Rethink Marketing podcast: Creating a Successful Reporting Process


In this episode of the Rethink Marketing podcast, Phil Bosley explains how to create a successful reporting process for your marketing team. Marketing Automation Reports & Analytics

Report 152

In Search of the Perfect Writing Process [Podcast]

Marketing Insider Group

What is your writing process? We positively obsess over each others’ writing processes, and the more known the marketer, the more we swoon and purr. The post In Search of the Perfect Writing Process appeared first on Unthinkable.

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Rethink Podcast Episode #8 – Top Search Marketing Trends for 2017


In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, we interview Mike Arnesen, the CEO of Upbuild, a Portland-based digital agency. We need to make sure the whole process is optimized. To get the full measure, listen to the podcast. Sometimes it’s a specific price point, sometimes it’s the length of your checkout process that determines whether people will go to desktop. We need to make sure the whole process is optimized.

Podcast Production 101: The Complete Guide to Starting Your Own Show

Single Grain

Podcasting is one of the most unique mediums to reach your audience in the most human way. This is the reason that so many marketers, businesses and freelancers are using podcasts as a content delivery channel to reach their target audience. Podcasts are growing in popularity.

3 Legal Steps Podcasters Often Forget About


Podcasting is a great medium for creating content for your audience with some unique benefits. It is more popular than ever and the resources about starting a podcast seem to be popping up every day. 3 legal steps podcasters need to know. You’ve decided to start a podcast!

Top 12 Podcasts for Professional Services Marketers

Hinge Marketing

The world is falling in love with spoken audio (all over again) — whether it’s listening to the radio, audiobooks or podcasts. In fact, over half of the US population has listened to a podcast (up from 44% a year ago), and one-third listen to one at least monthly (up from 26%).

How to Repurpose Content Into a Podcast, According to HubSpot's Podcast Expert


2019 will be remembered as a Teutonic shift in the world of podcasting. Nowadays, over 51% of the United States have listened to at least one podcast. In this post, we want to help marketers leverage their existing content and turn it into a branded podcast. How to Podcast

PODCAST: How to Use Tech Intelligence to Create An Effective ICP and Drive Impact for Your Business

HG Data

Our Executive VP of Strategy, Tim Royston-Webb, recently joined David Dulany on his Sales Development Podcast to highlight how companies can use tech intelligence to create more effective sales and marketing processes. Sales Development Podcast Now Available.

The Most Important Question to Ask Before Launching a Podcast

Content Marketing Institute

Marketers everywhere are deciding if launching a podcast makes sense for their brands and their goals. A podcast is really three things: a show-level concept, an episode-level format, and on-air talent. A great podcast requires performance talent.

Rethink Podcast #13: What It Means To Become An Advocate Marketer


In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, Act-On CMO Michelle Huff interviews Jill Rowley as they discuss what it means to be an advocate marketer. Marketing plays a role in the entire process. To get the full measure, listen to the podcast. And that means process and technology to transform the sales organization. And thank you so much for joining us today on the podcast. Podcast advocate marketer podcast

Mark Sarbiewski, Anaplan CMO: 4 Steps to Better Business Planning Using Marketing Technology [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Mark Sarbiewski, CMO of business planning technology company Anaplan shares tips in this Moneyball for Marketing podcast on how to use marketing technology to define process, determine KPIs, discover conversion cycles and positively affect ROI. Marketing Technology Podcasts

[podcast] Combining Data and Technology to Deliver Marketing Outcomes

V12 Data

[podcast] Combining Data and Technology to Deliver Marketing Outcomes. Anders Ekman, President of V12, sits down with Sima Vasa of Infinity Squared in this podcast series on data quality. Blog General Anders Ekman Podcast Data and Technology V12 Podcast

3 Ways a Podcast Improves Customer Engagement

Martech Advisor

Rachel Downey, Co-founder, and President, Share Your Genius, in this article talk about marketers can use podcast as a tool to increase customer engagement and the overall customer experience. 1: Podcasts Deliver Better Brand Metrics. 2: Podcasts Increase Memory Encoding.

