV -- a.k.a.
    [Product] Is Your SEO Strategy Throwing Money Into a Black Hole?
    Likewise, accurately determining whether a user is authentic and interested in your product can present difficulty for SEO strategy in a digital environment increasingly saturated with fake users and accounts. When it comes to digital marketing, SEO can seem like a transient tactic to master. Beyond appearing on the first page of a search query, SEO goals can be unclear. Our understanding of how searches are conducted is constantly improving, just as the algorithms are constantly changing.
    [Product] 9 Do's and Don'ts for Creating Outstanding Facebook Cover Photos [+Free Templates]
    In the Samsung cover photo, your attention goes immediately to the left side of the page -- completely missing the name of the product on the upper right side. When people come to your Facebook Page, where do you think they first look? I''ll give you a few hints. It''s a visual piece of content that sits at the top of your Company Page. It takes up almost a quarter the screen on most desktop browsers. You probably guessed it by now. it''s your Facebook Cover Photo !
    [Product] Marketing Lessons from Buzzfeed’s ”What City Should You Actually Live In?” Quiz
    But, hey, the assessment you write for your product or service could be the next viral internet phenom; in which case your metrics would be even higher. by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Seth Lieberman , founder and CEO of SnapApp. SnapApp’s content marketing platform gives marketers the power to generate leads and drive revenue by creating, publishing, promoting and measuring interactive content that works across channels.
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    [Product] 3 Neuroscience Findings That'll Make You a Better Marketer
    When introducing a new concept (or a new product or service), it’s never good practice to bombard your audience with technical information up front. Marketers are constantly trying to grab the attention of their audience in new and innovative ways. This feat is made more and more challenging by the influx of data and data-related searches on the internet. Let''s play a little game of "Did You Know?" with the help of research from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.
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    [Product] An Email to Bob in Sales: Thanks for aligning with us in Marketing
    As you know, most of your prospects are doing a ton of research on our products and services on the Internet, so that’s why we combined our new marketing automation system with a better lead generation program to capture leads by offering our good content to those looking for answers via search engines and social media. Dear Bob, It’s Paul in Marketing. How are you? I haven’t seen you much around the office lately; I know we’re both crazy busy people.
    [Product] Suffering from Billboard Syndrome? Cure It with Content Marketing ROI
    This problem can be further exaggerated for B2B brands when, after struggling to find a way to tell engaging stories through their products, they’re forced to bring it all back to those sales-oriented models that can feel at odds with content. Especially for B2B brands with a variety of products, this value can range from an overall average to a highly segmented value associated with different customer journeys.
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    [Product] 4 Essential Tips for Navigating the Content Planning Roadmap
    Users are looking for influencing information in the form of vendor/product comparisons, case studies, trial downloads, and live demos. What makes for a successful family road trip?
    [Product] Marketing Minds: Chris Pinkerton – VP, Enterprise Development, Media & Research @ Mediative
    I also realized a digital consumer was becoming more in control of the educational process when looking for products – being less influenced by traditional sales & product knowledge. One of the best ways to evolve as a marketing professional is to generate, collaborate, and nurture ideas among like-minded peers.
    [Product] A reasonable guide to reddit for marketers
    A link to your product or page on reddit can bring tens of thousands of visits, if done correctly. You’ve likely heard of reddit, the giant, uncapitalized forum that people either love or hate. While it has a reputation for harsh commentary due to its anonymized posting system, marketers need to be paying attention to the deceptively simple site. WARNING: reddit is a passionate community of 234 million users that frowns upon self-promotion.
    [Product] 3 priorities and 25 challenges for CMO’s
    CMO’s narrowly give the edge to excellent service (23%) over product quality (22%) and a trusting relationship (21%) ( Duke University ). CMO’s plan a +12.2% increase in spend for digital marketing vs. -2.1% for traditional advertising in next 12 months ( CMO Survey ). 23.8% of digital marketing budget goes to social media (CMO Survey). Only 15.0% can prove quantitative impact (CMO Survey). By 2018, digital marketing is expected to overtake TV as the largest advertising segment.
