Report: Trade Shows Generate Highest Quantity & Quality of Leads

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The report, however, goes further – ranking trade shows as far and away the most effective demand gen channel in their “BtoB Channel Effectiveness Quadrant,” surpassing (by some margin) even demand gen workhorses like email marketing and PPC.

Six Ways to Connect with Hard-to-Reach Business Buyers


A couple sheets of paper folded neatly inside a standard business envelope isn’t going to inspire much excitement. You can go high ($50 to $100 per package) with a service like Video Plus Print , or keep it simpler with something closer to trade show swag.

The Inbound Way to Do Trade Show Marketing


Planning for a trade show doesn’t start a month in advance. Trade show marketing is a very strategic process. Set Your Trade Show Marketing Goals. Trade shows are no different. What are you doing to make your trade show a success?

How Do Live Events and B2B Digital Marketing Work Together?

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With hundreds of trade shows, conferences, and meet-ups happening every year, events tend to “die” once they are over. While some companies are frustrated by the lack of visibility at the large shows due to not receiving speaking slots or not getting the right foot traffic, AdWeek reports that 67 percent of those polled have found that smaller industry shows are better for reaching customers.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Which types of content assets (white papers, ebooks, video, etc.) many trade shows or PPC keywords that are. relations, cold calling, influencer marketing, or webinars). The responses show a virtually unanimous. White papers, ebooks, and webinars appear.

How Social Media, Content Transform Marketing from Expense to Investment


online or print advertising, trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail) according to research from HubSpot. Well-written white papers can also serve as effective long-term lead-generation assets.

The Biggest Challenge in Creating and Marketing White Papers

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Business decision makers don't read white papers just because a product or service is "cool" They have real business problems they are trying to solve. We asked white paper experts: " What is the biggest challenge in creating and marketing a white paper?

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9 Steps to Revitalize Your Tradeshow Marketing Strategy

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It should be a very strategic process, where every aspect of your tradeshow: pre-show, during-show, and post-show are all meticulously thought-through and tied back to a strategy and aligned with your business goals and objectives. What you’re featuring at the show.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Lead Generation via white papers and webinars

B2B Lead Generation : How to Get Thousands More White Paper Readers & Webinar Attendees: Red Hats Initial Test Results. " One final thought - dont rush a list of webinar attendees or white paper download registrants to your sales team and call them sales leads.

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Lead generation using white papers

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There are many methods - trade shows , contact us forms, webinars , you name it. I found a great blog on of these lead generation methods that focuses on white papers. If you're looking at creating a white paper or trying to spice up an existing one, check out Michael Stezlner's Writing White Papers blog. Do you think that adding white papers to your business blog is a good idea? It's a great example of how blogs can use white papers.

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tools of the trade: webinars and online presentations

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I believe in three simple rules for a successful webinar program: Understand and map your needs Choose the appropriate webinar platform Put in place a well documented webinar process 1. The price for phone conferencing will increase the overall costs for your webinars.

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Using White Papers for Lead Generation

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If youre involved in marketing to IT or financial buyers, you should consider using white papers or e-books. After doing numerous lead qualification programs , we have found that only 5 to 15 percent of those who download white papers are truly sales-ready leads.

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Paper Direct Mail is Not Dead

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« Cold Calling Tips for the complex sale | Main | Give Lead Generation Some Respect » Paper Direct Mail is Not Dead Jim Logan tells us why Paper Direct Mail is Not Dead. B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book.

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: White Papers and Lead Generation, Key for BtoB Marketers

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« Webinar: A Multimodal approach to Lead Nurturing for Complex Sales | Main | How to Become a Thought Leader and Attract Customers » White Papers and Lead Generation, Key for BtoB Marketers Complex sales cycles make the development of multi-modal marketing strategies critical.

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Webinar Recap: How to Develop a Successful Content Marketing Program

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The type of content I’m talking about here can be blogs, articles, social media posts and shares, webinars, ebooks and the like.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Tips for better webinars, webcasts and improved ROI

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« 2 New RSS Feeds for the B2B Lead Generation Blog | Main | Blogging & RSS Events » Tips for better webinars, webcasts and improved ROI Webinars have reached critical mass and most B2B marketers, it seems, have added them to their marketing mix.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Webinar: A Multimodal approach to Lead Nurturing for Complex Sales

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Good Reads for B2B Marketing - 5 Buyer Behaviors Reshaping B2B Marketing


B2B Trade Show Marketing Circa 2013: Everything is the Same, Everything is Different. The most sought after content are research reports, white papers, case studies and product reviews. Only 16 Percent of B2B Consumers Prefer Live Webinars.

10 Tips for Better Event Marketing

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A webinar attendee, for example, could be offered additional webinars or white papers in a follow-up email, while a CEO attending a trade show could receive an invitation to an exclusive executive dinner or panel discussion.

Three Key Insights on How B2B Marketing is Changing


Those are among the many questions answered in the new report from B2B Marketing Zone, How B2B Marketing is Changing , and their recent webinar highlighting some of the key findings. There are many more insights in both the How B2B Marketing is Changing report and the recorded webinar.

Branding and data – the new alliance


trade shows) that communicates the macro story and value proposition. Webinars and white papers – hopefully they are of real value and not sales pitches. The quick and promised fulfillment of offers from the website, webinars or direct marketing.

