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How Can Paid Media Boost Your Inbound Marketing Efforts?

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There are three distinct types of media that make up any digital marketing mix: earned, owned, and paid media. Inbound marketing is more of a long game that takes a bit more time and effort to get rolling. Use paid media to drive inbound efforts.

Organic Search vs. Paid Search: Which is Better?

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Organic search vs. paid search — it’s an ongoing debate in the digital marketing community. And which should brands pursue as part of their strategy? A combination of organic and paid search marketing is the best recipe for success long term.

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Best Paid Social Media Agency: Top 5 Choices in 2022

Single Grain

Running paid advertising campaigns on social media has become a staple in any digital marketing strategy. But in an ever-changing environment where bids rise and new ad types become available, advertisers struggle to stay up to date with the latest changes.

How to Produce Paid Facebook Video Ads for Mobile Like a Pro

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This comprehensive how-to guide for Facebook video ads was updated and expanded for 2020 to provide even more information. Are you trying to run Facebook ads, but no matter how much time you spend tweaking your campaigns, they just don’t seem to be bringing the results you’ve been promising to your boss? So why aren’t your ads performing as well as you’d expect? Here’s how you can produce Facebook mobile video ads like a pro. 6 Facebook Ad Hacks Crushing It Today.

3 Paid Media Tactics Designed To Aid B2B Account Based Marketing Efforts

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Search engine advertising – or PPC – is not typically associated with account-based marketing. However, marketing platforms and tactics continually evolve to provide new ways to nurture customers. As B2B marketers, we face a myriad of challenges unique to this space: More specific buyer personas. Through Google customer match B2B account-based marketers can: Optimize search campaigns based on specific users and their behaviors.

Creating Content Marketing Personas

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Content marketing personas are not new, however, tightly integrating these personas with SEO strategy and tactics is relatively new to most companies and organizations. In today’s post we’re going to explore what a content marketing persona is and how you can align this to your SEO efforts to drive and convert more website traffic. What is a Content Marketing Persona? The Importance of Personas.

PESO Model for PR: Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned Media


PESO is a media model strategy that stands for Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media. Over a decade ago media channels used to be thought of in siloed ways: Paid media was the primary focus of advertising. Earned media was the primary focus of PR. Shared and owned media was the primary focus of … no one. But today, there is (and should be) little distinction between media types. Owned Media. Shared media.

The Top 10 B2B Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020


The past two decades have brought disruptive technological change and radically reshaped B2B marketing practices. Traditional B2B marketing strategies relied heavily on direct and outbound methods. Cold calls, trade shows, direct mail, and print ads were the primary forms of marketing. The expanded range of marketing platforms and pace of change require B2B companies to continually re-examine their strategies. Market size analysis.

Mobile Marketing Tactics for Business


Here are five of the leading mobile marketing tactics for business in 2020 to help you drive awareness, conversions and revenue. Since users are controlling the buyer’s journey from their mobile devices, the challenge to marketers is relevance. Promote with Paid Mobile Ads.

Buyer Personas Require Qualitative Research and Contextual Inquiry

Tony Zambito

Buyer Persona Development and the qualitative research methodology applied to creating buyer personas have proven to be an effective means for B2B organizations to reach a deeper understanding of their buyers.    They have helped companies to gain insights into market opportunities, find out why challenges exists, depict buying processes, and how to map critical sales and marketing strategies to the goals of buyers.  Image by XXC via Flickr.

Ecommerce Advertising Strategy: How We Doubled PPC Sales for ThinSlim Foods (w/ a 3X ROAS)

Single Grain

When Single Grain started working with them, they were a pretty healthy account doing around $70K-$80K a month across all accounts on paid advertising spend. Book My Free E-commerce Marketing Consultation . TSF was only using Google search to promote their brand terms.


Best Lead Generation Tactics for Content, Email & Social Media Marketing

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Channels like social media, email, SEO and PPC play a vital role in bringing in a constant flow of prospects, as the following statistics show: 61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. How to Generate Leads with Content Marketing.

