5 Email Trends to Watch in 2018

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Its indisputable success in building relationships, gathering data, generating leads and increasing sales makes it easy to see why B2B marketers consider email to be most important to their overall content marketing success. As 2018 is already seeming to disappear before our eyes, we wanted to look at the upcoming email trends which will shape what’s arriving in your inbox throughout the rest of the year. In comes ‘Intent Targeting.’. Genius.

How to Properly Diagnose a Failed Email Campaign

Content Standard

” As any marketing maven knows, email lives, with a vengeance, and remains one of the biggest hammers in any marketer’s toolbox. The company is doing okay, though you’ve been trying for a while to ramp up sales, but the cash registers are silent as the tomb. Build your list organically, with appealing opt-in forms, product giveaways that require sign-ups, landing pages that promote fun newsletters with signing up—there are lots of approaches.