Blogs, Vlogs, Newsletters and Podcasts: B2B Marketing Pros and Cons

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Don't have the resources to crank out content on a blog, podcast and a complex workflow of lead nurturing emails? There are a lot of methods of packaging great b2b content: newsletters, blogs, podcasts, youtube channels, Periscope, Twitter and a million more.

3 Ways to Measure the ROI of Your Podcast


As a podcast aficionado, I’m grateful that so many creators have found sustainable ways to develop their shows. By virtue of being cheap to make and free to enjoy, podcasts typically don’t use up too much time on ads. Even branded podcasts are geared toward an entertaining listener experience, and brand awareness takes a backseat. So, how do producers measure and prove podcast ROI ? For Joe Caporoso, a podcast felt like a great way to grow as a creator.

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How Much Work Does It Really Take to Build a Popular Podcast?

Single Grain

So, you want your podcast to be the “Next Big Thing.” There are currently more than 750,000 podcasts out there, and that’s a lot of competition. In fact, my Growth Everywhere podcast has brought in some of our best clients at Single Grain. Podcasts are convenient, for one.

Announcing the Talking Stack Podcast on Martech News

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Over the past several months, I’ve been conspiring with MarTech Advisor ’s Chitra Iyer and Amit Varshneya and industry expert Anand Thaker to produce a podcast devoted to martech news of the week. Why this podcast? I even offer my own thoughts in the CDP Institute Daily Newsletter.

Inside Oprah's Favorite Email Newsletter: How theSkimm Generated 1 Mil Subscribers [Podcast]


Oprah's favorite newsletter. Email Marketing Podcast DailyOver a million subscribers. Five hundred thousand followers on social media. These things didn't seem like an achievable reality when Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin quit their jobs at NBC News to start theSkimm.

Want to Grow Your Podcast Audience? Focus on These Three Areas


#GrowthGoals: One content creator’s forage into the podcasting space. I’ve heard that efficiency is key if you are working as a freelancer or independently as a podcaster. And she’s streamlined all the best tips on podcast audience development by focusing on three main areas.

I listened to 100+ hours of podcasts about content marketing so you don’t have to

I waded through more than 100 hours of podcasts and let me assure you, it’s not all good content out there. The Inbound Marketing Podcast | 13 Lessons From Interviewing 99 High Performing Marketers. Summary: This podcast doesn’t waste any time. Newsletters and Email.

6 Techniques on How to Monetize Your Podcasts

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Having a podcast can have many business benefits, but making money may not be a crucial focus for podcasters yet. In light of National Podcast Day Co-founder and CEO of Quill Fatima Zaidi shares the importance podcasting can have for your brand and how you can monetize your efforts.

#FlipMyFunnel Podcast: How Reply Email Mining Helps Increase Sales


Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Sangram Vajre on his #FlipMyFunnel Podcast , a daily podcast dedicated to helping B2B marketing, sales and customer success professionals become masters of their craft. Blog Account Based Intelligence Account Based Marketing LeadGnome Podcast

How to Develop and Grow a Successful Podcast

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Robert Rose and I just completed four years and over 200 episodes of our podcast, This Old Marketing. While far from the most successful marketing podcast on the planet, our one hour of weekly shenanigans has done fairly well. The podcast should not be first.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Where do Your Email Newsletters go?

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FREE E-Book 8 Critical success factors for lead generation Just tell us where to send your FREE updates Subscribe in a reader Podcast Feed Subscribe via iTunes Recognition Thanks for Reading! If you currently are sending e-newsletters, heres an idea for you consider.

Why Podcasting Has Great Reach and is the Least Expensive Content Creator


While most companies scramble to create content, they remain unaware that podcast content is the least expensive tactic per impression and listener. This is due to the unique nature of podcasting which allows many uses for the final recorded and printed program transcript. The following is a story, really a compiled story about different real people we know, using podcasting in many ways. A few podcasters use almost every tactic listed here. Newsletter.

