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    [Presentation] How to Find and Target High-Value Keywords for Your Business
    Despite the ever-present advice that long-tail keywords are king, many businesses still struggle to strategically use them to get content to the top of organic and paid search results. The truth is, tackling these long-tail keywords feels hard when you know you're up against the giants. I know. I worked with many startups before I joined HubSpot, and scouring Google Keyword Planner every day for keywords to fuel my blog posts drove me close to insanity. But -- the BIG but -- it worked.
    [Presentation] Embracing Dark Social in Your Mobile Content Strategy
    Dark social presents a problem for both publishers and brands. The overwhelming majority of mobile sharing still occurs in the dark, but brands are finding light at the end of the tunnel. By embracing dark social as part of a mobile content strategy, brands can capture user attention and drive engagement. A report from RadiumOne found that globally, 82 percent of content shared on mobile is shared via messaging, email, or text.
    [Presentation] Why B2B Marketers Must Adopt Social Media
    Why B2B Marketers Must Adopt Social Media View more presentations from C. Edward Brice
    [Presentation] 4 Strategies to Optimize Your Differences From Amazon
    Offer consumers the benefit of your years of experience and wisdom by presenting them with a smaller selection of high quality options. While many etailers view themselves as in competition with Amazon, it''s more effective to use Amazon''s success as an example and learn from it. We did that when we looked at three strategies to borrow from Amazon.
    [Presentation] What Is a Transactional Email? [FAQs]
    And that''s where a huge opportunity presents itself to marketers. Many marketing pros are very well-versed in emailing prospective and current customers and getting them to become a customer or brand loyalist. Those who are new to the wide world of marketing and even some long-time marketers, however, don''t fully understand how to develop effective transactional emails.
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    [Presentation] Want to Shop on Twitter? Amazon Has a Hashtag for That
    Consider tracking tagged items in your followers’ Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts, and presenting those items to your customers in an email. This post originally appeared on the Ecommerce section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Ecommerce. Amazon has made a mission of cutting the time between “want” and “own” through various innovations, such as the 1-click purchase option and Amazon Dash.
    [Presentation] Do Politics Have a Place in Brand Publishing?
    Due to the speedy nature of this position as well, it often means your team is initially constrained to more quickly produced formats like blogs and graphics, which might present a concern for brands that typically rely heavily on video content. Pepsi recently released—and then quickly pulled—an ad that sought to present their cola as a force for unity amidst a time of political turmoil.
    [Presentation] The buzz around account-based marketing at MarTech
    Nearly every exhibitor featured a reference to ABM, and many of the presenters touched on the trend as well. The illustration at the top of this post is Engagio’s visual overview of the stages of an ABM strategy and some of the tools that facilitate them, from Jon’s presentation Fishing With Spears: All About Account-Based Marketing.
    [Presentation] Q&A with Ardath Albee: Driving Smart Marketing with Digital Relevance
    AB: In the book you call attention to the way companies approach “see also” content presentation on their web sites. Albee: This is indeed a problem that I see presenting in several ways. Delivering on the promise of relevance is a core goal for all marketers, but it appears that there are significant disconnects in organizations’’ abilities to strategically execute on this across all integrated activities.
    [Presentation] 8 Core Benefits of B2B Content Marketing
    Put it into a presentation format and post to SlideShare. But, at the end of the day, it could be much more effective than the other forms of marketing being used in the present. Many of us have seen the impressive numbers around B2B content marketing usage. If you haven’t, here’s a snapshot (courtesy of the Content Marketing Institute ): While these figures are encouraging, they likely aren’t enough alone for you to adopt a full-fledged B2B content marketing strategy.
    [Presentation] Why You're Thinking About Digital Marketing Analytics All Wrong
    Is that lead an active part of your email subscriber base, often clicking and converting on marketing offers presented via email? Measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations. According to HubSpot’s 2016 State of Inbound report , 46% of marketers cited "proving the ROI of our marketing activities" as one of the biggest challenge they face within their company.
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    [Presentation] 4 Data-Driven Ways to Create More Targeted Ad Campaigns
    Your client's website is made of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of unique visual elements -- but there's no reason they have to be presented the same way to every single visitor. Digital marketing is undergoing a revolution. Agencies have more granular insight than ever before into how their campaigns are performing. The days of selecting media channels based on broad demographic data and relying on generalized ad impression numbers are over.
    [Presentation] What print options are available for customer reports from the Alinean sales / marketing tools?
    The report content is based on the user entered data and analysis, and is intelligently controlled based on these two factors – presenting only the relevant results. Printing is done via templates, which the analyst / tool author uses to specify what is in a specific report, and install in the system for all to utilize. Using the print function, the user of the tool can choose to have the report developed and sent to them via e-mail, or downloaded for review and printing.
    [Presentation] 3 Strategies You Need for Social Selling: The Non-Creepy Solution to Your Tedious Investigative Past
    In short, social insights surrounding your prospects’ past and present can easily incite interest in business conversations. Customer research used to be a time-consuming task for salespeople. If you spend your time stalking instead of talking, you’re behind the times (and you’re probably falling behind on your sales quotas too). Relying on company news feeds to provide customer intelligence is so last year.