    [Product] 22 Must Know SEO Writing Tips for Higher Rankings
    Online tools can help with everything from keyword research and productivity to grammar and writer’s block. Image source. SEO writing tips in 2014? With all that has happened in search in recent years, do we really even need them? The answer is yes. Despite all the speculation in the industry, SEO is not dead , and it can still help you rank in SERPs when creating content. Don’t worry, no keyword spamming or black hat tactics.
    [Product] Small Marketing Budget? Use In-House Experts to Get Huge Results
    who understands your products and services better than anyone else. But sending an email that says “Hey, buy our product and/or service!” Many marketing teams struggle to make the most of limited resources. Whether you’re just starting out with a one-person business or you’re running a mid-size company that’s trying to break into the big time, it seems like there’s never enough time and money to achieve your marketing goals.
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    [Product] 11 Best Practices for More Effective Content Curation
    For example, the vast majority of content in our curation streams focus on sales, marketing, and productivity. Our content curation objectives focus on keeping our broader prospect/customer/partner/pipeline network engaged with value-added content. We also hope it helps drive increased, pass-along awareness for other brands. These best practices are based primarily on what we do at Heinz Marketing, plus what we’ve seen scale well in the curation efforts of our clients and partners.
    [Product] Creating Viral Content Comes Down to Just Letting Go
    Imagine announcing a new product this way, or an event you’re having. If I told you an Ohio traffic reporter had over a million views of his video on YouTube, you would probably be surprised. When was the last time your content or videos got that many views (and that’s in one week)? Bob Herzog is a traffic reporter for WKRC – Channel 12 in Cleveland, Ohio. He brings a rare musical flair to his job by giving popular songs a weather-related twist.
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    [Product] The Right Way to Answer a Work Email
    Here are some tips on how to be a more efficient emailer, so you can spend your time on more productive tasks. Here is an email exchange that just happened between Joe Chernov , our VP of Content, and me. Joe: Why don''t we have social share buttons on landing pages (or at least the page I''m seeing)? link] templates ? Diana: Several reasons: We ran A/B tests that determined that removing both the top nav and social share buttons increase conversion rates.
    [Product] Is it Time to Change the Universal Definition of a Lead?
    Marketing automation vendors only have to prove that their product has better features and functions at a more attractive price point than their competitor, and companies want it. For example, imagine a customer posting on a company’s Facebook page to vent frustration with a product or service and within seconds, the company responds with an utterly banal comment, “Thank you for your comment. Change is good, change is healthy, change is refreshing; change is often, inevitable.
    [Product] Thank God It’s Monday!
    We recognized that nurturing an innovative, productive environment required letting go of the conventional approaches to office design that we had become familiar with over the course of our careers. Inspiration: Next, we needed to inspire our engineers to be fully productive in our newly Scrummified facility. “It’s inspiring to see, when you let your employees design their own space, what they come up with.” ” - Umberto Milletti, CEO | InsideView.
    [Product] How To Create Killer Content: Speak To A Customer
    We need to develop innovative new products. We had a great product and amazing customers. One of my favorite questions when I speak to marketers about social media, content marketing , demand generation or sales alignment is also one of the most frequently asked: I am a small business and cannot afford to pay tons of money to create content. Any advice for small business marketers?
    [Product] Using SEO when building your website navigation
    In this case using pet products was better then pet supplies as more people searched for pet products. Here's a good article on ClickZ that explains that checking out how keywords do in Yahoo and Google can affect how well your website navigation will resonate with users. This is another cheap way to get good advise on building a website without using full blown usability tests, Chad H. Technorati tags: SEO , Navigation , website , pet supplies.
    [Product] How to Write a Blog Post in 30 Minutes
    Random, quiet noises are my productive spot, so much so that I’ve even been known to stream Coffivity’s noises when I work from home or the office. Which efficiency or productivity hacks did you find most helpful? Image credit: Flickr. What can you do in 30 minutes? You can lose yourself in an episode of your favorite half-hour show on Netflix. You can get distracted by Facebook and fall into a black hole of unproductiveness.
