The Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 – A Meta-Analysis


Growing amounts of data from an increasing number of touchpoints will be combined, analyzed, and acted upon to support other trends here (such as personalization). That martech and strategies it supports (ABM, content personalization, automation) will play an increasing important role.

The 15 Best Special-Purpose SEO Tools


Sample review: “This is one of my personal favorites because it’s all about link building and how that relates to your content.

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3 Tips for Using Social Media for B2B Marketing


Understand that Using Social Media is For More Than Just Personal Connections. Some B2B businesses are hesitant to fully utilize social media for marketing because they view social media as mainly used for making personal connections. Guest post by Larry Alton.

33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats


B2B messaging gets personal. Buyers feel a much closer personal connection to their B2B brands than to consumer brands.

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20 Tremendous Digital Marketing Stats and Facts


But likely the most significant finding from recent research (see below) is this: the average person now spends more time online than with TV and all other media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) Digital marketing budgets continue to rise, often at the expense of offline advertising spend.

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Three Influencer Marketing Secrets to Drive Traffic


Has an unusually large following for a non-famous person—and that following is active. Guest post by Tim Brown. I recently had the opportunity to speak to a couple classes of high school students, and used my time to dig into what and how they interact on the web and social media.

The Eight Best Online Tools for Sales Professionals


The eight tools here deliver a range of functionality such as email automation, automatic email and call logging, workflow scheduling, lead qualification, sales enablement, and personalized direct mail. 30: The 14 Best Personal Productivity Tools. #31:

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What is a Q&A Case Study? And Why is it Great for B2B Marketing?


They want a person who understands their specific needs. Choose a person your future customers are likely to identify with. Additionally, the questions below are in first person. Publish these answers in the third-person to maintain objectivity and professionalism.

How To Turn Video Marketing Into a Successful SEO Strategy


Broome and Associates created a video showing off the personality of his firm. Guest post by Jason Parks. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, yet the SEO aspect is often overlooked.

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How Small Businesses Can Use Real-Time Case Studies to Acquire New Clients


Here are a few simple tips and tricks for creating a compelling case study: Use a First Person Format: All great content needs to sound like its coming from an actual human being, and not some figment of imagination. Guest post by Bill Achola. Ned J.

34 Compelling Content Marketing Stats and Facts


In-person events are still the most effective channel for B2B marketers. The most effective content marketing tactics according to B2B marketers are: – In-person events (70%).

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Five Content Marketing Tips for B2B Success


Be natural and give your social media a personal touch. Guest post by Mark Pinnes. Business content is a turn off for 70% of consumers—that’s according to research by Flagship Consulting in association with The Economist Intelligence Unit.

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What’s the Ideal Number of Experts for Expert Roundup Posts? 27 Experts Weigh In


From a personal perspective, I like to see 10 premiere thought leaders with valuable opinions. But I personally like 3-5 experts so you can have a diverse set of opinions, and start to see some areas of overlap.

15 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Professional (Seriously)


Good answer: a response indicating the person uses a variety of tools for different functions. Organic (non-paid) search is the largest single source of visits for most B2B websites. The majority of sites generate between 40% and two-thirds of their total traffic from search.

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The 24 Best Visual Content Creation Tools


I personally feel like Canva is the better option for quick projects, but Snappa may offer more freedom to create graphics when I’ve got plenty of time on my hands.”

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20 Expert LinkedIn Guides


LinkedIn has made dramatic changes to its platform over the past 18 months, making what was a rather plain but effective business networking tool into a content-rich, visually dynamic, more interactive professionally-focused social network.

The 10 Best Customer Service and Customer Engagement Platforms


allows you to send targeted personalized messages to users of your apps. Engage is a personalized one-to-one messaging / web chat app for digital sales enablement. 30: The 14 Best Personal Productivity Tools. #31:

Seven Ways to Humanize B2B Marketing


But more personal, individual benefits also matter to business buyers, particularly as more consumer and consumer-like technologies make their way into the workplace. Talk about personal benefits. Go beyond better-faster-cheaper to address the personal needs of those on the buying team.

Six Keys to Make It With Influencer Marketing


Make It Personal. But using a person’s first name is just a start, a foot (or perhaps just a toe) in the door. Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular, and powerful, tool for marketers.

This One Thing Has Become The New SEO Reputation Management Secret This Year


Check out his personal website, [link] to learn more. Guest post by Jon Rognerud. As a business and/or brand, nothing is more important than maintaining a solid reputation throughout your respective industry.

