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YouTube takes steps to make podcasts more readily available from a dedicated Explore page. The post YouTube Adds New Podcasts Section appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News YouTube

Bypass the YouTube algorithm with email marketing featuring Ben Schoeffler


With hundreds of big creators monopolizing YouTube, starting a channel from scratch and beating YouTube’s notoriously tricky algorithm is no small feat. YouTube doesn't provide the names of your subscribers. 09:39] Having an email list is key to bypassing the YouTube algorithm.


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9 YouTube trends for your content strategy in 2022

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More than half of consumers anticipate using YouTube in the coming year , trailing only Facebook, according to the latest Sprout Social Index™. In the US, 62% of YouTube users access the platform daily where they spend an average of nearly half an hour consuming content.

15 YouTube Video Ideas to Inspire Your Brand’s Channel

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As the second most popular website in the world , YouTube’s impact can’t be overstated. Your brand can (and should) leverage YouTube to grow your community, maximize your SEO value and help reach your larger business goals. Behind the scenes” of YouTube’s influence.

Audio SEO: The Complete Guide to Ranking Your Podcast Successfully

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Audio SEO is rising at a greater speed than you can imagine, and now podcasts have positioned themselves on the first page of the Google search results. Now, in 2021, the mission seems to be successful as podcast listeners have reached a new high – 485 million listeners worldwide ! .

10 Marketing Podcasts Worth a Listen


If you’re an enterprise marketing professional, listening to marketing podcasts with new, out-of-the-box marketing strategies can take your business to the next level. The right marketing podcasts can bolster your content marketing arsenal with tips, strategies, and walkthroughs.

45 Top YouTube Channels for Marketing Professionals


While this is partially a result of Google’s ownership of YouTube, it’s also due to the sheer amount of video content being published these days. Now, in cases where they once turned to Google for answers, people now choose to turn to YouTube to find answers in video format. For this reason, we recently published comprehensive lists of helpful YouTube channels for recruiters and YouTube channels for sales professionals.

The complete guide to YouTube Live in 2021

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With social distancing continuing as the norm, an increasing number of businesses are using YouTube Live to host events, workshops, Q&A sessions and more. In 2020, 70% of people used YouTube to watch online replacements of live events. What is YouTube Live?

Top Video SEO Strategy Tips [Podcast] via @sejournal, @Juxtacognition

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Want to start a podcast or YouTube show? The post Top Video SEO Strategy Tips [Podcast] appeared first on Search Engine Journal. SEJ Show YouTubeImprove your Video SEO strategy, so your videos rank better? Join us for the SEJ Show E253.

13 simple ways to promote your YouTube videos (without spending a fortune)


Why YouTube video promotion is so important. Step #1: Optimize and promote your YouTube videos. Step #2: Promote your YouTube channel. Step #3: Promote your channel outside of YouTube. Why YouTube video promotion is so important. Image via Downshiftology on YouTube.

The Ultimate List of Marketing Podcasts


Ten or so years ago, podcasts were just a blip on the average marketer’s radar. In fact, 48 million Americans listened to podcasts weekly in 2018—that’s 6 million more weekly listeners than there were just a year ago ( source ). Given its rising popularity, podcasting is now an avenue marketers can explore to publish more branded content and reach new audiences. Keep reading for 50 of the best podcasts for marketers. 1. This Old Marketing Podcast.

5 Ways to Grow an Audience for Your Podcast


Mat Zucker is co-lead of the global marketing practice at Prophet, and has helped brands including Johnson & Johnson and CIT Group launch their first podcasts. Two million podcasts. The podcast shelf is that crowded, according to October 2021 data. Defining podcast success.

We’re going live on YouTube


Sure, that means more blog posts, ebooks, webinars, and the like… but one area I want to focus on is growing the Litmus YouTube channel. Right now, the Litmus YouTube channel is mostly historical—with some product videos and old episodes of The Email Design Podcast (remember that?!?).

How to get more YouTube subscribers: 7 top tips from a top YouTuber


Ali Abdaal never set out to build a huge audience on YouTube. Ali Abdaal, doctor and YouTuber. Image via Ali Abdaal on YouTube. I reached out to Ali hoping to get some advice for helping new creators get more subscribers on YouTube. Image via Ali Abdaal on Youtube.

