Best of B2B Marketing June 2010Some amazing content from June. Enjoy.

  1. A fascinating “hardcore” B2B social media success- grow - Practical Marketing Solutions, June 20, 2010
    With many companies now engaged in social media marketing strategies for nearly two years or more, success stories are starting to emerge, even in the difficult marketing world of industrial B2B. I discovered a great success story to share with you through a masters thesis being developed by Haakon Jenson of Norway.
  2. Is lead generation killing marketing?- Chris Koch, June 11, 2010
    What happens when you stake the value of your contribution to the company on something that you’ll never do as well as someone else? You could hear the proverbial pin drop in the room after he said it. On the one hand, what he was saying seemed ludicrous. How could emphasizing leads not improve the relationship? Seems doubtful. We need one, too.
  3. 5 Lessons a BtoB Marketer can Learn from “Breaking Bad”- Fearless Competitor, June 17, 2010
    Have you heard of AMC’s critically acclaimed series “Breaking Bad?&# If you’re a business to business marketer, you ought to check it out. consider it an Owners Manual for B2B marketing today. Perhaps you’ve never seen “Breaking Bad.&# If not, let’s get you up to speed. The power of a great story. New to the Show?
  4. Is Your B2B Marketing Content a Filter or a Vortex?- Marketing Interactions, June 10, 2010
    The amount of information available is staggering. So much noise is created on a daily basis through content publishing that it's a real challenge to find anything meaningful. We've all created our own personal filters to help us sort through the mess to find content we consider valuable and, most important, relevant to our interests.
  5. What You Can Learn About Prospects from the Content They Read – 4 Questions for Ardath Albee- Funnel Focus, June 15, 2010
    One of the benefits of marketing automation is that it provides marketers with the ability to see how prospects interact with their marketing content. Lead scoring assigns points based on the prospects’ behavior in relation to specific content over time—in addition to points for demographic fit and recency. They likely create a workaround.
  6. Email Testing 101: Getting Started- Marketing Genius Blog, June 15, 2010
    If you are currently doing email marketing, you have probably heard it before: testing will improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. But relatively few companies take full advantage of email testing, mostly because it seems too daunting to get started. Why Email Testing? In this post we’ll focus on optimizing response rates.
  7. Ten Ways to Beef Up Your Marketing (without spending more money)- Bungalo, June 14, 2010
    Some of the smartest, most practical things you can do to drive growth require creativity and effort — not dollars. Check out our list of ten things you and your team can do with your time and energy to beer up your marketing results. When you see something you know you should be doing, make it a priority. 1) Your Company 2.0. Managing people.
  8. Great B2B Marketing Stats (in a GREAT format!)- CK's B2B Blog, June 13, 2010
    As marketers, data, statistics and factoids are our friends. They help to support our arguments, enable us to build our business cases and they shine light on new opportunities and emerging market segments that hold potential for our offerings. And it's even better when a bunch of statistics are aggregated for us in one place! and keeping!
  9. Is Traditional B2B Marketing Dead?- Everything Technology Marketing, June 12, 2010
    Earlier this week, I was on a panel at the WIT event "The Intersection of Marketing & Technology" in McLean, VA. One of the discussions was about the dramatic changes happening in B2B marketing today and what the future will hold. The question "Is traditional B2B marketing dead?" ignited a lively discussion.
  10. Content as Advertisement- Digital Body Language, June 1, 2010
    Content has long been a key driver of success for great B2B marketers in today's world. That's nothing new, and we've talked about related topics such as the content gap and the need to get more subject matter experts involved. However, one challenge that remains is how to draw attention to your content. It is, however, a turbo-charging of it.
  11. What B2B communicators can learn from the 2010 World Cup- B2B Voices, June 14, 2010
    For those of you who don’t know already I am a long time supporter /player of soccer (football). I actually attended the first week of the 2006 World Cup in Germany and watching it so far has me wishing I was in South Africa. This year I am paying attention via the Internet and TV. Here are my thoughts. Argentina; USA v. Mexico; Germany v.
  12. The Ultimate List: 100+ Twitter Statistics- Hubspot, June 2, 2010
    Twitter , while simple, is often a confusing social media platform for. marketers and business owners. This post provides a treasure trove of statistics in the form of infographics related to Twitter. This information can empower businesses to better understand and leverage this simple yet powerful platform. The Journey of a Tweet 3. Facebook vs.
  13. 7 More B2B Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of- Social Media B2B, June 21, 2010
    Based on the positive feedback from the first 7 B2B Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of article, we felt we’d highlight several more tools that may be helpful for B2B social media marketers. Spredfast. link]. Cost: Free trial, $50/month for Standard plan, $100 for Enterprise. Samepoint. link]. Cost: Free. Howsociable. link]. link].
  14. 5 B2B Marketing Infographics You Can’t Go Without- Modern B2B Marketing, June 13, 2010
    As marketers, we thrive off data visualization using graphics, charts and images to educate ourselves and tell our stories. Whether your B2B marketing efforts can use more information on social media, content marketing or demographics, your marketing mix can’t afford to go without these 5 useful infographics: 1. CMO’s Guide to The Social Landscape.
