Cintell and Salutary Data announce a partnership that brings customer intelligence and B2B data together to deliver high quality leads


There are a number of vendors that provide B2B Company & Contact data out there, but Cintell is uniquely positioned to connect the dots between overall business strategy and sales & marketing execution, due to our core ability to to apply AI & Machine Learning to create intelligence about a business’ target market & customers” said Terry Suppers, Chief Customer Officer at Cintell.

How to Audit and Beef Up Your Lead Gen Strategy Using Content

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Step 1: Make Sure Your Personas Are Your Top Priority. Whether you’re auditing specific conversion paths, or reviewing the full scope of your lead generation strategy, understanding your personas is critical to your success. Consider a Persona Refresh.

What Role Should Marketing Play in a Product-First SaaS Company?

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Build Personas to Make Sales More Efficient. One of the first marketing exercises a product-first SaaS company should engage in is the creation of personas. A buyer persona (also called marketing persona) is a representation of your target customer. That one customer review can be used on your website, in email signatures , on relevant social media channels, and even in lead nurture campaigns. Would you rather listen to this blog instead of reading it?

7 Intent Signal Successes: How to Take Demand Gen to the Next Level


In-market buyers — Using intent signals, demographic filters, and telephone qualification, True Influence targets the correct personas as they actively research topics relevant to Extreme Networks.

What is The Right Vehicle to Drive Your Email Marketing Success?

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Check out this triggered email example from Signature Hardware: Figure 2: A Signature Hardware Triggered Email Example. TIP: When you’re evaluating a marketing software vendor on its ability to handle nurturing emails, make sure you look at ease of use.

#B2BChannelPanel Round-Up: Email


We use Sigstr banners in employee email signatures that link to microsites with curated Content Tracks we build using PathFactory. We work with them in terms of the emails they send and how customized they are by the different account segments or personas.

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73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


Segment these campaigns based on each persona of yours and speak to their unique needs. Be usefully original - add some unique research into your content and develop a consistent style signature so you truly stand apart.

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ClickInsights: How can B2B marketers use content effectively for demand generation?

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Her clients who are technology vendors and venture firms leverage her strategic marketing and go-to-market expertise. Link to your enewsletter, blog, Tweets and linkedIn profile from your email signatures.