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    [Product] There Are Two Sides to Every Editorial Wall
    Benkoil seems to recognize this when he writes (emphasis mine), “Can you name another business in which the people who make the key product are allowed, even encouraged , to be ignorant of how they make money?” In an article today on MediaShift, Dorian Benkoil makes a good case for why reporters and editors should be more involved in the business side of publishing. My only complaint is with what seems to be his guiding premise: that the fault is all theirs.
    [Product] 10 Guaranteed Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers
    Share interesting video content, charts, and graphs, or simply share photos of your employees working on a new product or your customers using your product in unique ways. As the newest marketing weapon in your social media arsenal , Google+ Pages provide businesses with yet another powerful opportunity to connect with fans, prospects, and customers, as well as promote content to generate new leads.
    [Product] Keys to Containing Your Marketing Costs
    Target: modest growth with one or two product introductions. A lot of thought should go into the process of budgeting for marketing costs. Choosing which marketing programs and tactics get the majority of the dollars is not an easy decision to make especially when considering the fact that all types of marketing tactics are changing, some faster than others. How you choose to allocate funds for your marketing efforts depends on your company, industry, target audience and company goals.
    [Product] Seven of the Best Guides to Marketing with Pinterest of 2012
    Brent Carnduff suggests setting up a business page, verifying your account, tagging other Pinterest users, adding “follow me on Pinterest” and “Pin it” buttons to your website or blog, and creating boards with tutorials or product instructions among the more than two dozen helpful Pinterest tips here. While consumer brand marketers are embracing Pinterest enthusiastically, many B2B marketers are still in a quandary about the visual sharing site.
    [Product] Improve your email marketing with automation [webinar]
    Automated email campaigns can promote your brand or products, create awareness, launch a product or service, re-engage customers, educate readers, or onboard new customers. Email Automation, which VerticalResponse recently added to its powerful toolkit , increases the impact and reduces the costs of email marketing.
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    [Product] Great B2B Customer Experiences Require Customer-Centric Marketing
    This includes email campaigns, newsletters, event invitations, product launches and updates, RSS feeds, nurturing programs, etc. Can you confidently state where each initiative is in production? Only 12% of B2B marketers rate themselves as “very effective” at delivering a great customer experience. No, that’s not a typo. It’s a finding from the 2016 B2B Customer Experience Benchmark Report from Kapost.
    [Product] 7 Reasons You're Not Generating Leads From Social Media
    That way when you do share content and information, you can know you're working to build awareness for your blog, product, service, and other types of content you offer on a regular basis. If you’re just pushing out content about your product and why it’s so “awesome,” more than likely, people will not want to share or engage with it. This is a guest post written by Pam Sahota.
    [Product] February Social Media News: Weather on Facebook, SNL on Snapchat & More
    If your audience is highly engaged on Instagram, or if you market physical products, galleries could be a unique approach to generating engagement. Medium CEO Ev Williams announced that Medium would launch a subscription product to develop additional revenue streams apart from simply advertising. We spend a lot of time on social media sites -- globally, it’s around two hours per day.
    [Product] Top Marketing Trends in 2016 and What They Mean for Your Small Business
    It’s vital that your website is mobile responsive and that you offer a mobile app to allow customers to easily access your products and services from their favorite mobile devices. A video shared on social networks or your website can allow viewers to actually see what your product looks like and how it performs. It’s that time of year again, and we don’t just mean the season of white-bearded men in red suits or going back for second helpings of holiday ham.
    [Product] How to Use Psychographics in Your Marketing: A Beginner's Guide
    but still, no one is buying your amazing, anti-aging, weight-loss product. Let''s continue with our ongoing example about the anti-aging, weight-loss product. This post originally appeared on Inbound Insiders , a new section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to the Inbound Insiders section. Picture this: You’re running specials every week on Facebook, discounting your three-day, in-house nutritional counseling program more than you can afford.
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    [Product] How to Talk to Your Boss About Your Career Path
    You should be able to have productive career path conversations no matter the manager-employee relationship. I talked to our Senior HR Business Partner Brianna Manning , and asked her for the advice she would give someone who was struggling to hold productive conversations about career advancement. A couple of my teammates recently launched a tool called The Next Five to help people navigate through those times in their career where they're feeling kind of stuck.
    [Product] 8 Marketing Strategy Articles You Missed Because You Were Too Busy
    Businesses around the world are starting to think about 2013 and what plans they need to put in place to grow their business, add new product lines, acquire more customers and make more money. We’re winding down the summer and sending the kids back to school. So for the next 2 weeks, I will publish my top articles of the year, that you may have missed because you were just too darned busy. And I think it makes sense to start with B2B Marketing Strategy. What is Marketing?
    [Product] BrightInfo: Content Recommendations Made Simple
    BrightInfo officially released its product last September, after about a year of development. I spent much of last year writing about Customer Data Platform systems and have reviews on tap for a half dozen more. But I thought I’d start out 2014 with something different, just to show I’m not totally obsessed. Although, as you’ll see shortly, there’s a CDP angle to this story as well.
