[Personalization] See You At The 2017 LIMRA Marketing Conference
    Bruce Boguski is an author, motivational speaker, columnist, and media personality popular for his ability to inspire others to “do the impossible.” Plane tickets booked? Check. Hotel rooms reserved? Yup, thanks to Captain Obvious. Ready to meet inspiring, dedicated financial service professionals in all areas of marketing? You betcha. Nashville, Tennessee here we come! We’re excited to be an exhibitor at the 2017 LIMRA Marketing Conference on May 31st.
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    [Personalization] Getting Started with ABM Marketing
    In a nutshell, ABM marketing is a B2B marketing strategy that involves targeting specific individuals in organizations with personalized messaging. Account based marketers, at this point, will produce personalized content for those individual key players. Focus on personalization. ABM marketing , or account based marketing , is an effective strategy for generating highly qualified sales leads.
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    [Personalization] 8 of the Top Marketing Challenges Marketers Face Today [New Data]
    To find freelancers, we recommend: Tapping into your personal and professional network by posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks with a description of what you're looking for. From sourcing the right candidates to evaluating for the right skills, finding the perfect person could take months. To find the best inbound marketer for your team, the first thing you should do is decide what that person needs to be able to achieve for your business.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017
    [Personalization] Inside Act-On: 10-Step Guide to Rebuilding Your Lead-to-Revenue Funnel
    Obviously, the size of your CFT depends on your company size — the smaller the company, the greater the chance a single person handles one or more of the above duties. Everyone in marketing and sales and on the executive team knows about the “lead-to-revenue funnel.” A well-running funnel is vital to your company’s success. And the key to building a well-running funnel is creating efficient funnel stages. .
    [Personalization] Brand Architecture Options for AEC Firms [VIDEO]
    Related Stories Personal Branding Strategy: A Roadmap for Professionals, Experts and Executives 5 Proven Growth Strategies for Professional Services Firms Persona Development for Professional Services Marketers. In this video, learn about the 3 different approaches to brand architecture and determine which may be best suited for your needs. Video Transcription. Hi, I’m Karl Feldman and today we’re gonna talk about three types of brand architecture.
    [Personalization] 7 Ways to Grow Your Luxury Brand
    Marketing automation was designed with two primary objectives – to increase marketing efficiency and to personalize the user experience. Offer Hyper-Personalized Content. Keep in mind that the feelings that drive people to invest in luxury brand items can ebb and flow – more so than those driving people to purchase everyday consumer items – so it’s important to target your customers with engaging and personalized messages at exactly the right times.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017
    [Personalization] 3 Reasons Why Video is Ideal for Internal Communications
    You can now easily perform this point-and-show maneuver through video and once created, that clip can be stored for the next person, or shared at scale from the start. It becomes a way to reinsert some personality into the workplace and builds bonds of fraternity. Before they know it, video is barely different from an in-person conversation, and while it’s never a replacement for face-to-face, it’s the very best next thing.
    [Personalization] Debating the Role of the CMO: Watching a Transition in Action
    A quick look shows that the influence of social media, the ROI of retargeted ads, and the lead generation performance of personalized content have far outpaced the performance of traditional marketing campaigns of yesteryear. Shoppers use their smartphones constantly in retail stores; personalization is quickly becoming an expectation, rather than luxury; and mobile apps have found a use in almost every type of industry.
  • EXO B2B  |  THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017
    [Personalization] Monitoring, automating, analyzing: Top tools for social networks!
    There is a free version (for personal use, up to 10 publications per social network). Digital marketing is constantly evolving and social networks and digital levers are multiplying, so it’s more important than ever to consolidate your strategy and equip yourself with the marketing tools that will best suit your needs. Whether it’s for monitoring your social networks , curating content , or analyzing, there are a multitude of tools that enable you to save time and improve productivity.
    [Personalization] What Does Your Desk Say About Your Marketing Style?
    So whether you’re a creative, an analyzer, or an intellect, it’s important that the skills you bring to the table and your personality are reflected, visually displayed, and nurtured by your workspace. So given that people are making assumptions about your personality and work style based on your desk, how can you use your desk to really reflect your personality and represent the skills you possess?
    [Personalization] 5 Steps to conduct a superior podcast interview
    Often, you may not know the person you’re interviewing. A good technique is to put the person at ease by making some sort of personal connection based on a little research and insight. Those types of questions are unexpected, personal, and can immediately put the person at ease as they discuss some shared bond. There is one person out there who sends out the exact same set of interview questions to authors, no matter the subject or the book.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017
    [Personalization] 8 Signs of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
    And as you can imagine, these people skills can be just as important to professional (and personal) success as technical skills. Emotionally intelligent leaders should provide team members with plenty of opportunities to talk -- in person, via phone or video call, or as a team -- to resolve issues and air challenges before they devolve into unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Do you set monthly, quarterly, or annual goals for improvement and personal development?
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017
    [Personalization] How to Personalize Transactional Emails With Dynamic Content
    You're probably already acutely aware of this, and have already started to incorporate personalized elements into your promotional emails. Personalization in Transactional Emails. And that is the reason why personalized campaigns help improve click-through rates by around 14% and conversions by 10%. We all know this is true for promotional emails, but few marketers have begun to further optimize their transactional emails with advanced personalization.