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    [Presentation] Want to Take Your Content From Good to Great? 10 Signs You've Hit the Mark
    If you present them with a wall of text they can’t scan, they’ll hit the back button and try the next piece of content. The amount of content created and shared on the internet these days is huge. And by huge, I mean mind-bogglingly huge. Every single minute , more than 200 million emails are sent, more than 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, and more than 220,000 photos are shared on Instagram. Not to mention the 2.5 million pieces of content that are shared on Facebook.
    [Presentation] 5 Keys For Planning Content For Mobile Audiences
    Mobile is no longer the future of marketing – it’s the present. For marketers, mobile is the “last mile” of effectively connecting with audiences. Pew Research points out that nearly 60% of the U.S. adult population now owns a smartphone and almost half own a tablet. For many people, mobile content is their most common form of consumption. That doesn’t, however, mean that marketers are good at creating content that works well in the mobile environment.
    [Presentation] What to Do When Rebranding Is Your Only Option
    If your client can''t present a concrete reason (and “I’m bored” doesn’t count), then you should consider other avenues. This post originally appeared on The Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to The Agency Post. Brands that aren’t constantly evolving can become stale and irrelevant. Rebranding might be the way to breathe life back into a struggling company. Apple is an excellent example of successful rebranding.
    [Presentation] 5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 3: Vertical Competition
    Vertical competition presents a greater strategic threat than horizontal competition. Click the image above for a larger version of the illustration. This is Part 3 of a 5-part series on 5 Disruptions to Marketing (you can start with Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already): Digital transformation redefines “marketing” beyond the marketing department. Microservices & APIs (and open source) form the fabric of marketing infrastructure.
    [Presentation] Book Review: Marketing in the Round
    Today’s explosion of media channels has made it simultaneously more challenging yet more vital for companies to present unified messaging and branding to their markets. Although the book is excellent overall, one could raise a few minor quibbles with it: The explanation of strength-weakness-opportunity-threat (SWOT) analysis in section one is presented a bit lightly; this is a critical exercise to get right, and getting it right requires a fairly significant research effort.
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    [Presentation] 7 Steps to Becoming a World-Class Real-Time Marketer
    RTM leaves the campaign mentality at home and brings to the forefront an always-on, ever-present approach. Lately, real-time marketing is the buzzword du jour. While the notion of real-time marketing has been around since the mid-nineties, the practice gained steam after Oreo's "Dunk in the Dark" ad was created immediately following the power outage during this year's Super Bowl.
    [Presentation] Top 10 Account-Based Marketing Moments from #RevSummit17
    After the warm welcome, Sangram took the stage with his presentation on how evolutions in B2B marketing technology (#MarTech) have brought about the industry’s #ABM revolution. You can view Nate’s entire presentation from Revenue Summit here: 4. Flip through Kristen Wendel’s presentation for more details on VersionOne’s account-based marketing success: 5. Account-based marketing was “mega” at Revenue Summit 2017.
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    [Presentation] The art of narrative storytelling via social media marketing
    While the quality and presentation of the high-end coconut oil might very well be enough to convince most people to accept a review bottle of the oil, the fact that the purity of the oil is the direct result of a personal suffering might make it personal enough. I’m always asked about analytics and metrics when it comes to my earned media micro-influencer marketing campaigns, the campaigns that Dan Krueger and I produce for our clients at every day.
    [Presentation] 7 Awesome SnapApp Blogs on Content Repurposing (+2 Bonus)
    Whether it’s a blog post, ebook, webinar, or event presentations, there are multiple opportunities to repurpose that hard work. A big part of creating effective content and scaling production is to get the most out of every asset. To really highlight our advocacy on content repurposing, we’ve collected seven (plus two bonus) stand-out SnapApp posts on the subject. Hopefully this will work as a miniature library for you to browse and explore.
    [Presentation] Three Content Strategies for Responsive Web Design: Plan, Prioritize, Distill
    If after the final draft you are still presenting the reader with large chunks of gray text, you need yet another round of content distillation. This bite-sized content delivery system is more visually appealing than a wall of gray text, signaling to the reader that the writer and the designer have already done the work of identifying individual thoughts, crafting them into tight text, and presenting them in a succinct manner.
    [Presentation] The true goal of influence: Persuasion
    Also, Tom and Tamsen wax poetically about the Ronco Bass-o-matic , and they present the first edition of the Cirque du Companion, an audio feast for the senses, including the talents of: Marselles Coe – with various impersonations. We talk a lot about influence, but what is the true goal of influencing? Persuading. While I was far afield in South America for the past few weeks, Tom’s wife Tamsen sat in for me in this episode of The Marketing Companion.
    [Presentation] How does Vodafone prove digital media’s effectiveness?
