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    [Personalization] How to Screen for Top-Notch Writers
    Personally, I fall into both camps. Will they work with "difficult personalities" as they research and interview? Tone & Personality - Based on their email, cover letter, application, and/or resume, does the applicant seem like someone you''d like to work with? They''re talented writers, possess a strong command of the subject about which they write, and have a personality that seems like it will mesh well with your team and organization.
    [Personalization] War and peace — managing the agency-client content marketing relationship
    No matter how smooth their strategy or competent their clickthroughs, any content marketing agency performs best when client and agency share strong personal ties. Stop flirting with your content marketing agency — have a loving relationship with them and get the most out of your marketing investment. We all think about success metrics. Almost every day. We think about how can we make our clients successful. How can we deliver a successful. content marketing strategy.
    [Personalization] Influencer Marketing: Truth or Myth?
    For every person that gets influencer marketing, there’s likely to be another that doesn’t. They have a personal brand and a reputation which takes priority over earning a great one off pay-cheque; they’re in the influencer business and see it as their long term career rather than a quick cash fix. Influencer marketing is a relatively new concept; with new concepts comes scepticism and criticism- fuel for misinformed opinions and sweeping statements.
    [Personalization] Inbound Marketing: A Square Peg in a Round Hole?
    The sales team calls on every mid-sized and large customer and meet with most in person regularly. Two weeks ago, I wrote Just Say NO to Marketing Advice. Inbound marketing is a great example of popular marketing advice and it may makes sense for most marketers. But it doesn’t make sense for all. Most B2B marketers are not providing pure commodity products, even in commodity markets. Every company is looking to differentiate by meeting specific business needs.
    [Personalization] Inbound Marketing: A Square Peg in a Round Hole?
    The sales team calls on every mid-sized and large customer and meet with most in person regularly. Two weeks ago, I wrote Just Say NO to Marketing Advice. Inbound marketing is a great example of popular marketing advice and it may makes sense for most marketers. But it doesn’t make sense for all. Most B2B marketers are not providing pure commodity products, even in commodity markets. Every company is looking to differentiate by meeting specific business needs.
    [Personalization] Five Ways You Can Get Big Value from LinkedIn
    Not that you shouldn’t reach out personally as often as possible, but this is difficult if you have a large number of connections. I talk about social media quite a bit in my blog posts, articles and conference presentations. Social media is a key component of a viable pull marketing mix, and should be part of most companies’ go-to-market strategy. But like everything else in life, there is always a first among equals.
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    [Personalization] The importance of branding to content marketing
    In non-visual media, the branding is defined in the tone and personality of the content itself. Few marketers doubt the importance of a strong brand for a firm’s success. But a lot of marketers think about their brands in fewer dimensions than they ought to. Everyone realizes that logo and color schemes are important. But what we need to be talking about as marketers involves so much more than this.
    [Personalization] What Letters to Santa Can Teach You About Email Marketing
    It’s Always Personal. All letters to Santa are personal. Personalization is certainly a must-have in email marketing, too. A 2011 study showed that 1/3 of marketers consider personalization in email marketing to be highly effective. Your “From Name” and signature should be personal or suggestive of how the recipient initially subscribed to receive your email communication. Check out our guide with ways to personalize your marketing emails.
    [Personalization] Latest Tactics and Changes for Effective Local Search
    Personalization can have a big influence on local search results, taking past user behavior and search preferences into account. Now that B2B marketers have had some time to adjust (and, in some cases, recover) from this summer’s Google Pigeon update, it might be a good time to re-evaluate your local search tactics and consider what, if any, changes you want to make for 2015.
    [Personalization] Business Development and the Multigenerational Workforce
    For them, referrals and personal relationships are the only type of marketing. Personal brands and visibility. By doing so, they are broadening their reach and accelerating their personal brand. As the importance of a personal brand has increased, so has the importance of a strong and visible firm brand. Multiple generations in the workplace is nothing new.
    [Personalization] 5 Keys to Email Inbox Delivery
    If the vendor makes the effort to include your name and personalize the message, referring to things you’ve looked at or reviewed in the past, aren’t you a little more inclined to open? Every potential buyer should be recognized as an individual with unique and evolving needs; dynamic content is one tool in your favor for creating marketing that’s more personalized and tailored to their needs.
    [Personalization] Does Your Marketing Consultant Have Bench Strength?
    One person can’t possibly get everything done or have all the needed skills, or can they? Does your marketing consultant have the connections and network to make your projects happen cost-effectively, the right way, with “the right people on the bus”?
    [Personalization] Good Bots vs. Bad Bots: How to Tell the Difference
    Navigating the web these days can make a person feel like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Have you ever received an email from a complete stranger, and wondered how that person got your contact information? There’s so much to be seen here that -- until somewhat recently -- was fairly unheard of. And we don’t know what’s good or bad. It’s as if we’re constantly coming across a new cast of characters and are forced to ask, “Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?”.