    [Personalization] MarTech 2017: Managed Machines, ABM and Other Tech Trends
    In one session, Kyle Duford talked about how Dr. Martens is using Lytics to power “authentic, personalized marketing.” Duford than explained how Dr. Martens uses that data to create personalized experiences on its website and in marketing communications. A couple of weeks ago, we attended the third annual MarTech Conference in San Francisco. Scott Brinker kicked off the event by showing the 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic , a staple in the martech space.
    [Personalization] How to Save 4 Hours on Every Piece of Content You Create
    Can the author use the first person? As the person responsible for your content operation, it’s your job to uphold the integrity of the brand. Prior to joining Contently, I worked on digital strategy for some of the world’s top magazines. In other words, I spent most of my time coaxing brands like Vogue, Glamour, and GQ to embrace online publishing—and it wasn’t always easy.
    [Personalization] A proposed model for organizing the chaos of marketing technology
    I’ve also noted a few of the interesting intersections, such as between content and customers, which is where most marketing automation, email marketing, and personalization solutions operate.). The marketing technology landscape is big, broad, and deep. Feel free to mentally insert other, more colorful, adjectives.) So many different kinds of solutions fall under that umbrella, and they don’t always fit into nice, neat categories.
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    [Personalization] Jewel, a CFO and 2,500 B2B Marketers Walk Into a Room…
    The highlight for me came from the one person there *seemingly* more out of place than I was – acclaimed singer/songwriter Jewel. Research has shown that B2B purchasing is a highly personal, emotional process. The key is to make a strong personal connections with B2B buyers. From there, it has never been more important to tell stories that resonate with your customers and prospects on a very real, very personal level.
  • VIDYARD  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2017
    [Personalization] 6 Mega Trends in Sales, SaaS, and Video from HubSpot’s Chief Sales Officer
    Technology gives teams the opportunity to develop personalized relationships at scale. His example of searching for a how-to-video to fix his Jeep, versus reading a manual, highlights the movement towards watching versus reading in our personal lives as well! By having a complete understanding of their lifecycle, marketing and sales teams alike can deliver personalized experiences that guide their next step.
    [Personalization] Brand Journalism and the Case for Optimism
    As a consumer of news, I can generally trust established journalists to be an objective source of facts or, at the very least, to be upfront about their personal advocacies or biases. It pains me to admit that, although my career depends on it, I harbor a small but stubborn vein of cynicism when it comes to brand journalism.
  • RADIUS  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2017
    [Personalization] Future Of B2B Marketing And Sales: 20 Experts Share Their 2017 Predictions
    7) Satya Krishnaswamy, Head of Personalization, Adobe – Twitter. Creating relationships with customers through personalization. Bottom line: Personalization is the major shift in marketing in 2017. Revenue, that’s the name of the game in 2017. And has been for a long time. We’ve heard a lot this year about AI, machine learning, and the like. But regardless of what lens you approach the revenue problem, there’s one constant.
    [Personalization] 1 Awesome Way To Create Great Content
    That way, not only does your contributor get a physical reward, but they are building their personal brand. Whether you’re fresh on the job— getting the lay of the land, or you’re a veteran at your organization, as a content marketer you probably face the constant challenge of delivering interesting, valuable, and relevant content at the pace that your organization demands.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2017
    [Personalization] 6 AI Startups We're Keeping an Eye On
    Automated business processes, predictions, and fleet management are all very cool -- but we're eager to see how many of these brands develop technologies that will benefit individuals on a personal level. The other day, I was airing some grievances to a friend. The whining topic du jour: artificial intelligence, or AI. Every time I hear about it, I think, ‘Sure, that’s cool,’” I said. But sometimes I wish it would slow down -- there’s so much happening there, and so fast.”.
  • ACT-ON  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2017
    [Personalization] The 10 Commandments of Successful B2B Customer Retention
    Then point them to how to find help for themselves, including how to find the right person or resources at your company. Thou shalt personalize their experience. Whether that takes the form of creating content for existing customers, improving products, personalizing service, or finally staffing your help lines adequately will depend on how your company is operating now. It’s the age of the customer.
    [Personalization] SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall: Why B2B Marketers Should Take Note
    It’s another manifestation of the move towards effective, personalized, audience-centric marketing in the B2B industry we’ve seen in recent years. It also identifies what channels to reach those audiences/units on, as well as how to engage with those people in a personalized way. What comes to mind when you think of waterfalls? Tropical rainforests? Niagara Falls? White water rafting? Well, not anymore!
  • BIZIBLE  |  TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017
    [Personalization] Revenue Attribution 101: Tracking, Connecting, and Crediting Marketing Touchpoints to Revenue
    In B2B purchases, the buyer is typically not a single person; rather, it’s a group of coworkers, called an account. A common buyer journey involves one person discovering the company and doing high level research, and then looping in coworkers to do further research. As more and more CMOs of B2B organizations become responsible for driving revenue, it’s becoming necessary for them to adopt a revenue attribution solution.
