So you wanna make a viral video?


We’ve all seen the viral videos. Whether it be the Gangnam Style music video, Charlie visits the dentist or a super bowl commercial, the media and those of us at home love getting behind these videos to watch, discuss and share awesome content. Some recent examples include Kmart’s Ship My Pants , One Dollar Shave Club , and on the B2B side BlueJean’s The Roominator The traction and ROI that a viral video can create would make any marketer drool.

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Using Humor to Win in B2B: How Taulia Became a Video Marketing Powerhouse


There are a few myths about video marketing out there, but none more misleading than the idea that B2B videos are boring. Well – okay – some are admittedly a snoozefest but , if your brand is clever about your messaging, even B2B videos can be brilliant (they can even be funny!). This supplier financing company based out of San Francisco has become a video marketing trailblazer by using humor and narrowcasting as techniques to get their marketing noticed.


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Do I Need A Video? 5 Questions To Ask For Your Next Campaign


As you may have guessed, we’re big believers in the power of video. 82% of B2B marketers reported success with video marketing initiatives. Not every campaign needs a video, and to help you decide when it’s worth pressing record, here’s a few questions to ask about your campaign: 1. This is especially powerful for video infographics. Take this video explaining how the Stuxnet computer virus worked: Did you watch it all the way through?

Redefining the Role of the CMO

Buzz Marketing for Technology

And whenever someone says I am getting a little to edgy I show them the - ExtendedStay viral video – that usually works. Jeff – Moving the business model from broadcast to a narrowcast model. Russ – there is user generated content which we love to fuel but there is “Content Generated Share of Voice” – if you get a 1/2 Billion hits on a viral video – what can you do to get that to spread?

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Engagement is Everything: Our Takeaways from Marketing Nation 2015


During a breakout session on Tuesday, Taulia CMO Joe Hyland showed marketers how they use humour in their video content to tell engaging stories in an otherwise unsexy industry, and have driven huge results from their video campaigns. Here’s how @taulia approaches it: #mktgsummit — Vidyard (@vidyard) April 14, 2015 Hyland also pointed out that mass virality isn’t always the goal of their video content.