Don’t Publish a Press Release. Create a Product Story Instead


When companies write about themselves, we usually wind up with dry, hollow press releases. However, the typical press release machine has become somewhat outdated. The post Don’t Publish a Press Release. 88 Acres: How Microsoft Quietly Built the City of the Future….

Make Sure Your Press Release Doesn’t Fall Victim to Press Delete


Every day, journalists receive press releases by the dozens (possibly more—the three major services distribute roughly 1,800 news releases each day), many of which fall victim to the well-worn “delete” button. Will your electronic press release be opened or deleted? Provided you’ve met these requirements, here are seven additional steps you can take to further enhance your chances of getting your press release (or even a bylined story on your topic!)

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6 Tips for Getting Free Press For Your B2B Business


When it comes to getting press for your business , it’s already a difficult undertaking, even at the best of times. How do you succeed at getting press for your business when every dollar matters? . For some press opportunities, it’s all about coming up with a unique angle.

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10 Press Release Best Practices That Will Skyrocket Your PR

B2B PR Sense

Press releases are a valuable tool in the hands of PR professionals -- as long as you use them correctly. Learn what press release best practices can make your news and announcements more effective in today’s busy world. While there are those that believe emphatically that the press release is dead, we are here to tell you that that is an urban myth. Press releases are alive, thriving, a vital tool that continues to empower companies in many ways.

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8 Steps to a Standout Press Release

Hinge Marketing

One way to obtain earned media is to write a press release that is both newsworthy and suited to the journalists’ beat. Like any good story, a successful press release is as much about content as context. Press releases are meant to be informative yet brief.

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33Across Introduces Lexicon™, New Identity Solution Makes 90% of Publisher Inventory Addressable


33Across, announced the launch of Lexicon™, an identity solution created specifically to help publishers. The post 33Across Introduces Lexicon™, <br>New Identity Solution Makes 90% of Publisher Inventory Addressable appeared first on 33Across. Press Releases zFeatured zNews

Multi-Channel Publishing From Within Engage


Then you publish to Facebook. Introducing Publish & Tweet with Content Studio. Last month, we brought you the ability to publish by pressing enter on your keyboard. This month, we introduce the ability to publish directly to your stream AND to your Twitter feed with a single post. We recognize that reformatting the same post, publishing and republishing each version takes a toll in terms of time, effort and energy. Can you repeat that?

15 Smart Techniques that Will Skyrocket Your B2B Press Coverage

B2B PR Sense

You earned that B2B press coverage, and n ow your article is published for the world to see. Many pack up their PR bags and simply pat themselves on the back when they receive B2B press coverage. You can take it further, and gain triple the results of your original press coverage. There are easy ways you can amplify your press coverage, and use it fuel even greater success going forward. Maximize Your B2B Press Coverage and Kick Some Major PR Butt.

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6 Benefits of Targeted B2B Press Releases

Schubert B2B

Some might say that press releases are as useful today as fax machines. Why send your news to an editor who acts as a gatekeeper in deciding whether or not to publish your information? This emphasis leads to a much better fit when pitching your press release and its chances for getting your news picked up. All from a press release. 6 Benefits of B2B Press Releases. Publishers and readers can share via social media or eNews.

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5 Reasons Why Press Releases Are Still Relevant Today


Did you know that the first press release was sent in 1906? When Ivy Lee, famed publicist and father of modern public relations, sent that first press release detailing a train wreck for his client the Pennsylvania Railroad, the world was a decidedly different place.

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Oxford University Press former CMO weighs in on martech challenges, trends, and predictions


Colleen Scollans began her career at Oxford University Press (OUP) in the sales department before going on to head up OUP’s US-based marketing department, where she managed a team of nearly three hundred marketers.

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The Ultimate Guide to Publishing


People are open to new ideas, readers are consuming content through a variety of media, and traditional publishers no longer stand in the way of releasing a new title. Raise your hand if you’ve ever considered publishing a book. Now, keep your hand up if you know how to publish a book. * … slowly lowers hand*. Publishing a book has always been one of those mysterious, cryptic processes reserved for the uber-famous or uber-rich. can publish a book. Publishing

How to Leverage Press and Media Kits: Best Practices, Common Mistakes, and Examples


How do you create a successful press kit or media kit? Before we get into the winners of the medium along with some things you should never do, it would probably help to define just exactly what a press kit is and why you need to create them. Press kits vs. media kits. “A

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Do Press Releases Still Work for Startups and Online Businesses in 2021?