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8 Ways to Maximize the Value of Online and In-Person Events


According to a 2013 survey from the CMO Council and Exhibit & Event Marketers Association (E2MA): 31% of respondents believe that trade shows, conventions, conferences, and channel events are essential to doing business in their target customer markets, and another 42% believe them to be very valuable; 51% say these interactions can help achieve business goals and create a significant competitive advantage; 54% report that positioning the brand among industry leaders was a key benefit; and.

Content Marketing Tips for Lead Nurturing

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A lead nurturing program can leverage existing investments that you have made in other marketing efforts such as trade shows, webinars, direct mail, PR and other marketing collateral by repurposing the existing content. Direct mail examples: personal letters, dimensional mailers, books, post cards, newsletters, press releases, white papers, event invitations, research reports, case studies, success stories and third-party articles.

3 Keys to an Effective Autoresponder Program

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Studies show that responding to new sales leads promptly, literally within minutes, can have a dramatic impact on the rate at which those leads are qualified, and the speed at which they convert to opportunities and, ultimately, deals.

How We Learn – One Size Doesn’t Fit All


Develop content like white papers, eBooks, infographics or analyst reports for visual learners. Think about webinars, podcasts and lectures as types of content for auditory learners. A modern marketer’s job is never dull. It never ends either.

Demand more from today’s B2B marketer

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When it comes to B2B marketing—whether it be social media, email marketing, blogs, white papers or attending trade shows—it has to be about lead generation. It’s great when content shows up in one of our prospect's Twitter feed because of a targeted hashtag.

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5 do’s & don’ts of B2B lead qualification


As an information junkie, I sign up for many webinars and download white papers on topics of interest, and subsequently am called by the sponsoring company to qualify me. This is particularly true when returning from trade shows with a large number of booth visitors.

Who Is Your B2B Customer & How Do They Find You?

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white papers, case studies, research papers, etc.) Webinars. White Papers. Trade Show Documentation.

The End of Marketing as We Know It: Overcoming Buyer Challenges with Interactive Smart Content

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The past decade has seen an exciting and dramatic increase in new digital marketing channels including Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, search engines, webinars, virtual trade shows and more.

Feeding Sales Is a Process, Not a Project.

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They develop white papers, email campaigns, go to trade shows, and —well, you know, execute on lots of projects. For example, if you’re attending a trade show, you start with: Booking the space, ordering your swag, designing the booth, booking hotels, etc.

5 Ways to Segment Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

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A trade show lead is likely to be at a different stage in the selling cycle compared to someone who registers for a Webinar. If that trade show lead is simply the result of uploading a show attendee list, the reader may not even know why he or she is hearing from your company.

Tradeshows and Events Drive Highest Quality Leads

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Going to trade shows and in-person events can be an expensive proposition. However, while many marketers said trade shows produced a high volume of excellent leads, 83% of marketers also described these events as having a “somewhat high” or “very high” cost-per-lead.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: New PDF Tracking Gives Us Pause

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5 Simple Ways to Take Your Lead Nurturing Program to the Next Level

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And those Webinar invitations that you broadcast to every trade show lead you’ve generated since 2005? Consider developing campaigns that are segmented by product interest based on prospect behavior such as Web visits, Webinar registration, or content downloads.

Your 2017 Resource Guide to Digital Marketing Conferences


Throughout the year, Act-On Software attends, speaks, sponsors, and hosts events, trade shows, and webinars that support customers and partners. Check out the Trade Shows, Networking Events, and Education Sessions page to get started! Take notes during the sessions you attend and don’t forget to bring a pen and paper … just in case. After that experience I always make sure to bring my low-tech back-up pen and paper to all sessions I attend. #6

Is Your B2B Content Boring Your Customers to Death?

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It’s started to become cliche– the amount of people at conferences and during webinars that ask what they can create their content marketing campaigns around. Do interviews with the designers behind the product or show how it’s made and implemented from start to finish. Paper supply company : Pen comparison tests using different types of your paper, with a possible infographic to accompany it. Paper Supply Company. Paper Supply Company.

Email Marketing 101: No-One Cares About Your Product

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All that matters is the white paper, the video, the Webinar, whatever it is that is on offer in the campaign. Calls to action must always be 1) specific and 2) tangible – download a white paper, view a demo, register for a free trial.

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Alex Pelletier of Acquisio Answers Your Inbound Marketing Questions

Modern B2B Marketing

by Seth Resler On Tuesday, February 7th, Alex Pelletier, Director of Marketing at Acquisio , co-hosted a webinar with our Senior Director of Marketing, Maria Pergolino on multiplying the effects of inbound marketing. How are you measuring the direct impact of the trade shows?

Marketing Events & Event Lead Capture

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As it relates to in-person events, you really can’t beat a trade show when it comes to collecting hot leads. These theme-based shows are filled with exhibitors who try to attract potential buyers, as well as buyers who are actively looking for a solution.

Create a 1-Page Marketing Plan

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I now use Microsoft Excel to show the marketing objective, tasks, resources, start dates, and timeline as well as the estimated and actual costs and measurable results. In the middle I graphically show each task, indicating its start date, duration and end date. Tweet.

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