Mobile Marketing: Four Fascinating Findings from 14 Fantastic Facts


Few new technologies have been embraced as rapidly and as globally as mobile phones, particularly since smartphones came to market a decade ago. Though the small form factor of the devices is a challenge, marketers have embraced mobile marketing, particularly for local B2C businesses.

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Let the market view in


They have a point of view, are comfortable with their perspective and only accept information that confirms their opinions. In addition to an over reliance on biased but readily available information, many marketers suffer from an “internal out” view of the world.

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Are You Mobile-Optimized or Mobile-Awesome?


When your phone is that tiny it becomes really clear really fast when websites aren’t optimizing well for mobile. Which brings up a good question: what does it really mean to “optimize” for mobile? For a lot of websites it simply means nothing breaks when viewed on a phone.

Mobile First Indexing – A Few Pointers on How to Prepare


Two months ago, Webbiquity posted an article regarding mobile-first indexing. Since then, Google has officially started their mobile-first changeover, though it is still in the trial phase and only a select few websites are the testing grounds. Because the advertising and SEO worlds are profoundly affected whenever Google makes a change, it’s worthwhile to understand the best practices of mobile websites and move towards maintaining a mobile presence.

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How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

It’s viewed as the most effective lead gen tactic, followed by social media. Software Marketers Comparing tactics viewed as effective to those that don’t perform as well, eight different. the approaches or channels viewed as most. consume on mobile devices.

Mobile Myth Busting: How to Write Great Content for Mobile


In 2014 the number of mobile users eclipsed desktop users. Since then, mobile technology has continued to change the way we browse the web and connect with brands. This is about more than simply making your site mobile responsive. Myth 3: Mobile Content Must Be Short.

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The Crash Course in Mobile Content Every Marketer Needs Now


It’s time digital marketers started saying “mobile, mobile, mobile”. Here’s why: There’s more traffic on the internet from mobile devices than from desktops. 56% of content consumed today is consumed on a mobile device. Benchmark where you stand with mobile.

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Guide to mobile advertising: Types of ads and main platforms


By 2025, GSMA has estimated that more than 5 billion people will have mobile devices, and over half of these connections would be smartphones. Research reports have also shown that marketing organizations have also started spending 22% of their budget on mobile marketing.

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The Crash Course in Mobile Content Every Marketer Needs Now


It’s time digital marketers started saying “mobile, mobile, mobile”. Here’s why: There’s more traffic on the internet from mobile devices than from desktops. 56% of content consumed today is consumed on a mobile device. Benchmark where you stand with mobile.

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Are You Mobile-Responsive or Mobile-Complacent?


They simply won’t stand for lackluster mobile experiences, formatting issues, or inadequate design. In other words, every digital interaction you have with a prospect needs to be optimized for mobile. By the end of 2015, mobile had impacted over $1 trillion in retail sales.

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Mobility and why it matters


Mobile is primarily about the devices and platforms, but mobility is a bigger idea. Mobility is very much at the heart of culture right now. Mobility in advertising and media is going beyond mobile advertising, to adding mobile functionality and targeting.

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11 Companies That Are Doing Mobile Advertising Right in 2019

Single Grain

Mobile devices play a key role in the overall growth of the digital marketing spend worldwide. With a surge in the number of smartphones and tablets, mobile advertising has become a primary mode of digital advertising which is both cost effective and conversion oriented.

Infographic: Mobile-Friendly vs. Responsive Email Design

The Point

Today, however, depending on how mobile-centric your audience is, and given the additional resources, skills, time, and cost involved in responsive design, the decision to “go responsive” isn’t a slam dunk. Click on the infographic to view full-size.

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7 Things You Need to Know About Optimizing for Mobile in 2016


If you’re like much of the US population, you’re likely to be reading this post on a mobile device, whether you found it through a Google search or it came to you in your email. Here and abroad more users access the internet from mobile devices than ever before.

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Link Building and Mobile SEO in 2017


As people increasingly rely on their mobile phones, mobile searches have now overtaken desktop searches. Not only would linking to this sort of site be viewed by readers as an obvious paid link, but other outbound links on the page may affect your link’s relevancy.

Gaining a 360 Degree Customer View


Today’s marketing manager should have a single, trusted, comprehensive view of customers and potential customers to be able to target marketing most effectively.

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Most Viewed Video Ads: Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Tops the Chart


The phone plan provides telephone calls, SMS, and mobile broadband using cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Google Fi uses networks operated by Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Total Views. The post Most Viewed Video Ads: Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Tops the Chart appeared first on AcuityAds Inc.

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What Does a Mobile-Optimized Email Look Like?

Modern Marketing

A B2B mobile marketing strategy is a must for any company that wants to interact with its target audience. Company decision-makers already use mobile devices to help them work from anywhere, conducting research, interacting with B2B brands, and making purchases.

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Mobile App vs Mobile Website? What’s better for you? 14 decision makers


The numbers show marketers are rushing into mobile. So, if you want to know what’s better for your business: Mobile App or Mobile Website? 85% report an intent to raise their mobile budgets in the near future (ANA). Mobile App or Mobile Website?

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17 Excellent Email and Mobile Marketing Stats and Facts


Most CMOs view it as effective and volume continues to grow. Based on the research below, here are five key takeaways for success in email and mobile marketing. • Experiment with video. About half plan to grow their social media budgets while 40% will allocate for for mobile.

