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    [Product] Tips for your professional B2B corporate video production project
    Then you should highly consider investing in digital business video production as a part of your overall marketing and sales support strategy. As the use of B2B corporate video production and video content marketing has increased, multiple research reports have proved how corporate online business video production can be drive marketing KPI metrics higher. For these reasons, the use of B2B corporate video production is becoming more prevalent.
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    [Product] Webinar Invitations: Sell the Event, Not the Product
    Unfortunately, many tech marketers use Webinar invitations as simply a vehicle to preach the virtues of their product, whilst the actual offer (the Webinar) is an afterthought. In the next paragraph, more than halfway through the copy, I’m actually invited to the event (“Please join …”) but the reasons for my doing so are relegated to learning “how exciting new products leverage the three social components of social …” In other words, I’m being invited to a sales pitch.
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    [Product] 10 Drool-Worthy Product Pages (And Why We Love Them)
    If you look at how product pages take shape from company to company, you''ll notice they truly run the gamut. Some go for the direct approach and put up an image of their product with short explanations of why visitors should want it. Of course, some companies fare better than others at creating awesome product pages. They nail it with messaging, value proposition, and promoting their product features in a persona-friendly way. Check out Bellroy''s product page.
    [Product] 14 Video Production Tips to Enhance Quality and Drive Views
    Your video is being judged on its content, presentation, production quality, style, and the valuable information it provides. Below are our tips to instantly improve the production quality of your video marketing content to give it a nice little boost. 14 Video Production Tips for Your Next Marketing Video. Video Pre-Production Tips. If you show up to your shoot unorganized and decide to “wing it,” your final product will look unprofessional and sloppy.
    [Product] 14 Essential Elements of a Flawless Product Launch
    Getting ready to launch a new product? So here are 14 lessons I’ve learned over the years launching products at HubSpot and speaking with product marketers at companies I admire like Apple, Google, and Salesforce. This will be helpful for anyone getting started in product marketing, or business owners with new products in the works. 14 Product Launch Lessons for New Product Marketers. A product launch isn’t a top-of-the-funnel marketing activity.
    [Product] Jeff Spicer, VP of Digital Marketing at VMware: How to Crack the Code for B2B Product Marketing in a Digital World [Podcast]
    For B2B product marketing, though, quite often is it a buying unit made of many individuals, and therefore more complex. In this Moneyball for Marketing podcast, Jeff Spicer, VP of Digital Marketing at leading visualization software company VMWare, addresses the trials, trends and tools of B2B product marketing. The post Jeff Spicer, VP of Digital Marketing at VMware: How to Crack the Code for B2B Product Marketing in a Digital World [Podcast] appeared first on.
    [Product] How to Market Your Crowdfunded Product Launch
    Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have risen so much in popularity that even established businesses and entrepreneurs see them as legitimate ways to launch products, services or campaigns. Witness the recent launch of the Pebble smartwatch, a project that raised over $10 million by close to 70,000 people, providing not just funding for a new product, but a huge buzz-building PR boost and instant community of fans who have “invested” in the product.
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    [Product] How Do We Find People Who Are Ready to Buy Our Product?
    A prospective client asks: “What are the best demand generation strategies for finding people who are ready to buy our product?”. For example, if you offer prospects a broad, educational white paper on trends in your product category, you’re more likely to generate a wide spectrum of leads, some more qualified than others, and many who are only mildly curious about your solution. The post How Do We Find People Who Are Ready to Buy Our Product?
    [Product] How to Avoid Sales Fatigue—The Hidden Productivity Killer
    Clients will avoid calls with you and your productivity will plummet. How to Avoid Sales Fatigue—The Hidden Productivity Killer was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link] The post How to Avoid Sales Fatigue—The Hidden Productivity Killer appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership.
    [Product] Morning Motivation: 7 Simple Hacks to Kickstart a Productive Day
    Start your mornings off right and set yourself up for a productive day with these seven quick morning motivation exercises. According to research from the Health Enhancement Research Organization , people who have consistently healthy diets are 25% more likely to have high job performance and 20% more likely to be more productive. Productivity Daily SyndicationThis post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales.
    [Product] The Best Ways To Promote New Products on Instagram
    When it comes to spotlighting a new product, few social media platforms are more visually stimulating than Instagram , making it an ideal place to showcase your latest arrivals. First and foremost, your product image needs to be high quality. Products that create a distinct improvement in some way can be displayed in “before-and-after” photos like Tanino Smoothing Therapy did with these hair comparison shots. Product specific questions (e.g.,
    [Product] The 9 Biggest Misconceptions About Video Production
    Quoted in The New York Times , “71 % of mobile traffic will be video by 2016,” says Suraj Shetty, vice president for product marketing at Cisco. Before you start planning your own video production shoot, learn about the 9 biggest misconceptions about video production. This series showcases their product blending common objects that aren’t ‘blend-able.’ Sharp has produced a 30-minute full product demonstration for a touch pen.