    [Personalization] Generational Marketing Segmentation Is Broken: Have We Forgotten Baby Boomers in Our Race to Lure Millennials?
    I still have to say it is Mary Berry as my one chosen person for on a desert island though. Person-to-person contact—and not through chat bots. She wants to call up and talk to an actual person, not an automated machine. Everywhere we turn today, marketers are clamoring for millennials.
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    [Personalization] Security Breaches in Healthcare: How To Protect Patient Data
    Personal data, including social security numbers, from millions of patients was accessed as part of the attack. Hospitals house a tremendous amount of personal data, including financial data, social security numbers and, of course, health information. Just days ago one of the country’s largest healthcare systems announced it had become the victim of a cyber attack from China.
    [Personalization] Experience “Content Land: An Interactive Quest” [Infographic]
    Audiences want new content formats that allow them to more personally engage and participate with the brand. . Remember board games? They were those games that were played on foldable squares or rectangles often on tabletops or floors, and with actual tangible pieces. . They were great, right? Why am I using the past tense? Board games are still great, and have luckily survived into the 21st century, though not at the household mainstay they once were.
    [Personalization] How To Improve Events Marketing With Performance Management Reporting
    Events/conferences is one of the few channels where live, in-person engagement happens. Welome back to our series on marketing performance management. In this series we cover decision making based on performance data across key areas of marketing including team management , paid media , and content marketing. In this post we'll switch gears to focus on events marketing, an important channel for many marketing teams.
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    [Personalization] How To Hire The Best Intern
    It is necessary to identify the candidates that would be able to translate their current studies into new skills and ways of thinking to bring both personal and professional satisfaction from a role that incorporates it all while helping to build your organization. As the weather warms up, it is time to start thinking about summer interns.
    [Personalization] 8 Terrible Email Subject Lines
    This combination of vague wording and an obviously lazy personalization combine to create a subject line that will immediately get deleted when it shows up in my inbox. Please, don’t be this person. You have read a literal mountain of articles, whitepapers, and eBooks on how to craft the perfect email subject line. You’ve taken great strides in mastering this art, creating that one line that captures your reader’s attention in the fraction of a second.
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    [Personalization] 15 Genius April Fools' Day Pranks From Conan, Netflix, Google & More
    Netflix, known for their personalized video streaming, released super specific genres to organize their content on April Fools'' Day. April Fools'' Day is upon us once again. Companies everywhere will postpone their daily tasks to partake in the tomfoolery that is April 1st. If this year is anything like the last few years, we can expect a lot of product releases, update announcements, and a multitude of elaborate pranks from Google.
    [Personalization] How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing Like the Pros
    Whatever adjectives you use to describe it, letting your personality shine through your brand's social media account is crucial to its success. Well despite the importance of a personal approach to business, not all automation is sacrilegious. Let's take a look at what your social media automation strategy should include to ensure you're doing it the right way and not sacrificing the personal element that got your brand the social media success it's currently enjoying.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2016
    [Personalization] NYC Sanitation, Scotch Tape & More: 10 Companies With Unexpectedly Good Twitter Content
    Just by clicking #DeereSighting, that person sees how others show their love for John Deere in a fun way. I personally discovered the brand when someone I follow on Twitter used its very eye-catching hashtag: #WhatTheFlush. And by accompanying their answers with rich colors and visuals -- which are said to increase a person's willingness to read a piece of content by 80% -- the firm invites users to engage with them: Why #consulting ?
    [Personalization] 4 Tips To Becoming A B2B Marketing Insider (and More)
    Social media has turned everyone into consumers with faces, names, personalities and habits. You can hire consulting to help refine a communications strategy and you can outsource SEO, design and social media technical support, but, in order to be authentic, a real person on the inside needs to do the talking. Want to become a B2B Marketing Insider? There are a lot of great blogs out there.
    [Personalization] Breaking The WordPress Stigma: The Blog Factor
    You see, when WordPress launched in 2003 it was created out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing platform to enhance the typography of everyday writing. Possibly the biggest stigma surrounding WordPress is that silly little “blog factor”. You know, the one that claims WordPress isn’t really a reliable, scalable CMS because it was made for bloggers and not large multisite enterprise level websites? Let’s talk about that a bit.
    [Personalization] New Marketing Automation Options for Small Business in the VEST Report
    It creates email templates with personalization and embedded links but no dynamic content. I’m revving up for the next edition of our B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) report, which will include six first-time entries. I’ve already written about two of those, Inbox25 and AutopilotHQ (formerly Bislr). Here are thumbnails of the others.
    [Personalization] Bringing Pinterest to Life – 3 Social Media Lessons from Nordstrom
    While they have yet to release the results of their efforts, I personally think this a great idea. Author: Carra Manahan The holidays have officially arrived, and social media is surely making a statement in the retail world. If you’ve begun your Christmas shopping or were brave enough to battle the crowds of Black Friday, you may have noticed little tags with a red “P” in certain stores — specifically at Nordstrom.