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    [Product] How Services Firms Grow with Online Marketing (Guest Post)
    Other recent leadership positions include Director of Marketing at one of the Mid-Atlantic’s fastest-growing engineering firms, Bowman Consulting and Director of Marketing Communications at Rubbermaid Commercial Products. A note from Janice: Professional services for activities such as infrastructure assessments, deployment planning, and outsourced IT operations are a significant revenue stream for many technology companies.
    [Product] How to Create a White Paper: Get Found Online and Grow Readership
    Excellent products and services that deliver much more than expected, worth the price. If you want to grow your reader base, that is, if you want to get found and get known online, small businesses and entrepreneurs will offer prospects and clients online information for free, such as a white paper , a report or a compelling article. This is part of the CAST acronym for ways to grow readership. CAST Your Net: A is for Assets.
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    [Product] Thinking Outside the Box for Sponsored Content
    You may be thinking, "I don't have the budget to hire a production team," but video doesn’t need to be difficult or costly to make. Putting together a video that demonstrates correct running form gives your readers quality advice on an area that’s closely associated with the advertiser’s product/brand (and don’t forget to have your running model where the advertiser’s shoes!).
    [Product] 5 Ways To Make Social Media A Part of Everyday Marketing Strategy
    The next 4 ideas help make this a more effective and productive experience. Social media is not a fad for the B2B marketer. According to a recently covered report from Clutch, 78 percent of enterprises consider social media to be more critical for business success compared to other digital marketing strategies. B2B marketers are increasingly turning to social media channels as a key tool for distributing content as well.
    [Product] Preparing Your Ecommerce Company for a Banner Holiday Shopping Season
    That means these consumers will research products and services well before they’re ready to buy. If they can save money on shipping by purchasing a bundle of products at a discount, you can be sure they’ll take that deal. The holiday season of 2014 was one of the best on record for ecommerce sales, and forecasts show that 2015 will be even better. Last year, online retailers took home more than $101 billion during November and December.
    [Product] 5 SEO Tips for Videos: How Google Ranks Them & How to Optimize
    Video content should cater to user intent, provide value to viewers, and have a high production value. Author: Nate Dame Videos are becoming increasingly important for B2B marketing. Companies with dedicated video marketing strategies generate more leads , earn more revenue, and enjoy better brand awareness than those engaging in all other forms of marketing.
    [Product] 10 Winning Ways to Keep up with Industry Trends
    Talk to your customers In the past few years, I’ve gotten phone calls from both FreshBooks and Basecamp to help their customer service or sales teams better understand how people are using their products. Staying up to date in an industry that’s constantly shifting isn’t easy, but being aware of changes as they’re happening can keep you ahead of the curve.
    [Product] Common Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
    That’s why a variety of content aimed at audience members in the various stages of the buying cycle will be more productive at keeping your cash registers ringing consistently. Photo credit: DigitalRalph. You’ve always been marketing. First it was search marketing, then social media marketing, and now you’re looking at the latest thing–the combination of search and social called content marketing.
    [Product] Marketing’s Broken Foundation: Measurement
    Clearly Identify Your Objectives For example, your overall objective might be increasing revenue or marketshare for a certain product or solution group. Data is the foundation for analytics. Analytics is the foundation for marketing driven by data and insights. When you start with bad data, you get erroneous insights and your marketing goes in the wrong direction. A recent research result from ITSMA and Vision Edge Marketing is eye opening.
    [Product] Fathom SEO Pulse #38: Licensing Content, iOS 9 Analytics Block & More
    Quick Tips: eBay, Amazon and Craigslist SEO for Your Products”. Whether for business or personal use, sites like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist can be great options for selling your product. Welcome to Fathom’s weekly SEO pulse, where our goal is to help you stay on top of any new strategies and changes in this integral part of your overall marketing strategy.
    [Product] The Serious Takeaways from Sirius Decisions
    The event was packed full with new frameworks—this year, there were 30+ new models—that covered product marketing, sales, content measurement, and just about everything else you can think of. Additionally, Marketo currently offers a web personalization app that delivers personalized content to your visitors across your website, and we introduced predictive content for email as part of our product roadmap at the Marketing Nation Summit in May.
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    [Product] How We Grew Our Organic Traffic by 43% Without Publishing a Single New Blog Post
    We knew that given the price point of our product, it was not economically viable for us to have people make sales calls. Today I’m going to show you how we boosted our organic traffic by 43% over a 3 month period. The best part is, we did it without publishing any new content, spending any more money on marketing or adding any additional resources to our team. We call the strategy, The Mission Week , and I will tell you exactly how we do it. But First, a Little Story.