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    [Product] The Ingenious Email System That Helped Tim Ferriss Reach Maximum Productivity
    What’s the first step to being more productive? The first step to being more productive is to understand what causes you to become unproductive. If you’re like most people, email is the #1 task killing your productivity. How should you combat this productivity-killing email overload? By reading and responding to your emails only twice a day, you’ll allow yourself time to be productive while simultaneously ensuring you never miss an important note.
    [Product] Marketing Analytics: 3 steps to help Sales and Marketing improve productivity
    However, she knew the system could do more than what she was using it for, especially with recent product upgrades. Tweet According to MarketingSherpa’s just-released 2013 Analytics Benchmark Report , only 37% of respondents said they routinely used analytics for their marketing planning. It’s no wonder the highest priority for 66% is to do a better job of acting on data to improve marketing performance.
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    [Product] The One Cognitive Bias That Could Be Derailing Your Productivity
    It's a theory of productivity we're taught at a very young age, from the moment our parents make us sit down and practice the piano. We're taught time and time again that productivity equals practice, output, and action. It can be easier for us to feel like we're making progress and being productive when we have completed actions to show for it, no matter how menial those actions are. Unfortunately, that pleasure can get us into trouble when it comes to productivity.
    [Product] Buy domain names for all your pages, products, and services
    ” Well, it took forever but campaign-focused, product-focused, marketing-channel, and product-focused domain purchases seem to be the easiest way to do it. The post Buy domain names for all your pages, products, and services appeared first on Biznology. Infomercials and commercials have become smart. They’ve always given viewers unique promo codes 800-numbers, and “tell the operator you saw us on WXYZ.”
    [Product] Building a B2B Product Launch Timeline [Template]
    To successfully launch a B2B product, you know you need a documented plan. You know that your organization and product need to be ready. They had a SaaS product that had already been on the market for several years, and they are in process of rolling out a totally redesigned product several months from now. Their sales cycle is long (sometimes more than a year) so, thanks to the launch timeline we created for them, they’re ten months ahead of the game for this product.
    [Product] Why We Need to Reverse-Pimp Our Products Like McDonalds
    McDonald’s Canada released an online video ad that showed the truth about how they market their products. B2B marketers should sit up and take note of why it was successful, and what it means for business-to-business marketing. Many years ago when I lived in San Francisco, one of my friends was a food photographer. I learned that a lot goes into photographing food – so much so that you would definitely NOT want to eat the food in the photography shoot.
    [Product] How to Use Instagram to Sell Products
    Wilson, a self-proclaimed Instagram junkie, uses the social media site to sell products from Hinge, her vintage furniture shop in Cincinnati. The former pharmaceutical researcher posts pictures of small, shippable products on the company Instagram site and not only makes sales, but also increases traffic to her store. Pictures are eye candy on Instagram, so you’ll need some high quality pictures of your products, Wilson says.
    [Product] Why You Should be Using Product Listing Ads Right Now
    Comparison shopping sites like PriceGrabber , Nextag , and search engines like Google and Bing allow people to research, compare, and check the availability of products all at once. These sites are massive e-commerce aggregates, allowing customers to have access to all types of products from virtually anywhere. A consumer goes to a shopping comparison site or search engine and searches for products by category, type, or by a specific product.
    [Product] How to Create a 'To-Don't' List: A Productivity Trick for Focusing On What Really Matters [Infographic]
    Productivity Professional Development Daily SyndicationThis post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales. When I got my first job, I was given one piece of advice over and over again: Say yes. Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, raise your hand for side projects, and generally go above and beyond. Going above in your role is a great way to learn and grow. But sometimes, saying no is just as important.
    [Product] 4 Reasons Snapchat Lenses Are a Genius Ad Product
    The lenses have also become a successful ad product for Snapchat. The core of the product consists of one-to-one snapping and the one-to-group Stories feature. Add the fact that Snapchat users are predominately millennials and you have yourself an ad product that can make thirsty CMOs froth at the mouth. What other product can get people to send pictures of themselves to their best friends with what basically amounts to a billboard on their face?
    [Product] Customer Experience is the Core of Big Data Marketing (with Russell Glass, Head of Products, Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn)
    According to Russell Glass, Head of Products, Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn, “the 10 percent tended to start with the customer. Russell Glass is Head of Products for Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn. Russell’s focus is to deliver industry leading products to help marketers get to the right professionals while improving the online experience of LinkedIn members. .
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    [Product] Chalk Talks: Crushing Your Next Product Launch with Video
    Launching a new product can be a challenge. Not only do you need to educate your internal team on the product launch, but you also need to create killer sales tools and make sure that you’re driving a ton of excitement in the space so that when your product does launch, you’re driving rapid adoption with new and even existing customers. As a product marketer, I’m always concerned about how can we communicate the value of our product?
    [Product] 7 Hot Apps That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity at Work
    Customer service, product marketing, and crowdsourcing are among a handful of other ways that early adopters are making use of the Jelly app from a business standpoint. Sounds like a great way to increase your productivity on lengthy plane, train, or automobile rides, huh? Behind every great video production is a talented director, and the Directr for Business app is aiming to be just that. This post originally appeared on Insiders , a section of Inbound Hub.
