How To Write And Distribute Press Releases


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Five Top PR Trends to Watch in 2021


The public relations (PR) industry has been under increasing pressure over the past few years. Consumers demand more from brands than ever before, and the rise of cancel culture means it’s more important than ever to avoid a PR scandal. 4) Importance of advanced PR platforms.

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What is a Premium Business MAT Release?


PR and communications professionals have the never-ending task of finding new and innovative ways to help share their brands’ and clients’ messages. With a traditional MAT Release, PR professionals can guarantee media coverage by distributing their content to print and online news publishers.

8 Essential Tips To Get PR Done Right for Your Startup

Sage Marketing

After all, how exactly do you run a successful Public relations (PR) campaign for your startup? . If you’re just starting, this guide to startup PR strategies has all the information you need to get started and essential tips to increase your chances of gaining media coverage.

Brand marketing: 4 ways businesses should be using press releases — but many aren’t


Ah yes, press releases: a staple of the business collateral landscape that has not just survived the transition from the print to the digital world, but has thrived. Indeed, thanks to the “evergreen” nature of web content, press releases are the brand marketing gift that keeps on giving. However, despite their proven value — and staggeringly high ROI compared to most other forms of conventional brand building — many businesses aren’t happily aboard the press-release bus.

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Don’t Publish a Press Release. Create a Product Story Instead


When companies write about themselves, we usually wind up with dry, hollow press releases. However, the typical press release machine has become somewhat outdated. Now, the series has become a staple of new product releases. The post Don’t Publish a Press Release.

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News Releases in Industrial Content Marketing — Part II

Industrial Marketing Today

Think of this post as an extension of my previous article “Why Industrial News Releases Make Good Blog Posts.” Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Industrial Marketing News Releases PR Press RleasesLet me start with some findings and statistics from different B2B [.]. This is only a content summary. Please click on the headline to read the full article. Visit my website for more content on industrial marketing.].

7 tips for effective press releases


Press releases can be very effective for helping to create a buzz and getting the word out about something new with your business. However, since many other businesses also know this, there are often too many press releases floating around. Press releases can be a useful tool for any size business, and they allow smaller businesses to grab the same press attention larger businesses can get. How can you make your press releases more effective and stand out against the rest?

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Press Releases for SEO: How to Leverage PR for Search Engine Rankings

Press releases were once the golden strategy for SEO. Furthermore, PR was also much less risky, especially compared to more manual link building services. The Goal of the Press Release. The main wonder of press releases is the fact that they have so many advantages.

Twitter Offers Advantages in PR for B2B Brands Willing to Put in the Effort

Sword and the Script

A survey of 2,500 journalists finds Twitter is still their favorite social media network – here are time tested PR tips for B2B to earn some traction on the platform. Because Twitter offers PR advantages for brands willing to put in the effort.

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What Is the Link Between PR and SEO and How Can You Leverage It?

Marketing Insider Group

PR and SEO? When it comes to dynamic duos, PR and SEO didn’t always match up so easily. For a long time, SEO teams were considered behind-the-scenes technical wizards helping brands climb the Google rankings ladder while PR teams were out in the real world doing the actual marketing.

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Stop the Insanity. Fire Your PR Firm in 2014.

Marketing Craftmanship

Its source notwithstanding, the axiom applies perfectly to the great number of companies that retain PR firms, year after year, to generate publicity that will have little or no impact on tangible business outcomes. Over the past 5 decades, to rationalize hefty monthly fees, the PR profession has successfully promoted three underlying assumptions: Any publicity is good publicity. Fire your PR firm in 2014.

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Best Crypto PR Agency: Top 8 Choices for 2022

Single Grain

That means that companies dealing with the following subjects require the help of PR firms to secure brand coverage in top crypto publications: Blockchain. TABLE OF CONTENTS: ↓ What Is Crypto PR? How Is Crypto PR Different from Traditional PR? What Is Crypto PR?

PR and Inbound Marketing Success Stories

SmartBug Media

Earned media is the opportunity to publish your content on another company’s channels through PR efforts. Keep in mind that paid media strategies tend to differ quite a bit from PR and inbound marketing. The original PR goal was to land one placement (e.g.,

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A tech journalist on the 5 best and worst practices of B2B PR


It’s no wonder PR professionals are frustrated. Cutting through the noise has never been harder, but some PR pros manage to do it consistently. Find out what they do right and what too many PR pros still do wrong. The post A tech journalist on the 5 best and worst practices of B2B PR appeared first on Biznology. In this free 30-minute Biznology® webinar, Paul Gillin gives you tips for pitching to bloggers and influencers.