    [Product] Fix the Economy: Sales Leadership Must Be the Stimulus
    Determine what products/solutions each client currently uses and what other products/solutions you can sell to them. 5. Ask each of your vendors: products/services/ administrative, for funds or gifts to use in a company wide sales contest between now and the end of the year. 7. Once a month take your sales team to a satisfied client’s office for tour and demonstration of how they use your products/solutions.
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    [Product] Why People Unfollow Your Brand on Social Media [New Data]
    12% said they follow brands to learn about new products and services. One of the most important things a brand can do is understand its target audience. What do they worry about? Where do they hang out? How do they prefer to interact with brands? When they dive into answering these questions, many businesses discover that social media is a goldmine for their marketing efforts.
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    [Product] The Real Reason Nobody Shares Your Infographic
    For example, Brainpickings’ Maria Popova concepted a provocative look at the peculiar relationship between sleep and productivity of famous writers. We’ve all been there. You spent countless hours conducting ironclad research for your latest infographic. You tangled with a designer over the minutest details. You struck the perfect balance between education and promotion in the finished image.
    [Product] Are We Making Marketing Automation Harder Than Necessary?
    And, while Act-On, Net-Results and Marketbright all argue that their systems are substantially easier to use than products like Pardot, Marketo and LoopFuse, those vendors surely disagree. Summary: Is stressing the need for process change making marketing automation too complicated, or a recognition of what it really takes for success? There are vendors on both sides of the argument.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 21, 2013
    [Product] A Simple Guide to Setting Up Your First LinkedIn Ad Campaign
    More and more marketers are turning to LinkedIn to promote their products, services, and content. Job Title : If your product or service is best for CFOs, targeting only people that have CFO in their title will increase your conversions, and ultimately save you money. Most of us have figured out that LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to network with like-minded professionals. But what about using LinkedIn for marketing ?
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    [Product] 5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Newsletter
    They don’t want to read about press releases, product launches, or employee promotions – unless it benefits them. Almost double the work, at least for the email production people. Thinking about a B2B newsletter launch? That’s great, but it raises a lot of questions. Usually, the first one to come up is whether this could a profitable project, or will it end up just being a time sink?
    [Product] Attention, Word Nerds: The 30 Weirdest Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014
    The operation or process of reusing waste materials to create a product of higher value or quality; (more generally) the action or process of repurposing or renovating an old or unwanted item to make it more attractive, valuable, etc. The Oxford English Dictionary adds new words and phrases to their dictionary four times a year, and in 2014, the dictionary benefited from thousands of additions.
    [Product] Marketers: Are You Going to Accept B2B Boring?
    Check out 3 ‘boring’ product brands with compelling content , by Wendy Parish at Marketing Dive, that mentions Progressive Insurance’s “Flo” campaign, Sharpie’s creative “Grab a Sharpie & Start Something” drawing campaign on Instagram and Dollar Shave Club’s edgy messaging to consumers. Recently a few comments from different sources converged about how B2B marketing is boring. I believe it doesn’t have to be.
    [Product] 4 Common Blog Writing Stumbling Blocks
    Business blogs offer insights into your services, product updates, and compelling relevant content that solves the problems of your clients. There are many reasons to have a business blog but the most important is that it’s great for retaining clients and customers. However, blog writing can be tougher than you might think. It’s important to keep posting fresh new content, in order to get readers coming back (thus increasing your visibility and site traffic).
    [Product] When Is It Time to Hire a Part-Time CMO?
    Often products and services get invented and sold, and overnight a business is born. Some of my colleagues recently asked me to describe why a company or organization might want to hire a part-time Chief Marketing Officer. Why would a business hire a part-time CMO? I prepared a list of “trigger points” – events or situations that would trigger a need for an outsource or interim CMO. The organization needs marketing but doesn’t have the budget for full-time staff.
    [Product] Should You Blog on Your Website or a Separate Site?