    [Personalization] Why Brands Need a Mission to Create Great Lifestyle Content
    In short, who are they, and what kind of person do they want to be? Lululemon’s blog and social media topics include wellness tips, personal accounts by athletes and prominent yogis, information on trending health topics , interesting stories about art and culture, and informational how-tos about a conscious, active lifestyle. Lululemon has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1998 as a part-time yoga studio in Vancouver.
    [Personalization] The New Social Media Marketing Disrupter: Chatbots
    Moreover, chatbots offer personalized, one-to-one user interaction—a coveted marketing tactic. If bots get really good at delivering personalized, learned content recommendations, that will further increase their value compared to traditional search. If the technology allows it, chatbots could allow a personal, two-way conversation between brands and consumers—and do it at scale.
    [Personalization] What’s the Value of a Google Hangout for Marketers?
    This is especially relevant for personalized results, but there is also evidence that it affects search rankings in general. Author: Jason Miller On June 5 Marketo kicks off Season 2 of the Marketing Happy Hour with Youtility Author Jay Baer. Jay will be discussing his new book ( available now for pre-order ), hot topics in the news, and there will even be a fun segment or two around marketing. Register for the Hangout here.
    [Personalization] The 6 Things You Won’t Want to Miss at INBOUND 2017
    As a world-class communicator, advocate for global education, and example of leading with openness and inclusivity, we think Mrs. Obama is the perfect person to inspire the inbound movement. Not only does it convert well, but it opens up opportunities to establish more personal, engaging and emotional connections with your audiences. Us folks at Vidyard are always at the forefront of everything happening in the sales and (video) marketing world. It’s the DNA of our business!
    [Personalization] Fueling Your Inbound Marketing Strategy: Staff and Budget
    As a CMO, you should personally plan on at least one hour a month for brainstorming content ideas and strategies. Ideally, they have demonstrated this already by building a strong personal presence online via a personal blog, Twitter, account, etc. by Jon Miller So your company is committed to an inbound marketing strategy; in which kind of resources should a CMO invest on a sustainable basis? Success with inbound marketing will not happen by itself.
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2015
    [Personalization] Content as a Confidence Tool
    In a complex sale, your contact is not the only person making a decision. Content will never replace your personal value to a customer, but filling content holes is a surefire way to bridge confidence gaps, both your own and the customer’s in yourself. Sales Confidence Multiplied Through Teaching. Have you ever lost your confidence? No one wants to admit it, but every salesperson has experienced a lack of confidence at one time or another.
    [Personalization] The overlooked role of emotion in brand experience
    Researchers at a Silicon Valley area university were polled in regards to Gens X and Y, revealing that after buying whatever their heart desired, participants responded that spending their money on an experience or on a person you experience it with would add to their quality of life for a more sustained period of time. While CRM systems have been around for many years, in my experience, among the companies who invest in them, only a few have grasped their true purpose.
    [Personalization] 20 Examples of Fabulous Explainer Videos
    9) FileExpert: An application for managing files on Android phones, tablets, personal computers, and cloud storage servers. Feel intimidated by the notion of creating an explainer video? There’s no need to be -- they just represent another excellent way to get your content out to your target audience. Besides the really big brands that we are all familiar with, a lot of lesser-known companies and even small startups are using them.
    [Personalization] How to Get the Most Out of Visitor Tracking
    When a person is identified their activity, while anonymous, is connected to their present and future activity thereby creating a holistic profile of their interests. A website visitor tracking solution will never be a magic bullet to increase visitors to your website. If you bought your visitor tracking solution for that purpose, you will be very disappointed. Website visitor tracking is a middle-of-the-funnel solution.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2013
    [Personalization] 8 Data-Based Tips for Optimizing Your Content on Pinterest and Instagram
    This list is full of tags that indicate that a photo is relevant only to the person who took it and his or her close friends: “#BestFriends,” “#LoveHer,” and “#Drunk.” Even though the two most popular social networks to emerge in the past few years (Instagram and Pinterest) revolve around visual content, there isn''t much data about what content performs best on these platforms.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016
    [Personalization] Why Formulas Work Better than Templates for Email
    Personally, I’ve seen it used to pitch everything from charities to seminars to vitamins (seriously). “Grab the 3 Follow-Up Email Templates that Got a 70% Response Rate – in Silicon Valley!”. The EXACT Template that Pulled 308,074 Emails from Facebook!”. The Sales Email that Won 16 New B2B Customers!”. You’ve seen these types of promises before. Verbatim email templates that worked like gangbusters for the author, now available to you – lowly sales creature!