  • THE POINT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017
    [Personalization] Beware the Siren Call of Pre-Qualified Leads
    If you generate a pool of leads that meet your demographic criteria – right person at the right company – and nurture those leads over time, you will have the opportunity to educate them on your solution, build credibility, and increase the chances of them ultimately converting to sales-ready prospects. There is a growing trend in the content syndication space, and among Cost Per Lead (CPL) programs in general, for media vendors to offer B2B clients the option of pre-qualified leads.
  • LEAD LIAISON  |  TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017
    [Personalization] 3 Sales Tools I Wish I Had When I Was in B2B Sales
    When I was super lucky I’d hit just the right person at the right time. For a sales person, this is a huge starting point. This person has been to the website 5 times and keeps looking at OCR solutions? You’re probably a very busy person with a huge funnel to keep up with. Ladies and gentlemen, account executives, and sales reps everywhere, I salute you. I have tried my hand in business to business sales and could just never get a rhythm down.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017
    [Personalization] Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle
    Yeah, it’s true: you don’t get to be the judge of whether you’re being kind, generous, or a decent person. Ian Maclaren is attributed, along with, Philo , Plato and Socrates , with saying “ be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ” I chopped it down to hugs not horns when I train new cadets at Gerris Corp. This is the core of what we at Gerris do to get through thousands of micro-influencers every day, day after day.
  • TERMINUS  |  TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017
    [Personalization] Top 10 Account-Based Marketing Moments at SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit
    Account-based marketing requires personalization, which means it’s essential to produce creative swag. Account-based marketing was the name of the game at SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit. From May 16th to 19th, the industry’s brightest B2B marketing and sales professionals gathered in Las Vegas for #SDSummit. One of the biggest topics of conversation at the conference was account-based marketing (ABM).
    [Personalization] 15 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Twitter to Drive Business Results
    No matter what means of communication you choose (even if it involves automation), you’ll want to make sure that messages are tailored and personalized to each prospect on an individual level. Show Your Brand’s Personality. B2B marketers continue to struggle with reflecting their brand’s personality on social media. When it comes to standing out from the masses on Twitter, never underestimate the power of personality.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017
    [Personalization] Chalk Talks: Using Video Analytics for Smarter Selling
    They might email a bunch of personal videos to those accounts, but they’re going to want to focus on the leads that actually watch that personal video. One of the keys to a successful sales team today is understanding as much as you can about your prospective buyers’ interests so you can send them tailored messaging and get a relevant and timely conversation started.
    [Personalization] Oops! What to do when email mistakes happen
    If you’re the only person looking at your emails, enlist someone else. Everyone makes mistakes every now and then. When it comes to email marketing, everyone’s done it; even the big guys make gaffes sometimes. When this happens, the important thing is to take a breath and not panic. Most people think they need to send out an apology right away, but depending on the error and your audience, you may want to wait.
    [Personalization] 5 Ways To Make Your Social Media Shine at Your Next Event
    Build out a social engagement experience that invites attendees to share their experiences via their personal social channels. Monitor your social feeds to ensure you’re able to answer any questions (or direct their question to the right person) attendees may have. Have an on-site support team you can call on if it’s an issue that needs to be handled in-person. Social media is invaluable when it comes to driving conversations and awareness around your event.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017
    [Personalization] 9 Reasons Your Marketing Agency's Retainers Aren't Bigger
    The smartest decision I made as a startup agency was to dedicate time to it and when we were bigger, to dedicate a full time person to it.". Like any other personal or business relationship, the benefits of picking a mate are greater than going it alone. Not personality. I personally know several other agencies who outsource their work to Jerome's team because his quality is high and because he stays in his lane.
  • ENGAGIO  |  MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017
    [Personalization] SiriusDecisions’ New Waterfall and How to Operationalize it to Drive Demand at Key Accounts
    But in the new model, instead of relating to an individual person, they align to target accounts. In 2006, SiriusDecisions introduced their revolutionary Demand Generation Waterfall, which defined the stages B2B orgs use to measure and optimize demand creation. As the market evolved, so too did the thinking about how to go to market.
    [Personalization] Managing Brand Strategy…When Your Name is on the Front Door
    When it comes time for a founder to sell or step out of their business, a marketplace identity that relies heavily on that individual’s personal credentials, relationships or charisma will serve to erode the brand equity they’ve worked so hard to establish. And this can often be a tough task for people with strong personalities who’ve leveraged their ego-driven determination to build a successful venture over 20 years or more.
    [Personalization] How to Improve Lead Routing for More Sales
    Over 25% of marketing-generated leads get assigned to the wrong person. Can that person based in CA connect work with someone local? Have you recently looked at your lead routing and assignment process? If not, you could be leaking revenue and marketing ROI. Case in point. LeadData’s new report, The State of Lead Management , based on a survey of 527 B2B sellers and marketers found an average 25.5 % of marketing-generated leads get assigned to the wrong account owner.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017
    [Personalization] Are you ready for GDPR, Europe’s upcoming data privacy requirements?
