How to Evaluate B2B Data Providers


There’s no shortage of B2B data providers to choose from, but the quality of those vendors varies widely. Unfortunately, stories about being burned by data vendors are all too common. The ideal vendor will have comprehensive coverage that crosses industries and geographies.

How B2B Buyer-Level Intent Discovery Will Accelerate Sales Outcomes


Each effort to identify the “Person” in the buying committee left Marketers grasping at anything resembling buyer data, leading them to chase ghosts known as “Personas”. The number of vendors talking about signals and intent grows by the day.


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How to ABM Like a Boss (Part 3): Get Your Data Ready


These accounts may not get completely customized marketing plays and content, but they should still get highly relevant touches based on their industry and persona. For those with contact data, which ones do you have permission to email? Diversify your vendors.

How B2B Content Syndication Helps You Grow Quality Leads


Syndicated content is a process of taking the same piece of content and republishing it on other platforms, with permission. Article Title] appeared in [Original Site Name + URL] and republished with permission.”. You can also choose the vendor based on the content type or its length.

5-Step B2B Marketing Plan for Covid-19


Traditional data sources are now worthless because it is impossible for traditional data vendors to monitor and report on rapidly changing firmographics such as headcount, revenues, and technology stacks (along with just about everything else). At the same time, privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and CASL require companies to get explicit permission from people before gathering data on them. These are the titles and personas that buy from you.

How to Do Market Research: A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding Your Buyer's Journey


Step 1: Define Your Personas. Before you dive into how your personas make buying decisions, you must first understand who they are. This is where buyer personas come in handy. Buyer personas -- sometimes referred to as marketing personas -- are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. To get started with creating your personas, check out these free templates , as well as this helpful tool. How did you use vendor websites?

5 Simple Steps for Building Your Owned Audience


It’s all the people who have given you permission to engage them through a property that you own. Because of this permission, you have more control over the engagement and can make regular deposits in their bank of trust. And many knowingly choose that; they simply don’t do any segmentation or audience persona development and opt for blasting one-size-fits-all content to a big list.

Channel Campaign Timing: The 4th Dimension of Demand Generation


Once you have email addresses and permissions for social media followers, email them content based on their persona and segment. Further capitalizing on the email channel: If your existing lists need fresh leads, you can turn to content syndication vendors to take your content to quality prospects you may not yet have as opt-in email list members, using their own permission-based audiences. The 4th dimension, according to theoretical physicists, is time.

The Best B2B Lead Gen Campaigns for Every Channel


The tactics you use on LinkedIn need to: Audience targeting based on buyer persona. A good starting point is to ask the PPC vendor of their average conversion ratio across the board. Lead generation campaigns: The review site can link directly to a vendor’s sign-up landing page, encouraging people who read your review to try out your free-trial next. In fact, the first step to having great content is to know your audience (your "Ideal Customer" personas).

11 LinkedIn Marketing Gems You're Missing Out On


Think of it as an inside look on a focus group that can help you inform your marketing personas and campaigns. That means you can be where your customers, vendors, and industry influencers are going. Just be sure not to opt them into any email communications or lead nurturing campaigns when you bring them into your CRM -- they haven't given you permission yet! We already know that LinkedIn is more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter.

Top 47 B2B Marketing Posts - Hot Topics Ning and Facebook - July 2010

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Dig Deep with B2B Buyer Personas - The Content Factor , July 6, 2010 Every B2B marketer I talk to is on board with the concept of user personas to guide their web content strategy. Now our team is working with several clients to really drive this concept home, and apply personas more aggressively to the content they are creating. It’s particularly useful in its approach to copyright and permissions. Do you have a buyer persona? Best of B2B Marketing.

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We’ve been working with the company and its CMO… Read more… Stan Woods | April 29th, 2009 | one comment Web personas and Mind Maps Like most good digital agencies, we’ve been exploring web personas for a while and we’ve found them to be a critical aid to great site design. … Read more… Doug Kessler | April 12th, 2007 | no comments How (Not) to do email marketing Another great post from the “Permission Marketing&# guru, Seth Godin.

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7 Unglamorous, Unpopular Truths About Content Marketing


Here are some examples: Buyer personas. when they really just need to figure out which popcorn machine vendor to choose for the grand opening of their movie theater. And now you have permission to cut corners. I used to be a social media/content strategist who put together elaborate strategy documents to try and convince enterprises they needed to adopt social and start creating and sharing tons of valuable content.