    [Personalization] How to Find a Marketing Automation Platform That Grows With You
    All stages of the customer lifecycle–from brand awareness to advocacy–are becoming more closely intertwined with personalized content through multiple communication channels. Going back to the point about being able to incorporate multiple channels, “good-enough” solutions are very email-centric and may not be able to consume interactions with mobile devices, personalized banners, e-commerce activities, or custom records.
    [Personalization] A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page
    He likes it when you jump in the conversation by commenting and finds writing in the 3rd person like this slightly awkward. He likes it when you jump in the conversation by commenting and finds writing in the 3rd person like this slightly awkward. Build, Publish & A/B Test Landing Pages Without IT. Support | Log In or. About. Features. Templates. Landing Page Examples. Partners. Pricing. Contact Us 1-888-515-9161. The Unbounce Blog. Remember this: every page can be better.
    [Personalization] 16 Free Tools That Make Content Creation Way Easier
    My personal favorite is the hack to change font colors.). The person at the controls still determines the quality and success of the content created. About two years ago, while on vacation from my job prior to HubSpot, a friend sent me an Instagrammed photo captioned, "Meet Content Bot 3000!" The picture showed a cardboard box upside down in my desk chair back at the office, a face drawn crudely on one side with duct tape and marker.
  • THE ROI GUY  |  MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2016
    [Personalization] Forbes Insights: Value First
    In this new environment the research is clear: top performing sales reps are enabled to connect with buyers using more personalized content, to help interactively diagnose and assess challenges, and communicate and quantify differentiating value “Content has got to be used to build credibility and open up a rich and meaningful customer conversation,” says Dan Smoot, executive vice president of market readiness at “If
    [Personalization] Developing Your Firm’s Next Generation of Industry Experts
    Reputation-based means the person giving the referral has a general awareness of your firm and services. You may know many personally, but if you are appropriately demonstrating your industry expertise more than you think came to you by other means. of buyers rule out a referral before even speaking with that person.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2016
    [Personalization] What Makes Content Compelling? An Analysis of 3 Top-Performing Articles [Infographic]
    As much as you can boost credibility through numbers, remember that audiences have a desire to make a personal connection with content, as well. Inbound is no longer something entirely foreign to marketing teams: Globally, three out of four marketers prioritize an inbound approach. This means that brands are producing content at an accelerated rate, and in order to remain competitive, you need to consistently produce something that is compelling enough to generate a ton of shares.
    [Personalization] What Can You Buy With A MQL?
    Personally, I get more joy out of seeing an email campaign with stupendous engagement than getting pulled on stage at an Adele concert (the bar is high, I know). Author: Mike Madden That email got 9,230 clicks! <high <high five> We generated 5,467 MQLs last month, which is our highest MQL number in company history! <fist <fist bump> Did you see how many folks retweeted our post? It was over 500! <chocolate <chocolate cake celebration (because why not?)>
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 2015
    [Personalization] 25 of the Best PowerPoint Presentation Examples Every Marketer Should See
    I personally love how actionable tips are provided in a visual way. Learning from mistakes is a crucial part to growing in your professional and personal lives. Some presentations are better than others. Some have gorgeous designs. Some have insanely actionable takeaways. Some just give down-to-earth advice. But the best SlideShare presentations represent all three.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2015
    [Personalization] Marketing Psychology: 10 Revealing Principles of Human Behavior
    Have you ever played the game where one person says a word, and the other immediately responds with the first thing that comes to mind? So when you attend a session on how to blog for your business, you're most likely going to remember details like "Have another person edit your work," not "Send a Google Doc three business days ahead of time to a peer so they can edit your work.
    [Personalization] Content Retargeting: A Marketer's Guide to Getting Started
    For example, a person who used our AdWords Grader tool shows far greater intent as a business lead than a person who read a post on our blog -- in the former case, we know for sure they are a) using AdWords and b) looking for help. Retargeting is a paid search marketing strategy whereby website visitors are identified and remarketed to using search or social media ads. In other words, retargeting is a way to reach specific audiences who''ve already shown interest in your business.
    [Personalization] 3 Ways to Start Earning Links
    There are important Dos and Don’ts such as: Try to avoid the use of the word “links” in your outreach, and make every outreach specific and personal … no templates, please. Make it personalized – acquaint yourself with the individual’s prior published work. In your initial pitches ensure you are adding details of personalization that showcase the time and care you put into getting to know them. Do you know the real value of links today?
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2016
    [Personalization] Optimizing Your Website for Lead Generation
    Increase the likelihood of visitors providing their personal information by making your forms accessible and easy to fill in. Most people are not willing to volunteer their personal details from the get-go, so too many fields can be a turn-off. Establishing an online presence is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity. In today’s business environment, your website acts as an essential foundation for the launch of your online marketing strategies.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2015
    [Personalization] What Great Data Visualization Looks Like: 12 Complex Concepts Made Easy
    Maybe that project of yours is getting you down and if one more person tells you tomorrow is another day you''re going to scream. To help people see the impact of surveillance from a more personal angle, The Guardian built a data visualization into a larger story they created on the Snowden files. In addition to giving people a more personal viewpoint, the visualization highlights stark differences between the unemployment rates of different groups.
