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These tools will also check your site for things that are presumably very important to Google organic Search (yes, Bing , too, but what’s good for Google is good for Bing). In the past, the combined authority of each page of each site would be its Google PageRank. Today, without a reliable PageRank, other sites, including Moz, have created their own ranking systems, including MozRank. Organic search performance is a gift that keeps on giving.

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Three Ways to Build Links in the Age of Google Penguin


Prior to Penguin, the Google Spam Squad, led by its fearless leader Matt Cutts, would do manual intervention if it detected black-hat link tactics. When I look into IBM’s search tooling to find good linking opportunities, blogs dominate the listings. Organic Search Google Google Panda IBM Matt Cutts PageRank penguin Search engine optimizationImage credit: Getty Images via @daylife.

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Guest Blogging is NOT Dead (And Matt Cutts Didn’t Say It Is)


just want to highlight that a bunch of low-quality or spam sites have latched on to ‘guest blogging’ as their link-building strategy, and we see a lot more spammy attempts to do guest blogging. Compensation: Matt calls this out specifically in his post, noting that “email offering money to get links that pass PageRank (are) a clear violation of Google’s quality guidelines.”

Always Be Linking: 9 Places B2B Marketers Might Miss Link Building Opportunities

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While most marketers realize the importance of links for search engine optimization, experience has shown that link building does not often stay top of mind with everything else that commands attention in a B2B marketing program. As I referenced in a recent post on dominating brand-based search engine results, third party sites such as business directories, software review sites, social media communities, and even hiring sites all can appear prominently for organizational searches.

8 Essential SEO Reports to Create for Your Client in 2020

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Reporting has always been an integral part of search engine optimization. The growth of voice search, the inclusion of featured snippets, the rise of zero-click searches and the importance of a better UX all contribute to how you present your SEO report to your clients.

26 Google Webmaster Tools Videos Addressing Common B2B Link Building Questions

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In preparation, I wanted to review a history of changes and shifts we’ve experienced and also validate, through third party and search-specific references, why we recommend certain tactics and best practices. Does PageRank Flow Through Image Links? Are All Comments With Links Spam? Backlinks still have “many many years left in them” but Google is trying to determine the best match per search query generated. Does PageRank Flow Through Image Links?

The Human Approach to Link Building Outreach


While addressing someone as “Dear Sir or Madame” might be proper, it comes across smelling like spam because it’s obvious that you don’t know whom you’re addressing. The site in question has a 72 Domain Authority as well as a PageRank of 6 as I write this and it’s very relevant to the client, so it would be a great place for the link. Organic Search email email outreach link building Outreach Search engine optimization Photo credit: MyTudut.

What is a Dofollow Link?


The easier it is for potential customers to find your site in search engine results, the more traffic (and sales) you’ll generate. Gone are the wild, wild west days of the World Wide Web where keyword spamming and content stuffing were the norm to drive search engine interest.

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Is Google Hummingbird a Win For Marketers?


You may not have even noticed Google’s new search algorithm, Google Hummingbird, but it’s affecting 90% of all Google searches. Named for its precision and speed, Hummingbird represents a big change in Google’s approach to search. In previous updates, Google focused on improving their indexing; next they concentrated on identifying spam. With Hummingbird, Google is trying to improve the other side of the search. Phrases > Keywords: Conversational Search.

What Are Dofollow And Nofollow Links?


In the same way that each new content on your blog increases the chances of you being found by your audience, we can say that each new link increases your chances of having more visitors and better positioning in search engines. Otherwise, search engines may consider your post as spam.

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The ultimate guide on Link Building


Have you ever thought about just how much value search engines give to what links say? These relationships reveal a web page’s true relevance, which is essential to a high position in search results. Search engines rely on this link structure to crawl and rank websites.

What Are Nofollow Backlinks? (And Why They Matter)

And of course, more trustworthy sites are more likely to rank higher in search results. By default, Google bots crawl the web on a constant basis, following links and using them to determine how PageRank is passed. Web users encounter less spam. Table of Contents.

