Blogger outreach is scary


Image via Wikipedia. But I am still surprised that many companies don’t do blogger outreach, even today. Simply put, blogger outreach is scary. Blogger outreach can be scary, but only if you aren’t thinking about it from the blogger’s point of view.

Blogger outreach is more PR than social media


My expertise, however, is online community outreach and engagement. Back in 2006 I developed a strategy of blogger outreach that allowed my to reach out to more than just 25 top-tier bloggers by hand over time but to 2,500-5,000 bloggers. The Quantum Mechanics of Blogger Outreach.

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The Quantum Mechanics of Blogger Outreach


Image via Wikipedia. My long tail blogger outreach strategy is periodically challenged or criticized as being too aggressive. In my experience, one of the reasons why folks are loathe to engage in blogger outreach is because it is a little like going door-to-door looking for the ring.

Blogger outreach is earned media PR, isn’t it?


My definition of blogger outreach has always been about acquiring earned media coverage from bloggers and online influencers. My definition–and my assumption–has always been that blogger outreach is public relations and not paid media. ” (Wikipedia).

The Long Tail of Blogger Outreach


Image via Wikipedia. That’s fair enough, and surely a common question, and a question we must address close to the beginning of every sales call we make at Abraham Harrison , when we propose blogger outreach to a prospective client.

How to pitch a blogger


Image via Wikipedia. So last week, I told you how NOT to pitch a blogger in your PR outreach, so it raises the pregnant question of what exactly should you do? Internet Marketing Organic Search Public Relations Abraham Harrison Blog Outreach Pitch public relations social media

Pinterest for publishers


(Photo credit: Wikipedia). For example, it can be used for branding and outreach, particularly when it comes to publishing. Content Marketing Internet Marketing Slider Social Business Social Media Marketing branding Outreach pinterest Publishing social media As a publisher, you’re probably already involved in Facebook and Twitter. But have you given Pinterest any thought? Here’s why you should consider adding Pinterest to your social media list.

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My online influencer research and engagement process


A few of my offerings include online influencer outreach , long-tail blogger outreach , and social media marketing so a major part of my services include sifting through the entire Internet ( The Internet is big.

The Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 – A Meta-Analysis


Image credit: Wikipedia. Two experts each commented on increased use of organic influencer marketing in the coming year and more outreach to micro-influencers. Yet another post about 2018 B2B marketing trends? Yes, but wait—this one is different. Promise.

Your website is wearing mom jeans and shoulder pads


Pearson Education reached out to me to read and make make notes on Mike Moran’s and James Mathewson’s upcoming book, Outside-In Marketing. I go through it, paragraph by paragraph, and write notes on what comes to mind.

Influencer marketing should not be about collecting influencers


Successful influencer outreach is just the end result of building a real relationship over time. Before I start, please attend my free webinar on March 22, Do-It-Yourself Influencer Marketing. The worst thing about the internet has been the commodification of friendship.

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Chris Abraham joins Frank Eliason and Shel Holtz on FIR


Burger King tried some subversive advertising last week that hacked both Google Home and Wikipedia. Every once in a while magic happens.

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Agency Enjoys 100% Growth with Act-On Marketing Automation

Marketing Action

Since making the switch to Act-On, we’ve increased the size of our prospects list 10-fold, changed how everything looks online, changed how we follow up after a contact, changed the frequency outreach – everything. Bevel Gear” image source: Wikipedia.

It’s not your house to pwn so remember your place


On reddit, on Wikipedia, on message boards , in emails, on reviews, and even on Facebook, Twitter , and Google+ , to the best of your ability.

Remember to market to your own influencer network


Earned media influencer outreach is not dead ! Here are some blog posts I have written on the subject over the last couple weeks: Earned media blogger outreach is alive and well! I really love influencer marketing. Too much.

3 predictions for online marketing in 2016


I know for me, my core competencies are social media marketing , digital PR , influencer outreach and engagement , reputation management , and wikipedia curation services. Happy holidays, readers!

The Account-Based Marketing Reporting Framework For Marketers Who Care About ROI


Its focus is the team's analytical, evidence-based, sabermetric approach to assembling a competitive baseball team, despite Oakland's disadvantaged revenue situation” (Wikipedia). You’ll want to replicate these ads, messaging or outreach strategy.

Fire for effect when you can't get a bead on your market


Image via Wikipedia. Social media marketing and blogger outreach and activation can be effective for everything, though it isn't always clear how. by Chris Abraham. I've run a social media marketing agency since Autumn 2006 so Abraham Harrison is almost five years old.

Being Pretty Isn’t Enough for Social Media Marketing


Image via Wikipedia. This can include a long-tail blogger outreach campaign, it should include an A-list influencer outreach, be they on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever. I always tell clients that it is no longer enough to be beautiful when it comes to marketing online.