5 Key Mobile Marketing Tactics for Business


Here are five of the leading mobile marketing tactics for business in 2020 to help you drive awareness, conversions and revenue. Since users are controlling the buyer’s journey from their mobile devices, the challenge to marketers is relevance. Promote with Paid Mobile Ads.

3 Examples of Buyer Personas to Help You Create Your Own

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Content was updated August 15, 2019. Buyer personas. You know you need personas in order for your marketing to be successful, but you still haven’t created them. Or are you not quite sure what a finished persona should look like? Mobile App Persona: Advocacy Andy. Animal Shelter Persona: Bachelor Brice. To learn more about buyer persona research, check out our Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing Personas.

How B2B Buyer Personas Influence Online Marketing Campaigns

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The most significant challenge B2B marketers face is in effectively communicating with target audiences and prospective buyers. Goals become more complicated to achieve as evolving marketing technology continues to promise an opportunity to target more specifically and create unique customer experiences buyers demand. What Are B2B Buyer Personas? For online marketers, buyer personas can provide direction in the channel-specific campaign development.

The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy Template

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Does the thought of having to develop a content marketing strategy give you anxiety? It’s a big lift — one made easier with a content marketing strategy template. A content marketing strategy is the roadmap for all your content efforts.

Persona and Journey Mapping: Strategies for Success

EMagine B2B Blog

For years, marketers intuitively knew that delivering better audience experiences would produce greater results. The Relationship Era of Marketing is in full swing. Recently, my colleague Rebecca Gill presented an in-depth look at building content marketing personas , mapping journeys, and how to leverage them into highly effective marketing strategies and tactics. Persona and Journey Mapping is Not a Do-it-Yourself Type of Project.

How to craft successful go-to-market (GTM) strategies for startups

Tomorrow People

What’s the right go-to-market (GTM) approach for a startup and how do you go about creating one? Some of the reasons for this are straightforward—like a lack of funding or market research. Others are less obvious, like having a GTM strategy that’s not appropriate for a startup.

6 Outdated SEO Tactics to Avoid At All Costs


As a result, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has stepped into the spotlight as a vital digital marketing tactic. For those who aren’t familiar with the acronym, SEO is the art of increasing a website’s visibility and traffic through organic (non-paid) search engine results. Effective SEO requires businesses to understand and tailor their website to their audience, what that audience is looking for, and the different ways in which they search for it.

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5 Successful Lead Generation Strategies


The world has been stirred up by a global pandemic, most of us are still working from home, and digital marketing strategies have become a critical part of every company’s survival. Here are five lead generation strategies that will lead to success in the new year. .

SaaS marketing strategy: 12 proven tactics to execute and exactly how to create your own

accelerate agency

You need a SaaS marketing strategy that works. What follows are 12 elements of a successful SaaS marketing strategy. Either way, these SaaS marketing strategy gems can help you win over new customers. How is SaaS marketing different? On-site content.

Best Programmatic Advertising Agency: Top 6 Choices for 2022

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Programmatic ads are one of the most efficient, cost-effective, customizable, and data-driven methods of buying paid media. By 2023, it's estimated that 91% of total digital ad spend will be on programmatic technology. Why Should Businesses Use Programmatic Advertising?

4 Lean and Mean Growth Marketing Strategies for Small SaaS Businesses

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When it comes to developing growth marketing strategies, you don’t have every resource at your disposal. For any SaaS company looking to accelerate growth with minimal investment, we’ve put together a list of actionable tactics to help you do just that. Marketing Strategy

The Demand Generation Strategy Guide


Learn more about how a successful demand generation strategy can help to nurture the long-term relationship between your brand and customers. It is not a singular campaign or strategy; nor is the goal limited to new customer acquisition. Demand Gen = Sales + Marketing.

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B2B Marketing Strategy: Framework for Emerging Tech Companies


Feeling bamboozled by marketing tactics, channels, and buzzwords? There’s a lot to navigate when searching for the best marketing practices for your emerging company. First, we’ll cover the four marketing fundamentals essential for every business to define.

Content Marketing Strategy vs. Execution: Finding the Ideal Balance

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Content marketing is a contact sport. Such is the life of a content marketer, where you must balance content marketing strategy vs. execution. You can’t “win” at content marketing without a solid strategy. Start with a Strategy.

