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9 Top Apps for Faster B2B Mobile Payments


Payment processing apps enable businesses to accept a broader range of payment types faster, as well as add a layer of financial security. They charge card swipe or transaction fees, are accessible on almost all mobile devices, and have compatibility with point-of-sale (PoS) hardware.

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20 SaaS Examples You Need to Know About

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It also provides developers with a range of services that not only help with development but also with testing and deployment. Its advanced omnichannel retail management system lets you centralize processes, such as inventory management, financials/accounting, POS and CRM, etc.,


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10 PPC Best Practices to Get the Most out of Your Marketing Budget


They let searchers see products and pricing for similar products from a variety of shops. For starters, you’ll need to embrace Google’s vertical video ads. With 90% of consumers watching videos on their mobile devices, square and vertical ads just make sense.

Is Netflix a SaaS? 25 Examples of SaaS Companies that Are Rocking It

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SaaS is a hot-selling business model because it provides greater flexibility to the customer and every SaaS company works on specific verticals to differentiate their product from others. Pricing Model: Dropbox operates on a trialware model.

The Local SEO Stats & Practical Tactics of Google’s Top-Ranked Grocery Stores


Other than medical facilities, no enterprise stands out more clearly on the map as essential to daily life in the US, and few verticals have had to adapt more rapidly in mid-flight than our neighborhood food stores in the COVID-19 era. Price attributes. Posted by MiriamEllis.

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Taking Local Inventory Online: An Interview with Pointy’s Mark Cummins


My first idea was a little crazy — I wanted to build a robot for retailers that would drive around the store every night and photograph all the shelves, and use image recognition to figure out the inventory and the prices. There’s a huge range, from the old-style systems that are essentially a glorified calculator with a cash drawer, up to modern cloud-connected systems like Clover, Square, or Lightspeed. Some retailers prefer not to display their prices online.

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