    My conclusion is that as long as you are blogging about your company, industry, products and services, you should set up the blog within your business website to add valuable relevant content and drive more traffic to the site. Tweet. As a Marketing Consultant I am frequently asked if businesses should blog on their website or create a separate site with a different domain name and URL.
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    [Product] 9 Unlikely Brands Rocking Pinterest for Their Marketing
    One of the tenets of marketing and advertising is that you''re rarely selling a product; you''re selling possibilities. Pinterest is often pigeon-holed as only right for certain types of brands: fashion brands, wedding-related businesses, baby brands, travel companies, restaurants. That compels a lot of marketers to misguidedly ignore a fast-growing social network that brags 70 million users , and is the second-biggest driver of social traffic on the web.
    [Product] 1:1 Communication - The Next Big Evolution In Marketing
    The answer lies in the fact that consumers have evolved from being “buyers” of products and services only to becoming brand advocates who are interacting with us and seeking active involvement with our brand. Editor’s Note: Today’s Post comes courtesy of Daniel Newman, co-founder of V3 Broadsuite , a company dedicated to helping companies be found, seen and heard online by tying together paid, owner and earned media to drive.
    [Product] 12 Reasons Your Business Blog Is Failing
    It's All About You: If you're writing all about your products and services, your recent award wins, and just how plain fabulous you are, you're doing it wrong. Feel free to create a completely separate company news and product blog and talk about yourself all you want. But if you want to generate leads and business from your blog , keep all that me-centric product talk away.
  • TRAACKR  |  FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015
    [Product] Influencer Relations: Not Just Another Digital Practice
    This demonstrates that influencer relationships are truly cross-functional, touching on PR, marketing, social, sales; in some organisations product, branding, development, and HR, and even used as a kind of CRM. We recently worked with Lewis PR to develop a report on influencer marketing that highlights the current approaches, opportunities and the key challenges of influencer relations.
    [Product] Welcome Back, Movember: Why This Viral Campaign Is Still So Successful
    Kian Lawley is a 19-year-old who has grown an impressive social following through the production of original YouTube content and vines. Calling efforts like these a failure because they don’t include the word “Cancer” at the center of the campaign is equivalent to calling a popular company blog a failure because they don’t focus it entirely on the product they sell. It''s about to get a whole lot fuzzier in the office.
    [Product] How Big Data is Driving Business Growth
    With products like GNIP , which allows its customers to do just that, companies are now able to visualize social behavior like never before. Editor’s Note: Today’s Post comes courtesy of Daniel Newman , the President of Broadsuite , a company dedicated to helping companies be found, seen and heard online by tying together paid, owner and earned media to drive.
    [Product] 3 Tips to Help Content Marketers Understand Sales Cycles
    This level creates awareness of your product or service. This level creates understanding and measures interest in your product or service. Photo credit: Wikipedia. Content marketing takes time and effort. When marketers don’t see results, determining the return on investment isn’t easy. If you’re constantly struggling with your business blog and exasperated with the lack of qualified leads, you may be missing key points in your content strategy.
    [Product] How to Create an Ebook From Start to Finish [+ 18 Free Ebook Templates]
    This should also hold true for all your other marketing efforts, such as email marketing, call-to-action creation, and landing page production. For instance, a call-to-action can lead to another offer, your annual conference''s registration page, or even a product page. At age 11, I dreamed of being an editor at a major magazine. I even put together my first publication, Teen Scene Magazine , using colored construction paper, yarn, and in-depth feature interviews with. my dad.
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    [Product] Abandoning the Marketing Campaign: How to Think Long Term
    According to Investopedia , “a marketing campaign is a coordinated series of steps that can include promotion of a product through different mediums (television, radio, print, online) using a variety of different types of advertisements.”. Where marketing campaigns were concerned with the success of that single campaign—and maybe the sales of whatever service or product they were promoting—current marketing efforts should be tied to long-term business goals.