    [Product] Use Pull Marketing for Easier and More Productive B2B Sales
    In a recent conversation, a B2B sales rep told me something to the effect: “I hate my job because no […]. B2B Sales Pull Marketing
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    [Product] Good news for business — costs of B2B video production content is at an all time low!
    But today, the consumer habits driving our business behavior and decision-makers are watching more and more B2B video production content to make purchase decisions. This is timely news for businesses because the cost of getting quality video production technology, like cameras and editing software, has significantly come down in cost. Middle stages (using a corporate video production company) – what makes up the cost of a corporate video production company.
    [Product] What Makes A Great Product Marketer?
    I recently took part in a panel, together with a number of product marketing experts, on how product marketers can best enable sales teams. With 100 other product marketers in attendance, the SF Product Marketing Meetup was a unique opportunity for us all to exchange ideas and insights. If you ask 5 product marketers (PMs) what they do, you’ll get 5 different answers. So: What do product marketers actually do? 2) pitch the product.
    [Product] Can You Guess the Brand Behind These Clever Product Descriptions?
    A product description should sell. Sometimes, the best way to persuade is through clever and intriguing copy -- words so enticing they make even the most mundane products seem exciting. See if you can guess the product behind these seductive product descriptions. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. That doesn't mean it has to be boring.
    [Product] How to Make Your Product Look Sexy on Facebook
    Do you want to learn how to spice up your product and make it sexy on Facebook? People have told me that their products are too boring or that they work in an industry that’s not interesting enough to be on Facebook. I’ve seen countless unique pages —everything from swimming pool accessories to poultry products, and even a horse farm — that have built great communities on Facebook simply because their competitors are not represented there. How do you use your products?
    [Product] Increase Sales Productivity with Marketing Automation
    If the sales team’s productivity increases 15 percent each day, revenue should also significantly increase. Ultimately, in order to increase productivity, Nancy strongly suggested implementing marketing automation, which could help you connect with your audience and uncover hidden opportunities. Janelle chimed in about how marketing automation can increase sales productivity: “Marketing automation can help streamline your sales process and improve efficiency for your sales team.”
    [Product] 5 Productivity Tips for Your Next Business Trip
    But I understand that productivity is an art that takes practice, and I’m willing to put in the work by iterating upon my travel strategies. I’m continuously looking for ways to be my most productive while traveling. While I was skeptical of whether I would get any meaningful work done, I found myself pleasantly surprised at my productivity. In your experience, what has helped you optimize your productivity while traveling?
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    [Product] 13 Ways to Be More Productive When You Sleep & Wake Up
    Ah, the perennial desire to be more productive. While it might seem far-fetched to say you can be more productive in your sleep , hear me out. Getting the best rest possible and then taking advantage of the first few hours of your day will boost your productivity for the rest of the day, making you an overall happier and more energetic person. How to Make Sleep More Productive. Nothing kills productivity like a bad night's sleep.
    [Product] Accomplish More, Stress Less – Five Ways to Be More Productive
    Writers and others who need to get and stay “in the zone” mentally for a bit longer in order to be optimally productive may opt for what could be called the “big tomato” or “ripe tomato” variation of this strategy: work for 60-90 minute periods, followed by a 10-15 minute break, with a 30-minute break after three such stretches. What productivity hacks do you find most useful?
    [Product] Social media sells process, not product
    Well, the best way is to let them in on your process, your magic, and what makes your products and services special. In a post-recession America, more and more people are interested in investing their hard-earned dollars into people, into personal production, into innovation, and into a generous attitude. Folks care more about how you made than what you made. Well, not really.
    [Product] Digital Display Advertising in the Data Analytics Age (with Jennifer Davis, VP Marketing and Product Strategy at Planar Systems)
    To explain how all of this works, Jennifer Davis, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy at display and digital signage leader Planar Systems, joins Moneyball for Marketing to share how Planar is using marketing technology (martech) and data analytics to engage with sales channel partners, buyers and end users. Jennifer serves as the Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy at Planar Systems Inc.
    [Product] How Product Marketing Can Thrive in a Content Marketing World
    by Rob Bois | Tweet this In a prior job, I was responsible for both product marketing and content marketing. How do product marketers stay relevant? Sometimes content marketing feels like it’s about everything but the problem your product solves. Traditional positioning documents do a great job of translating product features into high-level messaging. Talk the Topic, Not the Product.
    [Product] How to Have More Productive Group Brainstorms: 10 Tips to Get Everyone Involved
    In order to keep your business competitive and have more productive brainstorms, you need to account for different personality types, points of view, and preferred ways of learning. How to Have More Productive Group Brainstorms. The research concluded that electronic brainstorming has the ability to reduce production blocking , in which waiting your turn interferes with the cognitive process of generating ideas. Management Leadership Productivity Daily TOFU
    [Product] Want to Boost Office Productivity? Start With These Break Room Hacks [Infographic]
    There's more to productivity at work than blocking Facebook or only checking your email at certain intervals. Productivity Office Life Daily IGSSIt turns out that taking breaks -- and I don't just mean for lunch -- can do wonders for your long-term focus. That's where your office's break room comes in. But did you know that the atmosphere and contents of the break room can have an effect on the quality of these breaks?
