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The Importance of Public Relations in Marketing

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In large organizations, public relations (PR) and marketing often operate as separate functions. When coordinated correctly, integration of PR and marketing can lead a company to improve the bottom line, increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Although they are in fact two distinct fields, they often overlap.

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Five Top PR Trends to Watch in 2021


The public relations (PR) industry has been under increasing pressure over the past few years. Consumers demand more from brands than ever before, and the rise of cancel culture means it’s more important than ever to avoid a PR scandal. Here are five important PR trends to watch in 2021. Contributed post.

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What Is Public Relations?


What is public relations? Public relations (PR) is the practice of creating a positive public image for a company or person through conventional and digital media. Public relations differs from media relations in that the ultimate target for messaging is the public (i.e.,

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Three Creative Ways to Amplify and Elevate Your B2B Public Relations Tactics 

Launch Marketing

Public relations (PR) can be a challenge to some B2B marketers who get caught up in the mainstream of typical media relations and interactions with the public. While this is still important, B2B public relations tactics have slightly shifted focus to include things beyond sales-focused intentions.

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5 top public relations management tools and tactics for 2023


The field of public relations includes a wide range of public relations management tactics, tools and strategies. As a result, depending on the campaigns’ objectives, the actual implementation of any two PR campaigns can look very different. Press releases are a relatively affordable outreach strategy.

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The 4 Keys to a Successful Public Relations Strategy

Navigate the Channel

As a small business, you may not be entirely sure where public relations fits within your marketing efforts and why it matters, and you may not be sure where advertising and promotion end and public relations begins, let alone have a dedicated public relations department that knows PR’s ins-and-outs.

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What Is the Link Between PR and SEO and How Can You Leverage It?

Marketing Insider Group

PR and SEO? When it comes to dynamic duos, PR and SEO didn’t always match up so easily. For a long time, SEO teams were considered behind-the-scenes technical wizards helping brands climb the Google rankings ladder while PR teams were out in the real world doing the actual marketing. Why Companies Need PR and SEO.

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