How promotional merchandise magic can make the difference in your marketing campaigns


Promotional merchandise is one of the oldest types of promotions. Even in today’s digital world, promotional products and branded merchandise really do make a big impact on marketing campaigns. 7 in 10 marketers use promotional merchandise to raise brand awareness.

6 Visual Merchandising Examples That Drive Sales


Nowadays, no matter what industry you work in, most marketers generally use the same tactics. Almost every brands' creative work blends in with each other, making them unable to grab attention. What is visual merchandising? 6 Examples of Retail Merchandising that Drive Sales.

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Thought Leadership Merchandising: Rising Above the Noise

Marketing Craftmanship

Merchandising Strategy Precedes Content Development. It may be a beautiful work of art, but you will never sail it around the lake. Thought Leadership Programs Must be Accountable for Business Outcomes. Thought Leadership is one of the most widely used terms in B2B marketing.

Improving E-Commerce Conversion Rates: How to Automatically Merchandise Your Content

Martech Advisor

Balance between customer delight and business objectives must be struck, and this requires merchandising products that meet the needs and desires of the shopper, and contribute to the bottom line. Many merchandising teams still undergo this entire process by hand.

What promotional products are on your desk? [survey results]


To help us understand how effective promotional products and branded merchandise really is, the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) often commissions surveys to illustrate how well promotional giveaways really work.

10 promotional product trends from the PPAI Expo 2018


If you want a customer to wear your branded clothing merchandise, making it comfortable is a great way to bridge any barriers that might have stood in the way.

What is structured content?


Structured content is fast emerging as a necessity for content marketers for a variety of reasons, including search, reuse, and content merchandising applications. We are trained to work on transitions between paragraphs, for example. One way is to have your writers work in teams.

Stop the Insanity. Fire Your PR Firm in 2014.

Marketing Craftmanship

It’s All About Merchandising. Most PR firms fail to deliver on the potential of their craft because performing it correctly requires really hard work, takes time, and demands accountability for business results.

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One Way Smart B2B Marketers Work Backwards

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Smart marketers work backwards. They have a specific plan to merchandise the credibility and thought leadership related to the marketplace exposure directly to target audiences in advance of seeking the speaking opportunity. B2B Marketing Needs Impressive Stuff Like This.

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Predictive Analytics: Should Automated Content Selection Work by Segment or Individual?

Customer Experience Matrix

The individual-level approach makes the most sense when there are many content choices to consider, as with retail merchandise or entertainment (books, music, movies, etc.). Segment-based systems work best when only a few choices are available.

How to Work with Influencers: The Ultimate Guide


7 Ways to Work with Influencers. For example, if you work for a company that manufactures auto parts, it might not make sense to partner with a fashion blogger. Communication is imperative throughout the process of discovering and working with an influencer.

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The 12 Hottest Tools for Content Promotion

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There are a lot of people furiously writing great blog posts, spending hours a day, hoping that an insane amount of new customers will magically find their content and purchase their app, solution, merchandise or something else. It doesn’t work that way.

What Companies Can Learn from Baby Yoda (Oh, Sorry. The Child.)


Baby Yoda Merchandise. Another opinion Screen Rant shared in their article was that not having merchandise of The Child ready when The Mandalorian was released was a lost opportunity to promote the show and became a lost “golden merchandising opportunity.”.

Using Your Customer’s Language – Real Tales of Caution

Leading Results Rambings

In the last few weeks we''ve had two clients we work with discover that the language they use to describe their customers is the not the language the customers use to describe themselves. Merchandising For Better Sales.

3 Questions With Project Manager Alice Singleton

Blue Flame Thinking

That can mean making sure we all have what we need to do our best possible work or writing screenplays and social editorials in her free time. An avid rower and épée fencer, she brings that determination and the knowledge she’s gained throughout her career to guide our client work.

The Ultimate Guide to Crowdsourcing


But this failed merchandising campaign had just jacked it up to suffocating. And after some deep reflection and analysis, he dug up a silver lining that would eventually lead to a multi-million dollar model for merchandise design.

Fashion Marketing Career 101: Jobs, Salary, Colleges, & Courses

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Fashion marketing, also referred to a fashion merchandising, is defined as the process of planning and promoting goods or services in the fashion industry to the right audience at the right time and place with the use of marketing and advertising tools and strategies. Merchandiser.

The Biggest Event Trends for 2020

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This eco-friendly approach has spilled over into the world of events, which traditionally has been a fairly wasteful industry – just think about all the plastic water bottles and catering waste, not to mention the merchandise and freebies that often get thrown away as soon as the event is over.

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Nicolas Franchet, Head of Retail and E-commerce at Facebook: How to Combine Digital and Traditional Retail Marketing Channels [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Keeping Customers: Loyalty—the third key component of digital merchandising, says Nicolas—is about re-engaging existing customers, 70% of whom will never read a brand’s email communications. He works with companies around the world to help them define and execute their strategies on Facebook.

Subdomain or Subdirectory? What They Are & How They Affect SEO


Ecommerce Store: For companies that sell merchandise, in addition to their regular product or service, they can put their ecommerce store on a subdomain. Besides the main products, merchandise is available at

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How to Make Money Blogging:Yes – You Can Still Make Money Blogging!

Writing on the Web

This list is in no particular order, nor is it exhaustive, but in a nut shell, here is how it works: Advertising. Products and/or Merchandise – As the blogging stratosphere expanded, and readership grew, so did opportunities for merchandising.