    Or you could provide the required notices, ask that person to check a box on an online form, and be done with it. Privacy is probably one of the least appealing topics in marketing. But this one’s a doozy. On May 25, 2018, any company that is not compliance with the European Union’s new opt-in regulations is at risk of a fine of up to 20 million euros, or 4% of their global topline revenue. Yipes! Most B2B marketers have customers worldwide.
    [Personalization] Tearing down the house: How to handle social media haters
    The harsh comments came from one person and he simply could not let them go. Personally, that was always the vision of everything you see being published and the work I’m trying to do — bring progress to the Marketing industry. The only move is to be the bigger person. It probably won’t change the behavior or attitude of that one person, as it’s almost impossible to turn a crazy lemon into lemonade; the fruit is already rotten. By Mark Schaefer.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017
    [Personalization] 10 Job Interview Questions to Stop Asking Candidates
    Be mindful of the different personality types, cultures, and backgrounds that are applying for open roles at your company, and consider retiring some of the more common interview questions in your arsenal. The answer could be highly personal, and it isn't that helpful for learning more about the candidate. The answer will teach you more about their problem-solving skills, without putting them in the awkward position of personal self-reflection.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017
    [Personalization] 7 Tips for Using Buyer Personas in Lead Nurturing
    Put the person back into persona. Now you’ve got a campaign that really makes business personal. Picture your customers. Not just their industries and business functions. Not just their geographic locations and levels of seniority — although all of those things are important. But picture them. What motivates them? What are their pain points? Who are they? This extremely specific description of your model customer is a buyer persona.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017
    [Personalization] 15 Fashion Brands You Should Follow on Instagram for Marketing Inspiration
    Despite being a well-established label, Kate Spade's Instagram has a distinct personal touch that sets it apart from similar brands. No other B2C industry has thrived on Instagram quite like the fashion industry. Between their carefully curated photos, expertly targeted ads, and decisive adoption of Instagram Stories, fashion and beauty brands have become masters of consumer engagement on the visual content platform.
  • PUREB2B  |  SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2017
    [Personalization] Sales Red Flags and How to Deal with Them
    You’ve taken the time and effort to build a business relationship with that person, and now they’re gone. You should also ask them to refer you to another contact person at their original company so you can continue with the lead nurturing and sales process. In B2B purchases, you’re not just selling to one person. To overcome this, you can ask your contact person questions that only the boss can answer.
    [Personalization] Dynamic Yield Offers Flexible Omni-Channel Personalization
    There are dozens of Web personalization tools available. It will stitch data together when the same personal identifier is used in different source systems, but it doesn’t do fuzzy or probabilistic cross-device matching. Message selection: this is probably where personalization systems vary the most. Channels: this is a particular strength for Dynamic Yield, which can personalize Web pages, emails, landing pages, mobile apps, mobile push, display ads, and offline channels.
    [Personalization] Do Design and Business Have Anything in Common?
    This anecdote points out the main challenge we face, both personally and professional: How can we become ever more intentional in our actions? When you get in a room full of design professionals, you will often here them talk about “business people.” ” Traditionally, the conversation centers around the way that business people fail to understand either the value of design or the inherent principles of the practice.
    [Personalization] Persona Development for Professional Services Marketers
    In an ideal world, your marketing would deliver exactly the right message to the right person at the right time. Often it includes sample language a marketer might use to persuade a person to buy or take the next step in the relationship. To help bring this fictional person to life, we need to turn him or her into a character. Try to pick a photo that looks like a real person, however, and be sure they are dressed appropriately for the position they hold.
  • KEO MARKETING  |  FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
    [Personalization] Best Practices in B2B Account Based Marketing
    Personalize the prospect’s experience. People expect personalized messages these days. That is why personalization is crucial. Personas allow you to group prospects with similar needs and personalize their experience as they move through your buying cycle. Account based marketing is growing at a fast pace with companies in the business-to-business space.
  • DISCOVERORG  |  FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
    [Personalization] How Data Proliferation Evolves Sales and Marketing
    We use DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence, LinkedIn, and the internet in general to create our initial provocative point of view that is researched, resonant, and, if possible, personalized to the person we’re speaking to. Through our unique point of view, we are able to show them how they could potentially impact their business and do it better, in a way that’s specific to that account and what that person does at that company.”. Everyone collects data these days.
  • SHARPSPRING  |  FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
    [Personalization] Clean Customer Data: Getting Your Sales and Marketing in Sync
    According to a report released by Experian Data Quality , 90% of businesses use their data to enhance customer and prospect experiences through targeting and personalization campaigns. but Marketing knows him as “Michael Brown,” you can be sure there will be an embarrassing moment or two down the line – whether it’s duplicate trigger emails being sent to that person or your customer service team having no clear view on what has gone on before.
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
    [Personalization] An Actionable Guide to Visual Storytelling
    This makes his case a perfect example of how one visual story told by a single person can turn into an entire business. . . The Personal, Authentic Story. . Nothing is quite as moving as personal, intimate images and videos. Your brand likely doesn’t have “personal” images of its own – but you can either use user-generated content or ask your stakeholders to provide recorded content to reach the same effect. . The personal, authentic story.