    [Personalization] How to Deliver Emails That Will Increase Reach, Impact, and Subscriber Satisfaction
    If you aren’t prepared to maintain the effectiveness of your email content to ensure that your experience is always viewed as fresh, useful, and personally relevant, your once essential resource can transform into a fly-like nuisance that won’t stop buzzing in your reader’s inbox – keeping it from performing to its full potential. However, Gini cautions, unless you are certain the subscriber data is accurate, you need to be careful about using it to personalize an email.
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    [Personalization] Why Taking A Full-Funnel Marketing Approach Is Critical
    According to research from SiriusDecisions , two-thirds of the buyer journey is now done digitally, rather than in-person or over the phone. If you’re a B2B marketer, you are more than likely familiar with the buyer funnel. In its simplest form, there is the top of the funnel (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU), and the bottom of the funnel (BOFU).
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014
    [Personalization] The 10 Habits of Highly Effective Inbound Marketers
    Instead, truly effective inbound marketers are the folks who readily admit that they need help, who regularly get input and advice from their peers and coworkers, and who put the quality of their work ahead of their personal branding. If you''ve ever felt like you could use a kick in the pants to lift yourself out of a professional rut, you know going to a respected, successful peer or mentor for some advice can do just the trick.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 2014
    [Personalization] New Data Reveals How Nonprofits Are Segmenting Their Communications
    This is excellent news when you consider the impact that personalized correspondence has on fundraising. Nonprofits have a lot to communicate. From gift solicitations to gift acknowledgements, there''s no shortage of touch-points to prospective and current supporters.
    [Personalization] Accenture & CIO Insights: Improve Sales Effectiveness with Tablets in 2013
    In a survey of Chief Sales Officers (CSOs), the number one priority for the coming year was to improve sales effectiveness, especially finding ways to improve quota attainment success, improving deal size and driving competitive win rates. This was reported by almost 60% for responses from sales executives at over 200 $1B+ revenue companies worldwide by CSO Insights and Accenture.
    [Personalization] Does My Hair Look Good in this Metric?
    But, if I were to base my New Year’s resolutions on being 10 pounds thinner and 10 pounds younger, then I am going to have a really hard time actually meeting my personal health goals. In fact, the clients that I have worked with that have embraced measurement are the ones empowered to make big decisions and take risks that drive real revenue performance for their organizations and advance their personal careers. by Jennifer Horton | Tweet this.
  • KAPOST  |  MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016
    [Personalization] Why Is Social Media Marketing So Popular?
    Whatever your flavor—business connections, personal contacts, dating, photo browsing and sharing, and video entertainment, among others—there is likely a social network that exists to serve your heart’s desires. Sharing personal moments with friends and strangers (Snapchat). Personally, I think so. Let’s play a game. Think of your life 10 years ago. Think of your life now. Now, think of five things that you have today that you didn’t have 10 years ago.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2014
    [Personalization] 8 Clever Ways to Triple Your Content Output (and Traffic)
    To create a video, you can simply record yourself talking about the contents of one of your most popular blog posts, or record a Skype or in-person interview with an expert on the blog post topic. They’re easy to do, engage a thought leader in your space, and allow you to promote your content with a known name (assuming you interview someone with a personal audience).
    [Personalization] Edit Your Content: 12 Things NOT to Miss
    I always link to a person’s name (to a page on the web where you can learn more about them), to a book, or to a Wikipedia definition when useful. Here’s a checklist for editing your blog content before you publish. For any content that is vitally important, i.e. sales content or articles delivered to clients, I use Barbara Feiner , a professional editor. She not only corrects errors, but evaluates for clarity and flow.
    [Personalization] Managing Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Content
    Organise regular content meetings whether in person or via Skype; it’s essential that the provider is brought on board as a department and not simply treated as an entity that you “fire and forget.” In an ideal world, a marketing department would be able to provide all the content required to create a successful, lead-generating content marketing strategy. A recent survey has shown that many B2B marketers are struggling to make an impact with their content marketing.
  • THE ROI GUY  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Personalization] SiriusDecisions Reveals Sales Content Research and Secrets to Success
    Dynamically exploring buyer challenges and needs, personalizing value-centric messaging, delivering buyer specific business benefit calculations and elevating success stories is always a challenge, but Tom showed how this can all be automated with some great new client examples. The importance of sales content remains strong, with 79 % of b-to-b buyers reporting that the content provided by a rep is very to extremely influential in their selection of one vendor over another.
    [Personalization] A Creative Way to Write a Month's Worth of Blog Content in a Day
    That means one person shouldn''t get 4 thought leadership pieces, when another person gets 4 quick how-to posts. To my fellow bloggers out there who struggle to find the time to produce a lot of premium blog content: I feel your pain. The secret to blogging success is. that there is no one secret to blogging success. It takes a considerable amount of hard work, dedication, resources, and creativity to develop high-quality posts.