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What Smartphone Users’ Mobile Mindset Means for Brands

Modern Marketing

That phenomena — and the move to smaller and smaller screens — has pushed marketers to adapt their practices and technologies to provide a mobile-optimized experience. You have to reshape the experience to fit the new mobile-only behavior. Feel naked without your smartphone?

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How To Measure Performance Against Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

KoMarketing Associates

Last week my colleague Brendan Cottam detailed key aspects of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update , being released today. This update will potentially give a ranking boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. Mobile Search Percentage.

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?


For an increasing majority of us, our mobile devices are the last things we touch before we go to bed at night and the first things we pick up and check when we wake up. So, the question is, is your website changing wit this mobile revolution, or is it remaining stagnant?

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How to Tweak Your Emails and Website for Mobile

Modern Marketing

When it comes to your B2B marketing strategy , your tactical approach to mobile should be different than that of your offline and online strategies. Mobile Email Campaign Changes. Mobile Website Improvements. Emphasize other mobile-friendly platforms.

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Think Beyond Mobile-First and Consider Mobile Experiences Like These Brands

Modern Marketing

A few years ago, mobile was viewed by digital marketers as a side channel; a sort of “diet-digital” that was marginalized because of smaller screen sizes and a less mature marketing ecosystem. 80% of social media engagement happens on mobile ( comScore ).

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Is Anyone Actually Looking at Your Mobile Ads? And Other Mobile News

Modern Marketing

Every Friday we'll curate five relevant and recent articles on one specific topic and present them here for your viewing pleasure. The topics will include but not be limited to: - Mobile marketing. This Week's Friday Five: Mobile. Mobile video has tons of momentum.

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The Future of Digital Advertising: How “Mobile-first” is turning into “Mobile-only”

Martech Advisor

More and more potential consumers are skipping desktop or laptop computers and going straight to mobile devices. What are the latest adtech trends, and what’s next for mobile advertisers in an app-centric world? Also Read: Mobile Marketing: Navigating the Modern Consumer.

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Moving Past Responsive Design to a Mobile-First Email Strategy

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By now we’ve all heard the statistics that as much as two-thirds of all email is opened or read on mobile devices. For comparison, B2B industry standards are 27 percent opens on mobile, compared to 43 percent for B2C. Offer shorter registration forms for mobile users.

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A View To A Thrill: Why Marketers Need To Get Visual, Fast

Marketing Insider Group

The man who said it was a gentleman by the name of Bob Gollwitzer , a very smart and savvy guy who is the owner of Pro Mobile Productions in Philly. In essence what he was saying that people, AKA consumers don’t want to read on their computers per se, they want to view something, too.

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Mobile Marketing Strategy


Visit any airport, coffee shop, or retail outlet and you won’t need to look far to find somebody preoccupied with a mobile device. In fact, people now spend 65 percent of their digital media time on mobile, with the desktop becoming secondary for many digital users. Few mediums in history are as personal, powerful, and disruptive as mobile technology. Here are five powerful strategies to incorporate in your 2017 mobile marketing efforts. Mobile readers are in a hurry.

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The Crash Course in Mobile Content Every Marketer Needs Now


It’s time digital marketers started saying “mobile, mobile, mobile.”. Here’s why: There’s more traffic on the Internet from mobile devices than from desktops. 56% of content consumed today is consumed on a mobile device. Over 31 million US Internet users will only go online via a mobile device in 2016. There’s a slew of stats to verify mobile’s rising dominance, but I think you get the idea. Benchmark where you stand with mobile.

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B2B Mobile Websites: Prepare, but Don’t Panic


You’ve seen the statistics: mobile browsing (e.g., browsing the web using a smart phone or other mobile device) will eclipse desktop web browsing sometime in 2013. More than half of my website traffic coming from mobile phones?

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The 4 Unique Challenges of Mobile Marketing and Mobile Advertising (and how to overcome them)

Modern Marketing

44% of consumers say that they would like brands to deliver deals and coupons to their mobile devices. Mobile commerce will account for 24.4% " Of course when you have a phenomenon that is warp-speed proliferation of mobile you are going to have challenges.

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Does mobile search work for your business?


With B2B and B2C customers increasingly using their smartphones to browse for, shop for, and buy the products and services they need , marketers have increasingly turned to mobile search as a major component of their pay-per-click ad campaigns. Which begs the question: does mobile search work?

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How Mobile App Marketers Can Attain a 360-Degree View of Their Audience


Author: Koustubha Deshpande These are exciting times in the mobile app industry. But, in spite of this, one of the most common mistakes mobile app marketers make is that they treat their users as numbers or installs, rather than people. What is a 360-degree view?

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7 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Conversions


The number of mobile users around the world is increasing. Businesses focusing on their mobile platforms are more likely to capture part of this growing marketspace. billion unique mobile users in the world and 52% of the total population uses the internet on mobile. .

How Marketers Should Engage Their Mobile User

Modern Marketing

And mobile marketers have even less time to capture the eye of a potential customer, acquire an app install , or win over a brand ambassador; making it essential to drive users to the right content, at the right time. Deepviews: mobile-web ready previews of your app content.

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