Altitude Branding

Press releases are among the most commonly used public relations tools that companies can apply to their effective PR campaigns. 1) What are press releases? . 2) How do Press Releases Help SEO? . 3) Are Press Releases Still Worth it? . 4) Advantages of a press release .

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How a press release can be spun into content gold

Integrated B2B

When asked by a client to repurpose a press release to an article recently, I tackled the task head-on and produced not one, but two brand-spanking-new pieces of landing page content. It’s the same with press releases.

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LiveIntent Launches First Scaled Native Advertising Solution for Publishers for the Email Channel


LiveIntent’s new technology allows publishers to streamline ad serving and campaign operations for native ads in email while maintaining the overall newsletter design. Email Monetization Email Revenue Native Ad Blueprints press release

Most Valuable Publishers


When most athletes announce their retirements, they wipe away tears during a press conference and answer banal questions from beat reporters. What’s more noteworthy than the quality of Bryant’s free verse is where the poem was published: on The Players’ Tribune, a sports media publication that lets athletes create their own content and share it directly with fans. The Associated Press uses an algorithm to automatically generate game recaps.

How to Get Featured on Forbes, Techcrunch, Mashable, Inc (Press Marketing Tips)

At Flux.LA , we specialize in press marketing. Since a lot of our questions on social media were about how to get press, we found it quite pressing to write this step-by-step formula to getting more media coverage.

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10 Amazing Ideas for B2B Press Releases


Many marketing and business executives believe that the press release has become an outdated promotion tool. Press releases (or better, news releases) are still used in B2B and can produce meaningful results if produced and distributed properly. Before writing a B2B press release… You should keep in mind that a good press release requires interesting and unique information; it should include facts and be objective. A press release is a good way to do it.

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Top 10 Tips For Writing A Successful B2B Press Release

Floodlight New Marketing

A B2B Press Release is an essential means to promote your business. Unfortunately, the effectiveness has not been realised by smaller companies who may benefit a great deal by publishing a B2B press release. A press release is not necessarily always a big news story nor an announcement of an event. A press release Read More. The post Top 10 Tips For Writing A Successful B2B Press Release appeared first on Floodlight New Marketing.

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How small publishers can monetize increased traffic during COVID-19


Small publishers are seeing historic increases in traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic – and it’s no secret why. ” At the same time, these publishers are reporting a 30–50% decline in ad revenue. ” So, how can local publishers better monetize this traffic?

Attack of the Customers Press Release

Paul Gillin

I’ve read thousands of press releases over the years but don’t believe I ever wrote one until now. A popular speaker and writer, he has addressed more than 150 conferences and groups and published more than 200 articles about social media marketing since 2008. It was more difficult than I expected! Links and tweets are appreciated, but Amazon reviews will get you undying devotion.

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The True Value of Top Publisher Links


So I decided to take a data-driven approach to quantifying the value of links from top-tier press mentions by looking at the aggregate improvements seen by a group of domains that have enjoyed substantial press attention in the last few months. Which publishers link out the most?

What B2B Publishers Can Learn About Content from Circa

B2B Memes

Though B2B publishers will not simply want to copy those strategies, they should pay them close attention. That’s not what the readers of the trade press are looking for. Similarly, trade publishers put too much emphasis on original analysis and reporting. Finally, B2B publishers need to do a much better job of suiting content and format to the reader and the medium. Related posts: Can Content Save Publishers?

ADmantX launches its Homepage Intelligent Solution to help boost ad revenue for publishers


The solution will enable publishers to better monetise their homepage by making. London, 13 June 2019 – ADmantX, a leading data provider of natural language processing (NLP) semantic-based solutions, today announces the launch of its Homepage Intelligent Solution for publishers. The new solution will help publishers boost their ad revenue by making their homepage more accessible to advertisers whilst also improving the profiling of their readers.

How To Get Publishers to Open Your Link Building Requests

KoMarketing Associates

As I thought more about my answer I realized that the practice of successfully “asking for links” boils down to two core components: First, getting people (IE, site owners, publishers, etc) to be receptive to answering a link building request. Here are some of the ways I’ve had success getting site owners and publishers to open and read my email requests. Site owners and publishers are much more savvy about why people ask for links.