  15. 7 Reasons NOT to do Content Marketing- Junta 42, June 22, 2010
    It seems everyone is jumping on the content marketing bandwagon these days. Even though we are indeed all publishers today , and that content marketing is now a core and growing part of the marketing toolkit for the majority of brands out there, there are times when brands need to say no. Yeah, I said it. 0160;Here they are. Write the blog.
  16. Vital Statistics for B2B Marketers – the video- Earnest about B2B, June 10, 2010
    Every week new statistics are emerging with sometimes contradictory views on the trends impacting B2B marketing. Back in March, we published a blog post: Vital Statistics for B2B Marketers – with the aim of trying to make some sense of what’s going on – and the fundamental changes that are underway. Join the movement.
  17. 5 Beach Books for Marketers- Manhattan Marketing Maven, June 29, 2010
    Tired of James Patterson, Steig Larrson, Nora Roberts or Danielle Steele? Consider reading these six recently published beach-ready marketing books written by working entrepreneurial practitioners that reveal interesting perspectives, war stories, best practices and unique voices. All evidence a genuine understanding of the business.
  18. Get Visual with Your Info: Advice on Illustrating Your Content- Content Marketing Today, June 18, 2010
    Let Infographics Help You Make Your Point Instantly. Here’s a great example of an effective infographic that illustrates social media behavior by age group, based on a Forrester Research study. With few words and relevant graphics, it enables us to absorb lots of information in a hurry. That’s what effective infographics are all about. Many Eyes.
  19. Why it’s ridiculous to argue about ghost blogging- grow - Practical Marketing Solutions, June 22, 2010
    It seems like “ghost blogging&# — the practice of penning posts for others – is always under attack. Jon Buscall wrote a fine piece about it recently as did Mitch Joel. Philosophically I agree with them. In a pure and perfect world executives should write their own copy. But practically speaking I don’t agree. Tweet This!
  20. Add WordStream’s Advanced Keyword Tools to Your Website for free- Sazbean, June 8, 2010
    WordStream , provider of keyword tools for SEO and PPC, is making three of their advanced keyword tools available to add to any website for free. The Keyword Niche Finder, Keyword Grouper, and Keyword Tool can be added to a website via WordStream’s widget generator with customization options. Free Keyword Niche Finder. Free Keyword Grouper.
  21. The 7 Second Test for B2B Marketers- Fearless Competitor, June 30, 2010
    At the Social Media Camp on Long Island last week, we got into an interesting discussion about how to get attention to drive sales leads. When I shared the “7 Second Test,&# one of the experts agreed “That’s why every comedian makes sure his first joke is his best. That’s what grabs the audience.&#.
  22. Take Your Content Strategy Up Stream- Marketing Interactions, June 2, 2010
    During the Q&A of the Content is Marketing Currency Webinar, sponsored by GoToWebinar today ( #CntCrncy ), a question arose that I don't think I did justice. Someone asked what they could do to attract even more leads and improve their response if they already had a content strategy in place. This is a great question! Simplicity. Actionable.
  23. What's a Facebook fan worth?- Biznology, June 30, 2010
    Image via Wikipedia. I've had a few clients ask me recently what a Facebook fan is worth. hate seeing the crestfallen looks on their faces when I tell them, "Zero." They are immediately puzzled, however, because they know that I am an advocate of using social media for marketing. Let me explain myself. Perhaps many fans of BMWs can't afford one.
  24. 5 Ways to Mess Up Your Drip Campaign- Marketing Genius Blog, June 30, 2010
    Drip campaigns are an effective way to educate new leads in an automated and consistent manner. Sending a series of emails can provide them with the information they need to make the right purchase decision. Drip campaigns don’t replace skilled sales people, they complement them. Here are the top 5 reasons: 1. Drip Too Fast. Tweet This!
  25. Business Blogging – Do You Have What It Takes?- Webbiquity, June 30, 2010
    Though blogging provides significant business benefits (e.g. increasing a firm’s credibility and visibility in search), developing a blog isn’t the right move for every organization. The web is littered with abandoned blogs; according to Technorati , only 7.4 How do you get there? Curiosity. Passion. It brings life to the writing.
  26. B2B, Buzz & Brand ROI: Creating Customers That Create (MORE!) Customers.- CK's B2B Blog, June 8, 2010
    I recently ran across a positively terrific article on WOM penned by McKinsey's Jacques Bughin, Jonathan Doogan and Ole Jørgen Vetvik. Well worth the read, the authors delineate 3 different types of WOM, propose a new way for measuring it, and explain how the IMPACT of WOM is critical, not just the volume thereof. Your goal is Brand ROI.
  27. Manic Depressive or Social Media Maniac? – by John Leavy- Great B2B Marketing, June 29, 2010
    Clinically speaking, a manic depressive disorder is defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood. Some manic episodes include increased energy, activity, with rapid talking & thinking, followed by sustained periods of unusual, even bazaar behavior. That would describe some social media personalities. Not committed.