Lights, camera, action: Video helps you stay in touch with customers


Image via Wikipedia. Here’s a sample email from Skyline rep Al Mercuro, who was the first at SkylineNY to adopt the program and make it part of his regular customer outreach.

Unconventional ways to find link building opportunities


(Photo credit: Wikipedia). Not only is this an unconventional way to find potential link building leads, but it can also be even more promising than traditional forms of outreach as a relationship and familiarity already exists.

Five Ways B-to-B Marketers Need to Change Their Game


Image via Wikipedia. Active social media outreach. The Internet has driven dramatic changes in business buying behavior.

The Biggest Threat to Your B2B Marketing Success

Great B2B Marketing

According to Wikipedia, “Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its motion (including a change in direction).” It follows that we should be aggressive and energetic in our B2B marketing outreach if we want to be competitive in the marketplace. Of all the threats to your ability to achieve marketing success, perhaps the most insidious is inertia.

5 of my favorite productivity apps


So, my research and design team are invited to the 1U Back Office team and my colleagues Sally and Cokey have their own project, 1U Influencer Outreach. So, I bill Wikipedia Management differently than I do ORM or SEO or SEM or influencer outreach or social media strategy.

Build Your Account-Based Marketing Campaigns with These 12 ABM Plays


” (Thanks, Wikipedia!). This is a great way to familiarize your target accounts with your solution and messaging before your sales team begins outreach. We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift in the world of B2B marketing.

Inbound Marketing the Way God Intended


Image via Wikipedia. and entire “informational” sites similar to Wikipedia, distributed globally, on many different servers and under many different domains and sub-domains to emulate its “impossible” counterpart.

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9 Google Analytics metrics every marketer should know


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Once you know the percentage from each, you have the blueprint you need to create your marketing or outreach effort so get the greatest value and return for the time and/or money you invest.

The 15 Best Content Distribution and Amplification Tools


You need an active social media network, possibly some influencer outreach, and perhaps even paid promotion, in order to get noticed. Medium (per Wikipedia) is an online publishing platform developed by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams.

Social media becoming increasingly important in regards to link building


(Photo credit: Wikipedia). Along with the benefits social media offers in terms of link prospecting , it can also be a very useful outreach tool. As with most things online, the SEO industry is dynamic and things can move very quickly.

Why Organizational Culture Matters to Your Marketing


Photo credit: Wikipedia. On any given day, one can look at Twitter, Mashable, or any number of other sites and receive advice on how to use social media tools to improve customer outreach, loyalty, and employee engagement.

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The Dirty Little Secret of Media Relations


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Every media outreach begins with information, the more the better.

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Top 56 B2B Marketing Posts for September 2010

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

And as any blogger can tell you, PR pros understand this, as witnessed by the incredible increase in blogger outreach “pitches&# from corporate PR departments and firms over the past two years. The 4 B’s of Buyer Experience Innovation (2nd Rendition) - Buyer Persona Insights , September 22, 2010 Image via Wikipedia. Best of B2B Marketing for September 2010. Great stuff in the B2B Marketing world in September. Here are the top items based on social signals.

You’ve probably over-farmed your donors’ land


Image via Wikipedia. They supported the seasonal messaging with direct mail outreaches as well as daily updates shared via Social Media to their followers and friends on Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to your direct mail campaigns, you’ve probably over-farmed your land.

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Are you too high-class for marketing?


Image via Wikipedia. Charitable organizations do “outreach.” “What we do isn’t really marketing.” ” I hear that a lot when I work with non-profits and higher education. ” Some organizations do “patient awareness.”

Book Review: Social Media Marketing – An Hour a Day


For one, Evans cites the notoriously anti-business Wikipedia as “an example of why social media is useful to you as a marketer.&# Despite its airy title, Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day by Dave Evans is anything but a lightweight treatment of this topic.

Overcoming a Dry Spell: 8 Sources for Blog Inspiration


Photo credit: Wikipedia. This is particularly important if your business is involved directly with an outreach or local networking event. Sometimes the best blogging ideas come from creative places.

Book Review: Social Media Marketing


Wikis (Wikipedia, hundreds of specific topic-focused wikis). With Social Media Marketing: Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media , the inimitable Liana “Li&# Evans has provided the definitive handbook for social media marketers.

Using ALL the Tools of Social Media Optimization


Wikipedia is the best known but also the most difficult to work with ; that leaves an opening for alternative wiki sites such as Google's Knol , , Freebase and others which are less contributor-hostile.

B2B Marketing Thought Leadership: Tom Pick

Modern B2B Marketing

Today it's a significant new innovation — Wikipedia, YouTube, the iPhone — every two months, and the pace continues to increase. I've had some success with Wikipedia, although the editors there are so hostile to anything remotely commercial that it's tough; I think Google's Knol may offer greater possibilities. Activities like blogging, blogger outreach, PR, social networking and bookmarking, or most types of advertising aren't so easy and clean to measure.

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