    Give marketers and our agency a clear and indisputable reason to be present at the boardroom table. A customer may not have at present a viable alternative to a vendor, but the moment they do, they’re gone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Vodafone’s objective was to design and take advantage of new technologies and trends to develop a new approach to accurately measure media effectiveness.
    [Presentation] Get More out of your Marketing Automation with Interactive Content
    By presenting interactive content in your templates and capturing the user data in your marketing database you can put more gas in and get more power out of your marketing automation/ CRM solution. Author: Seth Lieberman You have seen the benefits of content marketing , but are your recent campaigns falling a bit flat? You have a marketing automation system in place, but are you getting the most out of it?
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    [Presentation] How Can You Shine as Gartner Lowers IT Spending Forecasts for 2013?
    Sitting in on the majority of sales presentations and you can see that most are still delivering empty product pitches or pseudo-solution selling with a few cursory questions and canned “death by PowerPoint” presentations. Sometimes you don’t want to be right, and this is one of those times. To kick off 2013, Gartner predicted that the reigns on worldwide IT spending would loosen, forecasting an increase of 4.2% in IT spend for the year.
    [Presentation] 2011 Social Media Marketing Trends
    A new report from Focus, 2011 Trends Report: Social Media Marketing presents observations and predictions from eight leading social media experts (and me) about social media trends and developments to watch for in the coming year. Social media marketing has progressed from radical new idea to widely adopted practice in a remarkably short period of time.
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    [Presentation] 12 Marketo Summit 2017 Sessions You Should Attend
    Join Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst from TOPO, as he presents the TOPO Account-Based Funnel which provides the framework organizations need to design, execute, and measure their account-based strategy. Marketing Nation Summit is a massive event that attracts thousands of marketers to the Bay Area every year. It can be a little overwhelming, though, given there are over 120 sessions across the four day conference.
    [Presentation] Eight Ways to Rock at Your Job (or Get a Better One)
    I gave a presentation a while back to staff at a company that made rubber gaskets. Present Alternatives. Never ask your boss / co-worker / colleague what they think of a specific color, font, tagline, headline, product concept or anything else—instead, present alternatives (at least two, preferably three, no more than five). You’re smart, hard-working, and loyal as a dog. So why hasn’t your career taken off the way you had hoped?
    [Presentation] Do Modern Marketers Market Better After Eloqua Experience? [CHART]
    Do the educational sessions, customer presentations, the celebration of success at The Markie Awards — and lots more knowledge exchange — change how well we market? by Tom Hardy | Tweet this With Eloqua Experience (#EE13) just a few weeks away, the Eloqua community is building to a crescendo of activity much like Santa’s workshop before the big day!
    [Presentation] 5 Ways to Prepare for the Future of Email Marketing
    This is the topic Karen Rubin , HubSpot’s Product Manager and HubSpot TV Co-Host , tackled in her presentation at MarketingSherpa’s recent Email Marketing Summit. As Karen said in her presentation, “The ‘spam’ filter is now social.” Charles Kettering, the former head of research for General Motors, once said, “My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.”
    [Presentation] The 26 Best All-in-One SEO Tool Suites
    This (BrightLocal) audit tool runs over 300 simultaneous checks and presents these findings in a clear and professional PDF report. SEO has a lot of moving parts. Successfully getting your content to rank highly and stand out from the vast ocean of blog posts, articles, website content, videos, infographics, and other types of informative and persuasive marketing pieces being produced requires making sure no component is missing and everything is working together.
    [Presentation] Account-Based Marketing and SEO: 4 Reasons They’re Perfect for Each Other
    It can also help plot content along each persona’s buying journey so each piece of content answers the right questions and presents an appropriate CTA. Author: Nate Dame Whether you’re just getting started with account-based marketing or you’ve been doing it for a while, you may be looking for new ways to maximize your efforts. One effective way to amplify the results of your ABM approach is to make sure it’s incorporated into your SEO strategy.
    [Presentation] How to Design a Marketing Survey That Yields Legitimate Results
    In addition to writing valid questions, you should also pay close attention to the order in which you present them. For example, if you were planning to present data on the difference between B2B and B2C strategies for inbound marketing, you'd need to make sure you can parse all your survey responses by their core business model -- so make that's one of the first five questions. “Statistics can be made to prove anything -- even the truth.” – Author Unknown.
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    [Presentation] 12 Tips for Writing Clickable Search Ad Copy
    Or perhaps last-minute shoppers who forgot to buy their friend a birthday present? Content creation is an essential part of a marketer's day-to-day job. From drafting ebooks to promoting webinars, we have to be creative and concise with our writing in order to engage our audience. However, finding the right words can be tough -- especially when there is limited space. I'm sure we've all struggled with having just one too many characters in a tweet (I know I have).
    [Presentation] 24 More of the Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2012
    Mustaza Mustafa presents a richly illustrated, step-by-step process for using the CertifiedSeller app to add a Twitter profile link to your tab on Facebook timeline. You’ve probably read about the dismal click-through rates for Facebook ads , but Dan Slagen here offers guidance on beating the averages through high relevance and a compelling call to action, then presents examples of brands generating strong performance with Facebook advertising.