  • VIDYARD  |  FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
    [Personalization] The #1 Sales Tool I Wish I Had
    “It’s a great way to let your personality shine,” Kwok told audiences, adding, “Inside sales professionals can hide behind the phone but when you’re recording videos, you sit up tall, you’re cognizant, you’re excited, you’re enthusiastic about what you’re selling … and your prospect or customer can feel it.” Jordan was a real person who had done real homework and told me what my company was missing.
    [Personalization] Why Likes Don’t Matter for Engagement Metrics
    What’s more: Get one person to like your brand, and you may also convince her friends and family to give you a try, too. In another experiment, researchers tested whether liking a brand on Facebook increases the likelihood that friends of that person would also be more likely to engage with that brand.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
    [Personalization] 7 Design Podcasts That'll Get the Creative Juices Flowing
    Listen to this podcast if: You're the type of person who observes design everywhere -- whether it's during your commute or while staring at a row of condiments. If you've worked among designers, or are one yourself, there's something that's quickly observed: Designers, it seems, are often working with their headphones on. Much of the time, that's the result of creative work presenting an opportunity to plug in, and tune out distractions.
  • MARKETRI  |  FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
    [Personalization] 5 Rules for Delivering a Better B2B Sales Pitch
    You’re advancing to the final, in-person round. You survived the proposal stage. You’re on the slate to deliver your B2B sales pitch to decision makers. Suddenly, it occurs to you: How are we going to win? B2B Marketing Challenges B2B Marketing Strategies B2B Strategy Strategic Marketing Consulting
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
    [Personalization] 5 “Digital Breadcrumbs” Customers Leave for You to Follow
    Any customers who have payment issues could be put in a special marketing program , where you work to rebuild that lost trust through delivering high-value, personalized content or by providing special offers and coupons to ease their disappointment and encourage them to come back. But those clues were difficult to interpret and oftentimes inaccurate, because they weren’t always a reflection of a single person using a computer. This makes creating personalized experiences difficult.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
    [Personalization] 9 of the Biggest Google I/O Keynote Announcements
    Like the best human personal assistance, Google Home can now proactively bring important things to your attention, without having to be asked. Each year, bonafide tech geeks and enthusiasts gather or tune in for one of the biggest events of the year: Google I/O, the search giant’s annual developer conference. It’s a learning opportunity for many, with sessions and talks creating what Google describes as “an immersive experience focused on exploring the next generation of tech.”.
  • ENGAGIO  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [Personalization] The Top 10 Secrets for Sales and Marketing Alignment From the Pros
    Everybody is still too product and service focused; they’re driving towards their personal results, but they don’t know enough. What is this person’s role in the organization? Then, deeper than that, how do we engage each person in the buying process. When building a house, you can’t start with putting up walls and a roof – you must start with setting and building the foundation.
    [Personalization] How Important is Expertise? [VIDEO]
    They’re just looking for someone who can perform this one small service, and they can pretty easily evaluate the skills of a person. Related Stories Personal Branding Strategy: A Roadmap for Professionals, Experts and Executives Marketing Metrics that Matter [VIDEO] Why Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Growth Strategies Fail. There are cases where expertise isn’t so important. This video takes a look at some characteristics of these situations. Video Transcription.
  • CONTENTLY  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [Personalization] The New Demand Waterfall, and Other Next-Level Marketing Insights You Need to Know
    That’s because very rarely does the decision to buy a B2B product come down to only one person. There was a drum roll as the thousands in the crowd hushed. Then it came. Arms shot in the air in spiritual ecstasy. iPhone cameras flashed. What was it? Beyonce? Michelle Obama? The Pope? To the crowd of marketers at Day 2 of the Sirius Decisions Summit in Las Vegas, it was something far more exciting: a new SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [Personalization] Why most B2B social media programs fail to generate real leads
    Would I see that you have a healthy number of followers and many of your employees have their personal profiles connected to your page? If I were to visit your website, would I find a collection of social media icons I can click on to go to your company page on each of the most popular networks? Would I find the pages fairly active with summaries and links to your blog articles and press releases?
  • THE ROI GUY  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [Personalization] Gartner: Are Your Ready for More Buyers and the IT to Business Shift?
    2: From On-Size-Fits-All to Business, Functional and Personal What each buyer cares about most can differ wildly amongst the dozen plus committee members. Personal Value - Simply put, “What’s in it for me”, how your solution makes the stakeholders’ lives better on a personal rather than business basis. More stakeholders than ever are engaged in enterprise buying decisions. According to Gartner, the average enterprise technology buying team now includes more than 13 people !
    [Personalization] 3 Changes Marketers Need To Make To Be Successful 
    Timely, personalized, and unique information that fits their needs. Fix That Age-Old Data Problem You Have: As we make our campaigns and programs more personal and relevant to our audience—the effectiveness will only be as good as the data we have. As marketers, we are used to huge expectations, tight deadlines, and high pressure.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [Personalization] Chalk Talks: Generate More Leads with Video
    Try using personal video messages as part of that outreach. We again find that sales reps who use personal video messages to reach out as opposed to text-based emails have a five to seven times increase in their response rates because it’s personal, it’s human and it’s much more engaging. Online video content has become the best way to tell your story, but it’s also become the most effective way to generate new leads and to qualify your prospects.