    [Product] 6 Tips to Increase Your Email Marketing ROI
    Most provide zero value as a consumer; it’s usually someone trying to force their product on me. Michael Berger – Senior Director Product Marketing, Marketo. Email is here to stay. It is the preferred mode of communication for the majority of consumers and is the biggest driver of new leads. When used correctly, email marketing is cost-effective and powerful.
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    [Product] 10 TED Talks to Watch to be a Better Marketer
    He’s studied the dynamics of a successful and productive workspace for years, and is an expert on what what separates mediocrity from originality. TED, a nonprofit founded in 1984 , was created as a forum for thought leaders to give an 18-minute or less talk on the places and spaces where t echnology, e ntertainment, and d esign collide. TED’s overarching mission is to spread great ideas, and to encourage all to seek a better understanding of the world.
    [Product] Cool Stuff Manufactured in America
    Marlin Steel in Baltimore, MD manufactures Custom Wire Baskets, Mesh Baskets, Stainless Steel Products, Custom Wire Forming and Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication for the Automotive and the Ammunition industries and a range of other industrial applications. In the spirit of Thanksgiving later this week, this post is my way of giving thanks to those manufacturers who still believe in the value of “Made in America.”.
    [Product] The Top Social Media Topics On the Minds of Real Marketers
    We get product feedback, use cases, and product development information. by Dayna Rothman In Marketo’s recent Social Marketing Rockstar Tour, we visited 15 cities to talk about implementing, executing, and measuring social strategy. We met marketing interns and CEOs and all levels in between; spoke to marketers from every industry; and networked with marketers from large companies with 10,000+ employees and small companies with fewer than 10. The common denominator?
    [Product] B2B Email Benchmarks: Answers Vary Widely
    But they only provide one category for B2B Products and Services, plus another for Business Publishing. One of the things I’m enjoying about my new role as head of analytics at Left Brain DGA is being closer to hands-on marketing than I was as a consultant. This leads to different questions than I used to get, including the ever-popular “what’s a reasonable response rate for our emails?” That one came up last week and led me to review my files on industry benchmarks.
    [Product] How to Achieve a Return on Conversation with Emotional Marketing
    Then look at how a fan gives a full feeling disclosure back to the brand regarding their product (“I Love my Subaru”). By Brooke Ballard, {grow} Community Member. I’m going to unveil the secret to breaking through the noise on Facebook right here in this post. But for you to understand where I’m coming from, I need to tell you something about myself first. Here it is: Excited about that? I wouldn’t blame you if you’re not.
    [Product] If You Don’t Know Me by Now: Why Personalization Must be Part of Your Content Strategy
    Abstract archetypes or personas don’t buy our products and services or read our publications. You’ve spent years developing your personas and you’re tasked with building a content strategy that will meet the distinct needs of each one. This should be easy. In true Pygmalion fashion , you’ve shaped their personalities, and you’re even more familiar with the intimate details of these prototypical models than you are with your own family members.
    [Product] 11 Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Email Click-Through Rates
    Don't give readers the opportunity to get distracted by your blog posts, product pages, or any other part of your site. A tactic that works particularly well for product marketers is putting limits on your offers. If your email marketing is well segmented , you're providing them with a product that is well suited to their needs! It's not that email open rate isn't important. It is! No one can redeem your email offers if they don't open the email first, right?
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2016
    [Product] 10 Things You Need to Know About Account-Based Marketing
    ABM has proven to significantly increase deal sizes by focusing on customers who are most likely to be successful with your product or service, which in turn means they’re more likely to remain your customer. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a big deal. It seems as though it’s being mentioned on every webinar, at every marketing conference, and in all major marketing strategy discussions.
    [Product] The Amazingness of Marketing Automation
    Customers and prospects who have more automated yet personalized experiences, a marketing department that is sourcing pipeline, a much more productive sales team, and a happy CEO who is experiencing more revenue with less effort. by Jason Miller The future of marketing is sitting at our doorstep. It’s up to you as a modern marketer to take the first step and optimize the way you market to customers and prospects.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2013
    [Product] Social Media Listening Is Sound Business Practice
    Product development. Photo credit: highersights. How many times have you had something, whether it was in your personal or professional life, go wrong because of poor communication? If you are honest, there are likely more than you would like to admit. Having those kinds of experiences doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. In fact, it’s just more evidence of just how human you and the people you communicate with are.