    [Product] How to Create a Lean, Mean Content Creation Machine
    If you’re on a small team, you may spread the responsibility across a couple of team members who are not only close readers and grammar whizzes, but also understand your brand voice, products, and promise, and can ensure that it shines through your content. Partner : Do you have a group of partners or collaborative products/services? Author: Ellen Gomes Have you ever thought your content initiatives needed more pizzazz? How about just ‘more’?
    [Product] 6 Ways to Get Inspired to Create Content
    Sometimes the industry is slow, the market is lagging, or the product/service you offer just doesn’t change much. Almost every product or service has an answer to the deeper meaning of their business that can be turned into creative content ideas, ranging from mini-documentaries for a brand to content that educates the customer. Author: Elaine Ip Even the most innovative marketers sometimes hit a wall when it comes to creating content.
    [Product] 4 Revenue Sources Most ROI Calculators Miss (Part 1 of 2)
    In the epiphany stage they want education and unique perspectives; in the awareness stage they want product information and subject matter experts (SMEs); and in the interest stage they want benchmarks and best practices.”. This is Part One of a two-part blog about how organizations with a complex sales process can improve accuracy in lead/revenue projections. Most ROI calculators I see published are flawed.
    [Product] Courtesy of Netflix: On-Demand Nurturing in the Era of Engagement Marketing
    Netflix was the only network that could green light the $100M production of House of Cards without first making a pilot. Author: Nick Edouard When’s the last time you watched just one episode of House of Cards in a sitting?…Or …Or was it more like half a season in one long session? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. I’ve been known to dabble in a binge-watching session…or two. If any company has mastered the art and science of engagement , it’s Netflix.
    [Product] Content marketing success and the crappy quality myth
    In my book The Content Code I spell out the options for breaking through, assuming you’re putting out a quality product in the first place: You can work on your brand to improve awareness and social sharing. By Mark Schaefer. Here is the ultimate sign that some people are drinking too much of the content marketing Kool-Aid.
    [Product] What's WYSIWYG? How Today's Online Editor Came to Be
    Before it was used to describe the technology that enabled users to visualize what the end product would look like, WYSIWYG -- pronounced wiz-ee-wig -- was popularized by a newsletter titled WYSIWYG. million in funding from Silicon Graphic's president and COO Tom Jermoluk, John McCrea set out to launch a product line for web authoring. WYSIWYG. No, this isn't another one of those newfangled acronyms the kids are using these days -- it's actually been around for quite some time.
    [Product] Terminus Featured on Georgia Public Broadcasting
    I love the product, success, people, the team, everything that goes into it.”. Terminus CEO and founder, Eric Spett , was interviewed on Georgia Public Broadcasting. In this Future Perfect Podcast , GPB’s sci-tech correspondent Renay San Miguel asks Spett about various topics including: How Atlanta has become a technology hub. What it takes to grow a startup into a successful business. Opportunities in B2B account-based marketing and marketing technology (MarTech).
    [Product] Content2Conversion 2016 - My B2B Marketing Utopia
    Buyers are consistently pushing marketers to be creative in how we are positioning our products and portraying our brand across every channel. She of course uses Marketo’s Real Time Personalization product which assists in changing the messaging and/or advertisements and pop-ups on your website to be more specific to different segments. As an event marketing manager, sometimes you look at your calendar and just think that you're crazy.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013
    [Product] The Highs (and Lows) of Letting Your CEO Manage Twitter for a Day
    2) Knowing the product, and using it well. If you were following @HubSpot on Twitter yesterday, you would''ve noticed that our CEO and Co-Founder Brian Halligan had commandeered the account. And while all you social media and community managers out there are probably cringing as I say this, I bet the CEOs and Twitter users of the world are cheering and applauding Brian’s noble endeavor. Like Brian quoted in a tweet through the @HubSpot account: "''You need to upset the status quo.
    [Product] What do you get when you mix ABM, CDP, AI, VR, and a massive martech landscape?
    Such an epic concept deserves a face-melting product name, so we will call it: STACK OF ROCK. Ah, we have an ingenious plan for how to build this product in the most open fashion ever. We, the editorial staff at, near sightless from logo-blindness while working on the 2017 marketing technology landscape (no, that link is the old one), have nonetheless seen the light.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2016
    [Product] Presenting a Webinar? Build an Emotional Connection with Your Audience
    Use that momentum to keep them interested in your brand by suggesting they download a specific eBook, complete an assessment, or schedule a demo of your product. With marketing departments running quicker (and leaner) than ever, we know that the list of “to-dos” is long and triaged. So why spend the time, resources, and energy to host a webinar?
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2011
    [Product] 5 Benefits of Educating Prospects With Free Content
    If we give away free content and information that our paid products/services help solve," they say, "who's going to want to pay money for what we're selling?". In fact, giving away free content to your prospective customers can actually do the opposite, educating prospects about the products and services you offer and leading to more leads and sales for your business.
  • LATTICE  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 2016
    [Product] From 50 to 5,000 to 5 Million!
