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SalesPredict Offers Highly Automated, Highly Flexible Predictive Modeling

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I meant both that predictive models guide decisions at every stage in many marketing programs, and that models are used throughout the organization by marketing, sales, and service. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that “predictive everywhere” is one of major trends in data-driven marketing.

Just Released: ABM Vendor Guide Gives Detailed Comparison of 40 ABM Vendors

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You, Dear Reader and Potential Buyer at the Bargain Price of $495 Which You Can Order Here , will be the final judge of that. Or it may use data-driven rules to select contents within the message, such as “show a ‘see demonstration’ button to new prospects and a ‘customer service’ button to current customers”. Format: PDF File Price: $495 Order From:

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Four Questions Bound to Make or Break Your 2018 Marketing Plan


Average sales price (ASP), annual contract value (ACV), total lifetime value (LTV), etc. – Modern contact acquisition tools like Zoominfo make it nearly impossible for marketing to source a new name not already in the database and drive ‘marketing sourced’ pipeline. Thankfully, in the B2B space, it’s nearly impossible for a prospect to purchase your product or service without visiting your website. ‘Tis the season for marketing self reflection.

Don’t They Know Who You Are? Why Reputation Management is Crucial


He shows up on the first page alright, but several of the links are to dot-com-meltdown era news articles about a company he worked with that had some of the typical problems of tech companies at the time (collapsing stock price, low on cash, disgruntled shareholders etc.).

LeadSpace Offers A No-Memory Approach to B2B Lead Scoring

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It’s easy to exclude companies that provide basic B2B lists ( D&B , , Netprospex , ZoomInfo , etc.) LeadSpace is closing that particular gap by developing a service, soon to enter beta testing, that will do a monthly scan of a client’s customer records. Pricing is based on the number of records either enhanced or provided in prospect lists, and starts around $25,000 per year.

Denodo Helps Mesh Enterprise Data

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Zoominfo may be the best known vendor in this field, although there are many others. Results can be posted back to the original sources or be presented to external systems in pretty much any format or interface: HTML, XML, CSV, ODBC, JDBC, HTTP, Web service, and the rest of the usual alphabet soup. The price seems reasonable, given the productivity benefits that Denodo should provide: $27,000 to $150,000 per CPU based on the number of data sources and other application details.

Getting More Out of Each Click with "Post-Click Marketing"


The better services also use geo-location filtering to determine which city the visit came from, rather than providing only corporate headquarters information (e.g., Critics of these services refer to them as "spyware," though that term isn't really fair.

Best Practices for Marketing Automation and Demand Generation Campaigns

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I'm not saying they're identical: BrightTalk lets you upload your slides rather than sharing the screen of your PC, which makes it more reliable, and seems to offer some promotional services too. So you’d want to look more closely at both paid services before making a choice. external demographics, preferences, contact names: the best practice here is to supplement internal data with external sources such as D&B, Hoovers, LexisNexis, ZoomInfo, etc.