    [Product] 5 Traits of Great Marketing Content
    It’s daunting when you think about it: At any given moment, more than three-quarters of your potential customers are busily checking you out, making value judgments about your products and services in order to narrow their options and, if you’re lucky, contact you. Whether you want prospects to sign up for your emails, download a solution brief, watch a product video, or start a free trial (or any number of other goals), your content needs to spur specific action. Eighty percent.
    [Product] 10 Questions to Ask In Your Business Demographics Survey
    Or, use the information collected to tailor your product or service to better serve your customers. Discovering valuable information about your customers has always been coveted in the business world. The reasoning behind this is logical. If you understand who your customers are , you can strengthen your relationship with them, build trust and credibility. You can also collect the information needed to make the right decisions for your company.
    [Product] How to Simplify Your Writing
    But the author could easily have written something like this: "Often, in many ecommerce sites, it’s apparent that the main difference between a good or favorable photo and a bad or unprofessional photo can create disruption in the sales process, creating cognitive and visual dissonance in the mind of the potential buyer, and reducing their eagerness to purchase the featured product -- to make or break the sale.". I love reading simple writing. It’s clear. It’s easy to understand.
    [Product] Why You Should Invest In Content Curation
    Or, brands might collect user-generated photos and stories showcasing their product. Usually this is part of a larger campaign to raise awareness about a particular product or service. When it comes to creating content, marketers and publishers face a number of challenges. For example, the Content Marketing Institute’s annual survey of B2C content marketers had some trouble with everything from creating engaging content to lack of budget.
    [Product] Social Media and SEO: When and How They Work Together
    You should be reporting on what conversations your audience is having about your industry, product, brand, and more on social media. Author: Nate Dame The connection between social media marketing and SEO can be confusing. Do social media signals impact search rankings? Should the social media team have a stake in SEO? Common misconceptions have led some marketers to lose focus on what will effectively benefit both strategies to get the most out of every effort.
    [Product] Doing More Together: Facebook and Marketo Drive Marketing Success
    It was a great opportunity to learn about Facebook’s product roadmap from their leaders, and how they see partners as an integral part of helping their customers drive success and business growth. Author: Mike Stocker Last week, I attended the Facebook 2016 Global Partner Summit in San Francisco.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
    [Product] How to Say "No" Without Burning Bridges
    Companies like Dropbox and Airbnb are often held up as shining examples of marketing scale, which they accomplish by hardwiring user referral incentives into their products. Scale. You hear the term often in marketing. It basically means increasing results disproportionately to the time or effort previously required to achieve them.
    [Product] 7 Ways to Speed Up Your Content Creation
    If you have an active user base, asking them to do things like submit pictures or them using your products -- perhaps as part of a contest with a reward for the best entry -- could result in tons of unique content you can re-package and call your own. 6) Pay attention to your personal productivity. These days, you can’t throw a rock without hitting an industry blog talking about how content marketing is 2015’s “must-do” strategy.
    [Product] 4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Share Data with Sales
    The Internet and social media have made it incredibly easy for the modern buyer to access information and increase their knowledge on any and every available product or service. . Shouldn’t Sales and marketing share the data that helps them achieve the same business goals? .
    [Product] Why Should Your Content Live Inside a Blog?
    Google and other search engines will send people to blogs over product pages. Because when you’re directed to a product page on someone’s website, you’re more skeptical of what you’re reading—and rightfully so. Company blogs serve as the cornerstone of most successful content marketing programs , and they are a great place to get started if you’re making the shift to marketing as a lead generator for sales.
    [Product] Can CMOs Master The Customer Experience For Hispanic Shoppers?