    [Product] Is Agile Marketing a Productivity Booster or Buzzword?
    The post Is Agile Marketing a Productivity Booster or Buzzword? The post Is Agile Marketing a Productivity Booster or Buzzword? It’s likely you’ve heard the term ‘agile marketing’ at least once today (especially if you’re a member of our MVP Squad).
    [Product] Countdown for a Successful Rolling Product Launch
    I recently read and curated a Forbes article that suggested a successful product launch is a rolling launch. It inspired me to write this countdown to a successful rolling product launch. The Forbes article, 10 Steps For Successfully Launching A New Product Or Service , has ten great suggestions for what to do. Read my related previous post on product launches, Why Product Launches Need To Include Social Media… Month 10 – Identify product launch stakeholders.
    [Product] Marketing Your Multi-Product (or Multi-Division) Brand
    Author: Phillip Chen If you’re marketing at a business with multiple products, then you may often run into issues of conflicting goals and agendas. Different product teams might be competing for resources, or could be operating separately from the other teams or divisions. The problem is that while you clearly see how these products are connected, your customers don’t. And how can you market multiple products without diluting your message, or overwhelming your audeince?
    [Product] 10 Secrets to Delivering a Great Product Demo
    My mouse flew all over the screen for no apparent reason as I excitedly clicked into every last feature of the product. I called out bugs in the demo instance on the 1-2 occasions that the product didn’t function properly. Four years and hundreds of product demos later, I am a laser-focused Solutions Consultant (or Sales Engineer at some organizations). To help you bring your product to life and make it look easy, here are my top 10 secrets to delivering an amazing demo: 1.
    [Product] How to Create and Market a ‘Cool’ Product with Social Media
    These cool kids on the block, the got-to-have them products, speak to our sense of self and identity. This “cool product” says something about who I am as person. So how do we as marketers help the market decide we have a cool product? First, you must ask yourself what is it about your product that makes it cool. Here are your two focus areas: 1) What makes your product cool and what does it say about the owner?
    [Product] A Product Executive’s Perspective On Unlocking B2B Data’s Latent Potential
    As always, Dreamforce 2016 left attendees buzzing on a variety of new products, perhaps none more notable than Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Predictive Analytics. The post A Product Executive’s Perspective On Unlocking B2B Data’s Latent Potential appeared first on Radius. A-Featured B2B Marketing B2B Data b2b marketing product perspectiveSalesforce is a trailblazer in their space.
    [Product] 5 Product-Selling Email Subject Line Tips for Retailers
    Once your email is opened, you can sell your product by directing them to your website or social media pages. What problem does your product solve? The post 5 Product-Selling Email Subject Line Tips for Retailers appeared first on VerticalResponse Blog. Emails that are designed to sell need an attention-grabbing subject line. You must pique a customer’s curiosity.
    [Product] About SEO Shortcuts, SEO Tools, and Productive SEO Campaign Development
    SEO tools help make the job of the search marketing professional more effective, either in analysis, productivity, or management (one, both, or all three). Productivity & Management: Basecamp , Dropbox , Google Docs , Microsoft Excel, (and exploring Confluence ). Tools make our job of analyzing trends, obtaining data, and aggregating information for productive. Earlier this week, Seth Godin wrote a catchy blog post about how to make money online.
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    [Product] 9 Meeting Scheduler Tools to Make Your Day More Productive
    We complain about spending countless hours in unproductive and mismanaged meetings. But the greater crime is all the wasted time we spend scheduling the meeting. The endless back and forth communication and steps -- reviewing calendars, finding out the best place to meet, setting up a call-in number, adding the meeting to the calendar, and inviting all the necessary attendees. The process makes your meeting a hassle before it even starts.
    [Product] What Is Product Marketing? The Simple Explanation We've All Been Looking For [SlideShare]
    Pop quiz: If you had to define product marketing right now, what would you say? Although product marketing is a prominent department across both B2B and B2C companies, it's pretty hard to find a good definition of it anywhere. What makes it especially difficult is that it's one of the few job functions that touches product, marketing, and sales. So what exactly is product marketing? And what do product marketers do? What Is Product Marketing?
    [Product] How to Build a Perfect B2B Product Page
    There are a number of good resources out there on how to build effective ecommerce product pages. These product pages tend to be short, highly visual, and optimized for quick purchases -- a style that matches the typical behavior of a B2C consumer. Whether the buyer is signing up for a service or product, B2B purchases often require more information, research time, and ultimately more decision-makers than a typical consumer purchase. 2) Develop your product positioning.