    [Personalization] How often should I blog? Five steps to answering the question
    You might want to: Establish a powerful personal brand. You might be thinking that “joy” may make a difference for a personal blog but what does that have to do with a company content publishing schedule? One of the questions I am asked most often is “how often should I blog?” ” So let’s get into that one today. I’ve seen a lot of studies declaring optimum posting schedules but like everything in marketing, the answer is, “it depends.”
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [Personalization] Women Shave Because of Marketers: How the Industry Created Demand for Women's Razors
    Personal care trends come and go, but this one's been growing for the last 100 years. The razor "solves an embarrassing personal problem" and is "welcomed by women everywhere. If you've spent time in front of a television lately, you're probably familiar with the formula for many women's razor ads: A woman shaves and gets glowing legs that attract positive attention from her male counterpart. You can see the formula at work here , here , and here.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017
    [Personalization] 15 Questions to Make You a More Empathic Person
    We know empathy -- the ability to understand and relate to the emotions of others -- is a core competency of creativity, leadership, and being an all-around happy, successful person. 2) What are your personal biases that most interfere with finding truth? There are times in your professional and personal life when it's up to you to intentionally cultivate space for other people to grow and thrive.
    [Personalization] DSA Annual Meeting 2017: 5 Can’t Miss Events
    As a full-service marketing solutions agency, Belo + Company delivers personalized marketing strategy and drives measurable results tailored to reach your customers. Direct Selling Featured Franchise franchising Home Local Marketing Target Audience direct marketing Direct Sales DSA franchise marketing PersonalizationThe DSA Annual Meeting 2017 is just around the corner, and this year Distribion, a Belo + Company brand will be there for the action as a proud exhibitor.
  • SNAPAPP  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2017
    [Personalization] Unleashing the Potential of Every Marketer: The Story of Our Mission
    I’m proud of how far we’ve come as a company, but I am most proud of the success our customers and our team has achieved, both professionally, and personally. . . We recently asked our CEO and founder Seth Lieberman to give us some insight into his journey to founding SnapApp and how we landed on our company’s mission. Today we share that story with you. . Being early is lonely. . I knew we were early, but it took me years to realize just how early.
  • LEANDATA  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2017
    [Personalization] Half Your SDR Team Left for Coachella! A Checklist for When Reps Are Away
    Change Marketing Automation Send-From Email Addresses: If you use platforms such as Marketo to personalize outbound marketing emails from an SDR’s email address, you’ll want to switch it temporarily. Hard-working sales reps need time away from the job. It’s good for them and for the business. Recharged batteries help them bust their quotas. In a perfect world, vacation time gets spaced out evenly on a sales team. But in the real world, that’s not always possible. Things happen.
    [Personalization] Adapting and Reinventing: Oracle MCE2017 Recap
    Instead of giving prospects a droplet of water once a week for five weeks and expecting that to meet each person’s thirst needs, why not give them the hose and let them decide how much or how little to drink and when? The keynote by Sir Robert Swan , the first person to ever walk to both of the Earth’s poles, talked about innovation from an explorer’s standpoint.
    [Personalization] The Art of Creating an Excellent Customer Testimonial
    If you have the chance to meet a customer in person, or can connect with them via webcam, take advantage of that opportunity. You can also include a link to the customer’s website as an incentive for the person to talk to you about their experience. Testimonials are an invaluable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. An honest, engaging testimonial from a happy customer can often be the deciding factor for a wavering prospect.
    [Personalization] Learn How to Create an Internal Communications Plan with Pam Didner
    In the game known as telephone, one person whispers a message to the person next to him, and the story is then passed along until the last player announces it to the group. Each player tries to convey the message faithfully, but inaccuracies accumulate, and the result sounds quite different from the original. When businesses start new initiatives, some find themselves involuntarily playing telephone.
  • HG DATA  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2017
    [Personalization] Katie Bullard Talks Data Quality, ABM, & Triathlons
    We’ve heard that our customers also use HG Data Technographics for other targeted technology campaigns – like competitive takeaway campaigns – and we often hear that personalized campaigns based on a specific technology have the best response rates of any prospecting activities they’ve ever done. We’re starting to see more use of predictive intelligence – to determine not just that this company or person is a good fit for me – but that they are a good fit for me right now.
    [Personalization] Smart Agencies are Investing in Technology
    Agencies collect and manage data, provide personalized dynamic content options, and show value delivered to agency clients with robust dashboard reporting – all with one, easy-to-use tool. Investing in Technology for Smart Agencies. According to the RWS/US 2017 Outlook Survey Report, while Marketers and Agencies share a common business and often work together, their concerns about trends for 2017 differ.