    Predictive analytics platforms give you the ability to look at all the data you already have about your prospects and customers – e.g. marketing automation, sales interactions (CRM), support tickets, transactions, product usages, etc. B2B companies have been doing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for years.
  • PAUL GILLIN  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013
    [Product] What Social Media Marketers Should and Shouldn’t Do
    A good rule of thumb is to make about 90% of your contributions relevant to your audience’s needs, regardless of whether they promote your products or company. A journalist contacted me with some questions about social media marketing that I hear quite often. I thought I’d share my responses here. These thoughts are particularly directed at B2B marketers. What are three or four things social media marketers should do, and explain why they’re important.
    [Product] How To Create A White Paper That Converts
    Download Customer Experience Simplified to discover how to provide customer experiences that are managed as carefully as the product, the price, and the promotion of the marketing mix. White papers are often perceived as the more serious older sibling of the eBook. As such, it’s not uncommon for white papers to be—well, boring. But that doesn’t have to be the case. White papers are among most requested resource formats of B2B buyers.
    [Product] Join the i?marketing Roadshow! Next Stop, Atlanta May 28
    An exclusive look at the latest Act-On product roadmap, with a sneak peek of some very cool upcoming features. The i♥marketing roadshow is in full swing, and you’re invited to join the fun! i♥marketing is a complementary half-day marketing workshop, but it’s much more than that. It’s also a great opportunity to fine-tune your marketing skills and get a look into the future of marketing automation technology.
    [Product] Integrate Social Networks with your Corporate Website with ‘Social Sign On’
    Problem Identification: Corporate Websites Detached from Customers There are a number of specific disruptions now that social networks have gained prominence with customers, the include: Consumers and customers are already connected to each other using social technologies and making decisions about products and the brand is not involved. More accurate contextual information as first time users information can be used to match relevant content, media, products, and even advertisements.
    [Product] New developments in B2B marketing list acquisition
    Response files created as a by-product of other businesses, like catalog/e-commerce sales, seminars, trade organization memberships, or magazine and newsletter subscriptions. Photo credit: Wikipedia. To reach cold prospects among business audiences, sales and marketing teams often begin by developing a list of prospective targets. Marketers can find just about every target company, title and job function they need from traditional list suppliers.
    [Product] 3 Keys to Modern Keyword Research: Update Your Strategy and Tools for 2017
    Use them strategically as you plan and craft content: Gather the FAQs for your industry, product, and brand. Author: Nate Dame Though it might make for a catchy, clickbait title, keywords are not dead. 93% of online experiences begin with a search , and a search begins with words. As long as people use words to communicate with search engines, keywords will never die. How we use them in an SEO strategy, however, is always evolving.
    [Product] 4 Ways Digital Marketers Can Make Data Work for Them
    Taking the time to create these connections will pay off in the long term—the Aberdeen Group finds that marketing data and analytics users are 57% more effective at increasing their productivity with integrated marketing technologies. At the end of the day, your integration platform should work with you (intelligently), not pose a barrier to your productivity. There’s no doubt that data is a marketer’s very best friend these days.
    [Product] A Day in the Life of a Content Marketing Manager
    Here is a list of my top level key priorities: Creating thought leadership pieces (from initial copy development to asset production). Webinar program planning and production (this is key, since webinars spin off so many other forms of content, including Slideshare presentations, podcasts, videos, and sometimes blog posts and ebooks). Copy edit and coordinate production of partner contributed content.
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    [Product] Medium for Publishers: What Media Companies Should Know
    In addition to bringing your branding to Medium, make sure to generate visibility around your products and services. If you’re hosting a conference or looking to promote your education products, Medium can be a powerful channel for generating awareness. Take a look at Medium, and you’ll find a passionate community of smart people who love great content: you’ll see commenters, sharers, and writers who are seeking out a forum to share their thoughts.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2016
    [Product] Optimizing Your Website for Lead Generation
    Adding a testimonial page on your website is one way to inform potential clients that your current customers are happy with your product and services. Tech savvy consumers looking to find out more about your products or services turn to their mobile devices for information. Establishing an online presence is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity. In today’s business environment, your website acts as an essential foundation for the launch of your online marketing strategies.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 2014
    [Product] 10 Examples of Simply Wonderful Email Marketing
    They''ve adapted to the email medium, and in an email where there''s actually a contextual explanation for doing so (they were promoting a privacy-related product). Two years ago, I wrote a post for this blog called " 10 Simply Awesome Examples of Email Marketing.". Since then, I''ve been collecting examples of email marketing that are awesome to be used in a sequel to that post.
    [Product] A Keyword Primer: Finding and Using Keywords Effectively
    Keywords define a business, and represent the essence of the products and services that are offered. You could, for example, survey your own best customers to ask what keywords they would use to find your website, or products like yours, and cross those results on your other research. You are looking for three key things: What words do people actually use when they search for products or services in your niche? Keywords are important for every business online today.
