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    [Personalization] Why Videos Make Your Website More Personal
    Most B2B marketers will tell you that a visitor searching on their website for a product or service is not the same as the person who is in a brick and mortar store, sopping for shoes. But, isn’t the person who is visiting your site also shoe shopping after work? Visitors want a personal experience [.].
    [Personalization] Use Marketing Automation to Personalize Your Emails and Increase Leads
    Email personalization can greatly increase the potential of an email marketing campaign, allowing businesses to generate more leads with less money. Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels for lead generation. Yet, in order to produce leads, businesses need to be approaching their emails with the right frame of mind.
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    [Personalization] How To Increase Newsletter Subscriptions With Personalized Recommendations
    Personalization is a growing segment of online marketing. The idea behind personalization is a straightforward one: personalize your message and you’ll see better results. Be Personal, Be Relevant. Publishers are attempting to personalize the entire online experience, with personalized recommendations becoming a central tool for driving anonymous readers into deeper engagement and interaction. How Personalization Works.
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    [Personalization] Type A vs. Type B: Does Personality Type Matter at Work?
    Most of you probably already associate with either the "Type A" or the "Type B" personality. Before we get to the nitty gritty, check out the following graphic to see personality type you identify with. While most of you could probably guess which of the options above might be associated with Type A vs. Type B personalities in the workplace, many of you probably found you were identifying with a little bit of both. The Original A/B Personality Test.
    [Personalization] To Successfully Personalize Marketing Communications Across Mobile Devices, Brands Need To Do This
    In order to successfully personalize marketing communications across mobile devices, brands need to target the customer and device through device identifiers and a large data network. This is done by seamlessly pulling together the many IDs across marketing channels and devices that comprise of a given person, enabling marketers to tie their interactions to an actionable customer profile.
    [Personalization] Personalization and Behavior-Based Trigger Marketing
    Personalization and Behavior-Based Trigger Marketing In today’s marketing landscape, it’s becoming increasingly more obvious that it’s the end customer who drives marketing. We’re going to discuss just how personalization based on data collection is key to behavior-based trigger marketing. The post Personalization and Behavior-Based Trigger Marketing appeared first on ActiveDEMAND.
    [Personalization] How Your Personality Affects Your Sales
    Have you ever thought about how your personality affects what you’re doing at work? When it comes to sales positions, personality types can reveal some particular insights. Known as MBTI, this test helps to delineate certain personality traits into predictable, understandable categories that are supposed to provide insight into why you make certain choices and how you perceive standard situations. Guest Blogs personality Sales
    [Personalization] 30 Examples of Personalized Videos That’ll Really Get Your Attention
    Personalization is a hot topic in the worlds of marketing and sales. How do we personalize the content journey? How do we help our sales team personalize their outreach to better connect with prospects as individuals? There are tons of ways to create personalized experiences for your customers and prospects, but therein lies the challenge: where do you start, and how will you show a material impact? From Personalization to Individualization.
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    [Personalization] Do This, Not That: 19 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person [Infographic]
    I wasn't always a morning person. Becoming a morning person isn't easy, but taking advantage of those early morning hours can make a huge difference in your productivity levels throughout the day. Want to become a morning person, but don't know where to start? Whether I was actually doing something productive or just sitting in my bed watching reruns of The West Wing, I remember relishing those late night hours. In those days, sleeping in until 11:00 a.m. was second nature.
    [Personalization] 4 Mistakes Marketers Make With Their Personal Brand on Twitter…and How to Correct Them
    Cultivating a strong presence on Twitter has many benefits: you support your organization’s marketing efforts, you can use it to sell socially, you can build your personal brand, or any combination of these things. Based on my first-hand observations, marketers and sales-people don’t treat their personal brand enough like a real brand. It could be for personal branding, lead generation , or customer service, to name a few.
    [Personalization] Increasing Sales With Personalized Marketing
    In today’s “show me you know me” marketing world, it’s imperative that brands understand and engage their shoppers on a personal level with personalized marketing. The post Increasing Sales With Personalized Marketing appeared first on Opentopic. Obviously, that’s easier said than done. Dads still get emails about lipstick. Moms still get offers for men’s shaving cream.
    [Personalization] The Marketer's Guide to Getting Started With Content Personalization
    Content personalization has been a hot topic for marketers over the last few years. As Big Data gets bigger, so does the level to which marketers can personalize content. Plugging in a person’s name in an email salutation isn’t enough anymore. Netflix and Amazon are notable brands that have mastered real content personalization. Fortunately, marketers don’t need to build their own personalization technology. 1) Channel-Based Personalization.
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    [Personalization] Mastering the Art of Omni-Channel Personalization [Free Guide]
    And, the data is there—personalization impacts your bottom line. In fact, personalized emails see a 14% higher clickthrough rate and personalized web experiences see an average 20% increase in sales. Whether you're just getting started with personalization or you're trying to increase the scope and effectiveness of your current program, you can’t ignore the importance of the omni-channel experience. How to Leverage Marketing Automation for One-to-Many Personalization.