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Stop doing PR. Start doing visibility.

Chris Koch

Thanks for the great comments on last week’s post, “Is the Era of PR Over.&# Okay, so if the traditional model for PR is failing, what do we do instead? That’s why increasingly, PR is going to become a matter of simply allowing your subject matter experts to be found rather than enlisting armies of PR people to try to force journalists and customers to find those subject matter experts. I’m not saying we fire all PR people. Is this the new model for PR?

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Is the era of PR over?

Chris Koch

Among the many interesting ideas thrown around at ITSMA’s annual conference this week was that the era of PR is over. First, let’s define what PR means from the perspective of the customer (i.e., Looked at this way, there are only two types of PR: Guard dog PR and placement PR. Guard dog PR. These are the internal corporate PR representatives. Back when we had a strong press, the fact that press releases were self-aggrandizing crap didn’t matter.

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Walker Sands Boston Recognized for PR Work at 2022 PR Club Bell Ringer Awards

Walker Sands

Last week, we were honored to have our work recognized among Boston’s top PR campaigns at the PR Club Bell Ringer Awards , where our teams took home two wins for our work with Sophos and Affectiva. Affectiva Acquired: A PR Journey to M&A.

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Make Sure Your Press Release Doesn’t Fall Victim to Press Delete


Every day, journalists receive press releases by the dozens (possibly more—the three major services distribute roughly 1,800 news releases each day), many of which fall victim to the well-worn “delete” button. Will your electronic press release be opened or deleted? Provided you’ve met these requirements, here are seven additional steps you can take to further enhance your chances of getting your press release (or even a bylined story on your topic!)

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Death by Content: How Press Release Abuse Killed Public Relations

Marketing Craftmanship

Self-serving Press Release Content Has Killed PR. The origins of the press release are unclear, but in the not too distant past, this communication tool was called a “News Release.” For non-daily news sources such as magazines, news releases were often sent through the US Mail. Regardless of how they were delivered, news releases served an important role in mass communication.

PR Lesson from the Lolo Jones / New York Times Controversy

Marketing Craftmanship

Putting aside Longman’s opinion or Jones’ reaction, and discounting speculation that Jones’ spokesperson made a serious tactical error in declining to participate in the story, there is a simple but valuable PR lesson in the New York Times coverage of Lolo Jones, which is: MEDIA RELATIONS 101. Did Jere Kill Lolo’s Mojo?

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The Definitive Guide to a Data-Driven PR Strategy


On a basic level, data-driven public relations is the process of using data to develop newsworthy insights that support your organization’s PR goals. Continue reading to learn how you can kick-start your data-driven PR strategy. This information, often located in a contact database or CRM, can hold important insights that have the potential to be the perfect fuel for your data-driven PR initiative. Key Takeaways About Data-Driven PR Initiatives.

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A Non-Writer’s Guide to PR


Some PR professionals have no problem developing relationships or closing sales when they’re in one-on-one conversations. This guide discusses what PR is, what you should know about it, and its importance. How to Define PR. PR is an acronym for “public relations.”

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Book Review: Social PR Secrets


One of the first things you’ll notice about Social PR Secrets: How to Optimize, Socialize, and Publicize Your Brand’s News by Lisa Buyer is how compact it is. A must-read for anyone in PR, the book is also of value to marketers, SEO professionals, social media managers, and executives who want to better understand the role PR plays in maximizing a brand’s total online visibility , credibility, and impact.

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How Content Marketing Can Help You Earn Digital PR

Marketing Insider Group

Everyone knows how important PR is for building your brand reputation and attracting new customers. But traditional PR can be time-consuming, expensive, and limited in its reach. The good news is that anyone can get started with digital PR. What is Digital PR?

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PR: Crisis Communications 101 for B2B Companies

Golden Spiral

I recently interviewed Matthew Stotts, partner at Tenor PR , which provides strategic communications for VC firms, private equity, and other financial entities. These are the key messages, drafts of press releases, social media and email templates and pre-approved statements that can be customized quickly. “Losing your head in a crisis is a good way to become the crisis.” — C.J. Redwine.

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How to Craft Modern MAT Releases for the New Media Landscape


The first time I heard the term MAT Release I had no idea what it was. Now having created MAT Releases for clients for more than 14 years, I’ve seen them evolve to become a more powerful controlled media tactic than ever before.

Inside a Social Media News Release


Today, I plan to go through, “line-by-line,” a site we create to support all of our blogger outreach campaigns, that we call a Social Media News Release (SMNR) but we also call a Microsite, a Resource Site, or a Fact Sheet. To those of you who are in Communications, you’ll recognize the structural similarity between it and a traditional News Release/Press Release. We never used to add this to our Social Media News Releases. Image via CrunchBase.