    [Product] The Best Email, Social Media and Digital Marketing Posts You May Have Missed
    How to Use Instagram to Sell Products. About 38.7 million new blog posts are published every day on WordPress alone. With all that content buzzing around on the Internet, chances are, you most likely missed 1.6 million potentially mind blowing, life changing blog posts every hour!
    [Product] 8 Terrible Email Subject Lines
    I can normally infer the content based on the company sending the email, but if companies offer multiple products, I will want to know exactly what I’m getting into before jumping into an email like this one. A constant focus on “ME, ME, MEEE” doesn’t help connect your product or service to your potential or existing customers. Focus on the benefit of your product or service, and what problems it solves for your readers, rather than how inherently great it is.).
    [Product] The Never-Ending Cycle: Content Informs Data Informs Content
    A casual Facebook post with a playful visual will not get as much play on LinkedIn, and a product press release on a company website would likely seem self-serving and overly formal if posted directly to the company blog. This could take the form of a social media campaign to introduce the company, a video case study to demonstrate how other people are finding the product/service useful, and then a direct email to outline product features and pricing.
    [Product] 6 Ways to Segment Your Email List to Improve Your Success
    Consider making a ‘Loyal Customer Promo’ or send out an email inviting 15 of your most loyal customers to a sneak peek of a product. When you create emails, do you send them out to everyone on your list? If so, you’re suffering from “bulk email disease.” ” This very common digital illness occurs when small business owners send every email to every single contact on their list.
    [Product] 4 Effective Methods to Increase Your Survey Response Rates
    Emphasize the fact that you value their opinions—and explain how their feedback will directly impact your product roadmap or oferrings, the content you send them, etc. Author: Audra Sorman If you build it, they will come…right? When it comes to surveys, not necessarily. Like many of today’s savvy marketers, you’re probably looking for creative ways to bring in new leads or contacts and learn more about them, surveys being one of them.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2016
    [Product] 8 Creative Ways to Manage Your Tasks & Projects Effectively Using Trello Boards
    In Trello's extensive free product, you can invite as many people as you want to your board. I can't take credit for this idea: I came across this post on Medium from David Ghent , a product designer at Pivotal Labs. Image Credit: Product Labs on Medium. Often times, the greatest challenge marketers face when creating content isn't the actual writing, publishing, or promoting.
    [Product] Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment, Part 1: Get Started
    The definitions should include demographic information (such as company size) and behavioral information (such as a request for a demo of your product). Existing customers can be sorted and segmented according to factors such as location or product used, and then cultivated for recurring revenue. This post is part of a series to help B2B organizations improve sales and marketing cooperation.
    [Product] 3 Steps That Took Our Blog From 14,000 Readers to Over 400,000
    Visit product pages and fill out demo request forms. and compare production metrics to performance metrics. A little over three years ago, Sam Slaughter, Contently’s VP of Content, asked me to run The Content Strategist. I’d been writing for the site for a couple years, and I often fantasized that Sam would notice me on the sidelines, admire my immaculate jew fro, and hand me the ball.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2016
    [Product] 5 Content Marketing Lessons from David Ogilvy
    David Ogilvy held that the function of advertising is to sell and that successful advertising for any product is based on information about its consumer. For example, this post from, “10 Productivity Strategies Backed by Science,” captured over 1,100 shares. David Ogilvy (1911­–1999) was a seminal figure in 20 th century advertising.
    [Product] 17 (of the) Best AdWords and SEM Guides of 2011
    Janel Landis Laravie highlights changes Google had made to give paid search results more prominence, among them Local, Product, Video, Phone and Sitelinks, and states that “If you still are not using these, you are missing out.” Paid search sometimes gets a bad rap, as various studies have shown that (depending on whose numbers you believe), anywhere from 75% to 85% of all clicks are on organic, rather than paid, links. That high-level analysis is misleading, however.
    [Product] How Brand Storytelling Redefines the Marketing Budget
    So it was discomforting to the brand’s senior leadership when their marketing team and myself suggested that if they wanted to continue to scale their audience, they would need to begin offering something beyond ads and products. Marketers love their processes. These structures help define where we are, where we need to go, and often provide guidance as to how we get there.
    [Product] Should Your Video Marketing Strategy Include Documentaries?
    Productions are longer and more costly, longer videos tend to have greater viewer dropoff, and, even with great source material, the skill to tell the story of someone’s life or an important event can be extremely difficult—as displayed by the relative stumblings of Misty’s feature length debut. Growing up, television ads were powerful sources of influence, raising me on images of my best and worst selves.
  • BIZIBLE  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2016
    [Product] Eight B2B MarTech Leaders Share Their Perspective On Marketing Operations
    On Marketing Attribution: “In addition to performing a broad array of strategic marketing and technology roles, the marketing ops role must also be able to communicate what’s going on in marketing with the sales, finance, and product teams in terms that are meaningful to them. Marketing operations, especially in B2B industries, has become an increasingly vital function. Marketing data continues to rapidly grow and new technologies and services seem to sprout out of nowhere every day.