Podcast Production 101: The Complete Guide to Starting Your Own Show

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Podcasting is one of the most unique mediums to reach your audience in the most human way. This is the reason that so many marketers, businesses and freelancers are using podcasts as a content delivery channel to reach their target audience. Podcasts are growing in popularity. In 2019, around 90 million Americans listened to a podcast on a monthly basis – a number that is expected to reach 132 million by 2022. Wondering how to start your own podcast show ?

9 Ways to Spice Up Your Podcast Strategy


When COVID first struck, podcasts took a hit. With so few people commuting to and from work, podcast shows lost their most captive audience. In March, podcast monitoring company Podtrac found that total downloads and unique listeners dropped during the month—10% and 20%, respectively.

Top 21 YouTube Channels You Cannot Miss Out On!


Top 21 YouTube Channels You Cannot Miss Out On! Did you know that people are now watching 150 million hours of YouTube every day? Or that millennials prefer YouTube two to one over traditional television? Want to learn their YouTube marketing tricks? Happy YouTubing!

The Ultimate List of YouTube Channels for Sales Professionals


Although Google is widely known as both a professional and personal resource, YouTube—a Google subsidiary—is seen mostly as a personal resource and has yet to earn the same reputation with business audiences. But, we say, if you aren’t using YouTube to hone your skillset, pick up new tips and tricks, or stay up-to-date on industry news, you’re missing out. Not too long ago, we compiled a list of top-notch YouTube channels for HR and recruitment professionals.

6 Best Marketing Podcasts You Should Follow! 


6 Best Marketing Podcasts You Should Follow! It is a well-known fact that podcasts help us dive deeper and enhance our knowledge of different topics. And if you’re a marketing person, marketing podcasts should be your holy grail! Why Listen to Marketing Podcasts?

20 Ways To Get More Views on YouTube


YouTube, launched in 2005, the second most visited website in the world. In fact, YouTube is the second most popular channel for businesses sharing video content. However, despite the sheer amount of hours watched every day, it can be challenging to hold up on YouTube.

YouTube optimization and intent: Q&A with goop’s Courtney Messerli


She’ll be giving a session called, “Optimizing for the world’s second largest search engine: YouTube.”. YouTube and video optimization are topics a lot of us are keen to learn a lot more about. billion people who use YouTube every month, and people are spending over a billion hours watching videos every day on the platform. I wake up early, work out, listen to a podcast or new music, drink cold brew and do my skincare routine.

How Much Work Does It Really Take to Build a Popular Podcast?

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So, you want your podcast to be the “Next Big Thing.” There are currently more than 750,000 podcasts out there, and that’s a lot of competition. A successful podcast can be an effective marketing channel for your brand, since it can help you develop an intimate relationship with your customers or become seen as a thought leader with your peers – which translates to more sales and more business opportunities. Podcasts are convenient, for one.

10 strategies to use YouTube and TikTok to build your online presence


But in order to be successful today as a creator, you have to prioritize channels like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. That’s why I put together a comprehensive guide to the Big Three—YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram—so you can implement video marketing as part of your growth strategy.

The Beat Goes On: 6 Ways to Repurpose Podcasts


It’s no surprise, then, that podcasts sprung to the top of marketers’ to-do lists. And the podcasting market is showing no signs of slowing down: The global podcasting market is expected to reach $41.8 Not everyone is going to discover your podcast series organically.

6 Ways the Creator Economy is Redefining Advertising


Advertising is dead, right? Not so fast. Turns out, the creator economy is opening new advertising doors that might actually make the tactic more effective than ever. But it's important to understand how the creator economy is redefining advertising as a practice. Let's dig in, shall we?

Add For Immediate Release to your podcast queue


A couple Sundays ago I met up with Joseph Thornley , Lynette Young , and Shel Holtz on video Skype to record episode 15 of Shel’s industry-trusted and industry-respected PR podcast, For Immediate Release , AKA the FIR Podcast. Since 2005, he has blogged at , and is co-host with Gini Dietrich and Martin Waxman of the Inside PR podcast , which, since its launch in March 2006, is now the second longest continuously running public relations podcast.

Designing a Podcast for Audio SEO, According to HubSpot's Podcast Expert


In 2019, Google began rolling out what is arguably one of the most significant changes to its search engine since the introduction of dedicated video carousels in June 2018, or the introduction of featured snippets in October 2017: Google has begun to ad podcasts to search results.