  • CONTENTLY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Personalization] Mozilla’s CMO on Lazy Marketers, Battling Trump, and the Future of the Open Web
    If you’re a product person, you’re thinking about how to make a product better for your customer. Five years ago, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff sat in a board room, wondering if he’d wasted his life as a marketer. Every time he took a new job, he was filled with the promise of making a positive impact on the world.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Personalization] Five social media courses make one social media strategy meal
    There’s so much more to social media strategy than can openers and asking the strongest person in the household to open a stuck bottle. When I was young and naïve pasta was called spaghetti, and it was the main course of dinner at home. Then I took my mom to Genoa on holiday and quickly discovered that pasta isn’t a main course, it’s simply the first course.
    [Personalization] Cost-Effective Digital Marketing May Require Outsourcing Your Next CMO
    On my last project, working with a publicly traded personal hygiene brand, we had the following roles: Marketing Executive: Main decision-maker; responsible for setting the course and scope of the team’s efforts. Digital marketing can be one of the most effective strategies for your brand to punch through the noise and reach future customers.
  • 6SENSE  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Personalization] The Next-Generation CMO’s Revenue-Driven Approach to Marketing
    When I joined Box, one of my top initiatives was to build out a marketing tech stack that would not only improve personalization and lead management, but also help us predict and engage the right prospects at the right time. Buyer visibility impacts every aspect of marketing and sales. Without insight into who your buyer is, what their needs are and what their journey looks like, marketing and sales must expend far more resources to get meaningful results.
  • SNAPAPP  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Personalization] Why Events Still Matter in a Snapchat World
    How long before this person ever takes a meeting? . It may seem like we’re in an all-digital world, but at the other end of every channel, there’s a real person. . At SnapApp, we’re just about at the end of our seemingly nonstop spring event season. Any given week, a chunk of folks from our Boston HQ have been off and running to distant lands, like Phoenix or Las Vegas, extolling the merits of interactive content. .
  • LEADSPACE  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Personalization] How To See Through Your Sea Of Data — And Find Your Ideal Customers
    Marketers need to have a 360-degree view of every lead and account — ranging from basic insights like job title, age and company name, to more granular, personal insights for each contact, such as job function, industry and technologies they’re already familiar with.
  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Personalization] Oh How the Tables Have Turned: What B2C Marketers Can Learn From B2B
    One is relatively low volume and high budget, with lengthy, consultative selling processes and lots of personal relationships at play, while the other usually means huge volumes and low price points, with fast, direct sales processes. Increase Personalization to Boost Advertising ROI. As a result, its marketers have a better understanding of their ideal customers and can draw these prospects into more intimate, personal conversations with the brand.
  • EXO B2B  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Personalization] 6 tips for a successful Facebook ad
    Facebook ads are mostly shown in a person’s news feed, between publications of family and friends. Facebook has become an indispensable platform for generating traffic, leads, and sales through paid advertising, just like the very famous, Google Adwords.
    [Personalization] How Twitter Bots Taught Me about Competitive Intelligence
    As marketers, we like to tell ourselves that this is because bots don’t stop to think about how to craft meaningful, personalized experiences for their audiences. The internet is an amazing place. It’s arguably the greatest marvel mankind has produced, connecting the whole globe, providing innumerable resources, and improving quality of life in countless ways. It’s also home to a new breed of offense, grift, and general unpleasantness.
    [Personalization] 3 Mistakes Field Marketers Make (And, How to Avoid Them)
    Even perfectionists (aka the personality type that’s typically drawn to the field marketing profession). Author: Stacey Thornberry We all make mistakes. Really. But my motto is, “it’s not a mistake unless you DON’T learn from it” (and then do it again…). So, you’re welcome in advance. I’m going to help you learn from others’ mistakes so you don’t have to make your own.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Personalization] Chalk Talks: Personalizing Video for Your Sales Outreach
    In a world where your prospects are being bombarded by emails, cold calls, and social outreach, personalization and engagement are the new currencies. And smart salespeople know that video isn’t just engaging – it’s also one of the easiest ways you can add personalization to your sales cadence. Instead, we showed our prospects that we made video content specifically for them, personalized our outreach, and thus increasing our response rates by 500%.
  • WEBBIQUITY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Personalization] The 28 Best Miscellaneous Online Tools for Marketers
    Pricing: free for personal use; contact vendor for enterprise pricing. 30: The 14 Best Personal Productivity Tools. #31: Welcome to the 47 th , and final (for now at least) post in the Best Online Business Tools series. Hopefully you’ve found the posts helpful and have perhaps even implemented some of the tools covered. The tools and apps reviewed here previously have fallen into fairly well-defined categories (e.g.,
  • TERMINUS  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Personalization] Introducing the Top 45 ABM Superheroes for 2017
    We made major changes on our website, including adding pages personalized to role and industry, ungating case studies, and focusing on consistency of messaging across the site and ads used on different channels. Faster than a mobile-optimized website! More powerful than your CRM! Able to overcome prospects’ objections in a single bound! Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an ABM Superhero!
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [Personalization] How to Leverage Social Intent Data in Your Next Nurturing Campaign
    It is this level of personalization and relevant engagement that will make people choose your brand versus your competitors. At this point, marketing automation platforms have enabled us to nurture leads, and personalize our emails, website content and ads based on the data we've collected. Some of us go on Quora to get perspectives on how we might tackle certain business challenges, or go on Meetup.com to find in-person events where we can gain a broader view of our industry.