How to Launch a Product Without a Press Release


Simply sending a press release about a new product is not enough to make a significant impact in your outreach efforts. One report found that just 3 percent of journalists worldwide rely on press releases from a newswire. If you’ve already cultivated relationships with influencers in your industry, partner with them to publish a guest blog post or social media posts that tease your product launch.

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B2B Websites: To Publish Prices, Or Not To Publish…That Is The.

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website B2B Websites: To Publish Prices, Or Not To Publish…That Is The Question by Achinta Mitra on June 12, 2010 in Industrial Marketing Strategies , Sales Strategies , Website Design & Development Do you show prices on your B2B website? This is not a new problem; business marketers have been debating the pros and cons of publishing prices on their websites for several years now.

The Evolution of Email for Publishers: From Antique Curio to Bridge to the Future


Publishers themselves are witnessing trends that might surprise them. Meanwhile, all the cachet for publishers and brands at that point in history was in acquiring audiences on the walled gardens. Publishers know that with LiveIntent, they can have their cake and eat it, too.

What 150 Successful PR Pitches Can Teach You About Securing Top-Tier Press


We looked at the minutiae of each pitch, from the type of subject line we used to the closing to determine the most effective way to pitch top-tier publishers. What is the best way to write a subject line for digital PR outreach? How should you close a pitch email? Is it really worth it to follow-up? In an analysis of 150 successful pitches, we answer all of these questions and more.

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All Those Pennies Add Up: Why Publishers Must Use Microtransactions

Martech Advisor

Customers want what they want when they want it, and microtransactions provide that level of on-demand content, writes David Pokress, EVP Global Publishing, AdColony. Consumers are pressed for time. For mobile publishers, it’s an attractive monetization method because digital add-on content is highly incremental and profitable. If you’re a mobile publisher seeing these kinds of margins and hearing success stories, why wouldn’t you want to try this method?

Want More Press? 3 Ways to Be More Friendly In Small Business PR

B2B PR Sense

Have your efforts to generate more press coverage for your small business been falling flat lately? What exactly is expected when you contact the press about your small B2B business. Discover three key elements in small business PR to generate more press for your business -- and how to make it last! The press isn't your handmaiden, there simply to serve your startup PR needs. Click here to learn how to write a kick-ass press release.).

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Hot off the Press: Our Personalization Book, Now in Its 2nd Edition


Authored by my colleague Katie Sweet and me, the full-length book [ ] Content Publishing Customer Success Demand Gen and ABM E-commerce Optimization CDP machine learning personalization strategy real-time marketingWriting a book is a labor of love. And I love personalization and customer data platforms. So I’m excited to let you know that the second edition of “One-to-One Personalization in the Age of Machine Learning” is available as a free digital download today.

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Press Coverage Done Right: A Story Of Social Media, PR And Stalking

Marketing Insider Group

But for marketers, there is nothing better than good press coverage in a respected trade publication. I’m sure these writers are inundated with mundane press releases and nonsense chatter to get their attention. Over the last couple years, this is actually the second story Kristin has published about Atos. I kept her updated with the latest news regarding the Games, and eventually, Kristin was able to publish the first released from the testing lab.

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4 Media Relations Lessons…Learned the Hard Way

Marketing Craftmanship

Media relations (or press relations) involves risks and consequences that can quickly derail any career, either as a corporate executive or PR agency rep. Here are four lessons I’ve learned from working with the press: 1. Press relations is always a crap shoot.

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33Across Brings Publishers More Value with New Viewable Header Bidding Solution


The post 33Across Brings Publishers More Value with New Viewable Header Bidding Solution appeared first on 33Across. Featured News Press Releases33Across, the attention technology company, announced the launch of its Viewable Header Bidding adapter—one of the industry's first header bidding solutions to surface a real-time viewability signal for every impression. This new adapter will provide a direct.

B2B Blogging Gets Publishing Discipline

Paul Gillin

Publishers? The Internet has obliterated barriers to entry in publishing and smart marketers are realizing that, with persistence and a good keyword strategy, they can beat the top business publications in search results. Which means that the old disciplines that have served publishers for many years suddenly have new relevance. I’ve spent some time over the last week judging the finalists in BtoB magazine’s annual social media awards.