    [Presentation] 10 Inbound Marketing Myths It's Time to Leave Behind
    Attorneys often just get a few minutes to make their case in court but no one else sees all the behind the scenes work that goes into that short presentation. Many things in life and business are misunderstood and under-appreciated. Professional athletes make playing a sport look easy but you don''t see the hundreds of hours of training that occurred behind the scenes. After all, it''s just putting a ball in a hoop, right?
    [Presentation] The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012
    She’s a frequent presenter at industry conferences, author of guides to B2B social media and lead scoring, and a past judge of the Stevie, BMA B2 and B2BTOTY awards. A year ago, the #Nifty50 honored 50 remarkable men and women on Twitter. This year, colleague Cheryl Burgess and I changed things up a bit, opening the award to nominations but focusing specifically on outstanding men and women who work for technology companies and are active on social media.
    [Presentation] New Year; New Data Plan: The Allure of Big Data Wanes
    Don’t issue presentations with so much content that the story gets lost. When big data went mainstream, small and midsize companies that wanted to be like their billion dollar idols realized quickly that they did not possess the labor or financial capital to truly engage in the revolution. New roles were created…the data scientist moved to center stage along with new tools such as No SQL and Hadoop.
    [Presentation] “Sirius” About Marketing Operations
    That means the summit will feature more sophisticated topics that marketing operations managers and teams are particularly interested in like the “Marketing Investment” presentation, which zeros on the issues of alignment and accountability. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. When research firm SiriusDecisions held its first summit six years ago, the term marketing operations was a barely formed thought in the b2b world. “It
    [Presentation] How an A/B Test of Landing Page Form Copy Improved Lead Quality
    You can see below that we played with copy changes as well as visual presentation in the form field. When most people talk about getting quality lead information from forms, they usually talk about one tactic: changing the length of the form. The longer the form, the better quality the leads will be. right? Truthfully, it''s not always that simple.
    [Presentation] Adventures in Flipping Funnels
    Before we turned to ABM, only a small percentage of the people we were reaching had a likelihood of buying from Invoca,” said Stead, the director of demand generation at Invoca, in one of the day’s main presentations. “We SAN FRANCISCO — The first indication that # FlipMyFunnel would be an unconventional conference came even before entering the downtown building. Curious onlookers were stopping along the sidewalk to stare at a strange sight.
    [Presentation] Social media in a polarized world
    However, in its present form, rather than flattening the power law distribution of opinions, social media seems to be consolidating a dumbbell curve model, where almost nothing bridges the two sides of a discussion. I’m in Brazil for the FIFA World Cup and experiencing online life as frequently as sparsely available bread crumbs of random connectivity.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, 2013
    [Presentation] New Social Media Image Templates, #INBOUND13 Wrap-Up, and More in HubSpot Content This Week
    My fellow HubSpotter Katie Burke put together a recap of our five keynote presentations, complete with an interactive SlideShare that I''ve embedded below. It''s no secret: We produce and publish a lot of content here at HubSpot. 20+ blog posts a week. Nearly 10 free ebooks, downloads, and webinars a month. And don''t forget the couple SlideShares we put together every week or so. Yup, we have kind of a "content machine" thing going on.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 6, 2012
    [Presentation] Event Swag Your Attendees Will Love. and Loathe
    You can put the session presentations on it. The main attraction of any live event is (or should be) the content. At HubSpot's upcoming event INBOUND 2012 , for example, we have 60 breakout sessions and 6 keynote sessions designed to attract thousands of attendees. But sometimes, it's the little things that make an event go the extra mile. The special surprises the coordinators throw in. The prizes companies hand out. The contests that take place. You know, the free swag!
    [Presentation] Understanding the Bernie Sanders Brand
    In this four-part series, we’ll take a look at how candidates (past and present) built their brands with content and the success – or failure – of their strategies. . If you needed a reason to believe in the power of personal branding, just look to the 2016 presidential election to understand its influence.
    [Presentation] 8 Real-Life Examples of Outbound Marketing Gone Terribly Wrong
    Having a popular mascot synonymous with your brand presents tons of marketing opportunities, but unfortunately, one can't always control who puts on the mask. Every marketer has had that foot-in-mouth moment (we've even written a whole blog post about some of our most notable ones). But even if those public fails are a sort of rite of passage for those in our industry, part of our jobs is also to try to prevent those embarrassing public faux pas.
    [Presentation] Is This New Free iOS App the Future of Video Marketing?
    Whether Trio will present a game-changing shift in how multimedia content is created, however, remains to be seen. Yet another new iOS app has come out of the entrepreneurial minds at MIT , and this one is aimed at video marketing. Trio is a “video mash-up” app that allows users to pull together photos, videos, music, GIFs, and other assets to create easily shared multimedia videos.