  28. Are You Thinking About Being More Helpful to Your Frazzled Prospects?- Selling to Big Companies, June 24, 2010
    I had a great conversation with John Cousineau of Innovative Information the other day. The focus? What works with crazy-busy prospects — the topic of SNAP Selling , my #1-ranked Amazon sales book. Here's his take on a highly valuable strategy that's working for sellers today. They see possibilities others miss. buyer asks questions.
  29. Webinar Recording: 7 Steps to Finding Untapped Revenue- LeadSloth, June 23, 2010
    This is the recording of the webinar about the 7 Steps to Finding Untapped Revenue in Your Marketing Database , which took place on June 22nd, 2010. Please click the ‘play’ button to start. The total length is 28 minutes. To see the slides, please visit SlideShare. Table of Contents. Introduction by Jep Castelein. 3: Know them WELL.
  30. The Mi6 Tweekly: Week of June 14, 2010- MI6 Marketing Agency, June 20, 2010
    Below are selected tweets that were sent out by Chris Herbert, Founder of Mi6 through his @B2Bspecialist twitter account. Our goal is to provide you with a weekly overview of tweets that feature information you can use and act on. Monday. B2B Social Media Strategy: 5 Steps to Gaining Executive Buy-in by @BrennerMichael for @B2Bbloggers #MM #B2B.
  31. Create Wordpress Sales Pages: Learn how this week- Writing on the Web, June 21, 2010
    Do you need to create professional looking sales or landing pages? Want to save yourself the hassles? You can learn to do this using your Wordpress platform. There are very few drawbacks to using Wordpress as your primary web platform. When you do encounter a problem, it’s easy to find a solution. Suzanne Bird-Harris is a perfect example.
  32. Fulfilling a Content Strategy for the Enterprise: It's Much More than Writing- The Content Factor, June 17, 2010
    I'm frequently approached by writers looking for work, and the first thing they want me to see is a sample of their writing. In ten seconds, I can tell whether a writer can put a decent paragraph together. But writing is only the first of many skills needed to produce content for an enterprise. read more.
  33. Mama Nature’s Marketing Tips: Content Marketing to Busy Bees- Savvy B2B Marketing, June 16, 2010
    This post is part of my “Marketing According to Mother Nature&# series. From the birds and the bees to sharks and wildebeests, the natural world is full of metaphors that provide surprisingly relevant marketing insights. Take a walk on the wild side – you never know what might inspire you. have holly bushes flanking my front steps.
  34. 7 Old Fashioned Marketing Tips that Set You Apart- Dianna Huff - B2B MarCom, June 14, 2010
    A few weeks ago my client and I were bouncing ideas back and forth on how to get her message out and as you do when you brainstorm, I said, rather off the cuff, “Why not start a TV show a la HubSpot?&#. few days later I attended Silverpop’s B2B Marketing University — an event they hold in various locations across the US. 8220;Wow!&#
  35. Jive Talkin for B2B Marketing & Sales Demand Gen Experts- Smashmouth Marketing, June 14, 2010
    Today at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston, Jive Software is rolling out a new agenda for social business that is worth a close look. We all wake up on Mondays to a mountain of data, feeds, and emails. can go on, but you get the picture. My domain expertise is B2B Marketing and Sales, especially Demand Gen. Follow everything about that opportunity.
  36. Bing turns one year old; celebration somewhat muted- B2B Web Strategy, June 8, 2010
    In fact, we didn’t hear anything much coming out of Redmond by way of marking Bing’s one-year anniversary …and perhaps with good reason. About midway through that year, we raised the question here of whether Bing was already headed for IT’s Land of the Living Dead. Now, even more than then, Bing’s triumph is a [.].
  37. Motivating New Inside Sales Hires from the Get-go- Sales Prospecting Perspectives, June 3, 2010
    Sales Prospecting Perspectives is very pleased to bring you a post from Laney Pilpel, Manager, Client Operations. Laney is an AG veteran, who recently returned to AG after a 10 month hiatus, we are extremely lucky to have her back, and we are happy to have the opportunity to share this entry from her with our readers. Thanks Laney! We communicate.
  38. Social Media Statistics for B2B Marketers- Marketing Finger, June 21, 2010
    Here is a new, must-see video for B2B marketers interested in social media. It has been prepared by our friends at Earnest Agency in the UK. Of the stats presented, here some which are especially noteworthy: CIO’s could well be the biggest blocker to social media adoption.
  39. B2B Marketers Unsure of Twitter Effectiveness- NuSpark, June 19, 2010
    BtoB Magazine, a national trade journal, recently conducted a survey of 400 B2B Marketers, and found that half of them were dissatisfied with the return on tweets. That’s despite the fact that 70% of them spend less than 30 minutes a day managing their tweet stream. To its enthusiasts, however, Twitter is a powerful channel. The [.].
  40. Top 5 Google Search Tips for B2B Sales Prospecting- Sales Intelligence View, June 21, 2010
    How many Google searches do you perform each day as part of your lead generation and qualification process? And how often do you have to change your search to find what you were really looking for? For those sales people who don’t have access to an enterprise sales intelligence application and rely on free resources [.].

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