How to bootstrap your influencer marketing program


Here are a few good tips to get started: join their newsletter lists. Some ideas could be co-creating content, recording a podcast, interviewing them for an article, amplifying company announcements, joint contests/giveaways, getting product reviews, referrals, online or offline events.

Are you ready for AI in marketing?


Listen to my podcast at MountainTop Data to see how you can be ready for artificial intelligence in marketing. Most people aren’t, but that’s okay. It doesn’t take much to get ready—mostly an open mind and willingness to learn.

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How to Be a Good Podcast Host: Tips and Tricks From Industry Veterans

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Have you ever scrolled through your subscribed podcast shows, only to find that none of the new episodes appealed to you? Well, this happened to me recently: Sure, there were a handful of newly launched business podcasts, so I quickly downloaded a variety of episodes and hit play.

13 Digital Marketing Podcasts You Must Subscribe To


Since first launching in the mid-noughties, podcasts have become an integral part of the online landscape. Today, a reported 44% of the US population have listened to a podcast – with 80% tuning in to all or most of each podcast episode. ProBlogger Podcast.

The Complete Guide to Starting a Podcast for Agencies


This post details everything you need to know to start a podcast -- from the equipment and technical aspects to the promotion and distribution. Why Start a Podcast? There’s a plethora of research to back up my own personal belief in the power of podcasting.

How to Create a Podcast Marketing Strategy That Speaks to Your Audience

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The popularity of podcasts has never been higher, and brands want in on the action. Slack, GE, Sephora, eBay, McDonald’s, and Tinder are just some of the big names that have embraced an original podcast as part of their digital strategy.

Why the Best Financial Services Podcasts Are Cashing In on New Kinds of Media

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All of the best financial services podcasts, helpful articles, instructional videos, and money management books today are all centered around this reality: The economy has shifted, and people are looking to learn as much as they can to stay afloat. Podcasters as the New Advisors.

Jeff Canada of Quantcast on Getting Personal All The Way from Top of Funnel to Advocacy [Podcast]

Ignite Tech

This week, we’re joined by Jeff Canada, Global Marketing Operations Manager at Quantcast to talk about the greatest challenges to the modern marketer: personalization, localization, the death of the newsletter and more! and getting more personal than the generic newsletter. The post Jeff Canada of Quantcast on Getting Personal All The Way from Top of Funnel to Advocacy [Podcast] appeared first on Infer: Predictive Sales and Marketing Platform.

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The Content Marketing Intern’s Syllabus


Buffer, which offers clients social media management tool, also has a weekly podcast about all your social needs. This podcast will answer all of your pressing questions. Podcasts Marketing Best Practices | Podcast Motor. Strategy buzzwords Email jobs Podcasts seo video

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Podcast: Duct Tape meets Lead Generation for the Complex Sale

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FREE E-Book 8 Critical success factors for lead generation Just tell us where to send your FREE updates Subscribe in a reader Podcast Feed Subscribe via iTunes Recognition Thanks for Reading! While youre visiting Johns blog, be sure to subscribe to his newsletter.

Ask a Content Strategist: How Can You Show The Impact Content Has on Your Brand?


Even more important are newsletter signups. Newsletter signups are a true gesture of trust, especially if someone volunteers a work email account. Should my company create a podcast? Only 26 percent of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. Podcasts are an in-depth medium.

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From Print to Podcasts—What Marketers Can Learn From New York Times’ The Daily

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But perhaps no marketing medium is consistently captivating audiences more often than the branded podcast. The best branded podcasts are those that tap into people’s organic interests, managing to both entertain and inform. Podcasting is a great example of that.

5 Useful Skills Marketers Should Learn From Media Companies


They want Modern Love download numbers on their podcasts. Wait until you have a truly good idea for a podcast or video. Storytelling divisible content Game of Thrones marketing funnel Podcast The Washington Post TikTok video

Delivering Episode 5: What is email design really?