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    [Presentation] Why Every Nonprofit Should Adopt a Social Networking Mindset
    But it isn’t always quick and easy to do, as CEO of San Francisco Goodwill Debbie Alvarez-Rodriguez shared in a recent presentation about becoming a networked nonprofit. Recently, I tweeted that one tweet from a nonprofit's CEO was worth more than many tweets by its staff, borrowing a line from trite saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” This prompted a debate with several colleagues, including two nonprofit CEOs.
    [Presentation] 2 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Star Wars
    Even the things that are wildly different – like hair and dress styles and species – are presented in ways that add to the plausibility that somewhere there’s a parallel universe where forces of good are fighting forces of evil. It’s the start of a shiny new year, a time when most people commit themselves to certain priorities at work and in their personal lives.
    [Presentation] 13 Types of Product Content Sales Needs to Close More Deals
    8) Sales Training Sessions/Presentations. Create presentations and dedicated training sessions that educate your salespeople about how these new features work, their individual use cases, and the best ways to position these features to various buyer personas and specific segments of your audience. As inbound marketers, we create a lo- hot of content. It fuels our whole marketing strategy, after all!
    [Presentation] How to Measure Engagement of Your Thought Leadership Program
    To learn more about how Ingenuity Systems implemented a thought leadership metrics program, see the step-by-step instructions in Heidi’s presentation below. View more presentations from Marketo. by Jason Miller I’m pleased to welcome Heidi Bullock, Sr. Director of Marketing at Ingenuity Systems as a guest blogger. She discusses thought leadership and how she developed a successful campaign to overcome the challenge of accurately measuring her thought leadership efforts.
  • SNAPAPP  |  MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2016
    [Presentation] What Marketers Need to Know About Interactive Video
    To help shed more light on the influence of interactive video, Brightcove and DemandMetric teamed up to present a study of 500+ marketers on their usage of interactive video. Just under a month ago, a new collection of songs recorded by Jeff Buckley was posthumously released. The album is called You and I , and one of the stand out tracks is a cover of Bob Dyan’s Just Like A Woman.
    [Presentation] 6 Content Marketing Channels Missing From Your Plan
    Why not use this opportunity to present the newly acquired customer with great content they can use and share? Although much deserved attention is given to Blogs, eBooks, Webinars, Data Sheets, Press Releases, Videos, and other typical channels when talking about content creation, you shouldn’t forget to include the following touchpoints in your content marketing plan.
    [Presentation] Blockchain marketing: how the technology behind Bitcoin could change marketing
    Readers: Jeremy will be speaking at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco , May 9-11, with a fantastic presentation on Marketing in a Blockchain World. The following is a guest post by Jeremy Epstein , CEO of Never Stop Marketing. Jeremy currently works with several of the leading companies in the blockchain and decentralization space including OB1 and OpenBazaar. Previously, he was VP of marketing at Sprinklr. You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin.
    [Presentation] Fathom SEO Pulse #39: Concentrating Beyond Position #1, Increasing Mobile Conversions & More
    Use the same topic, but present it in a new way or from a new perspective. Welcome to Fathom’s weekly SEO pulse, where our goal is to help you stay on top of any new strategies and changes in this integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Here’s the latest SEO news: “How to Hack the Amplification Process – Whiteboard Friday”. In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand covers how to get your content to your target audience, even when you have a “small megaphone.” link]. Panda 4.2
    [Presentation] Email Metrics that Matter: Key Data for the Holiday Season
    If you are tending to see more opt-outs than complaints, then it is a good idea to present your recipients with an option to opt-down, ensuring that they will still be an active recipient but don’t need to receive all of your emails (this helps during the holiday season – where companies tend to increase the frequency of their sends).
    [Presentation] This Brand Is Tickled Pink, Literally
    Gruss explains why “We thought, ‘what is the common thing that is always present?’ The use of colors in a given brand’s logo is a topic that is often discussed and debated with the impact those colors can have from a marketing and advertising perspective at the top of the priority list. A lot of thought goes into, or at least it should, the color or colors of a given brand’s logo for each color can serve to represent differing traits or characteristics.
    [Presentation] 10 B2B Marketing Lessons from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios
    In the B2B realm, these can include free or freemium online tools (like HubSpot’s Marketing Grader ); useful and share-worthy content like research findings and how-to guides; customer conferences (with associated SlideShare presentations and videos); online customer community sites; open source sharable components; and other forms of content. A few weeks ago, we took a spring break / time-to-thaw-out trip to Orlando.
    [Presentation] Content Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: Distribution
    Turn it into a PDF presentation and post it on SlideShare. You can tag that presentation with keywords, and SlideShare is partnered with LinkedIn, so you can reach out to that platform as well. Here’s part two of of our recap of the webinar “ Direct Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, Part 2: Content Marketing.” In the last post, I covered Carolyn Goodman’s tips for generating outstanding content; you can check that out here.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016
    [Presentation] Why the airlines must improve their brand image
    This situation presents a dilemma for the airline industry. The negative perceptions of the major U.S. airline brands (e.g. American, United, Delta, US Airways) reached a new high recently with publicity on the interminable security lines at most airports. While these excessive wait times have many causes, such as not enough checkers and increased air traffic, the airline industry is partly to blame as well.