    [Product] 10 Homepage Items for eCommerce Website Conversions
    They’ll do this for a number of reasons including the desire to see and touch the actual product, bring it home themselves on their schedule, or talk with a store representative. Visible Phone Number: If they’re calling you, chances are it’s regarding a product or offer. Search box: Both first time and repeat visitors will often want to get right to the product they’re interested in immediately.
  • KAPOST  |  MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2016
    [Product] Taking Action to Turn Content Into Revenue
    Myth 3: If our content helps buyers understand more about our products, we’ll sell more. Research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that executive buyers want content that helps them learn about business ideas (75%) more so than information about products and solutions (16%). Solve These 4 Problems to Make Your Content More Productive. We all know our company’s products extremely well.
    [Product] Create Snackable Content for Your Mobile Customers
    Here are a few tips: Retweet, repost, or otherwise share content that customers write about your brand or products – it’ll save you time and encourage further engagement. It may not surprise you to hear that a whopping 60% of social networking happens on mobile devices. After all, most of us look at our phones at least a dozen times per day. With that in mind, it’s easy to see the importance of creating content that appeals to the on-the-go mobile user.
    [Product] 4 Emails Your Service-Based Business Should Send
    However, if you want to do it yourself, check out these production tips. Whether you’re a fitness coach, a dentist, run a plumbing company or a computer repair business, as a service-based business, your email marketing needs and desired outcomes may not exactly fit that of a retailer. We’re here to help our service-based clients with a little email inspiration. To get your creative juices flowing, include these four emails in your marketing efforts. Contests.
    [Product] List Buying: 3 reasons why this tactic can be deadly for marketers
    You pick it up to hear: “Hi, this is Ima Teleprospector calling from Irrelevant Company, and I wanted to find out when you might be purchasing Irrelevant’s Products.”. Tweet Editor’s Note: Buy, build or both? This is the eternal quandary for many marketers and salespeople looking for a reliable list to contact. We’ve asked Andrea Johnson, Senior Editorial Analyst, MECLABS, to cover both sides of this debate. Today, she explores the downsides of list buying.
    [Product] Useful Tactics for closing a B2B Deal
    A B2B salesperson must not only understand products and people, but also market trends, industries and external and internal business processes. Regardless of how much your prospect researches you and your products before the initial conversation, their first impression of you sets the tone for the remainder of the sale. B2B customer purchases usually follow a particular supply chain and business model.
    [Product] How to Pick the Perfect CTA for Every Blog Post
    For example, you probably wouldn't want to show someone who finds a blog post of yours for the first time via search (and knows nothing about your business) a CTA for your free trial, which is much better for someone who knows a bit more about your business, products, and services and is further along in your sales funnel. So you want to maximize the conversion potential of your business blog, eh? Well, I don't blame you!
    [Product] 3 Tips for Better Blog Writing
    They are great writers themselves, but like any growing entity, they need to focus on their clients and providing impeccable services and products. I’m glad to see that there are more agencies focusing on content marketing for small businesses.
    [Product] The Advantages of Segmenting Your Email Lists
    If you know your customers in one region have a preference for some products or services over others, you can target those groups with special offers for the things they most likely want. You can also observe their buying behavior and offer them more of the products or services they buy the most, while reducing the number of emails they receive about items they’ve shown no interest in. It’s true. Every time you send an email you risk losing customers.
    [Product] Agency Enjoys 100% Growth with Act-On Marketing Automation
    Think highly engineered products like precision medical devices, steel construction fasteners, hydraulic equipment, that sort of thing.) For every successful business, there comes a time when shaking things up is necessary to stay competitive. For marketing agency, CoreElement , that time was two years ago. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, CoreElement helps industrial manufacturers grow their sales.
    [Product] Tone: it’s not what you say, it’s what people hear
    Frank is the world’s most important political consultant, his specialty is “testing language and finding words that will help his clients sell their product or turn public opinion on an issue or a candidate.” While we’ve been trained to believe that snark rules online and that all of social media is populated by 4channers and redditors — and Presidents ! Well, today is the 4th of July , America’s Independence Day !
    [Product] A Brief History of Snapchat
    We've predicted that competition will continue to grow between Snapchat and other popular social networking apps as all the landscape continues to innovate new products to distinguish from one another. parent to Snapchat and Spectacles , a new sunglasses product that let wearers record Snaps in circular format for 360-degree viewing. “Snapchat isn’t about capturing the traditional Kodak moment.
    [Product] How Giving Tuesday is Redefining Corporate Social Responsibility
    2) Donate proceeds of products and services sold. Many companies are taking it one step further and designing Giving Tuesday-branded products to sell and then donating the proceeds to a specific nonprofit. Here''s something companies nationwide may not realize: Giving Tuesday isn''t just for nonprofits. Just because this is news to some businesses doesn''t mean it is for others.