Marketer of The Month Podcast- EPISODE 089: Building a Marketing Funnel That Understands Your Audience


We recently interviewed Brendan Hufford for our monthly podcast – ‘ Marketer of the Month ’! No problem, just watch the Podcast! The post Marketer of The Month Podcast- EPISODE 089: Building a Marketing Funnel That Understands Your Audience appeared first on Outgrow.

5 Must-Listen Digital Marketing Podcasts

Altitude Branding

Are you looking for strategies to boost your marketing and expand your business by listening to the best marketing podcasts? Podcasts have been a common source of enjoyment for many people. His podcast episodes are power-packed with personality, wisdom, and valuable advice.

Marketer of The Month Podcast- EPISODE 083: B2B Marketing Strategies for SEO to Outrank Your Competition


We recently interviewed Dan Shure for our monthly podcast – ‘ Marketer of the Month ’! He also runs a popular SEO podcast named Experts On The Wire and how it has grown over the years. . No problem, just watch the Podcast! I mean, it was the only SEO podcast back then.

Marketer of The Month Podcast- EPISODE 086: Creating Cohesive Content To Increase Customer Conversion


We recently interviewed Mark de Grasse for our monthly podcast – ‘ Marketer of the Month ’! Since the middle of the 2000s, Mark has worked in the field of content development, producing tens of thousands of articles, graphics, videos, and podcasts. Hey there!

The Best Business Podcasts to Listen to in 2022


That’s one reason why business podcasts are among the most rapidly growing genres in all of podcasting. Most of the top business podcasts run between 15 minutes and 2 hours. How popular are the top business podcasts? Best Business News Podcast: Marketplace Podcast.

The Top 3 Oktopost Podcast Shows of 2020


Whether you’re new to the podcast world or looking for your next podcast obsession when it comes to B2B marketing, we’re sure you’ll find it here. Our podcast channel, B2B Marketing Now , is geared toward marketing leaders who want to see their organization grow.

Why HubSpot is Launching a Podcast Network


And, we've provided free education through our blogs, YouTube, Academy, and podcasts to help. The Salesman Podcast , which helps sales professionals learn how to find buyers and win business in a modern, effective, and ethical way. Why a Podcast Network?

7 Best Data-Driven Marketing Podcasts in 2019

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Podcasts are some of the best ways for business professionals to absorb knowledge. You can easily listen to a podcast while you’re in the car on your way to the office, while exercising, over lunch, or even while multi-tasking at your desk. The great news is that there are millions of podcasts on every topic under the sun, so there’s always something great to listen to. To help you out, we’ve collected a list of the top seven best data-driven marketing podcasts in 2019.

The Top 11 Best B2B Marketing Podcasts for 2022


Did you know that while podcasting seems new, it’s been around for nearly 40 years? Audio blogging”, the ancestor of podcasts, dates back to the 1980s. T oday, 28% of the US population regularly listen to podcasts—that’s 80 million people! Jump to Best B2B Podcasts.

Marketer of The Month Podcast- Future-Proofing Your Position as a Successful Freelancer


We recently interviewed Freelancer of the Month ‘Alexander Nikolaev’ for our monthly podcast – ‘ Marketer of the Month ’! No problem, just watch the Podcast! General marketing freelancer marketing podcast podcastHey there!

Marketer of The Month Podcast- EPISODE 080: Mining the Partnership Gold With Channel and Propelling Growth Through Deeper Integrations


We recently interviewed Jay McBain for our monthly podcast – ‘ Marketer of the Month ’! No problem, just watch the Podcast! And these fears are things like magazines and events and associations, analysts like myself, and podcasts like this. Hey there!

Clubhouse vs. Podcasts: Which Should Marketers Use? [Data + Expert Tips]


Ah, Clubhouse versus podcasts — an age-old debate. Hear me out: Podcasts, at their core, are meant to inspire and provoke interesting conversations around a variety of topics, including crime shows, celebrity interviews, health and fitness, or business and entrepreneurship (to name a few).

How to start a podcast: everything you need to know

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Trying to figure out how to start a podcast? The podcasting market is currently booming with a staggering 55% of consumers tuning in as of 2020. Whether for the sake of marketing or simply as a side-project, podcasting has a lower barrier to entry than ever.