    [Presentation] 5 Social Media Tips to Enhance Engagement
    An educational SlideShare presentation. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Helen Nesterenko , the founder of , the go-to place to find freelance writers and create great content. She loves everything about blogging, writing and content marketing. Follow Helen on Twitter @HNesterenko. Congrats! You’ve written some outstanding, compelling content and you’re ready to post it to your social media platforms. Then what?
    [Presentation] Should Hospitals be on Facebook? Social Media Marketing for the Healthcare Industry
    Present information about qualified staff, services, and facility as well as your purpose, goal, or mission. Author: Chase McMichael Across industries, sophisticated organizations are now committing both time and money to their social media marketing campaigns. But the healthcare industry (including hospitals, B2B medical manufacturers, and health clubs) has hesitated to embrace social media. A survey of 1,060 U.S.
    [Presentation] 2013 Roundup of Marketing Miscellany
    Established in 1996 during the Web’s infancy, The Webbys is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences ( IADAS ), a 1,000+ member judging body. The Webby Awards presents two honors in every category — The Webby Award and The Webby People’s Voice Award — in each of its five entry-types: Websites, Interactive Advertising & Media, Online Film & Video, Mobile & Apps and Social.
    [Presentation] ABM: An Ancient Practice?
    That same year, Charles Doyle of Accenture presented three objectives of client-centric marketing at ITSMA’s annual conference: (1) manage perception; (2) create a differentiated position; and (3) generate demand. There’s no denying that Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is hotter than hot. I’ve been to all of the big B2B marketing conferences this year, and the topic is being discussed everywhere.
    [Presentation] The 21 Best Content Curation Tools
    Perhaps you see an infographic you like and want to emulate, or new ways to present your content visually. Although content marking is now a nearly universal practice—with 93% of B2B marketers using content marketing— half of all marketers still rank “producing enough content” as one of their top five challenges. Fortunately, content marketers don’t have to do it all themselves.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2014
    [Presentation] What Is a Whitepaper? [FAQs]
    A whitepaper is a persuasive, authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution. The definition of a whitepaper varies heavily from industry to industry, which can be a little confusing for marketers looking to create one for their business. The old school definition comes from politics, where it means a legislative document explaining and supporting a particular political solution.
    [Presentation] Building Your Brand Strategy
    Blog – Presenting an excellent branding opportunity for businesses, a blog promotes the type of open or transparent culture people today look for while also forcing them to remember a brand that openly demonstrates its personality and expertise. Building Your Brand Strategy A company’s brand can be considered its face it shows to the world, and as a modern-day marketer you have to ask yourself…are you putting your clients’ best face forward?
    [Presentation] Healthcare Marketing Is Pioneering Value-Based Content, and the Rest of the World Should Pay Attention
    I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but I believe healthcare marketing presents a great model for content creation—everybody should be emulating us! I’m a healthcare native. That native status is powerful as a value-based content creator because it means I’ve got an insider’s perspective on the culture and needs of healthcare organizations.
    [Presentation] Voice Search Strategy: What Marketers Need to Know Now
    First, let’s make one thing clear: At present, “ t here isn’t really a way to plan and rank for voice search,” Barby says. When you wear white, do you inevitably spill something all over yourself? So when I had sushi at work last week, it wasn't long before I was frantically yell ing , "Siri, h ow can I get soy sauce out of white pants?”. Thank goodness for voice search, am I right?
    [Presentation] Analyze This: Learn Marketing Analytics in a Week
    Friday – Develop presentations that scream Action and Insight. Trend analysis. Conjoint analysis. Regression analysis. Factor analysis. Know what they are? Know when to use them? (No No peeking at Google.). Many of your colleagues don’t either. But they (and you) may soon be expected to. Here’s why: By 2015, companies are expected to increase their marketing analytics budgets by 60% over 2012 spending, from 5.7% to 9.1%. That’s according to the CMO Survey conducted by
    [Presentation] 3 Tips to Inform Your Content Marketing Strategy (Courtesy of Skyword/Outbrain)
    To connect with the webinar presenters, check out MaryAnne Flynn, VP of Content Services at Skyword, and Rich Ullman, VP of Marketing at Outbrain, on Twitter: @maryanneflynn & @richullman. This year, many of the tactics, channels, and ways for readers to consume content will continue to evolve.
    [Presentation] What the Voice Recognition Explosion Will Mean for Content Marketing
    But for content marketers, voice search presents a tectonic shift in how people search for and discover content. Speech and voice recognition are getting really, really good. Want to view photos from a recent trip? Android users can ask Google to show them their vacation pics. Researching flights? Just ask Google on your phone, and don’t hesitate to offer follow-up questions to filter nonstop flights or early morning departures. Need a wake-up call?
    [Presentation] How the CEO Can Enhance Sales, Marketing, and the Executive Branch
    Note that I am a big fan of ABM, it is just much bigger than presenting banner ads based on IP addresses. Someone once told me that CEOs don’t care about leads. They only care about revenue. Unfortunately, as a result of this thinking, marketing spends a ton of money generating leads for sales that are never followed-up. They go into a black hole (sometimes called CRM). It doesn’t have to be that way.
