10 Tips for a Successful Trade Show Follow-up Campaign

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Research has long suggested that the majority of leads generated by trade shows never receive follow-up by company representatives. In an era of automated lead nurturing, the situation may be improving somewhat, but simply having the technology with which to blast every trade show lead the same, tired email message instantly upon your return to the office doesn’t mean you should. Here are 10 tips for designing an effective trade show follow-up campaign.

Event Lead Capture Provider Lead Liaison Unveils New Resources for Trade Show Event Planning

Lead Liaison

In true form, they released two helpful resources this week which are geared to help trade show coordinators prepare for high-steaks events. Their Trade Show Preparation Checklist takes the stress out of preparing for trade shows by keeping track of responsibilities in a simplified checklist, along with tips on how and why each item should be completed. It’s extensivity makes the checklist an excellent tool for beginners as well as seasoned trade show planners.


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GoExhibit! Enhancements Released As Peak of Trade Show Season Nears

Lead Liaison

Additionally, Lead Liaison is the global leader in event lead management, enabling companies to capture and manage leads from trade shows and events. To access our Press Kit, visit www.leadliaison.com/press-kit. Enhancements Released As Peak of Trade Show Season Nears appeared first on Lead Liaison. Press Releases Revenue Generation Blog GoExhibit! Lead Capture Lead Management Marketing Trade Shows Trade Shows

8 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Trade Show Exhibit

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Skyline’s recent webinar, “Social Media for Trade Show Promotions,” was full of great ideas. Presented by Skyline Sales and Marketing Trainer Nik Fradgley and Director of Lead Generation and Industry Relations Michael Thimmesch, the webinar included the results of a study of which social media sites were best practice for use pre-trade show, during the show, and post-trade show. It turns out YouTube is great for all phases of trade show promotion.

Deciding Which Trade Shows to Attend This Year

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The personal relationships and business reputation that you can develop through trade shows is an ROI that you cannot really obtain anywhere else. Here is a short post on how to choose the trade shows to attend this year. The trade shows that might increase your overall leads may not be the same shows that would be best for a new product launch or a loyalty plan. There are quite a few trade show calendars that you can search for new ideas on what to attend.

Influencer marketing tools of the trade


Dan Krueger and I just launched a new influencer marketing campaign on behalf of the best pure, extra virgin, raw cold pressed, and alkaline coconut oil, Skinny Coconut Oil. So, since blogger outreach is at the top of mind, I thought I would talk a little bit about the tools of the trade — what we use to stoke excitement about our clients! The post Influencer marketing tools of the trade appeared first on Biznology. We’re off to the races!

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How to Measure Trade Show ROI


Trade shows are an important spend in any marketer’s budget. This results in more than $24 billion in spending on trade shows each year in the U.S. Finding a way to measure the success of a trade show is key, but only 30% of exhibitors actually have established goals for their events. The first step in setting goals for trade shows is determining what metrics to measure. Determining the ROI of a trade show starts by measuring the right things in your MAP.

How to Leverage Press and Media Kits: Best Practices, Common Mistakes, and Examples


How do you create a successful press kit or media kit? Before we get into the winners of the medium along with some things you should never do, it would probably help to define just exactly what a press kit is and why you need to create them. Press kits vs. media kits. “A

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Do Press Releases Still Work for Startups and Online Businesses in 2021?

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Press releases are among the most commonly used public relations tools that companies can apply to their effective PR campaigns. 1) What are press releases? . 2) How do Press Releases Help SEO? . 3) Are Press Releases Still Worth it? . 4) Advantages of a press release .

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Improve Your Trade Show ROI: A Guide for Marketers


That’s why trade shows and industry events are so valuable to B2B marketers. But as you likely know – attending trade shows costs time and money. With so much money being spent on trade shows, how can marketers get the most bang for their buck? Today we give you six ways to boost your trade show ROI. Measuring Trade Show ROI. The “Profit” number only includes sales made as a direct result of your trade show appearance. Optimize your trade show booth.

How to Get Killer B2B Leads at Trade Shows

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When it comes to trade shows, you might think that generating B2B leads is a piece of cake. And, although LinkedIn is responsible for generating as many as 80% of all B2B leads , trade shows are still a successful staple of any B2B marketing strategy. 77% of marketers say trade shows generate a significant quantity of leads. ~ So how can you make the most of your trade show experience? 5 Ways to Generate B2B Leads at Trade Shows.

Press Release: Kaon Fuels Enterprise WebVR Adoption, Showing Immersive Experiences and Interactive 3D Products in Virtual Reality


3D Products Geek Talk Marketing Guru News Trade Show Trends 3D Product Models B2B Kaon Interactive Kaon VR marketing Microsoft Edge sales technology virtual reality VR WebVR Windows Mixed RealityKaon Interactive Takes Sales & Marketing Applications to the Next Level With WebVR.