    [Personalization] The 7 Deadly Sins of Branding
    Through content offerings, customer experience design, website functionality, social media strategies, sponsorships, and other interaction-based methods, the strongest brands take on a personality well beyond something being sold to buyers. Guest Contributor: Matt Hillman , Creative Director. You have a great product, great service, great people, great materials—and your brand still sucks. Competitors in the building products marketplace keep racking up sales while you struggle to get by.
    [Personalization] How the Discipline of Exercise and Fitness Applies to B2B Marketing
    As you head into your busy Fall schedule of work and personal commitments, adopt a “can do” attitude toward reaching your growth goals and consider some of these marketing fitness guidelines: Be Realistic: Review your calendar and see how much time each week you can realistically set aside to do marketing. I am feeling GREAT having just wrapped up a full week off of work. I got a little sun, visited some friends, ate healthy food, and worked out every single day.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2011
    [Personalization] 7 Ways to Write Super Catchy Headlines
    Think of these headline categories in terms of personalities. This is a guest post by Marissa Lowman. Headlines are the lifeblood of web and landing pages. Ever since the tag was invented, they’ve been the most important copy on a page…making or breaking the story or idea being communicated. If there is one consistent finding in landing page testing, it’s that headlines play one of the most crucial parts in conversion.
    [Personalization] How even social media & social selling experts are getting LinkedIn wrong – Part 2
    We work with CEOs, thought leaders and senior sales executives to create a powerful personal brand online – one that aligns with your business goals, and helps you accomplish more, faster. Most of the messages went ignored, because “fill-in-the-blank” templated emails do not make the customer feel as if it’s personalized.
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014
    [Personalization] Enabling Sales: Change the Point of View
    See touchpoints for each person quickly. One of the most common questions I hear from sales managers is: “What is one of the best ways my sales reps can manage their day more efficiently by using” ” Pulling reports? Probably not. That’s why there are analysts and dashboards. Report pulling is helpful, but not always on a daily basis and not for the average sales rep. Creating more more more dashboards?
    [Personalization] Thinking About Adopting Marketing Automation? Here’s a Quick Start Guide
    Chances are, if you’re considering adopting marketing automation, you’re a very busy person. And since you’re a busy person, you don’t have a lot of time to spend getting your new solution off the ground. After all, implementing any kind of new technology, whether it’s a small software upgrade or an entirely new platform, involves some level of cost and risk. You wouldn’t do it if you didn’t need to.
    [Personalization] How B2B Organizations Can Create More Effective “About” Pages
    I personally like the idea of showcasing an organization’s timeline. And even though many social media applications and behaviors have a greater consumer-oriented appeal, they change how individuals want to consume and access information, and interact with the organizations they work with (personally and professionally).
    [Personalization] 1+1=3 – How Partner Marketing Defies the Laws of Math
    Personally, I was excited about the partnership for another reason – it’s a great example of partner marketing. Author: Julie Ritchie If you enjoy requesting cars on your smartphone, you were probably excited to learn that Uber has partnered with Google Maps , offering ride estimates along with driving directions, and allowing you to launch the Uber app in one tap. In the technology landscape, partnerships rarely make headlines, but they’re everywhere.
    [Personalization] How to Run a Webinar: Building a Compelling Landing Page and Thank You Page
    If the presenters are well known, consider putting a picture of the presenter on the page to personalize the event. This is the seventh installment in the series How to Run a Webinar. In our last post in this series, we talked about Promoting your webinar. The next step is to build a compelling landing page and “Thank You” page! Build a Compelling Landing Page.
    [Personalization] 32 Influential B2B Social Media Profiles (People) to Follow on Twitter
    “MD at B2B integrated marketing firm with personal roots in PR. It’s no secret that social media is an important channel of digital marketing. For B2B marketers, there are endless opportunities for leveraging social media platforms and strategies. Research from Optify’s 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report supports these statements.
    [Personalization] How to Integrate Inbound Marketing With a Traditional Sales Team
    As a long time sales person myself, I understand where this impulse comes from. Showing an example of a blog post or web page, optimized for a particular keyword, that drives traffic resulting in leads, that then convert to customers will make the bells ring in a sales persons head. A five minute interview with a field sales person will yield a solid post that will help build team credibility.
    [Personalization] Does Your B2B Marketer Plagiarize like Melania Trump?
    I had a personal experience with this when one of my attorney clients told me about Frankly, I wonder who has time for this and perhaps even suggests that the person doesn’t have original thoughts and content to share with their audience.). The news stories about Melania Trump’s 2016 Republican Convention speech plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic Convention speech brought up one of my pet peeves – plagiarizing marketing content.