    [Presentation] 5 Must-Watch Google Webmaster Videos for the B2B Marketer
    Once implemented, these tags present an opportunity to increase click through rates, providing more organic traffic to your product pages, so I recommend getting these up as soon as possible. Every search marketer has a go-to industry source that they rely on for thought-provoking SEO content. Whether it’s Rand Fishkin from Moz, Wil Reynolds from SEER, or Danny Sullivan from MarketingLand, everyone has a favorite blogger.
    [Presentation] 25 Demand Gen Resources, Stats, and Visuals Worth Bookmarking
    According to the SlideShare presentation, “Demand generation is focused on shaping the audience’s perspective, while lead generation is focused on capturing their information.” Reading this headline, you might be thinking, “What is demand gen, and what does it have to do with what I’ve spent the last few years doing with my marketing strategy?” ” Don’t worry. Your instincts are dead-on.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 2017
    [Presentation] 6 Video Podcasts B2B Businesses Can Learn From
    For most people, language education stops after high-school, so having an easy daily way to interact with a new language presents this learning material in a way that anyone can consume. Podcasts are nothing new. While the medium was invented somewhere around 2000, Apple’s decision to add podcasts to iTunes in 2005 thrust a new light, and new subscriber base, onto the concept of short-form audio content.
    [Presentation] Can Marketing Content Have an Expiration Date?
    If the topic is still quite relevant within your industry, evaluate if there are gaps in the coverage or any areas for potential content, presenting a fresh look at increasingly dated content. A few months ago, it seemed every time I logged onto Netflix or Hulu, I found another announcement that a TV show—often dating back at least ten years—was set to come back.
    [Presentation] What Steve Jobs Can Teach Us about Marketing in 2017
    In the following video, Jobs gives a presentation highlighting a key feature of the computer ‒ that the new product is so thin, it easily fits into a manila envelope. The best stories start by presenting unresolved mysteries and problems, then slowly revealing the solution. Present customers with the right content at the right time. Steve Jobs didn’t look good on paper. He wasn’t an engineer; he didn’t have an MBA. In fact, he had no college degree at all.
    [Presentation] 9 Principles of Mobile Web Design
    In a search for “Hoodies” on Under Armour’s website, you’re presented with several filtering options to narrow down the 371 results. The page provides you with ample information to help you proceed with your search, and is presented in a way that’s clean and not overwhelming to a mobile screen. In case you missed it, we now live in a mobile-dominant world.
    [Presentation] Marketing in a Downturn Part 2: Content, Content, Content
    Record your organization’s presentations at events and share them via social media. You could record your internal product experts demonstrating a useful feature of your product, or film your presentation at an event. Gave a presentation at an event? by Liz Smyth In the second part of our Marketing in a Downturn series, we’re examining the importance of content marketing. Read Part 1: Lead Generation and Nurture.).
    [Presentation] The A-Z Guide to B2B Lead Generation
    Content comes in a variety of formats; white papers, articles, case studies, webinars, podcasts, videos, ebooks, blog posts, Slideshare presentations, etc. I thought I’d have fun with this post and attempt to explain key principles of lead generation and inbound marketing in an A-Z glossary format. Feel free to challenge me with your own list or a replacement term for one of the letters. Here we go: A- Analytics.
    [Presentation] ‘Tis the Season: How to “Sleigh” Your Holiday Social Media Campaigns
    Find and present information that’s relevant to your audience, perhaps helping followers solve a problem. Almost 65 percent of shoppers scroll through their social feeds to find ideas for the perfect present, so Tweet links to your products or set up a regularly updated gift guide on your Facebook page. With cooler weather about to usher in the holiday season, it’s not too early to start making plans for your holiday social media campaign.
  • PUREB2B  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2017
    [Presentation] Do Prospects Still Appreciate Downloadable Content?
    However, even though engagement rates are generally down , content marketers can take heart that prospects still appreciate useful and targeted content, including downloadables such as whitepapers, ebooks, checklists, guides, toolkits, SlideShare presentations, and the like. As previously mentioned, whitepapers offer in-depth reports and expert insights that typically present a problem and provide a solution.
    [Presentation] Scheduling Your Business Blog: How Often to Blog and the Best Times to Publish
    He also presents research into the best times to tweet and share your blog posts on Facebook for maximum reach. If you’re trying to create an editorial calendar to keep your business blogging on schedule, there are two tricky things you need to master: coming up with new content ideas and figuring out how often to blog.
    [Presentation] Account-Based Marketing at Salesforce World Tour – Atlanta
    Throughout the entire day, I couldn’t find a single presentation that didn’t relate at least indirectly to account-based marketing. My first two months working with account-based marketing (ABM) here at Terminus have been like the first couple of weeks in a college class. I’ve been soaking up as much information as I can by watching and doing a variety of tasks. It’s the same way that you take notes and begin to learn the material that the class has to offer.