    [Personalization] The Key to Successful In-Person Events
    So many events, so little time, at least for B2B marketers. How to decide where to spend your precious time out of the office, money and focus? Marketers can’t go to every event they would like to due to too many factors to list, so what is it that makes us choose which events to attend? It’s not the band playing (although sometimes that can help) but it really comes down to content and communication.
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    [Personalization] Create More Personalized Publishing Newsletters
    As a media company, you likely rely heavily on your newsletters to engage unpaid subscribers and ideally convert them to paying ones while driving ad sales for placed sponsored content or display ads. Unfortunately, many newsletters being sent these days leave a lot of room for improvement, and may not be speaking to your readers as well as they could be. Pitfalls and Opportunities. Targeting. Pitfall: Generic, one-size-fits-all content.
    [Personalization] Personalize the Online Experience for Prospective Students
    What can an education marketer do to create a personal experience that keeps visitors glued to your school's website? You can personalize a visitor's online experience, from the moment they land on your page, to the one when they open their tenth email from you. When you personalize content, a visitor feels satisfied because their needs are being met and thus feels a stronger connection to your institution. Ways to Personalize Within Your Online Community.
    [Personalization] Top Personality Traits All Managers Should Hire For
    There are going to be some long, hard days in any sales job, and I need a person who is committed to being the best rep possible and helping the company be the best company possible. This post originally appeared on the Sales section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales. Bad news: There is no magic formula for hiring a top sales rep, a top marketer, a top anything.
    [Personalization] 4 Simple Ways to Make Automated Emails Feel Personal…AND On-Brand
    But you don’t want your automated messages to feel automated – you want your marketing to feel personal, to build connections, and you also want it to amplify your brand. They can justify huge spend on media like TV, radio, and print, and they enlist the help of high-profile celebrity endorsers, to simultaneously resonate with consumers and their personal values. You know you are making personal connection with the right brand messages when someone responds to an automated email.
    [Personalization] Meet the New ‘Status Quo’: Personalized, Customized User Experiences
    It’s no surprise that, according to eConsultancy, 94% of companies agree that personalization is key to their current and future success. How Website and Landing Page Personalization Creates Relevance. Organizations across a variety of industries are increasingly viewing hyper-personalized interactions with their website visitors as a key core competency. Is your organization creating personalized, relevant experiences for your website visitors?
    [Personalization] Personalization is Different From Customization
    Personalization is Different From Customization Do you believe there’s a difference between ‘personalization’ and ‘customization’? To the average person presented with these two words, it would seem that upon first glance and consideration they mean the same thing. It seems that the real benefit of personalization in marketing occurs when an individual experiences an ‘a-ha!’
    [Personalization] The Massive Impact of Personalized Omni-channel Experiences
    The post The Massive Impact of Personalized Omni-channel Experiences appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. One of the more effective ways to become the best is to learn from the best. What did various people in various industries, various companies in various regions, do to vault themselves into such elite company? The 2016 State of Marketing Report, an annual report in its third year from Salesforce, is an in-depth industry […].
    [Personalization] Content Marketing Matters: What’s Your Brand Personality?
    The first is an attractive personality. In other words, a company’s brand works when: They develop a distinct brand personality. They repeatedly use personality to establish associations with positive emotions. Three brand personalities come to mind: The duck. Tags: Content Marketing Online Marketing Online Persuasion Attracting Clients blog marketing branding content marketing with blogs emotions narrative personality stories storytelling
    [Personalization] 6 Tips for Scaling Social Media Promotion With a One-Person Team
    Creating and maintaining a presence for your brand on social media can be a 24/7 job for an entire team of people. But what happens when you're on a content team of one? How do you find time to dedicate to social media without neglecting your other responsibilities? That's the position I've found myself in.
    [Personalization] Personalization is the New Reality
    Personalization is the New Reality Take a moment to seriously answer this question: What do you think it takes, in today’s information-in-an-instant world, to prompt someone to notice – and click-through to consume – content? Enter Personalization Customer engagement – a customer’s emotional or psychological attachment to a company or product brand – is the definitive predictor of business growth. The post Personalization is the New Reality appeared first on ActiveDEMAND.
    [Personalization] Introducing Vidyard for SalesLoft: Skyrocket Sales Team Impact with Personalized Video Emails
    Today we’re excited to announce that, in partnership with SalesLoft, the platform for modern day sales engagement, we’re launching a new integration that will help sales teams supercharge sales emails with personalized, custom videos boosting response rates by 8x! It must be: personalized. It gives you “face-to-face” time, and adds a personality to your sales message in a way that email or phone calls just can’t.
    [Personalization] Email Personalization Basics (+American Express Travelink’s Email Success Story)
    Dear {{First Name}}: “Personalization” is a broad term. There’s room under this umbrella for everything from Attention Profiling Mark-up Language (APML, an XML -based markup language for documenting a person’s interests and dislikes) to that coffee cup with your name on it. Personalized Emails Deliver 6X Higher Transaction Rates , MarketingLand). What is personalization? I like to think of it from the customer’s point of view; what feels personal to them ?
