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  1. 9 Social Listening & Tracking Tools- Marketing Genius Blog, May 7, 2010
    Here is a list of 9 social media tracking and monitoring tools. Some are paid-for and some are free. Many can be used together, and some integrate with others to maximize efficiency, tracking and response time. Enjoy, and do let us know of others you think should be on this list.
  2. 11 Myths of Social Media Marketing- Webbiquity, May 24, 2010
    Though social media marketing is rapidly advancing in terms of adoption and sophistication, many marketers and business executives still struggle with it. They wonder if their organizations are doing enough, if they are doing things right, even if they should be involved in social media at all.
  3. How Facebook’s privacy disasters will change B2B marketing- Chris Koch, May 21, 2010
    Have you ever noticed that your Facebook profile page looks like one of those horrible qualification forms that we make our customers fill out? If you go to Facebook and look at your profile, your immediate reaction is going to be that it’s asking for too much information. come at a price. Customers are less willing to give up information.
  4. 100 Tips for Trade Show Lead Generation- B2B Lead Generation Blog, May 11, 2010
    Lead generation remains the top reason most companies exhibit at events and tradeshows. And B2B marketers are constantly looking for ideas they can use to drive more ROI from their events budget. came across this helpful post by Mike Thimmesch on 100 Trade Show Lead Generation Ideas that's worth checking out. 6. Don't stop the dialog.
  5. Is The White Paper Dead for B2B Marketing?- Buzz Marketing for Technology, May 26, 2010
    In a recent conversation I was having with the Bloom Group they believe “the practice of publishing white papers must come to a close because of the utter proliferation of white papers, and the poor content contained within so many of them.” Kill the white paper!” they are increasingly telling their clients. And I tend to agree. Tweet This!
  6. When parody becomes a corporate PR disaster- grow - Practical Marketing Solutions, May 26, 2010
    When does online parody cross a line? By now you’ve probably become aware of the “fake&# BP global public relations account on Twitter spewing humorous observations such as: “We feel terrible about spilling oil in American waters, we’ll make sure the next spill happens where the terrorists live. bpcares&#. More to Come.&#.
  7. Lead Gen Tips: Use Google to Search LinkedIn- Smashmouth Marketing, May 26, 2010
    Since I was spouting all about LinkedIn at Chris Brogan's New Marketing Experience last month, he has recently been on a LinkedIn crusade to find all the tips and tricks burried inside. Although I love taking a little credit, his recent articles have been full of LinkedIn Goodness. If contacts aren't in your network, they will still show up!
  8. From Operational CRM to Social CRM- Lead Views, May 18, 2010
    The concept of Social CRM is slowly becoming popular and finding a lot of believers in the corporate sector. Significantly because it helps companies look at their customers as real people and not just a set of leads and numbers that need tracking and processes. Here are the key areas where Social CRM can be useful -. Customer Analytics.
  9. 22 Educational Social Media Diagrams- Hubspot, May 24, 2010
    Everyone learns differently. Social media marketing has a lot of moving parts and processes which make it hard to get up to speed. This challenge is only compounded by the ever-changing nature of the market, in which new applications and opportunities arise daily. Reading tons of blog articles, while important, takes a lot of time. 1.0
  10. 37 Reasons to Blog- Junta 42, May 10, 2010
    Today is my birthday. 0160;Lucky number 37. As part of my birthday celebration, I'm committing to blogging more. Junta42 was started as a blog ( this post is proof from April, 2007 ) and I still believe it is one of the most important things you can do as a business (as long as you have the right strategy). 0160;I hope they inspire you.
  11. Content SEO, May 18, 2010
    Longer sales cycles due to more complex products and services and business purchasing processes often require more information. The content used to educate buyers of B2B products and services can be a very valuable asset when it comes to content optimization and acquiring leads via organic search. How many off site? How many off site? Sub domain?
  12. 5 B2B Social Media Success Stories- Modern B2B Marketing, May 16, 2010
    These days, you can’t read a marketing blog, attend an industry event or even open a newspaper without learning of another B2B social media success story. While they may not always be as loudly touted as B2C, B2B companies have been just as successful at conquering social media.