YouTube optimization and intent: Q&A with goop’s Courtney Messerli


I match user intent to quality products and services via search (both on and off site), YouTube, and our website’s marketing and merchandising placements on the homepage and category pages.

How Nordstrom Ruined Me

Heinz Marketing

As a young teen I worked for a lady who when she picked me up for babysitting, was accessorized, perfumed, and dressed to the nines. Know your merchandise! By Sheena McKinney , Executive Assistant at Heinz Marketing.

How to Run A Scaleable Holiday Marketing Program


You can help your customers become more productive at work by giving how-to videos , insightful infographics, and templates. Send Personalized Merchandise. Sending physical merchandise , such as wine and gourmet gift baskets, is sure to create excitement and engagement.

How To: Website Personalization in Minutes, Hours, and Weeks (Part 2)


1) Content Merchandising. It’s likely on your homepage you have a few key areas where you merchandise popular top-of-funnel content. Make these sections work harder with just an hour of website personalization work. Take a full inventory of audience-specific content in key merchandising areas and gather popular content to tailor audience-specific messaging (just like you did in the first exercise).

Improving E-commerce Conversion Rates: Understanding Customer Intent

Martech Advisor

My previous two columns focused on two ways that Machine Learning can be used to improve your ecommerce conversion rates: cleansing your catalogue and automatically merchandising your content. Learn More: Improving E-Commerce Conversion Rates: How to Automatically Merchandise Your Content.

Is your personalization for your visitors… or for you?


Explicit data often doesn’t feel like merchandising because you’re simply reflecting the best product for their particular needs based on what they’ve told you. This is how behavior based personalization works. And its utility goes even beyond that; the better you understand your customer, the better you can merchandise whatever it is you sell, whether it’s enterprise technology, financial services, or, y’know, electric guitars.

Key Marketing Takeaways from VidCon2019

Pam Didner

These games were designed to engage with their young audiences and were strategically tied to their merchandise. As a B2B marketer who works closely with sales, being able to sell products anywhere is music to my ears.

How to Get a Motivational Speaker to Add Pizzazz to Your Event

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For instance, if you want to motivate your audience to treat every day at work as if it were a major sports competition, a former (or even current) sports star with some business experience can help attendees make the connection between mental and skills preparation and performance on the job.

Powering Your E-Commerce Site


Well, one reason is because selling merchandise that you can touch and feel is very different than selling merchandise that you can see on a website. There are many other reasons why this is hard to do, but one company we’ve worked with, Media-Saturn, did a great job tackling these issues. For traditional brick-and-mortar stores, it may be hard to establish an e-commerce site. Why is that?

How to Design a Retail Store That Attracts Customers

Altitude Branding

Keep in mind that you don’t need to clutter the wall with all of your top-selling merchandise. Once you have measured the amount of space you have available for your merchandise, you can research the types of industrial storage shelving in order to find the best storage solution for your layout and the amount of space you have to work with. This common design mistake will leave the area deserted and the merchandise within, unsold.

Where is B2B marketing headed in 2020? 7 predictions


Provide them with logo merchandises to use and wear. And we also need action at the Federal level here in the US, to simplify the current mishmash of state-level privacy legislation that is in the works. Forecasting the future is a dangerous but irresistible practice for observers like myself. So let me plunge ahead with 7 bets on likely new developments in the world of B2B marketing. Just don’t look at my predictions from last year to check my record for accuracy, please. “My

6 Techniques on How to Monetize Your Podcasts

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But you can make your content work harder for you by repurposing it for a different medium. 6.Live Shows and Branded Merchandise. Other popular podcasts make money by creating and selling branded merchandise, such as clothing items, mugs, stickers and accessories.

3 Ways Retailers Can Heat Up Their Summer Email Campaigns

Modern Marketing

We found that 85 percent of email marketers are relying too heavily on products and categories that worked well the previous year. If you’re one of those retailers, it’s time to put your data to work.

5 Steps to Building a Great eCommerce CRM: A Definitive Guide


RMA management: Return Merchandise Authorization is often among CRM benefits. Only then you can build a solution that works for your company and does it well. The use of CRM solutions for maintaining relationships with customers is a longstanding trend.

5 Methods To Improve Workplace Morale For Your Employees

Altitude Branding

Studies show people who do not enjoy their job do subpar work and miss more days than those who like their work. The workplace can be about more than just getting work done. Incorporating family-type events into the work week goes a long way in alleviating boredom and depression.

Brands Are Facing Post-Election Boycotts. Here’s Why They Can’t Back Down


Trump resistance , a Facebook group with 39,000 members, for continuing to sell Trump merchandise. The same goes for expressing concern and support for the diverse people who work for you. Advertisers typically prefer to stay out of politics.

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Digital Meets Physical, Chinese New Year Campaigns & Digital Advertising Trends: Martech Essentials in Jan. 2020

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Dating App Launches Merchandise Store to Celebrate Finding a Match. Dating app Hinge launched an online merchandise store called the Hingie Shop. In Front, all work communication – emails, texts, direct messages, etc.

What B2B Marketers Can Learn About Lead Generation From Costco

The Forward Observer

For generations, leads were something that outbound, interruptive marketing tactics worked beautifully to generate. Costco is a membership-o nly warehouse club selling a wide selection of merchandise. I’ve seen this magic work first-hand.

5 Pro Tips for Creating a Window Display That Sells [+ Examples]


If everyone else is implementing the latest tip or trick, it must work, right? Historically, a huge advantage digital marketing has had over visual merchandising is that you can easily gauge your content’s performance or its impact on website traffic and lead generation.