4-Step Content Marketing Process to Grow Your Business

Modern Marketing

Here is a simple 4-step process to help you get started with content marketing. Blog posts, video content, podcasts, etc. -- there are multiple content formats that can be used. Create an efficient publishing process.

The Ultimate List of Marketing Podcasts


Ten or so years ago, podcasts were just a blip on the average marketer’s radar. In fact, 48 million Americans listened to podcasts weekly in 2018—that’s 6 million more weekly listeners than there were just a year ago ( source ). Keep reading for 50 of the best podcasts for marketers.

[Podcast] 3 Tips For Building The Best Demand Generation Engine


This 20-minute synopsis covers all the tips and tricks you need to know to make your demand generation processes run as smooth as possible. The post [Podcast] 3 Tips For Building The Best Demand Generation Engine appeared first on Televerde.

18 Quotes About Podcasting for Business Professionals


Podcasts have captured the attention of millions and millions of listeners in recent years, more than earning their title as the modern-day radio. The success of podcasting is due, in part, to the convenience and pervasiveness of the modern smartphone. Podcasting is great.

Podcasting 101


Running a podcast is a great way to promote your brand. Before you start your own podcast, make sure to follow these six steps: Create Your Concept. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, you’re in good company. Podcasts cover every subject under the sun!

How to Get Listeners to Push Play on Your Podcast [Examples From Boss Brands]

Content Marketing Institute

For a growing number of brands, the story of standout content marketing success in 2018 might just sound like a podcast. Though podcasting certainly isn’t a new medium, it has come into its own as a content platform over the last few years. Power of the podcast.

Kevin Akeroyd, GM of Oracle Marketing Cloud: 2 Über Trends in Corporate Marketing Every CMO Must Know [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Kevin explains how Oracle Marketing Cloud dramatically reduces the “calorie spend” of CMOs and CIOs in this process and why he thinks it provides exponential returns on effort, as compared with preceding data marketing systems. Corporate Marketing Podcasts

Nine Lessons from Four Years (and 200 Episodes) of Podcasting

Heinz Marketing

It was a little over four years ago that Jim Obermeyer finally convinced me to start a podcast. We get far more people listening via the podcast subscription and RSS feed than listening live , but it’s still fun to call it Sales Pipeline Radio. Create a process.

Michel Claassens, VP of Digital Marketing at Philips Lighting: How to Build an Effective Cross-Channel Marketing System [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Collecting these elements together to create an integrated, cross-channel digital marketing system is a task that requires the right technology, processes, upper management endorsement, and leadership expertise. Digital Marketing Podcasts

Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Customer Marketing at DocuSign: Why “Buyer DNA” Effects Content for Demand Generation Programs [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Key insights include: Good Gears: Meagen shares the specific marketing technology and core team roles that DocuSign uses to operate its demand generation process efficiently. Their platform supports legally compliant electronic digital signature processes. Demand Generation Podcasts

Atri Chatterjee, Act-On Software CMO: The Top Challenges Facing Integrated Demand Generation Marketers and How to Overcome Them [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

The buyer’s journey today involves a constellation of information sources buyers can use to get smart about competing products before they ever engage in the actual buying process. Demand Generation Podcasts

10 Best Digital Marketing Podcasts in 2020

Stevens & Tate

Therefore, it’s important that you stay up to date on all of the best digital marketing podcasts, and latest marketing trends. Podcasts are becoming an incredible resource for all kinds of information, especially when it comes to online marketing. The Mad Marketing Podcast .

How to Create a Podcast: A Step-by-Step Guide for Content Marketers


Podcast listeners are loyal, affluent, and educated — and regardless if you’re a B2B or a B2C organization, these are the kinds of customers you most likely want to reach. Likewise, podcast listeners are 32 percent more likely than non-podcast listeners to make $75,000+ per year.

The Top Sales Engagement Podcast Episodes of the Decade


Since we started producing The Sales Engagement Podcast in 2017, we’ve released more than 100 new episodes that have garnered 100,000+ unique downloads. These were the most helpful, informative, and inspiring Sales Engagement podcast episodes of the 2010’s. The Podcast in 2020.