  13. Content SEO: Best Practices and What to Avoid- Proteus B2B Marketing, May 4, 2010
    Live Blogging from MarketingProfs B2B Forum. series of posts covering selected sessions at this year’s conference in Boston.
  14. Why Social Media is The Least Trusted Source of Information For B2B Buyers- Marketing-Gimbal, May 23, 2010
    Earlier this year Edelman released their annual Edelman Barometer 2010. The Edelman Trust research has been most interesting in the last few years due to the global economic climate, and the lost of trust in institutions from governments, to financial.
  15. Your Website is Worth More than a Cup of Coffee- Dianna Huff - B2B MarCom, May 5, 2010
    Network Solutions has been running a radio spot advertising $4.99 Websites, an ad that makes me want to scream. want to scream because I get so many calls from small business owners who are pulling out their hair. They’re not getting any traffic, they can’t find their site in Google, and no one is calling them. worth of results. 2. 3. 4.
  16. Craft Content to the Buying Cycle: Stage 4, the Invested Buyer- The Content Factor, May 3, 2010
    Have you ever been solicited by a company that you already do business with? It happens to me all the time. Don’t these companies know that I am already part of their value chain? So, why are they spamming and cold calling me? feel like I am being taken for granted, and I look for an excuse to “escape” through the bottom of their sales funnel.
  17. Do I Really Need a Content Strategy?- Marketing Genius Blog, May 25, 2010
    If you want to make your life easier, yes. There are a number of reasons a content strategy is critical, but I’ll start with the simple fact that businesses are now being expected by their consumers to engage through content. Content Touches Everything. Drives action. Builds loyalty. On time. One budget. ”. Better Content. 2. 3. Optimization. 4. 5.
  18. 3 Superb Ways to Learn B2B Demand Generation- Fearless Competitor, May 26, 2010
    Since the #1 challenge of businesses is sales-ready leads (Almost 7 out of 10 say it’s their top problem, according to MarketingSherpa), business leaders need to learn B2B demand generation. At Find New Customers , our tagline is “ Lead Generation Made Simple.&#. So we offer 3 easy ways to learn B2B demand generation. Website (Free).
  19. How to Launch a Successful Blog in 12 Weeks: Lessons from Webbiquity- Webbiquity, May 4, 2010
    One of the primary reasons most blogs are abandoned is that it takes time to build an audience. It’s demotivating to spend hour upon hour crafting sparkling prose that reveals your most profound industry insights and most valuable guidance, only to see that after weeks of effort, your blog is attracting only a handful of readers per day. WMC.
  20. BtoB 2010 Lead Generation Guide - B2B Lead Generation Blog, May 24, 2010
    BtoB Magazine just published their 2010 Lead Generation Guide. The guide contains information about trends, expert columns, market statistics and vendor lists. recommend you check it out.
  21. Social Marketing Strategy 101: Are you ready?- PR Meets Marketing, May 23, 2010
    Previously, I highlighted how I used social media. After reading recent posts by Dave Fleet and Social Media Explorer regarding the social media marketing ecosystem and measurement respectively, I wanted to expand upon my thoughts about how to take social marketing to the next level. What are your objectives? Where is your audience?
  22. Stop boring me with your blogs- grow - Practical Marketing Solutions, May 16, 2010
    I’ve compiled a list of the world’s most chronically boring bloggers. Some of them are pretty well-known. Of course I would never publish such a list, but I wonder if boring bloggers even realize how dull they have become. 1) Your posts are too damn long. Once you hit 600 words the yellow caution flag should come out. ZZZZzzzzz.
  23. B2B Appointment Setting Experts Getting LOST?- Smashmouth Marketing, May 25, 2010
    If you're like me, last night you spent over four hours consumed with watching the finale to the television series LOST. The finale offered the best of what the show had given its viewers over the last six years -- confusion, excitement, joy and sorrow. It got me thinking, though -- is there a way that this relates to appointment setting ?