    [Personalization] How to Play to Your Strengths in a Job Interview: Tips for Every Personality Type
    If you''re self-aware, then you can adapt your approach to fit your personality.". Below are some tips for interviewing better depending on your personality and career goals. Each person you meet brings you a shot of energy. Once you let go of seeing an interview as a personal trial and move to treating it as a genuine conversation, your strengths will naturally arise. "Looks great on paper. Bad interviewer.".
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    [Personalization] How to Hire the Perfect Person to Run Your SEO
    Will this person be expected to take you to the top spot on page 1? The national average salary for a search engine specialist ranges from $40,000 to as high as $67,000, depending on how much experience the person has and which city you’re in. These are all ways to filter out the good candidates, the ones worthy of a phone or in-person interview. Words sprinkled throughout resumes can be a great indicator of a person’s keyword sensibility and fit for your SEO needs.
    [Personalization] 7 Easy-to-Fix Mistakes You're Making With Your Personal Brand
    Then you feel it -- that sense of paranoia that you’re so far behind with your own personal brand that you don’t even know where to start. You have so many questions about what to do and how to do it, all the while your peers seem to be easily “enhancing” their own personal brand. Your heart speeds up, you’re overcome with anxiety … and then your day starts and you forget all about your personal brand until the next morning. Why do you want to improve your personal brand?
    [Personalization] Personalize Your Website to Convince and Convert
    Personalize your website with the use of dynamic content to make a tremendous difference in your conversion rates. The use of personalized content makes this possible. By moving visitors to conversion faster with a personalized website, you can significantly reduce the sales cycle. Benefits of Personalized Website Content. Providing a personalized experience encourages visitors to remain on your site longer, download more, and in the end, make more purchases.
    [Personalization] 5 Steps to Quick and Easy Personalized Emails for Account-Based Marketing
    He has the personal touch and is a pro at engaging executives on the phone. Instead, they want him to create personal emails to each person he’s targeting. As account-based marketing gains popularity, mass email marketing campaigns are giving way to personalized emails. Section 1 : Mention a personal reference that you learned about from your research, perhaps by delving into an individual’s LinkedIn profile.
    [Personalization] TMI? How to Personalize Your Emails Without Being Creepy
    it''s very possible that we can over -personalize emails. There are some questions that marketers needs to ask themselves when personalizing. First, how does personalization improve your email marketing? Second, where''s the "creepy" line when it comes to email marketing personalization? Let''s dive into them to figure out how you should personalize your emails. Why Personalize in the First Place? What''s a Good Amount of Personalization?
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    [Personalization] How to Get a Personalized Assessment of Your Website [Free Tool]
    Read on to learn what the new tool does and how you can get a personalized assessment of your own. Website Grader is a free online tool that allows anyone to receive a free, personalized report that grades their site against key metrics, including performance, mobile readiness, SEO and security. Simply enter your website URL and email address and, within a few seconds, Website Grader will generate a personalized score between 1-100.
    [Personalization] Interesting Infographics: The Business Case for Personalization
    That’s why personalization stands out to us. consumers like when brands – even large corporate brands – send them personalized messages and offers, and almost as many (73%) enjoy buying from brands that personalize the experience. Tellingly, only 5% dislike buying from brands that personalize. . 75% prefer personalized messages and offers. Infographics branding communications home infographic personalization
    [Personalization] How to make your company blog connect like a personal blog
    When I researched other blogs in our industry and compared them with all of the personal blogs I read on a daily basis I was amazed at how bad they were. As a result I decided to model how people had built successful personal blogs instead of paying attention to how companies had done things. Put a blogger in charge: One of the biggest advantages I had in the process of creating my company blog was that I had experience with my own bog and built a trusted personal network.
    [Personalization] What a Buyer Wants: Personalized Advice, Business Value and ROI
    B2B buyers are scrutinizing potential vendors more closely, with greater requirements for personalized advice, business value and ROI than ever before , this according to independent research results from the Sixth Annual Demand Gen Report: 2016 B2B Buyer’s Survey , Getting Personal With buyers spending more time researching more choices than ever, Demand Gen Report’s research revealed just how important p ersonalization ranked as crucial in the purchase decision-making process.
    [Personalization] Bringing Back the Old School: Why Phone Conversations are the Missing Link in Personalization
    Author: Amber Tiffany The most personal conversations happen offline. While a personalized digital experience is certainly enticing and powerful, to really get to know a prospect—their interests, burning questions, and biggest challenges—you talk to them. Phone conversations are not only personal, but they’re also one of the most common interactions people have with a business. Retargeting can re-engage a prospect with a personalized ad. Do Web Personalization right.
    [Personalization] Buyer Persona vs. Buyer Personality: What’s the Difference?