Common Business and Legal Mistakes Podcast Freelancers Often Make


#GrowthGoals: One content creator’s forage into the podcasting space. As I considered creating the content of a new podcast, I could not ignore that my aspiration for an artistic endeavor requires attention to the business side too. She continued: “You are not making a podcast.

Heidi Melin, CMO of Plex Systems: How CMOs of High Growth Companies Can Achieve Rapid Scale [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

In order to successfully scale in this new paradigm, high growth companies must think carefully about their business processes and the infrastructure needed to support them. Demand Generation Podcasts

The Sales Engagement Podcast: Top 10 Episodes


We launched The Sales Engagement Podcast in 2018 to explore sales engagement topics and help businesses reap the ground-breaking benefits. To celebrate the podcast’s 100TH EPISODE (!!),

6 Top Marketing Podcasts for B2B Marketers In 2020


Podcasts are digital audio or video files broadcasted as episodes that the users can download & listen to. Along with the visual storytelling, of late the form of oral storytelling has seen upsurge as is evidenced by B2B podcast stats. population, listen to podcasts regularly.

Nicolas Franchet, Head of Retail and E-commerce at Facebook: How to Combine Digital and Traditional Retail Marketing Channels [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

67% of shopping experiences—both online and offline—involve at least one digital touch point, making a brand’s digital media strategy an essential part of the retail discovery process. Digital Marketing Podcasts

Mark Thabit, CMO at Cision: Paid, Earned and Owned Media—How to Amplify Your PR Message Across Marketing Channels [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

With a deluge of messages and media in the landscape today, however, the process is more complex. In this Moneyball for Marketing podcast, Mark Thabit, CMO at public relations software platform Cision, shows us how it’s done. Digital Marketing Podcasts

Lance Walter, Host Analytics CMO: Quarterly Financial Planning: How to Budget Better By Understanding Marketing Intelligence [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Host Analytics provides Enterprise Performance Management software in a software-as-a-service model to help companies automate key financial processes like planning and budgeting, financial consolidation, reporting, and analytics. Marketing Technology Podcasts

5 ‘FlipMyFunnel’ Podcast Episodes to Binge Before #B2BSMX


FlipMyFunnel brings the popular podcast series to life to showcase the best strategies for applying ac c ount-based principles to go-to-market strategies. As an avid podcast listener (think “ Comedy Bang ! ABM is not an overnight process.

Jon Miller, Marketo Co-Founder and VP Marketing : How To Make Data Analytics a Natural Marketing Outcome [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Marketing automation is the hot trend in technology marketing, but how do you move away from the daunting process of “data science”? The post Jon Miller, Marketo Co-Founder and VP Marketing : How To Make Data Analytics a Natural Marketing Outcome [Podcast] appeared first on.

Kay Kienast, Xerox’s SVP Marketing and Sales Strategy: Morphing From Technology and Corporate Marketing to “Revenue Marketing” [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

In this podcast, Kay shows us why “Revenue Marketing” is the new normal, and gives us a look at her successful formula for connecting marketing and sales at a systems and process level. Corporate Marketing Podcasts

Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase: Why You Have a Bad Relationship with Sales—and What to Do About It [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Learn what to do about 3 of them in this Moneyball for Marketing podcast: Relationship Therapy: Peter describes the exact process Demandbase used to transform their marketing solutions focus from a volume of individual leads to a targeted group of the 1500 most convertible accounts.

The Not-So-Secret Value of Podcast Transcripts - Whiteboard Friday


Posted by NikiMosier What are the benefits of transcribing your podcasts and what's the best way to go about getting them on your site? I'm Niki Mosier, a senior SEO account manager at Two Octobers , and I'm here today to talk to you about the not-so-secret value of podcast transcripts.

The Best Podcasts: What You Should be Listening to Now


People are listening to podcasts. One-third of Americans between the ages of 25-54 currently listen to podcasts monthly and this number is expected to continue rising this year due to their convenience and intimacy. This podcast quizzes you on your news knowledge.