8 Ways to Use External Links to Improve Your SEO

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Pagerank sculpting no longer works so you shouldn’t be adding the nofollow attribute to internal links. “Nofollow is a method (introduced in 2005 and supported by multiple search engines) to annotate a link to tell search engines ‘I can’t or don’t want to vouch for this link.'

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What is Black Hat and how can this strategy harm your site?


One of them is Black Hat SEO, which is also a set of techniques to optimize a page on search engines but using fairly questionable methods disapproved by Google itself. One of them is Black Hat SEO: a set of actions to fool Google’s algorithms in search of a better ranking.

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External Links: Why Should You Link to Other Websites?


In search engines, the website authority and page rank have similar principles. However, they only started to play a prominent role in the arrival of search engines. We know that backlinks directly affect the organic performance of your pages in search results, right?

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What Is a NoFollow Link?


A nofollow link is a link with some extra code in it that tells search engines not to “follow” it to the page where it leads. It’s used to describe the ranking signals that a link to your page sends to search engines. What is a nofollow link?

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An Introduction to Black Hat SEO


Black hat SEO is a practice against search engine guidelines, used to get a site ranking higher in search results. These unethical tactics don’t solve for the searcher and often end in a penalty from search engines. Appearing in search results is vital for business growth, but there’s a right and wrong way of doing search engine optimization. Black hat SEO seeks to game search engine algorithms, rather than solve for the user.

What is E-A-T And How it Impacts SEO Strategies


It is a set of SEO practices recommended by the search engine itself. In an interview for CNBC, Google’s vice president of search , Ben Gomes, said: “You can look at the ranking guidelines as a direction to where we want the search algorithm to go.

The Insidious Nofollow Tag: An SEO Rant


According to Wikipedia (among the worst nofollow offenders ), “The nofollow HTML attribute was originally designed to stop comment spam on blogs. Just like any other type of spam affects its community, comment spam affected the entire blogging community, so in early 2005 (Google and Blogger engineers) designed the attribute to address the problem and the nofollow attribute was born.&#. If it’s there for any reason other than Pagerank sculpting (e.g.

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Black Hat SEO: 19 Short-Sighted SEO Tactics that Will Kill Your Rankings

Search engine optimization is a key marketing strategy, but it’s only effective when done ethically. When optimizing your site for search, don’t let your money and hard work go to waste. of the market share for search engines. Table of Contents. +

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Disavow Backlinks: A Complete Guide to Disavowing Backlinks in Google

Backlinks are a search engine optimizer’s best friend. A good backlink has the power to send your site referral traffic, improve your brand visibility and reputation, and even help you rank higher in Google search results. Spam” is a bit in the eye of the beholder.

8 Interesting Things You Probably Didn't Know About Google's Algorithm


I mean, they get us our search results, after all.But how does Google's algorithm work? We thought you might ask that, so we put together some fun facts about Google's algorithm, and how it's shaped the way we search today. Luckily, Google has developed an algorithm that can read -- at a pace few of us can begin to fathom -- different signals from these pages that indicate how likely they are to answer your search query. Source: Search Engine Land.

Topical SEO: 7 Advanced Concepts of Link Relevance & Google Rankings


Google — and other search engines — use these votes to rank web pages in search results. The more votes a page accumulates, the better that page’s chances of ranking in search results. This is the popularity part of Google’s algorithm, described in the original PageRank patent. They’ve invented a number of clever ways to use links to determine relevance and authority — i.e. what is this page about and is it a trusted answer for the user’s search query?

What is a Link Wheel? Do Link Wheels Still Work for SEO in 2021?

Although they do contribute some benefits, link wheels are limited in their ability to improve your search engine rankings. Link farms aren’t worth much, if anything, and search engines quickly blacklist websites that appear to be part of a link farm.

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Fifteen Years Is a Long Time in SEO


The big eras of search. Links: As the scale of the web grew beyond user-curated directories, link-based algorithms for search began to dominate. Web spam. The first forms of spam on the internet were various forms of messages, which hit the mainstream as email spam.

The Four Rhinos of Bad SEO Tactics: What Has to Go for Good


Although the world of SEO could change in an algorithm instant, content marketers always have some control — read that, some control — over how their efforts might rank in search engines. In the past, companies may have had two teams when it comes to their websites — one focused on design/UX-related issues and another focused on search engine optimization. Yes, that is ‘pure’ journalism — but it contains so many lessons about what search engines will be looking for.