    One of the initial steps in setting up any marketing campaign online is to construct the “persona” of the target. Marketing teams, web designers and email campaign staff will all want to know “just who is this written/built for?” ” It is important to define 2-4 personas for your target audience and in today’s world of […]. Lead Segmentation and Scoring Predictive Analytics B2B personas marketing insight Segmentation
    [Personalization] Dominate your personal brand on Google Images
    In the case of my buddy, he takes the curation of his personal brand so seriously that not only does he not feed blogs, social networks, gallery sites, Pinterest , news sites, LinkedIn , Facebook , Twitter , or Google+ , he spends a lot of time asking site owners, myself included, to take down pics, snappies, and photos he doesn’t like. I told Oliver to pimp both his personal Gmail account’s Google+ account as well as build up a Google+ Business Page for his design firm.
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    [Personalization] 3 Ways To Research Companies For Personalized Video Sales Outreach
    If you want to get noticed by your prospects today, your outreach must be highly personalized. That is, it’s simply not personalized enough, and prospects aren’t going to bite! The idea behind it is that sales professionals waste too much time “researching” their prospects: what school they went to, what their favorite football team might be, or what their personal hobbies are. Personalizing your messaging is absolutely essential when trying to get in front of your prospects.
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    [Personalization] Personalize or Perish: The Definitive Guide to Personalization for Digital Publishers [New Ebook]
    Audience segmentation and personalization can make one-to-many communications feel more personal, while simultaneously offering greater value to a larger number of readers. To help you learn more about audience segmentation and personalization, we teamed up with BrightInfo to write Personalize or Perish , the definitive guide on how publishers can: Collect better unified audience data across websites, events, emails, and more.
    [Personalization] Top Personal Branding Tips for Thought Leaders
    Personal branding is commanding a lot of attention these days, especially from job seekers and people trying to get ahead in the workplace. Here are seven critical tips that will build your personal brand and put you on the path to higher visibility. Top Personal Branding Tips. The more narrowly you focus your expertise the faster your personal brand will grow. SEE ALSO: The Road to the Top: Personal Branding Examples in Professional Services.
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    [Personalization] Staying Ahead of the Personalized Marketing Curve
    Vague statements such as “personalized marketing is the future” and “personalization is the key to marketing” abound. Yet, the most popular search phrase associated with personalized marketing is, “What is personalized marketing?”, Needless to say, it might be difficult to stay on top of the ‘key to the future’ that is personalized marketing if you don’t exactly know what it is. Does personalized marketing mean that you have to be able to do this?
    [Personalization] The Guide to More Pipeline with Personalized Video
    With video personalized for every single one of your prospects. And one that stemmed the development of “ Kickin’ Butt and Taking Names: How B2B Marketers Can Drive More Pipeline with Personalized Video ”; so you can learn how to connect on an individual level to grab attention, engage, and ultimately drive more pipeline from the marketing activities you work so hard on. See a live personalized video campaign and its results.
    [Personalization] Personalization vs. Productivity: Perfecting Your Sales Approach
    The post Personalization vs. Productivity: Perfecting Your Sales Approach appeared first on Opentopic. We can all feel it – the competition to stand out and stay top of mind among prospects is growing more fierce each year. To stay ahead, sales leaders must give reps the necessary processes and tools to identify, contact, qualify and convert prospects at record scale and speed. For instance, who can forget that famous HBR study a few.
    [Personalization] 4 Ways to Revolutionize Your Content with Personalized Marketing
    Godin had the opening nod and chose to spotlight the “digital revolution” that is content personalization , which can, and must, be used to bring valuable information to your audience. A pro-personalization insurgency. What we heard time and time again at Digital Summit Dallas is that this monumental shift toward content personalization is happening, and we can either be braver and bolder, or we will be left in the dust. Personalization Drives Conversions.
    [Personalization] Elements of a Successful Brand 3: Personality
    The first face is approachable and personable: while working for its clients, a firm might display warmth, talent, and a sense of humor. The personal connections and goodwill a firm forges during an engagement can lead to future work and referrals. The effervescent personality that fuels existing relationships and referrals is exchanged for an accepted corporate facade—a stock mix of familiar messages and visuals that do little to differentiate, clarify or define.
    [Personalization] What Personality Assessments Reveal About Your Customers
    Personality assessments are fun. But if you think personality assessments are purely for entertainment value, you should think again. Personality assessments have a ton of value as marketing tools. Personality assessments also help people self-identify. There’s more marketing power behind personality assessments than social sharing, however. After the personality summary, the user is invited to download an ebook about increasing customer advocacy.
    [Personalization] Email Evolution Conference Recap: Deliverability Is Personal
    The message the Gmail, Microsoft, Comcast, and AOL professionals are giving us is that email and the inbox have changed: Deliverability is now increasingly personal. The post Email Evolution Conference Recap: Deliverability Is Personal appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On. After this year’s Email Evolution Conference in Miami, the last panel left the email marketing and deliverability communities with plenty to talk about.
    [Personalization] Five Ways Marketers Can Personalize The In Store Shopping Experience
    It begins before the person enters the store and does not automatically stop when they leave. Here are five ways to personalize the in-store shopping experience for customers: When you are offering a complex product or service to the potential customer, make sure you provide an assisting selling platform to help them navigate all the ins and outs of the product or service. Any retailer knows the supreme importance of the in-store visitor.