Best B2B PPC Agency: Top 5 Choices for 2022

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PPC (pay per click) advertising is still one of the most effective ways for any company to get seen online, regardless of whether you’re appealing to consumers or businesses. TABLE OF CONTENTS: ↓ What Is a B2B PPC Agency? Get My Free B2B PPC Marketing Plan. 5) Soap Media.

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Best Content Strategy Agency: Top 5 Picks for 2022

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Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways for businesses to connect with their target audience in today’s digital world. However, you can only get the best results from your content if you know how to use your assets correctly. The Top 5 Content Strategy Agencies.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Will Deliver Marketing ROI

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The beginning of the final quarter of the year always signals a re-evaluation of old strategies and the hunt for newer ones to stay competitive in your industry. Understandably, B2B marketers are hard-pressed to recalibrate their lead generation strategies in this ever-shifting landscape.

The Ultimate Guide To A Content Marketing Strategy That Delivers ROI

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Content marketing, when you peel away all the layers of techniques, trends, and possibilities, is a business opportunity. Content marketing is the kind of marketing that delivers ROI you can measure. This is not true for most marketing programs.

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Content Strategy – Content Audit


Content Audit. Tags include topic, content type, industry, persona, funnel stage, language. Drives content strategy giving understanding what content performs across multiple dimensions influencing future assets. For example, understand the topics that get the longest read times when deployed via paid social to budget intelligently in that expensive channel. Content Intelligence Tap within platform. Content Library Insights.

How Content Marketing Directly Improves Sales

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While some invest a tremendous amount of money in traditional advertising channels, many use the power of content instead. Content marketing directly improves sales in many ways, and typically costs much less and has higher returns than ads. Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing, Really? (And Other Content Questions Answered)

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While companies have relied on traditional marketing strategies for decades, some are still wondering, what is content marketing really? Content marketing, when you peel away all the layers of techniques, trends, and possibilities, is a business opportunity.

Why Some B2B Tech Companies Fail at Marketing [guest post]

Sword and the Script

Some B2B tech companies, especially in early stages, are eager to make a splash in their respective markets. They’re raring to go with branded content about who they are and promotional materials about what makes their product great. Paid advertising.

The Essentials of B2B Search Marketing


If you’ve ever gone searching for information on the internet about a product you were interested in buying, you’ve replicated one of the critical parts of the B2B customer purchasing journey. As a result, having an effective Search Marketing strategy is more important than ever.

Targeting Audiences Not Looking for You; Advertising Options for B2B


Marketing Strategy: You Still Need to Persuade with Content ; Before Search and Social. With so much marketing noise out there talking about inbound marketing, social media, and SEO, sometimes we forget one mission-critical component to marketing strategy; advertising. The two firms have similarities: They only wish to target regional markets due to competition and limited sales staff size. Content Strategy.

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How Startups Should Plan Their First Major Content Marketing Program

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If you’re in the initial stages of building a new business, you may feel overwhelmed and underprepared to manage your ever-growing marketing to-do list. We’re here today to help simplify what can be a complex process: building a successful content marketing program. Paid ads.

What is earned media? 5 Tips for a successful earned media strategy

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We’ve all participated in earned media. If you’ve ever posted about the shoes you just bought or retweeted a brand’s hilarious meme, that was earned media for the brand. Like most parts of marketing, it takes a lot of work to perfect your earned media strategy.

Mapping Out Your Instagram and Facebook Ad Funnel (Free Template) with Audio Blog

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If you’re not already running Facebook and/or Instagram ads for your business, there are probably six different people who have encouraged you to move some of your advertising dollars to paid social. And if you are advertising on Facebook and Instagram, are you following a sound strategy that mirrors successful inbound marketing principles? Facebook and Instagram advertising is both an art and a science.

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The Future of Social Media: Predictions from INBOUND 2022

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So far, our INBOUND 22 recap blog posts have summarized this year's event’s sessions about NFTs, AI, data, and marketing trends. Today, we want to talk about a topic at the core of many marketers’ day-to-day lives: social media. Content strategy. Content production.