    Are the products and options presented meaningfully on a small screen? Posted in Advertising Behavioral Targeting Communities Mobile Personalization Testing Web Design. As more and more marketers are discovering, it’s impossible to think about any digital or e-commerce strategy without acknowledging the critical importance of the overall Hispanic population on today’s electronic marketplace. According to the U.S. Census Bureau , nearly 17 percent of the U.S.
    [Product] How to Successfully Launch Your First Marketing Automation Program
    A more detailed approach will use where these customers are in their buying journey and which of their pain points your product or service addresses. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Zach Watson, content manager at TechnologyAdvice. He covers gamification, healthcare IT, business intelligence, and other emerging technology. Connect with him on LinkedIn.
    [Product] Do You Sales 2.0?
    brings together customer-focused methodologies and productivity-enhancing technologies that transform selling from an art to a science. relies on a repeatable, collaborative, and customer-enabled process that runs through the sales and marketing organization, resulting in improved productivity, predictable ROI, and superior performance.”. I'm on the the flight back from SFO after attending Sales 2.0 conference.
    [Product] The 10 most fascinating people in B2B Marketing in 2015
    I was especially fascinated to hear Joe speak about his strategic vision for the business, which recognizes that the subscriber file is the core asset, around which all products revolve, whether it’s Content Marketing World , or the road shows, magazine, blogs, consulting, books, and all manner of services to help B2B marketers refine their strategies around educating customers and prospects for marketing purposes.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014
    [Product] A 3-Step Framework for Leading a World-Class Marketing Team
    These metrics must be cross-functional to support product launches, sales pushes, and core revenue initiatives. How do we preserve the culture that made our companies great in the first place while deftly forging ahead with new products and ideas that have the potential to threaten our existing business and possibly make us incredibly uncomfortable?".
    [Product] IT-Centric vs. Marketing-Centric Models for Managing the Content Challenge
    In a content operation, those requesting content are typically content consumers: sales, product, or marketing’s own demand gen or field marketing. When marketing applies this software development model to its content efforts, the model solves for content production to be on time and on budget. Products. A corporate communications marketer who repurposes an eBook into a blog post can’t do the work of the product marketer who can repurpose it for sales enablement purposes.
    [Product] The Average Large Company Has 178 Social Media Accounts [Shocking Data]
    This makes sense if you're planning for things like product launches or expansion to other cities and countries. Different product and service lines may call for their own dedicated accounts. This is especially important if there is not a lot of customer overlap between products and services within the organization, or if they are all drastically different from one another.
    [Product] 5 Key Ingredients of a Positive & Profitable Partner Experience
    The simple fact is, today’s partners have more suppliers and product lines to choose from than ever before. It’s never been more important to examine and improve partner relationships. According to the global B2B experts at SiriusDecisions, resellers are typically balancing six to seven vendor relationships at once and the partner experience, or PX as they call it, has become a primary decision driver.
    [Product] Chuck's Blog: Why Supporting Knowledge Workers Is Hard For IT
    context: the information about who you are, what youre interested in, what youve bought before, what you might buy in the future, how you intend to use the product, your opinions on this product and similar ones, your ability to influence others in this regard, your ideas on how to make the product better -- all infinitely more valuable than the mere act of selling the thing itself. Did we design the product correctly? Chucks Blog.
    [Product] 8 Times When You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Using PPC
    There's an audience for every product and service out there, no matter how obscure. Think about it, if the decision-makers to purchase your product or service are all IT directors, LinkedIn ads provides an insanely targeted way to get those people -- and only those people -- exposed to your content via LinkedIn ads.
    [Product] Enhancing Your Executive Edge
    for First Time Sales Managers , Ken provides Keynotes, consulting services and products designed to improve business performance. Enhancing Your EXECUTIVE EDGE. How to Develop the Skills to Lead and Succeed. It’s time for another book review! Last week I was on vacation and I had the time to read three books, one of them written by Kim Zoller/Kerry Preston was on Enhancing Your Executive Edge. Published by McGraw Hill, it is a terrific read for all executives and any manager.