  24. New Life for Marketing- Sales Intelligence View, May 11, 2010
    The B2B sales and marketing landscape is shifting, adjusting to the rapid advancements in social networking and online buyer behavior. From start-ups to multi-billion dollar organizations, the industry is facing the hard fact that traditional, old school methods of marketing have become largely ineffective.
  25. Monday Marketing Term: Segmentation- Marketing Genius Blog, May 24, 2010
    Market segmentation is simply dividing buyers or organizations into groups that share the same needs and demonstrate similar buyer behavior. The idea is that you’ll have groups that demand the same products or services based on the qualities or functions of those products.
  26. “If We Build It, They Will Come”- Fearless Competitor, May 24, 2010
    In a recent trip to San Francisco, I watched a local news report on the ABC station about how Silicon Valley is now focusing on “green technology.&# Green is hot. Silicon Valley is poised for a comeback, right? WRONG! The mindset there is. Instead, businesses need to embrace new ideas and approaches in marketing and lead generation.
  27. The Facebook Privacy Conundrum – Not Limited to Facebook- Marketing Edge, May 19, 2010
    A number of posts recently about privacy has prompted me to write this post. Can you trust Facebook? really, no more than you can trust any one organization with many investors. One person is. Hitting on a single topic in marketing, social media and business communications. Quick and to the point.
  28. CMO Survey: Measurement Isn't Our Top Priority- Customer Experience Matrix , May 18, 2010
    I’ve spent a lot of time looking at surveys to understand marketers’ priorities. Another one crossed my desk today, taken by Aprimo at Argyle Executive Forum ’s 2010 CMO Spotlight Forum: Retail and Consumer Goods & Services on April 29, 2010 in New York. The results are the most puzzling yet.
  29. How to drive more traffic to your company blog- B2B Web Strategy, May 18, 2010
    We’ve blogged several times about why blogging is one of the best ways to support your B2B’s online marketing effort. So let’s say you took our advice and started a company blog; how do you ensure that it doesn’t become the proverbial “candle under a bushel,” but instead becomes popular ...
  30. 3 Keys to a Winning Call to Action for B2B Content- Savvy B2B Marketing, May 13, 2010
    Last week when Stephanie and I were presenting about content marketing at MarketingProfs B2B Forum, one of our co-presenters, Amy Black , asked the audience what they had learned thus far. Yes, having a call to action is Marketing 101, but hearing stories like that was a good reminder. So, what makes a good call to action? Simple and effective idea!
  31. Understanding Buyer’s Goal Orientation Key to Understanding Why Buyers Buy- Buyer Persona Insights, May 11, 2010
    Image via Wikipedia. The concept of goals has been around for centuries. Humans 0160; Humans have endeavored to achieve goals for a variety of mundane pursuits to noble purposes. 0160; Here is what Aristotle had to say over 2,000 years ago: “All men seek a goal—success or happiness.
  32. The Ultimate List: 300+ Social Media Statistics- Hubspot, May 13, 2010
    It's evident that the evolution of social media has a clear impact on marketing. However, a major issue is that too much misinformation and propaganda exists about social media adoption, usage and its business applications.
  33. 9 Must-Read B2B Social Media Thought Leader Interviews- Modern B2B Marketing, May 23, 2010
    There’s no limit to the ways B2B social media marketing can help organizations build brands and amplify lead generation efforts. But for B2B marketers who have yet to venture into the social web, getting from point A to point B isn’t as cut and dry. 1. 2. 3. 4. Ramos also offers insight on how B2B social media differs from B2C social media.
  34. Proven Success Stories Integrating Social Media into Overall Strategy- Proteus B2B Marketing, May 4, 2010
    Live Blogging from MarketingProfs B2B Forum. series of posts covering selected sessions at this year’s conference in Boston.
  35. The Social Media Publishing Model for Publishers- Junta 42, May 21, 2010I delivered a presentation yesterday at the Minnesota Magazine and Publishers Association (MMPA) about how publishers can leverage social media channels to grow their online footprint (and revolutionize their business).

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