New & Improved: Announcing The Beginner's Guide To Link Building


Good link building actually helps everyone involved: the content owner, the linker, the audience, and search engines alike. Google evaluates links in so many ways, you could say its search engine couldn't exist without them. Good outreach doesn't get marked as spam.

A Brief History of Search & SEO


But First, a Look Back at Search Engines. Several decades later, in 1990, McGill University student Alan Emtage created Archie, which some say was the very first search engine -- though that remains up for debate, according to research from Bill Slawski, president and founder of SEO by the Sea. The next decade saw several pivotal developments , with the more commercial versions of search engines we might recognize today taking shape.

How Google Search Works, In a Nutshell


Unless you're an SEO expert , it's no surprise if you're mystified by the inner-workings of Google search. Yesterday, Google's head of web spam, Matt Cutts, published a video on the GoogleWebmasterHelp YouTube channel called "How does Google search work?" The Google search ranking algorithm is a big, hairy beast, taking into account a variety of factors (over 200, in fact) to deliver the best results to Google searchers. How Google Ranks Web Pages in Search Results.

The One-Hour Guide to SEO: Link Building - Whiteboard Friday


We are back with our final part in the One-Hour Guide to SEO, and this week talking about why links matter to search engines, how you can earn links, and things to consider when doing link building. So we've discussed sort of how search engines rank pages based on the value they provide to users. But search engines also have this tool of being able to look at all of the links across the web and how they link to other pages, how they point between pages. ? ?.

A Breakdown of HTML Usage Across ~8 Million Pages (& What It Means for Modern SEO)


The way HTML is written dictates what users see and how search engines interpret web pages. A valid, well-formatted HTML page also reduces possible misinterpretation — of structured data, metadata, language, or encoding — by search engines. When talking about the main search engines as traffic sources, sadly it's just Google and the rest, with Duckduckgo gaining traction lately and Bing almost nonexistent. We searched for *

77 Link Building Strategies for SEO in 2021

It’s nearly impossible to achieve any measurable search engine optimization ( SEO ) results without at least some link building. They’re important because they’re considered as a marker of trustworthiness in PageRank, the algorithm at the heart of Google Search.

Best of 2008 (So Far) - SEO Guidance, Part 3


How does Google view search quality, from the inside? How to Optimize for Google – Part 1 of 3 by Internet Search Engine Database In part one of this series, SEO pro Scott Van Achte provides a comprehensive guide to the factors that need to be considered on-page website optimization, including title and meta tags, synonyms, headings and navigation. Udi Manber , VP of Search Quality, provides a glimpse behind the curtain.

Online Marketing News in 2009: The Year’s Hottest Events


MySpace and Facebook sign real-time search deals with Google. Google Announces New Offerings in Real-Time, Mobile and Social Search. University of Missouri Researchers Find Search Process Affects Cognition and Emotion. Facebook is awarded $711 million in damages from Sanford Wallace, the notorious "Spam King". Bing announces Tweets to appear in search results. Yahoo stops using meta keywords for search. Facebook announces real-time search. search.

The Guide to Building Linked Unstructured Citations for Local SEO


When you’ve accomplished step one in your local search marketing, how do you take step two? The more often websites that are relevant to your location or industry link to you within their own content, the better your chances of ranking well in Google’s organic and local search engine results. But a close read of the local search marketing community these days points up an increasing emphasis on the value of unstructured citations.

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101 Ways to Improve Your Website’s SEO & Improve Your Google Rankings

And everybody clicks on one of the first entries in the search engine results pages (SERPs) they find. This is the goal of search engine optimization (SEO), but getting your site to rank that high—especially in a competitive environment—isn’t exactly straightforward.

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How to Protect Your Website Content From Future Panda Updates


If you're unfamiliar with Google's Panda Update, it is essentially one of Google's search engine algorithm updates that targets and pushes down the rankings of content farms and duplicate content on the web. Ultimately, it enables authentic and unique content to rank higher in Google search results. Around this time last year, I designed a PageRank infographic that explained Google's PageRank in laymen's terms.