What is a Marketing-Qualified Lead? What MQL Really Means


Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL ). MQL to Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) ratios are touted as exceptional by marketing teams, eyed suspiciously by sales teams, and eyeballed by executive teams who say “just show me the opportunity pipeline.”. But what exactly is an MQL?

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A Painless Guide to Planning a Marketing Budget

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o Inquiry to MQL 10% ( Marketing Qualified Lead ). o MQL to SAL 20% ( Sales Accepted Lead ). o SAL to SQO 75% (Sales Qualified Opportunity). o SQO to Win 25%. o Inquiry to SQO 120 days. o SQO to Win 90 days. To get those 20 closed deals I need to generate 80 SQOs (because my SQO to close rate is 25%).

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So the waterfall concept is Inquiry > MQL > SAL > SQO > Close. Given the current state of the economy, I find companies in the industrial sector only recognizing SAL’s and SQO’s.

Everything You Need to Generate, Score, and Nurture Leads with Video


Meeting those MQL, SAL, and SQO goals each month is what keeps you up at night and what you wake up thinking about. Did you know that marketers who use video for lead generation see 19% lower cost per lead than those who don’t?

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How To Enable B2B Content Bingeing


As marketers, our collective definition of the marketing qualified lead (MQL) is an important one. What if a prospect is bingeing on your content, spending several minutes consuming an eBook for example, but they haven’t done enough separate activities cumulatively to be flagged as an MQL?

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Production-Marketing-Sales: Alignment 4.0

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We could be more specific and talk about personas… MQL: Marketing qualified lead: the prospect on which it is justified to spend money and resources to maintain it and lead it in its purchasing cycle. The (often) missing link in Industry 4.0.

Forrester Report: The Birth Of The B2B Consumer


As a result of this approach, they saw a 30% lift in MQL to SQO conversion rates. My four least favorite words: “Are you still watching?” Yes, Netflix, I am!