    [Presentation] 9 Pillars for a Killer Content Marketing Strategy
    You could include recipes for nostalgic comfort foods, engaging emotions and intellect and presenting the product as uniquely useful. Image source. Would you like to generate more leads, sales, and business? Want to improve conversions and effectively establish your brand? Two words: content marketing. Maybe these stats will help convince you…. 80% of American Internet users interact with blogs and social media.
  • TERMINUS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017
    [Presentation] Build Your Account-Based Marketing Campaigns with These 12 ABM Plays
    Instead, you can use account-based nurturing to continue to present your messaging and content to those accounts over time, keeping your company top-of-mind until they’re ready to convert into a sales opportunity. If you’ve done business with one division of a complex enterprise company and are hoping to expand into others, you can use ABM technology like Terminus to present digital ads to those target divisions’ key decision-makers.
    [Presentation] Vendor Selection: Writing a Good Requirements Document
    Present this information in a table with record counts and transaction volumes so it can be used to size and price your solution. My last two posts (not counting this morning’s detour into Marketo-land) described common errors marketers make when selecting marketing automation systems. How did we come to this? I see two reasons: Marketers are like everybody else.
    [Presentation] 50 of the Most Dependable Web Resources for University Students |
    Examples include an online word processor (Zoho Writer), online spreadsheets (Zoho Sheet), an online organizer (Zoho Planner), online database applications (Zoho Creator) and an online presentation tool (Zoho Show). Knowing where to turn for facts, handy web apps and other types of resources can make student life a lot easier. Read on for a list of 50 of the most useful and. Associate Degree Programs. Bachelor Degree Programs. Master Degree Programs. Doctorate Degree Programs.
    [Presentation] How to Be a Good Storyteller: 3 Things Content Marketers Can Learn from Professional Wrestling
    But in a Piper’s Pit interview segment during which André was presented a trophy for being the only wrestler who had never been pinned or forced to submit, Hogan stole his thunder—and a conflict was born. Now that you know how to be a good storyteller, look at your intended audience, their potential problems, and the solutions your product or service presents. Great storytelling should be a priority for any brand that invests in content marketing.
    [Presentation] 7 tips for credible video in your B2B marketing
    While language skills varied, and a few buckets of sweat were generated, all had immense credibility off camera, and much of this authenticity was retained, shining through their on-camera presentations. Prepare them properly immediately before – tell them it’s credibility we want, allow them to scratch their heads, pause between statements, look around if they need to rather than try to deliver a presentation worthy of an actor.
  • THE ROI GUY  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 2015
    [Presentation] No Decision is No Excuse
    In fact the #1 piece of content requested by buyers today is still a sales presentation, according to their research. By Dan Sixsmith and Tom Pisello When Sirius Decisions stepped forward last month to announce that several commonly held beliefs about B2B buyers and sellers were not true, it got me thinking. What other falsehoods are out there? Well, we might have found another one, but first let’s recap the myth busting by SiriusDecisions.
    [Presentation] What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Social Media in China
    Accordingly, because Chinese users hold very different networking values from users of other countries, the social media there presents special traits, too. If you go to China and make new friends there, you will be frustrated when you want to add them as Facebook friends or follow their Twitter account. You will quickly find out that they rarely have those accounts. Like Google, Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China due to the censorship issue.
    [Presentation] Content Marketing Requires the Mindset of a Publisher
    You can call me a magazine nerd if you want to , but I suggest I’m not alone given the sheer volume of publications presented every day on newsstands, despite the pronouncements of print being dead. I’ve always loved magazines—most of us do, right? There’s something about scanning the headlines on the newsstand that I still enjoy, especially before getting on a plane or even when I’m killing time between meetings.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 5, 2013
    [Presentation] The Ultimate Guide to Attending INBOUND 2013
    The best way to broach this subject is to have some succinct bullet points that explain the value of the event -- whether those are sent via email, during a presentation, or in a meeting one-on-one. In many sessions, there will be time to ask the speaker questions or approach them after, so if you have any specific questions have them ready in advance so you can concentrate on the presentation and taking notes.
    [Presentation] How Local Search Will Evolve in 2013 [6 Predictions]
    And anyone who attended my Distilled SearchLove presentations in London or Boston knows that I think these active Google+ users (in other words "Power Reviewers") are going to hold increasing sway over a much broader range of results than just the ones their friends see. A decade from now, when the next John Battelle writes the definitive retrospective on the mobile-local internet, my guess is that 2012 will be viewed as the tipping point for local search.
    [Presentation] Inbound Marketing vs. Content Marketing – What’s the Difference?
    I mean, look how much they actually have in common: In fact, Joe Pulizzi even admitted in a 2010 presentation at HubSpot’s headquarters that the two practices were pretty much exactly the same thing, stating “we are indeed all media companies today and it doesn’t really matter what you call it.” Are there any major differentiators when it comes to inbound vs content marketing, and what are they? Caution. You’ve just unwittingly stepped into one of the fiercest marketing debates today.
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