  • KAPOST  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2016
    [Product] The 3 Rules for Marketing Alignment with Content
    Here’s a framework that Kapost developed from studying the production processes of hundreds of successful teams: Rule 1: Agree to an Organization-Wide Goal. ” Some tips for an effective governance board: Appoint leaders from multiple teams including sales, customer success, account management, product, and engineering. When it comes to strategic marketing alignment with content, the right path forward is often challenging to uncover.
    [Product] 8 Reasons Why We Fail to Make the B2B Sale
    The quality of your product, promotion, sales pitch or website is poor. I mostly write about B2B marketing issues, but am often asked by my clients to consult on issues related to sales performance. One of my key mantras is that you must have your B2B marketing and sales plans and processes fully aligned. It is not unusual to find a circumstance where both the marketing and sales departments are fully optimized individually, yet are not working together in a cohesive and effective manner.
    [Product] Is Your Funnel Full of Fool's Gold?
    Sales is not as productive as they need to be to meet quota, marketing is wasting its budget generating leads that don’t get followed up, and the company as a whole is not likely to meet revenue goals. The sales reps at most B2B organizations have two choices: 1) Spend their time culling through leads that experience has shown are overwhelmingly raw, unfiltered, and unqualified. 2) Or, dismiss them outright. In this take-it-or-leave-it scenario, nobody wins.
    [Product] 3 Great Reasons To Embrace Your Next Generation Of Industry Experts
    More orders and you ramp up production. For professional services firms, increasing "production" is not so easy. In effect you are increasing “production,” without over-extending your industry experts. It has been proven that providing valuable content from visible industry experts can drive leads to your company. But when your content marketing efforts work, the problem can shift from “not enough” to “too much” work.
    [Product] Why Top Publishers and Brands Are Creating Dozens of New Facebook Pages
    Brands such as Coca-Cola have always segmented their audiences by product lines and interest groups—think Coca-Cola Zero, Bottling Company, and Coke Light—yet there’s now an increased incentive for companies create content for specialized audiences. As Facebook has evolved, so have the publishers that rely on it for traffic.
    [Product] The Shelf Life of Facebook Posts, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week
    If your lead has reached those MOFU stages, it’s clear that they’d like to receive more information about your products and services. Can you provide noteworthy examples of customers who are successfully using your products or services? You may have heard us say the phrase, " data is a marketer’s best friend" many times before. Well, that phrase still rings true today, especially as the marketing world continues to change.
    [Product] Content Marketing Trends Taking Us into the Future
    Managing the Vidyard Blog and content assets, she loves all aspects of video production, in formation design, and using video to boost the success of marketing campaigns. Edi to r’s Note: Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Jennifer Pepper , the Content Marketing Manage r at Vidyard. It seems like just yesterday social media arrived on the scene and had marketers question its sticking power: “Tweets?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 2011
    [Product] 12 Mind-Blowing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know
    78% of Internet users conduct product research online. It's no secret that the marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years as social and mobile technologies have "jumped the shark" from the early-adopter crowd to the mainstream. Still, there are plenty of traditional marketing stalwarts out there who aren't buying all of the social media hype or can't convince their boss or marketing team to experiment in the brave new world of inbound marketing.
    [Product] [Infographic] Is Cute Marketing Effective Marketing? Brand Lessons from Pet Celebrities
    Additionally, you might already have fans of your product or service that are featuring you and their pets together on these digital channels—try to uncover them, perhaps by running a photo contest, and see how you can work together in the future. Author: Ellen Gomes As a marketer, what’s one way that you can quickly engage your audience and position your brand as friendly and relatable? Quick answer: Incorporate animals into your marketing.
    [Product] Big Ideas to Make the Most of Small Business Saturday
    Because Small Business Saturday falls during one of the busiest shopping weekends of the holiday season , decide now which products, services, sales or specials you want to promote, especially during the holidays. Small Business Saturday, a day set aside to celebrate and shop at small businesses was created four years ago by American Express to rally people to shop local during the busy holiday season. It’ll also be here before you know it.
    [Product] Why Technology Makes Your Email Marketing MORE Personal, Not Less
    They could’ve populated those emails with products I had actually looked at, increasingly my likelihood of making a purchase. Author: Courtney McAra I’m not a big online shopper, but two months ago I took the plunge – I bought a pair of jeans online. In creating an account with this retailer, I starting receiving their daily emails, but I didn’t engage with them. Like I said, I’m not much of an online shopper, and (to be totally honest) their subject lines didn’t really appeal to me.
    [Product] Why Lead Scoring is the New Opportunity Stage
    Additionally, she probably works for a company that is of a size that can afford your product. minimum sales, the number of production facilities, the number of employees, etc.). by Dan Pecoraro | Tweet this Do you miss the good old days back when a potential customer would patiently let you make your case, you could get a “feel” for them, and happily sell ‘em an yellow Oldsmobile? For better or worse, those days are over. The scenario today is far more complex.
