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4 Best Practices for Successful Multi-Channel B2B Ad Campaigns

KoMarketing Associates

In this post, I’ll summarize best practices that you should always keep in mind when creating successful multi-channel B2B ad campaigns. Here are some suggestions: Suggested Advertising Platforms for Multi-Channel B2B Campaigns. 30 Thought-Provoking Lead Nurturing Stats You Can’t Ignore by Hubspot.

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20+ CRM Stats You Need to Know for 2021


Check out these current CRM stats. General CRM Stats. Stats on the Advantages of a CRM. Consider some of these CRM stats: Eighty-seven percent of people say that the biggest benefit of a CRM is improved sales. Sales Strategy CRM Stats. Mobile CRM Stats. It’s expected to reach $80 billion by 2025.

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Demystifying podcast metrics: The top 7 stats for savvy podcasters


Podcast distribution platforms like Spotify, Apple, and Google provide podcast analytics for their channel so you can check performance between listening apps. 7 podcast stats that creators use to track their progress. When I sat down to write this guide, I didn’t want it to be another swarm of stats that made you say, “huh…cool.”

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20 public relations stats to know for better communications outcomes in 2022

Sprout Social

Today’s PR professionals are digital multi-hyphenates who require a diverse skillset. Social media is becoming one of the most dominant external communications channels. Currently, 48% use social as their primary external communication channel and 58% anticipate it will become a main channel in the next three years.

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5 Fresh B2B Marketing Stats & What They Mean to You

KoMarketing Associates

There are so many good reports and surveys being conducted (* cough ) and truthfully, some of the stats surprise me. Today, I’m going to look at some of these more surprising stats and discuss what they really mean to marketers. Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling: The Good, Bad and Ugly Models. Stay tuned!

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Complete Guide: Why Blogging Increases Customer Engagement


With so many channels available to interact with customers, it has become a measure of the ongoing practice of brands anticipating their customers’ needs and keeping in touch with them. However, compared to other channels, the potential of blogging is still under-realized. Check out a few stats here.

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Why You Should Include Broadcast Radio in Your Next Omnichannel Campaign


Today, we’re exploring the latest broadcast radio stats and digging into why savvy marketers are using it as part of their holistic media mix. We’re total proponents of using traditional radio as one of many channels within a holistic, omnichannel campaign. Ready to rock ‘n roll? Let’s dive in. of all media time among US adults.