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Get Backlinks with your own Press Releases

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Many marketers have finally caught on to the low hanging fruit of back linking – namely links in your syndicated press releases. Once a press release is syndicated, press releases can create vast duplicate content and redundant anchor text links, which makes your initial intent backfire with regard to a linking strategy. So how can you effectively use your press releases to get links back to your site? Write your press release about something truly newsworthy.

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The 10 most fascinating people in B2B marketing in 2017


The project turned into a huge community relations win, with enormous press coverage, books, films, and even the birth of an in-house employee-driven photography project. “I I’ve served on John’s board for 5 years now, and recognize him as a master of extracting value from media properties — trade pubs, websites, databases, seminars, conferences, online training programs — and rounding up data sources across a complex organization. Top 10 lists are everywhere this year.

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Marketing Your Press Coverage: How to Maximize Media Exposure


Your company just secured some great press coverage – congrats! Whether it was seen by hundreds of readers of a local trade publication or thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of listeners of a popular podcast, your exposure can still be amplified. Here are four simple ways you can maximize your press coverage by marketing it: 1. You can get a lot more mileage out of your press coverage from this one tactic alone. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

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Geofencing? And other ways to target ads to trade show attendees without being there.


Heading out to trade shows and conferences are one of the best ways to generate leads. However, trade shows are costly, and measuring ROI can be complicated. So when you’re at a trade show, there are a number of tips to make you stand out and increase the capture prospects. Have a compelling media package ready for hand-outs; press kits, white papers, case studies, and contact info- with a trial offer if applicable.

A/E/C Trade Show Marketing: 12 Ways to Maximize Your Firm’s ROI

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Industry trade shows and conferences are staples in the A/E/C marketing mix, and typically represent a large line item in a firm’s marketing budget. With all the time and resources that go into trade show participation, ensuring your firm maximizes the investment is essential. Most A/E/C firm leaders believe that trade shows are important, but truthfully, many come home wondering whether it was worth their time and money. Be strategic about what trade shows you attend .

4 Media Relations Lessons…Learned the Hard Way

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Media relations (or press relations) involves risks and consequences that can quickly derail any career, either as a corporate executive or PR agency rep. Here are four lessons I’ve learned from working with the press: 1. Press relations is always a crap shoot.

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Press Release: Kaon Interactive’s Virtual and Augmented Reality B2B Solutions Launch on the ASUS ZenFone AR


Innovative B2B companies are using Kaon’s interactive sales and marketing applications at trade shows, customer meetings, analyst briefings, product launches and beyond, to show how products would look and behave in the real world. Kaon Interactive , the leading provider of 3D marketing and sales applications for global B2B brands, announced that its augmented reality solution, Kaon AR®, and virtual reality solution, Kaon VR®, are now available on the new ASUS ZenFone AR.

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Want More Press? 3 Ways to Be More Friendly In Small Business PR

B2B PR Sense

Have your efforts to generate more press coverage for your small business been falling flat lately? What exactly is expected when you contact the press about your small B2B business. Discover three key elements in small business PR to generate more press for your business -- and how to make it last! The press isn't your handmaiden, there simply to serve your startup PR needs. Click here to learn how to write a kick-ass press release.).

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Press Coverage Done Right: A Story Of Social Media, PR And Stalking

Marketing Insider Group

But for marketers, there is nothing better than good press coverage in a respected trade publication. I’m sure these writers are inundated with mundane press releases and nonsense chatter to get their attention. Don’t send every press release to everyone. You know what they say, “there’s no such thing as bad PR.”

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Time to Kill the Press Release?

What Works - What Doesn't

While writing a press release for a client the other day, I got to thinking about what I was doing. Because the more I thought, the less reason I could find for a company to issue a traditional “press release.”     What with the long decline of the trade press, there is less “press” out there to “release” information to. By definition, the press release is all about what’s important to the vendor , not the reader. (“We

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How Social Media and Influencers Have Radically Changed B2B Marketing

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They were invited to write about trends and speak at industry trade shows. They didn’t own printing presses. You no longer needed to own a printing press. On the B2B side, trade publications have traditionally been the source for independent opinions.

Are We Scrubbing the LIfe Out of Press Releases?

What Works - What Doesn't

When drafting a press release for a client recently, I highlighted a lot of the themes that would have made it a great newspaper feature. But remember this is a press release, designed to get the attention of editors and readers who like drama and conflict. In these days when every vendor is a publisher, can we can really afford to keep press releases and case studies free of anything that smacks of bad news or negativity?

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Lead Liaison Debuts Standalone Event Lead Capture and Management Solution

Lead Liaison

Now, the solution stands on its own, providing businesses with everything needed to manage leads before, during, and after any trade show or other marketing event. and European trade shows,” says Kathleen Chance, Sales and Marketing Support Manager for TOMRA. During these tests, Lead Liaison was available to assist and we were able to make a number of adjustments on the fly based on live feedback from our sales team on the trade show floor.”.