    [Product] Top 10 Email Eyesores You Should Avoid
    Any images should relate directly to the product, service or information the sender is trying to convey. We’ve all seen ‘em. Emails that are so ugly, you ask yourself, “What were they thinking?” ” Nobody wants to send an ugly email, but it happens. To avoid major email eyesores, here’s a list of flaws or faux pas you should avoid when creating your emails. An email template that isn’t mobile-friendly.
    [Product] What You Need to Know This Morning: June 5, 2013
    Most of these ads are the ones that pop up when you search for a product on Amazon. That crazy dude who created Dollar Shave Club is back with a new product: butt wipes for men called One Wipe Charlies. Happy Wednesday, marketers. Thanks to your overwhelmingly positive response yesterday , we''re going to keep this post theme going. A lot has happened in the last 24 hours, and not all of it has to do with people being shocked by whatever is happening with Game of Thrones.
    [Product] 7 Ways to Use Facebook to Display Brand Personality
    If you’re using Facebook to heavily advertise your products using corporate-speak, the approach probably isn’t doing your brand any favors. Newsjacking the biggest current events is a powerful way to capture attention and shares, and it’s even better if you can do it through the filter of your company’s product or service. Not only will boring, text-based content fail to help you differentiate from competitors, it’s likely going to damage your engagement.
    [Product] Reinvent B2B Sales With Buyer Personas
      This may be especially true in B2B organizations where inbound competencies haven’t been developed and measurements for productivity are based on outbound calls, appointments, and deals.  Image via Wikipedia. Without question, while B2B Marketing is focused on developing its new prominence in the early stages of the buying cycle via content strategy and content marketing, B2B Sales is caught flat-footed on how to adapt to changing buyer behaviors. 
    [Product] Your Content Pros' Guide to Crafting the Optimal Experience
    On the surface, video content production appears to be a whole new medium that requires training, equipment, and an eye for visual art. Four top Content Pros have joined us this past month to reveal their prowess in the marketing industry. Is your website unattractive or are your customers giving your content the silent treatment? Have you been overwhelmed by the push for video and haven’t yet been given the budget to hire a specialist?
    [Product] The Secret Email Marketing Checklist
    Does my email call out customer pain points, and explain how our product addresses them? Author: Phillip Chen Marketing is unlike many other functions in one very important way – if you make a mistake, it’s hard to hide. If you’re in email marketing , your errors are seen by every customer and prospect that opens your emails, which is why few things are scarier than approving a send to an extremely large audience (except, perhaps, my unwashed face in the morning).
    [Product] Missed Our Road to Success Virtual Event? Get the Recap Here!
    Jon Miller, VP of Product Marketing and Co-Founder of Marketo, and Mike Telem, VP of Product Marketing for Real-Time Personalization at Marketo, discuss how websites can become as customized and targeted as emails have become today. According to Microsoft Research, marketers have roughly 10 seconds to convince website visitors that your product/services are relevant to their needs.
    [Product] How to Prove—and Grow—Your Influencer Marketing ROI in 2017
    So, to show how an influencer campaign is connected with sales, companies can track the virality of a campaign hashtag over time and compare it to sales of the product associated with that campaign, according to Talkwalker. Influencer marketing is a tricky beast. While brands know influencers pack a powerful following on social media networks like Instagram and Snapchat, research shows they often don’t know how to prove their return on investment.
    [Product] Mergers and Acquisitions as Part of Your Growth Strategy
    Perhaps the acquirer is looking to grab a new product line, add some additional facilities, enter a new market, or gain expertise and intellectual property. Revenue synergies alter the the competitive balance of power and create opportunities to change market dynamics, sell more products, or raise prices. Access new markets (through newly acquired expertise, products, services, or capacity). Develop sales opportunities by marketing complementary products or services.
    [Product] 5 Event Planning Tips…Even If You’re Not An Event Planner
    Are you introducing a new product or service to customers? by Laura H. Vogel | Tweet this Here’s the dilemma: You need to plan an event, but you have no background in event planning. Somehow this duty has been thrust upon your shoulders. Relax. We’re here to help. Many organizations don’t have a dedicated point-person for event marketing. Yet, an event can make or break a campaign. Here are some handy tips to help you from planning process through the big day. Get Out The Whiteboard.
    [Product] Pinterest Releases Promoted Pins to All
    As more people are introduced to your products and business, you can increase your following and (hopefully) your sales. More people see your pin, visit your site, learn about your business and buy your product or service. Small businesses now have new social media advertising opportunities to try out in the New Year. Pinterest recently announced that they’ve released their successful Promoted Pin functionality to every U.S.-business business as of January 1, 2015.
    [Product] 5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing
    Increased spending on online marketing is driving companies to try new and innovative means of getting the word out about their products and services — one area that’s getting a lot of buzz with B2B marketers is social media. In many instances, these audiences self-identify online as interested in specific topics, themes, products and/or services and congregate in groups, message boards or communities. Vice President of Portal Products at.
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