It's Not About The Release Anymore. PR is Now Social PR.


was as easy as two letters: PR. The PR job has changed dramatically in the last decade. The press release, once king of the PR world, has ceded the throne to the much younger, much more persuasive heir social media and her loyal advisor the brand ambassador. 2016 PR is social PR. PR has always been about building relationships (with media and industry) but the scope has changed: The tools are better (thank you inbound).

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How can PR and influencer marketing work together in a crisis?

Sprout Social

It’s little wonder, then, that influencer marketing has become an indispensable part of the PR and crisis management approach for most brands. Here are five ways to make PR and influencer marketing work for your brand during a crisis. Influencer marketing has grown from a $1.7

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Why Data Storytelling Is Essential for the Modern PR Strategy


I’m not going to start this blog post with something hyperbolic and edgy like “press releases are dead.” What I do hope to explain, though, is how we need to consider the different types of digital PR when crafting marketing strategies. Traditional” public relations deals with crafting press releases and pitching contacts at media outlets about prominent updates with the company, like new products, a significant anniversary, an impressive acquisition, etc.

Are Press Releases Still Relevant in Today’s Age of Social Media?

B2B Digital Marketer

With so many people focusing on new media and social media, should you even think about PR and press releases? What is a press release ? Yet, there’s a general perception that PR and press releases are antiquated, that it no longer applies in today’s world of digital media.

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How to Bolster Your B2B SEO Strategy with PR


But, two marketing initiatives that aren’t often integrated are search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations (PR). So, today we take a deep dive into the average B2B SEO strategy and the ways in which PR strategy plays a role in elevating a brand’s online reputation. So How Does PR Impact Your SEO Strategy? 2. Data-Driven PR. The post How to Bolster Your B2B SEO Strategy with PR appeared first on B2B Blog.

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PR / Media Pros Should Stand Firm on Requiring Quote Approvals

Marketing Craftmanship

The practice of requiring journalists to submit on-the-record quotes for approval by a source in advance of publication has long been a sore point between the media and the PR profession. Quote Approvals Lower the Risk of Media Burn.

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DIY Digital PR (Online Engagement & Blogger Outreach)


Create a blogger-optimized news release. 2013-07-09 DIY Digital PR from Mike Moran on Vimeo. Thanks to all our sponsors: Blogging Public Relations Social Media Marketing Webinars blogger outreach blogger pitch bloggers blogs campaigns chris abraham earned media PR public relations social media Photo credit: zoxcleb. Yesterday’s Biznology® Webinar with Chris Abraham was all about blogger outreach and online engagement.

What is a MAT Release?


MAT release, matte release, syndicated content, advertorial — however you spell or say it, this PR tool is meeting the needs of the shifting landscape of America’s newspapers and media outlets. The MAT release is a branded, consumer-facing article that is distributed to a network of print and online news publishers. What are the benefits of a MAT release? Here are the top five benefits of a MAT release. MAT release examples.

Seven Ways to Use Your UVP and Brand Messaging


News Release Boilerplate. Every news release (and it really should be a “news” release that announces something consequential, not just a “press release” designed to produce cheap backlinks and annoy busy journalists) ends with an about-the-company paragraph.

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Your digital PR needs to account for emotions


Perhaps the Ray Rice incident, where the matter that was seemingly settled and done by the National Football League based on dry police reports became a national firestorm when security video was released showing the actual domestic abuse incident as it happened. If we fail to recognize how bad behavior is being recorded in more and more emotion-inducing ways, and we continue to do written press releases and staged news conferences to explain it away, we will lose the ability to persuade.

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The Complete Guide to Scale Your B2B Business to Success by Marrying PR with Content Marketing


By merging PR and content marketing in your B2B marketing campaigns, of course. Why use PR with content marketing. This is where PR comes through. You know content isn’t mere marketing collateral, and PR isn’t just media coverage. Scale your brand with these six PR + Content Marketing strategies. So, use PR to build your brand reputation and content marketing to sustain it. Upgrade content calendar with PR. Make PR a lead generation asset.

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Government Services Research Released

Hinge Marketing

Hi, I’m Liz Harr and for those of you who know Hinge even just a little, you probably know that we regularly conduct research on the professional services marketplace and then release the results of that research. First, it was traditional PR, then followed by speaking, followed by two other things that were closely tied and that is leveraging memberships in certain professional associations and hosting webinars. Video Transcription.