    [Personalization] How to Create a Roadmap For Personalized Marketing
    And customers crave personalized attention from the brands with which they interact. Customer obsession holds the keys to the kingdom for marketing nirvana. Modern marketers, seeking to create rich digital experiences for their audiences, want one-to-one, continuous conversations with their followers.
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    [Personalization] Hiring the Perfect Person to Run Your Social Media
    Or at least the right person. I’m going to assume you’re up to speed on general hiring practices, so we can just focus on the issues specific to hiring a social media person. You are certain you could increase this trickle, but either you can’t get to it personally, or your existing social media staff is already maxed out. Example 2: You’ve already got an intern part-time and a social media person who works full time. How much does a full-time social media person cost?
    [Personalization] IBM's Watson gives the real insight on brand personality
    We decided to give IBM's new ‘Personality Insights’ tool a spin to find out. Powered by Watson , the tool uses ‘a spectrum of cognitive and social characteristics’ to analyse a block of text in order to determine the personality of the author (or in this case business). You seek out opportunities to improve yourself and demonstrate that you are a capable person. And you prefer activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment.".
    [Personalization] 9 Personality Quiz Examples For Content Marketing
    Unlike the old-fashioned pop quiz, personality assessments teach us about ourselves. They refine our personal understanding, giving us an opportunity to share who we are with the world. As a marketer, you can harness the influence of personality quizzes to strengthen your bond with a community and gain valuable feedback on your audience. What Kind of Morning Person Are You? What's Your Shark Personality? . Takeaway: Honor your brand personality.
    [Personalization] You’re Not Always the Right Person for the Job
    And if another angle needs to be represented, another audience targeted, then it’s the content marketer’s job to find the person who can best tell that story. My church’s reverend wasn’t the person to tell her that story. The post You’re Not Always the Right Person for the Job appeared first on The Content Standard by Skyword.
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    [Personalization] 5 Tips to Infuse More Personality into Your Content
    The fastest and easiest way to boost engagement is to infuse each piece of content that you write with personality. The story is fictional, humorous, and created to communicate the company’s unique selling proposition, but also to infuse personality into its story. That’s all right, because there are other creative ways to infuse personality into your content. It’s dry; has no personality; and doesn’t feel relatable. How do you infuse personality into your content?
    [Personalization] 10 Ways to Use Personalized Video to Blow Everyone’s Socks Off
    Personalized Video is a new and exciting way to attract, engage, and convert leads and customers. We’ve talked to you about Personalized Video before, and recently, Jeff Gadway, our Director of Product Marketing, hosted a webinar to talk more about this exciting product, and how both Marketing and Sales teams can use Personalized Video to get drastic results. Here are a few key points you don’t want to miss: Personalized content is incredibly vital for today’s marketers.
    [Personalization] Should You Strive for Work/Life Balance? The History of the Personal & Professional Divide
    This is, arguably, the time when a person’s work became more clearly aligned with a person’s identity. We want to expand personal freedom, to renew the American dream for every American. We seek to restore opportunity and reward, to value again personal achievement and individual excellence. Caproni continued, “Is this really the language we want to use to guide our personal lives?”. It’s the self-help topic du jour: achieving “work/life" balance.
    [Personalization] 5 Tips for Making Marketing Automation More Personal
    Here are 5 tips for making marketing automation more personal. Always Include a Personal Touch. Marketing automation performs at its best when it functions with a personal touch. Get a Demo - Make it Personal. The post 5 Tips for Making Marketing Automation More Personal appeared first on Lead Liaison. While marketing automation might seem a bit mechanical and cold, there are steps that can be taken to make it less robotic.
    [Personalization] Automated Behavioral Segmentation: Personalized in Real Time
    Automated Behavioral Segmentation: Personalized in Real Time Behavioral segmentation categorizes prospects in different groups based on their actions or engagement patterns. i.e. ‘Casual’ vs ‘Power’ users Desired Benefits – what features or product highlights do they spend time viewing The Automation Factor In modern marketing, automation utilizes dynamic content to personalize websites and pop-ups or overlays. Personalizing the content makes this a reality.
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    [Personalization] Brilliant Little Hacks to Make Your Blog Way More Personal
    As a result, I wanted to share a couple of little hacks I''ve started implementing on this very blog to make our visitors'' experience much more personalized and contextual (in ddition to using Smart CTAs for lead and customer conversion). Hopefully it will get you to start thinking about how you can make your blog much more contextual and personalized, too. The age of context is among us, folks.
    [Personalization] 3 Ways to Inject Personality Into Your Content
    You have to get personal. The key is to know your audience, own your brand identity, and inject some personality into your content. . Once you have all that out there, you can start looking at the personality of the thing. . Get Personal. The first step is to get personal with your audience. One step in this direction is using the word “I” instead of “we” – we want to talk with a person, not an abstract representation of your company.
    [Personalization] What’s Your Type? Personality Tests in the Workplace
    What can managers do to create functional – and harmonious – teams, and how do personality traits fit in? Cults of Personalities. According to consulting firm Bersin by Deloitte , use of personality tests during the hiring process is on the rise. There are thousands of personality and screening tests in the marketplace today, and for many organizations, they’re a useful way to automate the hiring process. Putting Personalities to Work.