    [Product] 6 Employee Productivity Boosting Tips Your Company Needs
    Does Your Employee Productivity Need a Boost? Even if you think your company has little or no employee productivity issues, more than likely there is room for improvement to make sure your company is running at its best. Below are 6 effective tips to increase employee productivity at your company. Measure Current Activity & Employee Productivity. Managers and business leaders will typically (and should be) monitoring employee productivity.
    [Product] Understanding productivity in the Information Age - MIT Sloan Newsroom
    Understanding productivity in the Information Age. The researchers found that information workers whose strong e-mail networks allow them to receive new information sooner than their peers — or to receive more pieces of new information — are likely to be more productive than their less well-connected counterparts. For many years, Brynjolfsson explained, the productivity of information workers was considered difficult to measure. Academic Programs.
  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, 2016
    [Product] Sean Zinsmeister Discusses All Things Product, Predictive, and ABM
    Sean and Hana chatted about why product marketing should be the core of your content marketing strategy, the underlying truth about ABM that no one talks about, and how businesses are using predictive analytics help companies determine where to spend their marketing efforts and identify valuable untapped whitespace. The intersection between content and product. Building an information architecture for marketing the product.
    [Product] How to Be More Productive: Tips & Tools for Boosting Your Performance at Work [Free Ebook]
    But instead of striving to shut out the distractions, too many resort to multitasking -- a temptation that can reduce productivity by up to 40%. To help you navigate the challenges of time management, we've created How to Be More Productive: Tools to Increase Employee Performance. How to turn productivity goals into long-term habits. Download How to Be More Productive: Tools to Increase Employee Performance today. If only there were more hours in a day.
  • THE ROI GUY  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 2016
    [Product] Gartner: Buyers Demand Less Product-Pitch, More Value-Story
    According to the survey of over 350 decision makers: > Almost three quarters (74%) say Providers focus too much on their product features and technology, rather than the benefits. > The challenge: Reshape your marketing content and sales conversations from pitching-products to better communicating and quantifying your unique value and customer story.
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    [Product] 9 Simple Tips for Running More Productive Remote Meetings [SlideShare]
    This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. More and more companies and agencies are establishing remote working options for employees as flexibility in work schedule and location has become an important benefit for top talent. In addition, some agency owners have built their companies to be completely virtual such as SmartBug Media , which has a team of 25 remote team members.
    [Product] The RIGHT Way to Weave Product Mentions Into Your Marketing
    Everyone wants to market their product like Apple. We learned a thing or two about product marketing there, too. So, what was so cool about the product marketing learnings? It was that it addressed a common refrain we hear from customers all the time -- how can I incorporate mentions of my product and still be an inbound marketer? We've often advised companies to stop talking about their products and focus on offering helpful content instead.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2016
    [Product] 8 of the Weirdest Shark Tank Products That Got Investments
    Whenever you watch an episode of Shark Tank , there always seems to be at least one product an entrepreneur pitches that makes you go: "Whaaa?". If every product (or service) that got pitched on the show was perfectly reasonable, and perfectly matched to some target market, the show's ratings would likely plummet. To keep things interesting, the show's producers will sprinkle in the odd product. Check out eight of the weirdest products that actually got investments below.
    [Product] I Tried These Productivity Hacks for a Month So You Wouldn't Have To
    There are plenty of productive members of society like myself who work and go to school and have fulfilling lives -- those lives just don't always involve waking up at 5 a.m. I celebrate you, and I want to help you figure out if any of the most dreadful-sounding productivity hacks will actually work for you. Over the course of a month, I spent each week trying out a different productivity hack to see if it made me more productive -- in the morning, and throughout the day.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2016
    [Product] 7 of the Most Interesting Podcast Episodes About Productivity We've Ever Heard
    For most of us, the struggle to be productive when we want to be and when we are expected to be can seem endless. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to being productive, and there certainly isn't a finish that guarantees we'll get it right every time. Productivity is something we'll have to continue working on for the rest of our lives. We're always curious how other people stay productive so they can live a more balanced life.
    [Product] 6 Tips for Productive Prospecting
    Here are six ways to make prospecting productive. Know why they bought your product (ask them if you have to) and be able to verbalize this in no more than two sentences. The post 6 Tips for Productive Prospecting appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On. Craig Rosenberg is working on a book, “Tips for Sales Prospecting Into Small Businesses,” for Radius ( ), and asked me to contribute a few tips.
    [Product] Why Product Launch Plans Need to Include Social Networking
    I recently provided some marketing consulting and services for a technology start-up about to launch a new product. They contacted me with little time to spare before their intended product launch at an industry event. “We haven’t done much – we’ve been very busy with product development.” Today it’s important to leverage social media by connecting and engaging with the right people far in advance of your product launch. Tweet.
    [Product] A Case for Social Selling: How It Can Increase Revenue, Productivity & More [Infographic]
    What if I told you that the key to increasing revenue, employee productivity, and lead flow was as simple as sending a tweet? The modern buyer is changing and starting to rely on social media for input and information on products and services. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales.