    [Personalization] The 6-Step Secret Sauce for Awesome Email Subject Lines
    Personalization. Step 3 - Personalize. How many emails do you receive every day? And across how many accounts? The Radicati Group reported that 1.9 billion non-spam emails are sent every day. Most people aren't reading every one of those emails (do you?), and the way people determine which ones to open and which ones to trash is by looking at the email subject line.
    [Personalization] It’s Not Just Politics: The Evolution of Marketing in Presidential Campaigns
    One thing’s for sure, while smart political campaigns are certainly applying marketing best practices—targeted and clear messages—undoubtedly, they could get even more personal and create more tailored message to followers that care about certain issues more than others. Do you think having more curated and personalized content from your representatives would be helpful?
    [Personalization] 2016 Content Marketing Trends Reveal How Story Can Save Your Brand
    It’s a wild time to be working in the field—with industry experts on one side singing the praises of story-driven marketing and advocating a return to more personable approaches for business, while all the platforms on which we operate grow increasingly populated with ads. The digital world is at war these days, and content marketing trends suggest marketers are caught in the middle.
    [Personalization] The Essential Marketing & Sales Metrics Your Team Should Track
    But it doesn't make sense for every person on your team to track every single important metric individually. This person's title can vary a lot: conversion manager, optimization manager, SEO manager, and so on. At some companies, this may be the person who oversees any marketing campaigns that you run. For other companies, this may be the person in charge of top-of-the-funnel campaigns.
    [Personalization] 10 Ways for Hospitals to Support Website Accessibility
    For example, a person interested in watching an ENT doctor on video may bounce if captions for the hearing impaired are not provided, while someone searching for an ophthalmologist may choose to exit a site if its standard text size is too small to read. Website accessibility is the practice of enabling people with disabilities to use a website, meaning that they can navigate, understand and interact with its content.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2012
    [Personalization] Adventures in Frictionless Sharing
    With GaggleAMP, anything that’s tweeted from @Biznology or posted to is shared through the Biznology GaggleAMP –that’s pretty safe; however, when it comes to my personal @chrisabraham Twitter profile, I really want to be more intentional because my Twitter stream is mostly links to and, so I have it set up so that the only way my posts will enter GaggleAMPlification is if I append an #ga to my tweet.
    [Personalization] How B2B Buyers Really Use Social Media: Insights from the 2012 Buyersphere Report
    Those over 30 are much more likely to ask for opinions and recommendations in person or over the phone or email; those under 30 are actually more likely to define word of mouth as something that happens socially. by Jon Miller The annual Buyersphere report from BaseOne , in conjunction with B2B Marketing, Research Now, and McCallum Layton, consists of interviews with B2B buyers who have made actual business purchases in the last 12 months.
    [Personalization] Congratulations on your deal!  Didn’t you tell me you were going to close that months ago?
    In fact, the entire sales and marketing process needs to be reworked on agile principles to be able to capitalize on the one-to-one conversations (digitally AND personally) needed to work prospects through the funnel. Even as a CEO of a content marketing agency , I still get this pressure from my board and colleagues—and they all know how buyers have more control these days, buying on their own time frames, not ours.
    [Personalization] Your Content Marketing Program Isn’t Perfect and Never Will Be
    The Editor’s Letter reveals a human element of the publication—written in the first-person voice—and reminds the reader that magazine work is never finished. For Blanda, thinking through what works, what doesn’t, and what can be repurposed elsewhere has helped his three-person marketing team at 99U run a nimble operation. My favorite part of monthly magazines is the Editor’s Letter.
    [Personalization] The best automagical Twitter following tools for your business
    Posts are sent at the time most likely to be read by each person you are contacting. It’s impossible to start up a new business — or even personal — Twitter account without either making a huge spend over at Twitter Ads. Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing my tools and processes with you.
    [Personalization] Is your website search a marketing or an IT function?
    Yes, I am a longtime IT person, but even I will tell you that marketing needs to run your website search, just as marketing probably runs the rest of your website. You can probably guess which one I think it should be. Now, I know there is a lot of technology involved, and sure, your IT team needs to play a role, just as they do with your website as a whole, but do you let the IT team choose what goes on the home page? Or let them decide which messages you will use for your offerings?
    [Personalization] Finding the Niche Within the Niche: A Profile of Architect and Visible Expert? Dale Mulfinger
    At Hinge we have been studying Visible Experts℠ , people who have attained high visibility and expertise in their industry, creating a personal brand that is recognizable industry-wide. In the process, he has become a nationwide expert on cabins and second homes, combining a solid professional and academic foundation with an ability to personalize his brand and take it to the national stage. Forging a Personal Brand.
  • I-SCOOP  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2016
    [Personalization] Do consumers share data because they trust or distrust you?
    Consumers don’t mind sharing their personal data with marketers and businesses in exchange for benefits. The nature and amount of data shared depends on the perceived value of the benefit. It’s the principle of good old ‘quid pro quo’ and even goes back to permission marketing: “I, the consumer trust you and give you permission […].