    [Personalization] Marketing Technology: This Time It’s Personal
    As for marketing technologies, well the promise there was personalization. I can recall reading a survey or study as to the effect that personalizing a letter to someone could have on the response rate in a direct mail campaign for example. With each passing year the promise of personalization – and I mean true personalization, going way beyond simply saying “Dear Steve,” on a letter or email was being touted by tech vendors far and wide.
    [Personalization] Planning Your Personalization Strategy in 2016
    Personalized marketing is on every “top marketing trends for 2016” list. If this is the year for your company to embrace personalization, how do you get started? What’s the right way to develop a personalization strategy? With this step-by-step approach, you’ll take the best path to successful personalization: Define Personas and Map Their Journeys If you’ve already developed buyer persona.
    [Personalization] Survey: 3% of Customers Describe Marketing Emails as Personalized
    Email marketers are working hard to provide a more personalized experience for their customers, but a new survey reveals that they are still largely missing the mark. The “Mapping out the Customer Journey: Expectations Versus Reality for the Modern Marketer” report from Boxever has found that 81 percent of marketers use personalization for email marketing. However, just 3 percent of customers describe their emails as “personalized.”.
    [Personalization] Personal Knowledge Management
    Personal Knowledge Management : Who, What, Why, When, Where, How? Fifteen years ago, few people knew what a personal computer was. Now personal computers are ubiquitous. With the proliferation of personal computers and linked computer networks, there has been an increase in the amount of information produced, as well as new avenues of finding the information. What is personal knowledge management? s a system designed by individuals for their own personal use.
    [Personalization] Personalization Solutions for Your Irrelevant Intranet
    The post Personalization Solutions for Your Irrelevant Intranet appeared first on Opentopic. Most of your intranet is irrelevant. This isn’t a criticism. As intranets grow more comprehensive, much of the detailed content won’t apply to any specific individual. Amazon is the same: I have no interest in the majority of its stock. But the trick that Amazon gets right — and that intranets need to emulate — is that it feels like what.
    [Personalization] Are You Investing in Personalized Marketing?
    If you aren’t currently investing in personalized marketing, then you’re missing out on the new wave of digital marketing and may actually be teetering on the edge of irrelevancy. In order to understand the definition and value of personalized marketing, you have to rewind to a time when there was no personalization in. The post Are You Investing in Personalized Marketing? Large, sweeping marketing campaigns are officially out.
    [Personalization] Let’s Get Personal: 12 Ways to Tailor Your Marketing to Individuals
    Personalized marketing is more than just a buzzword you should use when trying to fit in at networking events. Today, three out of four companies personalize their marketing efforts , most commonly across websites and emails. Overwhelmingly, customer engagement is cited as the top reason for prioritizing personalization in marketing. This information can be a great way to personalize with relevant content. What other attributes are you personalizing offer based on?
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    [Personalization] 7 Ways to Infuse Your Company Website with Brand Personality
    It’s definitely within the realm of possibility to infuse your website with brand personality, without losing an intuitive user experience. Starting to blog for business is a brilliant way to express brand personality and experience the incredible benefits that come with a solid content marketing strategy. Then by all means, showcase your brand personality on your website “About Us” page. How do you express brand personality on your company website? 3-5 seconds.
    [Personalization] Celebrating Christmas in July with Personalized Content
    Working collaboratively with Oracle’s Channel team and Vidyard , we produced a personalized video that wove unique text and images into an entertaining holiday story. So, why is personalized video so successful? Well, as Vidyard points out in its Guide to More Pipeline with Personalized Video , this form of content is a piece of thoughtful communication. Personalized video is high-impact and holds the viewer’s attention by putting them front and center.
    [Personalization] Personalized Video Helps Businesses Drive Event Attendance, Recruit Students, Increase Email Open Rates by 1000%
    Influitive, Marketo, Reltio and the University of Waterloo use personalization to stand out, connect with audiences and get big results. Organizations including Influitive, Marketo, Reltio and the University of Waterloo have experienced direct results using Vidyard’s Personalized Video capabilities to convert more leads, increase attendance at important events and even recruit more students. Example of video personalized for recipient named Katie Watson.