    [Product] Does The World Cup Distract From Sales Productivity? [Infographic]
    InsideView Culture sales productivity football how many people watched the world cup InsideView World Cup Sales Productivity during the World Cup soccer world cup World Cup 2014 Infographic World Cup Brazil World Cup info graphic World Cup viewership Ahh, the World Cup. It only comes around every four years.
  • AKOONU  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [Product] From Painful to Productive: Tips for Reinventing Pipeline Reviews
    Pipeline Reviews are notoriously painful. In a minute they can transition from a routine meeting to an inquisition that puts sales reps through the wringer. A random survey of your colleagues will tell you nearly everyone involved hates these meetings, or considers them a waste of time. A shift is needed. B2B Sales
    [Product] Fantasy Football Sacks Productivity – Infographic
    Sales Data Social Selling Technology B2B business productivity cowboys da bears delaware facebook fantasy football football fun facts indiana linkedin lost productivity mean machine moral boost north dakota raiders sales productivity social media team building twitter warriorsFantasy Football is one of the most popular games played in corporate America.
    [Product] Engagement is Everywhere: Marketo’s Spring 2015 Product Release
    With today’s Spring 2015 product release, we can now take our promise a step further to help marketers deliver the right messages in real-time. Here’s a look at our new products, unveiled today at the Marketo Marketing Nation™ Summit : Marketo Mobile Engagement : With over 7.2 Want to learn more about these new products? Author: Steve Sloan Today, I’m excited to announce a few new innovations that we know the Marketing Nation™ is going to love.
    [Product] The 7 Deadly Sins of Product Demos
    My newest post on Medium covers what you may consider the seven deadly sins of product demos. We have all seen how online demos for B2B SaaS products can become terrible hour-long sessions that don’t lead to any interesting conclusion and it might be time to re-evaluate how your own sales reps are handling their own demos. The full article is here:
    [Product] What Is the Cost of Video Production for the Web?
    Shooting, editing and production required specialized equipment and expertise. While the bromide “you get what you pay for” still applies, businesses today can get a higher quality product for their money. There are three basic factors that drive productions costs. These factors eventually get reflected in dozens of small budget decisions that impact the quality of the final product. Use this production level to tell a compelling story and capture maximum attention.
    [Product] Why Your Product Is Not What You Sell
    For these companies… their products are not what you think they are : Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Bottom line: your product is not the thing you sell. Kodak’s downfall stemmed from its focus on its product rather than the experience its product enabled. Your product is the value that you bring to the world. Your product is simply the tool that enables you to deliver the customer experience.
    [Product] The Marketer’s Guide to Producing Product Videos
    For better or worse, I never quite shook that leap-before-you-look mentality, and when I was tasked with creating a series of product videos for the company, I leaped with fearless abandon. As a product marketer, I’m tasked with bringing the technology team’s work to market—and for me, that means not only translating functions into benefits, but also storifying them to appeal to our customer base. What, Exactly, Is a Product Video? I’m a girl on the go.
    [Product] SiriusDecisions Interview - From Pitching Products to Selling Value
    The research clearly indicates that the issues are not around sales having enough leads, more sales training, improved social selling ability or increased product knowledge. Sales is struggling to make quota and achieve growth goals because of business value articulation or a lack thereof – finding enough time to research and spend with customers, and then when that time is spent, making it centered not on a product pitch, but on business value from a customer’s perspective.
    [Product] The Best Promotional Product Videos Ever (And Why They Make You Buy)
    One of the wisest things I've ever read about product marketing came from the writer of a children's book. "If The goal in crafting a perfect product video is not far off. If you want your video to resonate, it should be about more than just the product. Considering the right video can put a product on the map for the first time or reinvigorate a company that has long been stale, it's important that marketers have a strong grasp on this.
    [Product] Blog Writing Tips: How to Become Productive and Prolific at Those Tasks You Hate
    How can you develop more productive blog writing habits ? Perhaps these productivity tips are nothing new, but like most things in life, if you don’t use them they don’t work. What’s your most useful tips for being productive with your business tasks, especially the one’s you hate? Content Marketing How to.Tips Managing Your Ezine & Blog Tasks blog writing business blogging content marketing tips productivity writing tips
  • INFER  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2016
    [Product] Profile Management Product Updates: Net-New Profile Builder, Additional Signals, and More
    We’re excited to share more details about these product updates below. The post Profile Management Product Updates: Net-New Profile Builder, Additional Signals, and More appeared first on Infer: Predictive Lead Scoring for Sales & Marketing. This month we announced the release of Infer’s Profile Management Platform to general availability, as well as the addition of the Net-New Profile Builder. Net-New Profile Builder.