Welcome to Delivering, a podcast about email marketing, strategy, the email industry, and yes, email design and development. One of my favorite newsletters of all time, Mailchimp’s now-defunct UX Newsletter, didn’t do anything fancy with code. Give us a review on iTunes and share the podcast with your friends. Delivering Podcast Delivering email design Opinions Podcast

21 of the Best Podcasts, Movies, Shows, Books & Apps to Keep You Entertained While Traveling


But there are much better ways to pass the time while traveling -- which is why we've curated a list of our absolute favorite movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, and apps that our readers might also enjoy. 6) Death, Sex & Money (Podcast). 7) The Message (Podcast). Podcast).

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Podcast: Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way

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FREE E-Book 8 Critical success factors for lead generation Just tell us where to send your FREE updates Subscribe in a reader Podcast Feed Subscribe via iTunes Recognition Thanks for Reading! « Where do Your Email Newsletters go? Listen to podcast now (MP3 24 min 5.5

Delivering Episode 9: An Interview with Dan Oshinsky on BuzzFeed, The New Yorker, and Email in Journalism


In this episode of Delivering, host Jason Rodriguez chats with Dan Oshinsky , the former director of newsletters at The New Yorker and Buzzfeed, and current proprietor of Not a Newsletter and Inbox Collective. Welcome to Delivering, a podcast about the email industry.

Delivering Episode 2: The Evolution of the Email Industry


Subscribe to Delivering on iTunes and Spotify , or in the podcast app of your choice. Welcome to Delivering , a podcast about email marketing and it’s place in the world. That will largely be the focus of this very podcast. Be sure to follow along on iTunes or in your podcast app of choice. Although we don’t expect to see a podcast about email marketing in the iTunes Top 100, an email geek can always dream.

Podcasting for Business & Email Marketing Best Practices w/ Christopher S. Penn [@InboundNow #5]


Penn ( @cspenn ), vice president of strategy & innovation over at Blue Sky Factory joins us to share some valuable insights on podcasting and email marketing best practices. Chris is an avid blogger and has been in the podcasting game since it's inception in early 2004.

Six lessons we learned from our content marketing last year

We produced 15 podcast episodes of The Center of Attention. Our newsletter, which we re-launched in August, has just under 30,000 subscribers and an open rate of 23%. Focusing on engagement in the newsletter matters, as does frequency. We love when people read our blog. We do!

The Weird & Wonderful Odyssey Behind the Writing of an Ambitious Book

Marketing Insider Group

Note: I’m making the ENTIRE conversation I had with Jonathan available to newsletter subscribers 1 week from now. TODAY: Jonathan Fields has written several books, hosts a top podcast, and speaks all over the world.

Delivering Episode 11: Rethinking the Email Workflow with Rich Yu


Welcome to Delivering, a podcast about email marketing, design, development and getting work done in the email industry. Welcome to the podcast, Rich. Podcasts email workflow litmus product product updates

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Introducing the Evolved Selling Institute - Insights + Community + Tools

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Excited to launch the Evolved Selling Institute (ESI)- a collaborative community with podcast interviews, insight articles & assessment tools, all designed to help advance your Sales Enablement, Content Marketing and Value Selling practices and capabilities.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: BeTuitive Publishing Book Review

B2B Lead Generation

FREE E-Book 8 Critical success factors for lead generation Just tell us where to send your FREE updates Subscribe in a reader Podcast Feed Subscribe via iTunes Recognition Thanks for Reading!

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Yours in Marketing Episode 5 – SEO Tools with Tim Soulo

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Blake Emal: Welcome to the Yours in Marketing podcast. This episode of the Yours in Marketing podcast was really special because I was able to speak with Tim Soulo who is the Chief Marketing Officer of Ahrefs. I listened to your most recent podcast when you met with Pat Flynn on the Smart Passive Income. As well as on your recent podcast episodes. Tim Soulo: I don’t remember my first conference so let me talk about my first podcast interview.

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