    [Personalization] Personalize B2B Lead Generation—3 Ideas from the Holiday Season
    For example, if I am going to buy a bottle of wine as a gift, I start by thinking about the personality of the recipient, the kind of lifestyle he or she follows and then select a wine that is perfectly suited to that person’s tastes and preferences. Personalization in our personal lives is easier because we know our loved ones well enough to decide what gifts will bring them joy. Personalizing gifts involves the use of common sense.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 5, 2013
    [Personalization] Let's Get Personal: Why We Need to Market to Individuals, Not Audiences
    That means more than three billion hours of the video streamed in Q1 on Netflix were prompted by personalized recommendations. Ecommerce sites have been leading the way in this shift to a personalized world. How do we completely change our thinking to where personalization isn''t just a feature, but a mindset ? It''s time to adopt a personalization mindset. It''s time to build a culture of personalization throughout your company.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 2015
    [Personalization] New Research Reveals the Personality Traits of Top-Performing Sales Reps
    Martin , the founder of Heavy Hitter Sales, examined the personalities and habits of over 1,000 salespeople to suss out what separates quota busters from those who miss the mark. What are these top personality traits, according to Martin''s research? Personality Traits of Top-Performing Salespeople. Which personality traits do you think top salespeople have in common? This post originally appeared on HubSpot''s Sales Blog.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2013
    [Personalization] HubSpot Announces Social Inbox: An Integrated App to Make Social Media Personal Again
    A Twitter handle is not a person; it''s just one way to interact with that person. As a company, you want to engage that person , not just their Twitter handle, in the best way possible. She can then use that to respond in a relevant way, or enroll that lead in a workflow that will send them interest-based email and personalize the content they see next time they''re on your site. With Social Inbox, you can make social media more personal and more targeted again.
    [Personalization] How to Get the Latest and Greatest B2B News and Insights – Personalized Just for You
    The latest addition: Aggregage , the platform that powers the B2B Marketing Zone (or BMZ) has added a robust personalization engine. Readers can now sign-up and have content from the site personalized based on their interests. Sign up and sign in to personalize your content from the B2B Marketing Zone. To check it out, sign-up using the “Personalize Your Content” button at the top right of the BMZ home page, as shown here.
    [Personalization] How to Be a More Curious Person: 7 Tips for Becoming a Lifelong Learner
    How to Be a More Curious Person: 7 Tips for Becoming a Lifelong Learner. The other day, I was in the grocery store. I overheard a cart-bound little kid asking his mom question after question. Mom, why do they put so many apples out at once?" he asked as they browsed the produce section. Mom, what's Ocean Spray?" he speculated from one aisle over.
    [Personalization] Email Personalization: How to Get it Wrong (and Tips for Doing it Right)
    Using personalization in your email campaigns is a great way to jumpstart long-term relationships with your customers. There’s a reason your inbox is filled with messages that call you by name and ask you how the weather is in your city: personalization works. In fact, according to Econsultancy , 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement. But what does it take to find the right level of email personalization?
    [Personalization] The Marketer's Ultimate Guide to Using Dynamic, Personalized CTAs
    According to the Aberdeen Group , personalized emails improve clickthrough rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. In a nutshell, better segmentation and personalization in your marketing leads to better results. Using dynamic, or "smart," content , you can apply this powerful element of personalization to your entire website, showing visitors personalized content and calls-to-action based on the information you've collected in your contacts database.
    [Personalization] The Road to the Top: Personal Branding Examples in Professional Services
    Our recent book, The Visible Expert SM , explored the many ways that high-visibility experts’ personal brands boosted the profile and ultimately the success of their firms. In this post, we’ll take a look at some personal branding examples from industries including finance, architecture, and marketing. We’ll look at four techniques our research has found to be most powerful for personal branding, and show how real experts used those platforms to get ahead.
    [Personalization] Account-Based Marketing and Personalization: A Multi-Layered Approach
    The post Account-Based Marketing and Personalization: A Multi-Layered Approach appeared first on Opentopic. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has been a hot topic in B2B marketing strategy lately. Marketers are going crazy for the ability to collect information on their targeted accounts and use it to reach them more effectively. There are many different ABM approaches that marketers can take to do this (email campaigns, digital advertising, trade shows, etc.), but one of the more.
    [Personalization] How to Hire The Perfect Person To Run Your Social Media
    Or at least the right person. I’m going to assume you’re up to speed on general hiring practices, so we can just focus on the issues specific to hiring a social media person. You are certain you could increase this trickle, but either you can’t get to it personally, or your existing social media staff is already maxed out. Example 2: You’ve already got an intern part-time and a social media person who works full time. How much does a full-time social media person cost?
    [Personalization] How Can Professional Services Firms Engage an Audience in a More Personal and Cost Effective Way?
    We are also great fans of video marketing , especially for making a personal connection with an audience you might not know so well. Build a personal connection. Adding the video component allows the audience to not only learn something new, but connect with the presenter on a personal level. At Marketri, we make it a point to consistently re-evaluate how we serve our clients.
    [Personalization] Is it a good idea to hire a junior person to create your content?
    Depending on what their role is, you can hire a junior person to create content. There are many roles involved in content creation that don’t require the person to be experienced or be a subject matter expert in what that content is about to perform that task very well. It also needs to be aligned to the buying stages that they’re going to walk through—and a junior person just doesn’t understand that.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014
    [Personalization] Content Mapping 101: The Template You Need to Personalize Your Marketing
    Marketers hear it all the time: The content you create needs to be personalized. Personalization, giving people content that they''re actually interested in … it makes perfect sense. With content mapping, the goal is to target content according to 1) the characteristics of the person who will be consuming it (that’s where buyer personas come in), and 2) how close that person is to making a purchase ( i.e. their lifecycle stage).