    [Product] Intelligence trumps data in driving sales productivity
    My first two blog posts in this series focused on productivity drivers that improve sales efficiencies: Consolidation of disparate data sources into one clearly delivers significant time savings for sales reps as does the delivery of this information at the point of need – directly within a reps’ workflow. Sales Sales Data sales productivity sales prospecting sCRM Social CRM trinet group
    [Product] The Science of Productivity: How to Get More Done in a Day
    In many cases, we are the ones responsible for our own lack of productivity. Since most of us more successful and happy when we''re productive, we''ve all become a little obsessed with hacks and shortcuts. Is there a secret to high productivity? But with some work, many of the barriers to productivity are solvable. In this post, you''ll find four of the best scientific productivity "hacks" out there. Develop productivity rituals.
    [Product] 6 Stats that Prove the Importance of Product Videos for Ecommerce
    When consumers search for products like yours, 14% of the results could very well be product videos. 73% More Visitors Who Watch Product Videos Will Buy. Did you know that your products are more likely to sell if you create videos for them? The most important thing to note, however, is simply that videos for your products do prompt more purchases. 71% of Consumers Think Video Explains the Product Better. 57% Are Less Surprised By Products with Video.
    [Product] A Product Executive’s Perspective On Unlocking B2B Data’s Latent Potential
    As always, Dreamforce 2016 left attendees buzzing on a variety of new products, perhaps none more notable than Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Predictive Analytics. The post A Product Executive’s Perspective On Unlocking B2B Data’s Latent Potential appeared first on Radius. B2B Marketing B2B Data b2b marketing product perspectiveSalesforce is a trailblazer in their space.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2016
    [Product] Cheetos Made Lip Balm? 18 of the Weirdest Product Releases From Famous Brands
    Sometimes, though, a brand’s identity is so intertwined with a type of product that any attempt to branch out can be, well. Needless to say, these products didn’t stay in grocery store freezers for long, as consumers were unable to disassociate the minty fresh taste of Colgate toothpaste from Colgate spaghetti. But this wasn’t the only instance of a brand launching a disconnected product line. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post.
  • KAPOST  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2016
    [Product] Why Product Marketing is Essential to Your B2B Organization
    Kaykas-Wolff answered “Without question, product marketing…If I were a marketer restarting my career, I would start in product marketing.”. Especially because throughout my career as a product marketer, I have explained, defended, promoted, and demonstrated the importance of product marketing. Despite this comment, some companies still struggle to understanding the value of product marketing. The Value of Product Marketing in the Early Stages of a Company.
    [Product] Creating Buzz for Your Next Product Launch
    When launching a new product it’s all about creating the buzz. Or maybe your product would do well on a social platform you haven’t used yet, like Pinterest or Instagram, which are great for visuals. . You are excited about your new product launch. By the time your product is actually released, there will be a dedicated following ready to enter the buyer journey. . Should I create a separate page for my product?
  • B2B MEMES  |  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2011
    [Product] Process vs. Product: Six New-Media Principles, No. 6
    They are no longer handed the finished product in the form of an article and asked to move along. By turning the process itself into the product, formerly behind-the-scenes editorial judgments can be discussed and validated, news and other information can be shared more rapidly, and inevitable errors can be more quickly identified and corrected. The controversial aspects of putting process ahead of product are obvious even in older forms of online media such as blogs.
  • VIDYARD  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2016
    [Product] B2B Video Production: 15 Experts Pass Their Best Advice to You
    15 Experts Spill Their Greatest B2B Video Production Advice. We know that more and more marketers are bringing production in-house. So 15 video experts dished their best advice on B2B video production so you could nail that in-house shoot. From maximizing creative idea generation to best practices in lighting, audio, and set location – this short guide, “ 15 Experts Spill Their Greatest B2B Production Advice ”, will definitely give you the home-ice advantage.
    [Product] 10 Time Wasters That Limit Your Blogging Productivity (And How to Avoid Them)
    Tips for better blogging productivity: The goal is to be as effective as possible when it comes to productivity so you actually can have time for things like blogging. Tips for better blogging productivity. Tips for better blogging productivity. And 77 percent of them claimed that clutter also negatively affects their productivity. Tips for better blogging productivity. Tips for better blogging productivity. Tips for better blogging productivity.
    [Product] How to Set Up Multi-Product Ads on Facebook [Quick Tip]
    In June of last year, Facebook announced a new ad format called "multi-product ads" that caught the attention of many Facebook advertisers. Quick movers were able to make the most of the new ad format using the Facebook Ads API , but others had to wait for Facebook to fully incorporate the format into its advertising product. Last week, Facebook started to do just that, making multi-product ads easily available to some advertisers in the Power Editor.
    [Product] Seven Simple Ways to Differentiate Your Company and Products
    My clients probably get tired of hearing me talk about the virtues of differentiation. But it’s usually better to remove […]. B2B Brand
  • HIVE9  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 2016
    [Product] Why You Don’t Need More Technology Products, You Need Products That Do More
    Marketing technology can do amazing things. With all the potential that data, automation, and the myriad tools now available have put within our reach, it’s an exciting time to be a marketer. Hive9
    [Product] Productivity Tips: 9 Tools to Tame Your Inbox
    According to Tom Pisello, aka The ROI Guy , email overload costs organizations about $5,000 per user in lost productivity each year. Email and productivity. Despite all the problems with email in the workplace – the stress from an overflowing inbox, the spam, and the agony of threaded discussions – workers reported that email still contributes to their productivity. Maybe it depends on how we compare our productivity. Want even more ways to increase your productivity?