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35 Stupendous Social Networking Facts and Stats


75% of journalists say they use Twitter to build their personal brands. You are almost 5X more likely to schedule a first meeting if you have a personal LinkedIn connection.

The Eight Best Social CRM Tools


Crystal applies the DISC personality assessment to your peers and team members to help improve communications. 30: The 14 Best Personal Productivity Tools. #31:

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6 Tips for Encouraging Your Team to Blog


Ask Each Employee Personally. By discussing it personally, you will be able to help them come up with specific topics they are interested in and passionate about. Guest post by Jill Phillips.

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83 Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014


B2B marketers rate in-person events and case studies as the most effective content marketing tactics (see full list below). “Big data” is one of the trendiest buzzwordy terms in marketing/technology/business today.

14 Brilliant B2B Marketing Strategy Guides


” B2B marketers need to become more adept at presenting the professional, social, emotional, and personal value of their products and services.

12 Lessons I’ve Learned from Writing 1,000 Blog Posts


Unless you actually write a purely political or personal blog, avoid commenting about candidates for office or emotionally charged social issues. In Taekwondo, students are taught they must perform each kick at least 1,000 times before they can safely say they have learned the kick perfectly.

48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


As Geddy Lee of Rush sang in the band’s 1981 hit Tom Sawyer , “changes aren’t permanent. But change is.” ” While he wasn’t referring to SEO (which wouldn’t really exist for another 16 years), the lyrics certainly apply. Image credit: Stone Temple Consulting.

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How the Internet of Things Will Disrupt Digital Marketing


Will a more personalized shopping experience be enough to fend off certain uncomfortable Orwellian emotions? To ensure that your customers feel safe sharing their valuable personal information, it’s imperative to communicate a culture of airtight security—and to be prepared to follow through.

The 11 Best Content Marketing, SMO, and Marketing Performance Management Tools


30: The 14 Best Personal Productivity Tools. #31: Web analytics tools are often all small to midsized firms will need to track their digital marketing performance—particularly when combined with marketing analytics dashboards that pull in data from social media accounts and other sources.

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Five Tips to Help You Write Outstanding Content For Your Blog


For a personal blog, there are some basic tips that can improve your search rankings. Content is king, and blogs often make the best castles. Unfortunately, many people struggle to consistently write the type of high-quality content that attracts and holds readers, and stands out in search.

Five Brand Building Tips for B2B Businesses


Be personal and real. Guest post by Sreeram Sreenivasan. Building a great brand is the holy grail of marketing. It enables your business to occupy a sizeable amount of public mindspace and consistently drive more customers.

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23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides


elevating your personal brand or asking for a meeting) and proceeding through characterizing your buyers, social sharing, engaging, and showing personality. What’s your brand personality going to be?”

18 Expert Guides to Using Google+ for Business


7 Point Checklist to Dominate Your Personal Brand Using Google Plus by Rebekah Radice. Well…it turns out that while Google+ shares may not boost search rankings universally, a person’s (or brand’s) following on Google+ can certainly affect personalized search results.

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The Six Best Google+ Marketing Tools


This metric represents the number of persons who are following a user’s posts at Google+. Also reports additional influence metrics including the average number of +1s, comments or reshares a person gets for each post.

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45 Phenomenal Email and Mobile Marketing Stats


Personalized email subject lines: effective, but underused. For B2C emails, personalized subject lines increase the open rate by 41%, and lead to higher transaction rates and revenue per email. Yet only 35% of brands personalize their subject lines.

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How to Use Storytelling for More Effective Content Marketing


Use an active, personal tone to compel your audience to stay with your story until the end. Your character’s coming-of-age or personal discovery. Personal victory and perseverance. An informal, human touch accented by some humor and wit will help you come across as a real person.

The 24 Best Online Writing Tools and Apps


” With more than 90% of both B2B and B2C marketers now using content marketing, success is no longer about simply creating more content, but about developing higher-quality output: more targeted, more relevant, more personal.

The 15 Best Audio and Video Editing Tools


Easily create business (or personal) videos: select a style and music, add your photos or video clips and text, then produce and share. Pricing: free (personal) or $10/$50 per month for business plans. 30: The 14 Best Personal Productivity Tools. #31:

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103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)


81% of B2B decision makers say they visit Facebook at least monthly–but only 2% do so primarily for business purposes, as opposed to 42% who do so primarily for personal purposes.

What CMOs Need to Know That Will Keep CEOs and CFOs Happy


Because it’s a thing (network of content), it has both buyers and sellers, and it’s not a person or group of persons to be studied, segmented and targeted. This guest post from Kirsten Chapman was originally published on LinkedIn.