The Top 3 Benefits of Opt-In Advertising

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The term “opt-in” comes up a lot in online marketing. Single opt-in and double opt-in are two different methods of consent, most often used in relation to email. Opt-In Advertising Doesn’t Require Landing Pages.

A Multi-Channel Approach to Opt-In Advertising

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We believe that opt-in lead generation should be the backbone of most advertising plans. You have trackable proof of consent that complies with all data privacy regulations. But opt-in advertising doesn’t stop with lead generation. Opt-In Advertising

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How To Maintain Data Privacy While Building an Efficient Email List

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The reality of GDPR has made data privacy a hot topic these days. So how do you make the most of the data you have, while still safeguarding the privacy of your customers and leads? Opt-in advertising for lead generation.

Why should you opt-in for B2B Contextual Marketing?


This includes the information about their current location & intent data, their demographic, psychographic, firmographic & fit-data insights & other information about their research methodologies & the channels opted-in for researching about their buying preferences.

How to Rebuild Your Email List After GDPR

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When it comes to email marketing, this means a sender must have proof of consent for every address they include in their distribution. Didn’t keep your original opt-in records, or maybe used some not-so-white-hat tactics a long time ago? Send An Opt-In Email For Explicit Consent.

7 Misconceptions About the New EU Privacy Regulations

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today, May 25 th , is the day that all member states of the European Union are expected to enact region’s new privacy directive, which requires businesses to get explicit permission to track online users’ behaviors. Nevertheless, the new directive does mean changes for marketers in the EU. With that in mind, we thought we’d clear up some of the common misperceptions around the new regulations. The directive was actually passed in 2009.

Privacy Report 2020


The second decade of the 21st century is shaping up to become known as The Privacy Decade. One thing these regulations have in common is that they don’t restrict their data privacy requirements to emails sent from within their borders. million in U.S. in U.S.

Why Facebook’s New Custom Audiences Terms Mean You Need Opt-In

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Privacy and data security continue to be hot topics these days, and will be for some time. Websites around the world updated their terms in the wake of GDPR, and similar measures are set to follow in the coming years across the country. It’s time to try opt-in advertising.

The Marketing and Privacy Clash - Can Both Work in Unison?

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Data privacy regulations have drastically changed how personal data is managed and has stopped marketers from leveraging these insights for targeted advertising. But, is privacy really a thing of the past? Can we flip this narrative to regain the right to our own privacy?

3 Lead Generation Resolutions for the New Year

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A new year gives you a great reason to take a cold, hard look at last year and see what worked, what didn’t, and where you can improve. So, in the spirit of new year’s resolutions and improving lead generation, we offer three lead generation resolutions to put into practice in 2019.

What To Do If Facebook Lead Ads Aren’t Right For You

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Facebook Lead Ads sound like the holy grail of opt-in advertising: they’re completely self-contained ad units available on one of the most widely used websites. They even have existing user data to prefill form field, making it incredibly easy for a user to opt-in and move on.

What You Need To Know About CCPA Right Now

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The California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, goes into effect on January 1, 2020. And while there will be a “grace period” for enforcement, you want to ensure that you fully understand the regulation and are working towards compliance before that date.

Data privacy legislation: what display advertisers need to know


The end of the decade also saw significant changes to data privacy laws. In this article we explain why data-privacy is needed, and the impact data privacy legislation is having (and will have) on display advertising. Why is data-privacy legislation needed?

How an Absence of Privacy Shield Certification Could Put your Brand at Risk


Marketers may recall the wave of borderline hysteria that took place in the wake of GDPR. And with good cause; with thousands of martech options at our fingertips, it’s naïve in today’s market to overlook adoption of user privacy controls.

Mobile App Downloads Are The New Email Opt-in


These alerts could be a message from another user, a breaking news story, a change in the weather, or a notification about the latest sale. When an individual downloads a application, it is a better quality opt-in. to have access to these charts for use in your own presentations.

CASL Countdown for B2B Marketers


The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) takes effect in just over a month (July 1, 2014) and B2B marketers need to be ready. The major difference between CAN-SPAM and CASL is explicit opt-in. CAN-SPAM is more of an opt-out law, where CASL is an opt-in law with express consent.

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Part 1: CCPA Compliance and B2B Marketing Privacy Strategy


If you are a business that collects or uses personal data to connect with customers, by now you’ve undoubtedly heard about the “sweeping” changes coming when the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) finally goes into full effect on Jan. Does business in California.

In the Privacy-First Era, Marketers Must Organize Around Privacy to Solidify Consumer Trust

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Marketers who can advocate for lasting scalable approaches to privacy while alerting consumers to their company’s compliance standards should enjoy a competitive advantage relative to their peers. As summarized in the above Ipsos survey, 25 percent of U.K.

Build Bigger, Healthier Email Lists with Double Opt-ins and Preference Centers

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To make sure you are growing your lists in a sustainable way, it’s important to understand the difference in growth strategies, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. After all, in today’s global economy, that could be any of us. Opting In … and Doubling Down.