    [Product] The Art of Being a Great Coworker: 13 Ways to Improve Your Work Relationships
    There's a lot we can learn from our coworkers, and it all starts with finding a productive way to coexist and collaborate. According to a survey on office habits conducted by the office product supplier Viking, nearly 29% of participants admitted that they find it frustrating when their colleagues are regularly late. This year, you'll likely spend more time with your coworkers than you will with your significant other, parents, best friend, siblings, cat, and.
    [Product] THE HACKIES: A customer-centric approach to building marketing and sales stacks
    Individual preferences, loyalties, and demands all change over time and affect how they evaluate new products and services. In a world where 57% of the buying journey happens before buyers are directly engaged with vendors , data is the key to unlocking what buyers tell us about themselves, their relationships to our company, and their engagement with our products. This article is a guest post by Raviv Turner of CaliberMind.
  • KAPOST  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2016
    [Product] Nominations for the 2016 Kapost Awards are Open!
    Modern marketers know that outdated processes don’t support content production at scale. It’s always awkward to brag about yourself or share a special talent. But here at Kapost, we never shy away from a good story. In fact, we throw our new employees center stage and ask them to do just that during their first company-wide meeting. Most of the responses are standard—like where they’re from or their favorite food.
    [Product] From Awareness to Advocacy: Interactive Content for the Entire Customer Lifecycle
    Content that provides results for the buyer as they engage with it, such as ROI calculators and product comparisons, will help to get the customer off the fence at this stage. Interactive content allows customers to give their voice back to the product. It’s a more effective and engaging way to showcase new product features and updates, as well as additional services for upsell or cross-sell.
    [Product] Why Salespeople Don’t Follow Up on Good Leads
    Here’s a statistic that would surprise reps like these – and might surprise some marketers as well: about 45% of business-to-business leads, that is people who’ve inquired about a product or service, will end up buying. by Dayna Rothman We are excited to welcome Michael Boyette as our guest author today. Michael is the Executive Editor of Rapid Learning Institute and editor of Top Sales Dog Blog.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2014
    [Product] The Art and Science of Viral Videos
    Triggers: The stimuli that prompt people to think about your product or campaign. Think: Are there any social norms associated with your brand or product? A video like that is a fun, surprising, and memorable way to casually share your product benefits online. Virality. It’s a topic of mystery and longing. All brands long to go viral, but for most brands, going about creating viral content is a mystery.
  • PUREB2B  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Product] The Importance of Offline Lead Generation
    Certain people who need your products/services may not spend much of their time using computers. It really depends on your audience’s demographics and preferences, as well as the nature of your business, product, or service offering. With so much attention focused on online lead generation tactics nowadays, it’s easy to assume that traditional offline methods have completely passed their prime.
    [Product] The Real Value of Content Marketing for Industrial Companies
    They are the specifiers of your product. In today’s uncertain economy, manufacturing and industrial companies are taking more than a hard look at their marketing spends. These companies have always thought of marketing as sales support, so it requires a lot of convincing to change that mind-set. Upper management and key decision makers are skeptical about inbound marketing with content being able to generate qualified leads and set the table for sales.
  • SNAPAPP  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2015
    [Product] SnapApp of the Week: HCSS’s Most Interesting Project Bracket
    Instead of going through all 120 entries to pick the top 64, the team created two separate brackets: one with projects using HCSS estimating software and one “Open” bracket for project management software and/or all other products. We did it! We survived the brutal winter months (all 108 inches of snow here in Boston) and made it to March, which we all know means one thing: basketball. For marketers, this is an alley-oop to reach out and connect with our audiences.
    [Product] How to Write a Press Release [Free Template]
    In our ebook titled The Newsworthy Guide to Inbound Public Relations , we outlined some ideas for creating outside-the-box content to announce a new product launch, board member, and other news from your company. Sometimes, old-school is a good thing. We love Throwback Thursday, 80s-themed parties, and Chuck Taylors (which have made a triumphant comeback). Unfortunately, old-school isn’t so trendy when it describes your company’s public relations strategy.
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