    [Personalization] Back to Basics: Tips and Tricks for Demand Generation Success
    As leads move down the funnel and you know more about them, you should target them with more personalized programs and content to nurture their interest. Keep in mind that as your audience becomes more familiar with your company and moves down the funnel, the audience size of your programs should diminish and the personalization of the interactions should increase.
    [Personalization] Check out the next MarTech agenda and save $500 this week only
    You’ll also have the opportunity to meet dozens of leading marketing tech companies in person — to see the latest developments they’re bringing to market and to discover new vendors who are reimagining the possibilities of modern marketing. Welcome to 2016! This is going to be a terrific year for marketing technology — and marketing technologists.
    [Personalization] 11 Well-Made Print Advertisements From the Last Century (And How They Hold up Now)
    7) 1968 – Sony personal televisions. In this Sony advertisement from 1968, a couple is shown lying down in bed, each facing the opposite direction and glaring into their own personal televisions. The humor isn’t missed on the makers of the ad, with the caption reading: “There comes a time in everyone’s life when they just want to be alone with the person they love.”. In the history of American advertising, print has played a vital and interesting role.
    [Personalization] The Charles Bukowski Guide to Effective Copywriting: 5 Tips
    It reads like a comfortable, personalized email but appeals to the masses. His subject matter was personal, yet typical. Copy is writing that compels. It connects with a specific audience, inciting emotions that drive action. Copy enables sales on a grand scale, which begs the question: How do you write effective copy? Copywriting is a technical craft. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect.
    [Personalization] 3 Answers to Important Questions About Creating Collaborative Content
    That being said, it would be a major mistake to not deliver the right message to the right person at the right time on the right channel. by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Chris Moody , VP Marketing at Compendium , a content marketing platform to support process management. .
    [Personalization] Selling your Lead Generation Content
    Personally, I would not, here are a couple reasons why this fails the content selling test. You have committed to content marketing, you have invested in creating content, and your website has turned into a veritable content hub. At every turn, you offer related content to entice a registration and get someone to opt in to to your drip and nurture program. You have enough traffic, but you need more registrations to fuel your nurture program. What you really need is a new mindset.
    [Personalization] Mobile Now Driving Most Sales Transactions
    They take their phones with them into a retail store, and research information or compare prices online while physically checking out the items in person. Retail is becoming increasingly controlled by and dependent on smartphones. Most US consumers are now using their phones to shop and make purchases online from wherever they may be.
    [Personalization] Onward and Upward: Research-backed Tips to Rise Above the Noise on Social Media
    Have you had success with incorporating personal, mobile-optimized, or visual content into your social media marketing strategy? Author: Lisa Marcyes While scrolling through my Twitter feed yesterday, I began thinking about the bulk of content being posted and how indifferent I was to most of it. Before I realized it, I had already scrolled through hundreds of posts, without batting an eye.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 4, 2017
    [Personalization] 8 Snapchat Mistakes to Avoid (and How to Fix Them)
    We know it’s hard to spice up your Snapchat Stories if you’re a one-person social media team. Geofilters, emojis, and lenses are fun ways to make a selfie more interesting, add context to a Snap, or to show the lighter side of your brand's personality. Do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling on your phone -- just tapping away at your various apps to see what’s going on?
    [Personalization] 3 Tips for Marketers Developing Training Materials
    It supports the learning process by personally connecting them to the training material. Whether it is the launch of a program, campaign, product, or instructional how-to’s, as marketers we’ve most likely developed training materials and conducted training sessions for members of our organizations. Often we are immersed in our own internal jargon and may have a tendency to view training as a chore versus what it really is, an opportunity to connect in a creative way.
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 2017
    [Personalization] PR Link Earning Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization
    Because including links to an authoritative site is akin to being friends with an influential person. The closer you are connected to that person, the more clout you carry. Public Relations (PR) efforts can play a large part in link earning from reputable third-party sites, which, in turn, boost your organic search performance. With Google’s focus on prioritizing high-quality content that engages users, link earning is more crucial to your business than ever before.
    [Personalization] Anyone with a New Idea is a Crank Until the Idea Succeeds
    A content marketing strategy can leverage all story channels (print, online, in-person, mobile, social, etc.).” I was reminded of that famous quote from Mark Twain recently in a Twitter exchange about the web presence optimization framework. Although the framework has been for the most part enthusiastically embraced (and dozens of people have downloaded the framework white paper ), a few people on Twitter questioned the need for a “new” marketing concept.
    [Personalization] What the Science of Binge Watching Can Teach Content Marketers
    Personalized Content. Netflix broke new ground with their “Recommended For You” section of the site, or in marketing terms, their content personalization. Their individual user personas make the content even more personalized without screwing up other people’s recommended content. Netflix’s goal is to get you to consume as much content as possible through their specialized, intricate, and personalized content.
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