  • RADIUS  |  MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017
    [Personalization] 5 Reasons You Should Not Visit The Radius Booth At SiriusDecisions Summit
    2) You can easily identify and target your best prospects with personalized campaigns. Campaigns are designed for the most promising prospects and messaging is hyper-personalized to resonate with each audience segment. We hope you’re ready for some interesting conversations that drive revenue growth because the SiriusDecisions Summit is underway this week!
    [Personalization] Personal Branding Strategy: A Roadmap for Professionals, Experts and Executives
    Or are they privy to some magical personal branding strategy that the rest of us don’t know about? Our researchers interviewed over 1,000 Visible Experts and buyers of their services to figure out what was going on and exactly what they did to develop and market their personal brands. Instead, they developed their personal branding strategies the hard way, through trial and error. What Is a Personal Branding Strategy? The Benefits of a Strong Personal Brand.
    [Personalization] Report: Customers Yearn for More Personalized Marketing Content
    As marketers begin to further personalize their content, new research indicates that customers are becoming more receptive to advertising as a result. In terms of personalization, the majority (55 percent) stated that ads that are specifically tailored to them are more interesting than other marketing content, and 40 percent believe that advertisements should be specifically tailored to them. Content Marketing Personalization and Customer Relationships.
  • KEO MARKETING  |  MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017
    [Personalization] Trends in B2B Marketing Strategy for 2017
    The bigger the account, the more you personalize your business marketing strategy to prove that your company has the product or service your leads need to thrive. You can launch an app for your company where leads and customers can find a one-stop shop of all of your offerings, and use text messages to contact leads and customers and add a personal touch to your campaign. Marketing is constantly changing.
    [Personalization] 3 Innovations that Deliver Connected Cross-Channel Experiences with Oracle Eloqua
    With Facebook Lead Ads , marketers target specific audiences with personalized content and can effortlessly capture rich Facebook profile data through lead capture forms. In fact, the number of internet users with a personal email address is in decline. Marketers can capture WeChat contact data and orchestrate relevant, personalized experiences on WeChat through the Oracle Eloqua Campaign Canvas.
  • ENGAGIO  |  MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017
    [Personalization] Regardless of Your Strategy, Why Marketing Orchestration is the Way to Go
    If you’re lucky, your company has a star field marketer that personally follows up with sales to check on progress, but that approach won’t scale long-term. In the scenarios above, if I were using an orchestration platform I would know if my reps invited people to the field event or followed up on the webinar, and I could have created personal ‘Plays’ for them at scale. Marketing is like soccer – it takes every player on the team working together to win.
    [Personalization] Don’t Leave Your Website Redesign to Chance
    PersonalizationMarketers are constantly searching for new and unique ways to engage and win over their target audience. If you’re reading this, it’s a safe bet you’re in the same boat, and you know that your website could serve site visitors better – in turn, helping you meet your engagement and conversion goals. If you’ve decided to pursue a website redesign (may the odds be ever in your favor), you need to consider the following best practices.
  • INTEGRATED B2B  |  MONDAY, MAY 15, 2017
    [Personalization] Build a great B2B corporate website: a model for aligning strategy with content
    This combination of truly engaging content and personal interaction could indeed provide a major competitive advantage. How often do your colleagues complain that the company website is not much use to them? You might find they are reluctant to use the website, because the content doesn’t reflect or support the conversations they have with customers and other important stakeholders. But that’s not how it’s meant to be.
    [Personalization] SiriusDecisions swiftly approaches…
    In order to deliver effective personalization you have to start with the right data. Knowing the geolocation or the industry of a person just isn’t enough. For example, if we were to fill in the blanks, we might say, I’m trying to reach marketers in tech who have downloaded a white-paper and are interested in personalization and I want them to register for our webinar. What do Taylor Swift and SiriusDecisions have in common?
    [Personalization] Ensuring Successful Implementation of Your Marketing Technology
    The owner of the technology is the person or team whose budget goes into the technology or whose KPIs include ROI delivered by the technology, whereas the Manager is the person or team in charge of the day-to-day management of the technology. In today’s marketing environment it is no secret that businesses need to use marketing technology in order to become more competitive. However, implementing marketing technology poses challenges to businesses of all sizes.
    [Personalization] The Real Reason Employees Aren’t Sharing Your Content
    One particularly impactful way to increase the reach and effectiveness of your content is through employee advocacy: getting employees to share your brand’s content through their personal social media channels. A brand message shared on an employee’s personal social network is reshared 24 times more than when the same content is posted by the brand.
    [Personalization] Does corporate storytelling work? Some mega-brands say no.
    Here is the definition of publisher: “ a person or company whose business is the publishing of books, periodicals, engravings, computer software, etc. By Mark Schaefer. With much flourish, Coca-Cola announced in 2011 that it would be moving from “ creative excellence to content excellence.” ” It made an epic, two-part animated video on their strategy, explaining that they would be creating such amazing content that it could not be contained.
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