    [Product] Marketing isn’t alone — HR software landscape with 547 products
    My friends, the above is an infographic of 547 human resource (HR) software products across 17 categories. The post Marketing isn’t alone — HR software landscape with 547 products appeared first on Chief Marketing Technologist. It was created by the smart folks at Capterra , and you can click here to view a larger version on their site. So why am I posting it here? Two reasons.
    [Product] 27 Time-Saving Tools and Tricks to Be a More Productive Marketer
    Written about by many, but first introduced to me by HubSpotters Jonathan Kim and Brian McMullin , walking meetings increase your productivity by actually keeping your body and mind moving throughout the discussion. It may seem like getting out of the office would add time to your schedule, but more often than not it results in more productive conversations. Cheetah-Like Productivity Tools. Keyboard shortcuts and productivity tools will only get you so far.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2015
    [Product] The #1 Productivity Investment Sales Teams Are Making This Year [Research]
    There are several levers sales leaders can pull to boost their teams'' productivity. While there''s no clear "right" answer to this question, data from the Miller Heiman Research Institute can at least help sales leaders compare their productivity investment plans with those of their peers. Two one-way roads in parallel don’t lead to more productivity. Inbound Sales Productivity Daily This post originally appeared on the Sales section of Inbound Hub.
    [Product] 13 Tips For Increasing Sales Productivity in 2013
    Make a resolution to be more productive in 2013. Follow these 20 tips, and you’ll see your sales productivity will skyrocket. Asking, “let me know if you have any connections that may be interested in my products,” will beget silence. Go to events and conventions where you are likely to meet people from businesses who could benefit from your company’s products or services. Take Personal Time If you are overworked, you will not be as productive.
    [Product] 3 Timeless tips for selling your online product in an overcrowded market
    The Internet has allowed us to reach millions of customers, but that led to a side effect many fear: how do you sell a (digital) product in an overcrowded market? Books about positive thinking, living in the moment, self-discipline, productivity, habit building etc. If you want to serve a hungry market, don’t fear the abundance of products already available. They don’t know how to place your product, and confused customers rarely buy.
    [Product] Personalization vs. Productivity: Perfecting Your Sales Approach
    The post Personalization vs. Productivity: Perfecting Your Sales Approach appeared first on Opentopic. We can all feel it – the competition to stand out and stay top of mind among prospects is growing more fierce each year. To stay ahead, sales leaders must give reps the necessary processes and tools to identify, contact, qualify and convert prospects at record scale and speed. For instance, who can forget that famous HBR study a few.
    [Product] The 5 Questions You Should Ask to Nail Your Product Messaging
    In 1990, Coors Brewing introduced a revolutionary new product. The answer could have been uncovered -- and avoided -- had Coors simply conducted more message testing prior to the product launch. For the purposes of this post, I’ll provide examples for interviewing someone about a B2B product, but they can easily be reshaped for B2C companies. The following questions have helped us product marketers at HubSpot in past message testing: Tell me about your department goals.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 1, 2013
    [Product] HubSpot Launches Visionary New Product for Targeting Prospects
    As marketers, we've also felt this pain, which is why we're excited to announce the launch of an exciting new product to address it. Watch the video below to get the first glimpse at our newest, groundbreaking technology: For those who have lamented the challenges of discovering quality leads and converting them into delighted customers, it is with the utmost excitement that I share this latest product announcement.
    [Product] Paul Alfieri, Turn’s SVP Marketing: How to Build an “Audience First” Product Marketing Strategy Around Big Data [Podcast]
    Big data isn’t in itself the strategy,” says Paul Alfieri, Senior VP of Marketing at marketing software company Turn, “Big data is the enabler for a much richer, more personalized (product marketing) strategy.” Highlights include: Audience first: At the core of Paul’s message is that data is not just for targeting and optimization— it should be the foundation of your product marketing, from which your creative and content flow. Podcasts Product Marketing
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 2014
    [Product] LinkedIn Eliminates Products/Services Tabs in Lieu of Showcase Pages
    LinkedIn recently announced that it will discontinue the Products & Services tabs on April 14th in favor of the Showcase pages it released back in November 2013. Showcase pages act as an extension of your company, particularly useful if your company has multiple product/service lines, brands or business initiatives. Showcase page updates work exactly like Company page updates, so take advantage of the ability to post blog updates, newsletters about your products, etc.
    [Product] Productivity Tools and Techniques to Stop Wasting Away Your Workday
    Yesterday, when I started researching this post, I received a link from a colleague of mine to a research study which concluded that looking at pictures of cute dogs, kittens, baby pandas, and other bundles of happiness can actually improve your productivity. However, these images can only help with your productivity so much. Whether you''re working on email workflows or content creation , we''ve got a variety of tools and techniques you can take advantage of to boost productivity.
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