Youthful indiscretion could alter your life forever


Reputation Management 1993 World Trade Center bombing Academic integrity Agriculture American City Business Journals Associated Press Audiobook Audrey Watters Bing Bloomberg L.P. Last night my girlfriend and I watched The Bachelor. It’s the final four and we quickly cottoned to Jade Roper , an adorable brunette who bounded with excitement and energy. This particular bachelor, Chris Soules , is a wealthy corn farmer/land baron from rural Iowa.

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: RSS Your Press Room for better search engine visibility

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Recent Posts Learn the New Rules for Selling to Crazy-Busy Prospects BtoB 2010 Lead Generation Guide just published Thoughts on how the human touch impacts marketing performance 5 Steps To Creating A Lead Gen Machine & The Predictable Revenue That CEOs Love 100 Tips for Trade Show Lead Generation LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Roundtable Group Turns One Lead Generation 2.0 B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book.

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Lead Liaison Makes Splash in Lead Capture Category at EXHIBITORLIVE 2019

Lead Liaison

made its trade show debut at EXHIBITORLIVE in Las Vegas this week. Additionally, Lead Liaison is the global leader in event lead management, enabling companies to capture and manage leads from trade shows and events. To access our Press Kit, visit [link]. Event Lead Management Press Releases Revenue Generation Blog EXHIBITORLIVE Marketing Events Marketing Trade Shows Trade ShowsDallas, TX – GoExhibit!™

Are We Scrubbing the LIfe Out of Press Releases?

What Works - What Doesn't

When drafting a press release for a client recently, I highlighted a lot of the themes that would have made it a great newspaper feature. But remember this is a press release, designed to get the attention of editors and readers who like drama and conflict. In these days when every vendor is a publisher, can we can really afford to keep press releases and case studies free of anything that smacks of bad news or negativity?

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10 (+1) Tips to Maximizing Your Trade Show ROI, Part II


In my previous post about making the most of your tradeshow dollars, I discussed proper components of press releases, using paid search to attract online searchers, writing multiple blog posts, and hosting pre-show breakfasts to showcase industry knowledge. 1: Find out who’s attending – If a list of attendees is available prior to the tradeshow, check to see if any members of the press will be in attendance.

Lead Liaison Announces Attendance at EXHIBITORLIVE 2019

Lead Liaison

EXHIBITORLIVE is The Professional Development Conference for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketing. Press Releases Revenue Generation Blog event lead management Event Leads Press Release Trade ShowsDallas, Texas – Sales and marketing solutions provider Lead Liaison will be exhibiting at the 2019 EXHIBITORLIVE conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The global leader in event lead management will be showcasing their solution, GoExhibit!,

Three Ways Hoarding Your Secret Sauce Hurts You

What Works - What Doesn't

Visit Bob's Website - Email Bob I'm a veteran IT trade press reporter and editor with a passion for clear writing that explains how technology can help businesses. Content Marketing For IT Vendors Content Marketing Tips From a Trade Press Editor case studies intellectual property IT content marketing trade secrets white papers

Lead Liaison and Avery to Complement Event Lead Capture Solution

Lead Liaison

Known for their enterprise marketing and sales software, Lead Liaison is answering a significant need in the trade show industry as it relates to fully-integrated lead capture. Press Releases Revenue Generation Blog Use Cases Avery Badges event lead management Exhibitor Press Release Trade ShowsDallas, Texas – Lead Liaison announces a relationship with Avery , the leading manufacturer of labels and badges.

8 Content Ideas for Your B2B Facebook Page Posts

B2B Marketing Traction

Here are eight content ideas for your Facebook page posts: Press releases – company news with a link to the release can stream into your Facebook wall. Automate this by linking a press release feed from your online service. You are distributing press releases online, aren’t you? Conferences and Trade Shows – for those customers and prospects who can’t attend an important industry trade show or conference – be their eyes and ears.

A Look Inside a B2B Editor’s Head

B2B Memes

Although there is plenty of online debate and discussion of journalistic issues, the mass of it concerns the daily press. And if your interest is in trade journalists, well, good luck: they are the profession’s obscurest members. Sponsored by the ethics committee of ASBPE, an association for trade press editors and writers, the chat showcased the issues that particularly worry them.

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Introducing the Modern Press Release


Author: Megan Ziman Messaging and company stories circulate through a surplus of multichannel communication tools, so what’s the use of a press release? The reason they continue in most organizations is because people would generally agree they still are needed to announce product launches and news, especially for a publicly traded company. I keep hearing terms and phrases like “back to the basics”, “old school”, or “traditional PR” associated with a press release.

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What B2B Publishers Can Learn About Content from Circa

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That’s not what the readers of the trade press are looking for. Similarly, trade publishers put too much emphasis on original analysis and reporting. In practice, trade reportage often doesn’t match audience needs, often favors advertisers, and often, to be honest, just plain sucks. So aggregation—sharing the best and most relevant content from other sources than your own—should therefore be part of any trade publication’s mission.