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 26, 2013
    [Personalization] The 7 Personalities Every Successful Social Media Manager Has
    There aren''t many instances in our professional lives where having multiple personalities is seen as a positive trait. But hold the phone there ya negative Nancy -- there are times when conveying multiple personalities is not only encouraged, but also essential to the success of your marketing efforts. We''re talking social media marketing , where executing a strategy that successfully engages and proves value lies in your ability to satisfy a variety of needs and personalities.
    [Personalization] Automated Personalization and the “Zero Moment of Truth”
    Automated Personalization and the “Zero Moment of Truth” Google coined the phrase “Zero Moment of Truth” five years ago in an attempt to describe the moment someone decides he or she wants or needs something. and into this mix has come automated personalization, which ensures marketers are making the most of these “micro-moment” engagements. The post Automated Personalization and the “Zero Moment of Truth” appeared first on ActiveDEMAND.
    [Personalization] Podcast: Getting Personal with Video in an Impersonal World
    In this episode , we discuss where the need for personalized video content arises, why it is important for marketers, whether marketers are underutilizing video for lead generation, MarketingSherpa Summit, and more! Personalized video allows you to engage your audience on a one-to-one level, but at mass scale. If you think about it, the sound of a person’s name is the sweetest word in the human language.
    [Personalization] Reclaiming the Inbox: How Video Can Make Business Emails Personal Again
    ViewedIt enables sales professionals, executive leaders and customer support teams to easily record personalized videos and add them to their email conversations. KITCHENER, Ontario – January 10, 2017 – Vidyard , the leading video platform for business, today launches ViewedIt Enterprise , a business-class edition of ViewedIt , the free video-recording tool that makes it easy for organizations to embrace the power of video for personalized communications. “We
    [Personalization] Email vs. Phone vs. In-Person Meeting? Four Viewpoints
    My research shows that executive buyers choose the sales person who has been a resource and developed a relationship with them regardless of their timing to buy. To what extent can emails be used in place of phone calls and face-to-face meetings when maintaining and developing relationships with clients and other important network contacts?
  • OPENTOPIC  |  TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2016
    [Personalization] How To Build Personalized Influencer Marketing Campaigns
    Commercials have turned into 60-second Instagram spots, direct mail flyers have been replaced with personalized email campaigns, and brands have traded celebrity endorsements for mom sponsored blog posts to rep their products. Opentopic blog >> It’s no secret that marketing means something different nowadays.
    [Personalization] If You Don’t Know Me by Now: Why Personalization Must be Part of Your Content Strategy
    In true Pygmalion fashion , you’ve shaped their personalities, and you’re even more familiar with the intimate details of these prototypical models than you are with your own family members. Even if you’ve done a great job with persona creation, you can’t provide the right information to the right person at the right time relying solely on archetypes of your readers or buyers. ” “People love the convenience of a personalized experience.
    [Personalization] 6 Ways to Pull Off Anonymous Personalization People Love
    Marketers personalize emails to provide recipients more relevant content. In fact, in-house marketers who personalize their web experiences see on average a 19% uplift in sales ( Source: 2013 Monetate/eConsultancy ). Here are a few ways you can get started using anonymous personalization on your site -- that will come off as helpful, not creepy. You then have the option to personalize your content for visitors, contacts, or customers based on country, device type, or source.
    [Personalization] Best Practices for Creating a Personality Test
    Personality tests are perhaps the most well-liked and popular type of quiz, particularly on social networking sites. Perhaps the the personality test that first leaps to mind is the highly popular Myers-Briggs assessment – the test that gives results that look the below. […]. The post Best Practices for Creating a Personality Test appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014
    [Personalization] 10 Times Personalization Makes You Feel Terrible About Yourself
    That personalization tokens know more about you than you know about yourself? To make you feel a little less alone when it happens to you, check out 10 times technology, algorithms, and personalization maybe should''ve taken the day off. 1) When Google surfaces this ad for a one-person spam recipe. Or that this person would be into country: Or whatever your personal music tastes definitively are not. Ever feel like technology is mocking you?
    [Personalization] Individual Client Dashboards: The Personal Touch
    Individual Client Dashboards: The Personal Touch Every marketing agency needs to report its progress to its clients, but it’s not only what is reported that is important…it’s how that information is presented that is just as vital. The post Individual Client Dashboards: The Personal Touch appeared first on ActiveDEMAND.
    [Personalization] Business Leaders are Turning to Personalized Marketing for a Competitive Edge
    New research indicates that organizations are concerned about competitiveness in their respective industries, and many are turning to personalized marketing to gain an edge. The majority of respondents (65 percent) intend to focus on personalized marketing to meet more of their customers’ needs. Identifying the Need for More Personalized Marketing. Previous research shows that organizations have been aware of the need to focus on personalized marketing.
    [Personalization] 4 Ways to Make Your Website More Personal
    Marketers identify “personal connections and referrals,” followed by the company Website, as their top two lead sources. And it stands to reason that the more you can make your website experience match a personal referral – customized, mindful of the buyer’s needs, relevant to their buying stage – the more successful you’ll be in turning that inquiry into business. by Amy Bills | Tweet this We trust the word of our friends and colleagues more than ads. That’s a given.
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