How To: Win Back Unsubscribers For The Holiday Shopping Season

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And while it’s not quite in full swing yet, earlybird deals and preview sales are already taking over inboxes. Black Friday and Cyber Monday promise to drive tons of online and in-store traffic. Retarget Unsubscribers With An Opt-In Campaign.

Data Privacy Issues for SaaS Companies in the Age of GDPR

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GDPR has been in effect since May 2018, yet many marketers are still adapting their marketing ops and data management to be compliant. Once again—because this is the most important part for businesses that operate in the U.S.—if you won’t be in compliance with GDPR.

Global Business: The Basics of Data Protection and Data Privacy


Author: Fergus Gloster I have been involved with cloud computing from its earliest days in 2000, long before the terms cloud, SaaS, PaaS etc., Data Protection Law generally classifies the following important categories that I refer to in this blog. Privacy and Deliverability

In-aisle mobile marketing: a boon for consumers or a violation of privacy?


When geo-specific applications and marketing first hit the scene, there was an outcry about privacy concerns. The perk for consumers is that they have to work less to get the best savings and may even be introduced to some new products through suggestions that become favorites.

Do browser push notifications really work?


Does it really work? Since other areas of engagement like email, SMS, and display ads have been experiencing a decline in responses, website marketing teams have employed this concept to gain back a piece of that lost market. Flight check in, change, and connection information.

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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Privacy


Facebook enables us to interact with one another publicly and privately; we can create pages and groups and events; we share our age, hometown, the schools we''ve attended, where we work, pictures of ourselves and our friends, our relationship status, our current location, our likes -- you name it.

2020 Resolutions for Marketers - Prioritize Privacy, Create a Single Customer View, and Practice Responsiveness

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Personally, I plan to mix in more audiobooks during my daily commute, as opposed to just podcasts. Professionally I suspect the things I’m thinking about and working towards are much the same as other marketers. Let me know in the comments!

In-aisle mobile marketing: a boon for consumers or a violation of privacy?


When geo-specific applications and marketing first hit the scene, there was an outcry about privacy concerns. The perk for consumers is that they have to work less to get the best savings and may even be introduced to some new products through suggestions that become favorites.

Are You Creating Irresistible Offers with Your Email Marketing?

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by Achinta Mitra on November 16, 2009 in B2B E-Mail Marketing Do you know the key component of email marketing that generates more high-quality leads and drives sales? Marketing gurus tend to talk about opt-in pages, sign up forms, calls to action and interactive squeeze pages to boost your click through and conversion rates. In other words, motivate them to act on your offer now! Privacy Policy | Site designed by AMAInteractive a div.

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4 years ago, we asked leading experts for their email predictions for 2020. Were they right?


We asked this question back in 2016 to 20 leading industry experts, and we have to say, some of their predictions felt pretty wild at the time. But how do they hold up now, a month in to 2020? Personalization and dynamic content have without a doubt grown in popularity and use.

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2-Step Optins: Why They Work and How to Make Them


So in this article, we’re going to cover why you should be using 2-step optin forms and how to easily create them with OptinMonster. Not only have 2-step optin forms been shown to increase conversions , but their success is also rooted in some scientifically proven psychological behaviors.

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FTC Issues Final Privacy Framework Report to Protect Users’ Data


The Federal Trade Commission has issued its Final Privacy Framework Report that outlines guidelines for how companies can and cannot use consumer data on the Internet. The initial report was released in Dec. 2010 and the FTC took in consideration 453 public comments in the final report.

GDPR and Marketing – What You Need To Know


We live in an age where almost everything we do is recorded in one way or another, especially on the Internet. The customer needs to physically confirm that they’re interested in receiving more updates from you. Guest post by Ben Abbott.

How Data Security and Regulatory Compliance are Changing SEM


Safe to say, consumer data has become a critical performance factor for digital and search engine marketing in recent years. In fact, it’s now practically impossible for businesses to gain visibility in either organic or paid search results without relying on consumer data insights.

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Convertr look to provide integration in an increasingly crowded martech ecosystem


30-second summary: Convertr is an API-first data routing and optimization platform, which was launched in 2011 by entrepreneur Emma Bowkett. By just doubling down and being a bit more human and tongue-in-cheek about it, brands can really engage their end customer, who will be a lot more willing to have a data relationship with them. The marketing and advertising technologies sector has experienced rapid changes in the last few years.

Lead Liaison Announces Commitment to GDPR

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It enhances the protection of personal data of citizens in the European Union (EU) and increases the obligations on organizations who collect or process personal data. They have enhanced their Privacy Policy and added more information on GDPR and how it applies to businesses across the world. Lead Liaison is also Privacy Shield certified under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks. In addition to that, Lead Liaison is working on a feature for Opt-In Tracking.

Demystifying data driven advertising


In-store purchases, the frequency of purchases, motor vehicle registration, voting behavior, and so on. Issues around data privacy with Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal and EU’s GDPR regulations have brought data to the forefront of news coverage and opinion for consumers.

4 Fast Facts About Facebook Lead Generation

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But Facebook lead generation never caught on in the way many hoped it would, or assumed it could. Here are four fast facts you need to know first: Privacy Concerns In The News. The post 4 Fast Facts About Facebook Lead Generation appeared first on Opt-Intelligence Blog.