4 Ways to Enhance Broadcast Email Campaigns with User-Generated Content

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User-generated content (UGC) can add that personal touch missing from your broadcast email campaigns — allowing email subscribers to see and interact with relevant photos and videos of your brand and its products.

How the Raptors Redefined Fan Engagement During the 2019 NBA Playoffs


It’s no secret that raving fans spend more than casual fans on ticket sales, merchandising, and sports-related digital/media subscriptions, to name a few. When the Toronto Raptors took the 2019 NBA Championship to Game 6 against the Golden State Warriors, it was an epic moment.

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How the Raptors Redefined Fan Engagement During the 2019 NBA Playoffs


It’s no secret that raving fans spend more than casual fans on ticket sales, merchandising, and sports-related digital/media subscriptions, to name a few. When the Toronto Raptors took the 2019 NBA Championship to Game 6 against the Golden State Warriors, it was an epic moment.

Brand Storytelling: Using Authenticity to Build Customer Relationships

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It is how we share culture across generations, communicate with each other, and form communities. For example, Pepsi Stuff members can share purchase information, complete surveys, and refer new customers in return for exclusive Pepsi merchandise and experiential rewards.

How to Create Sports Content for Big Events


spend money on merchandise that supports their favorite athletes. Some brands are very effective at incorporating user generated content into your broader marketing strategy. Sports is one of the largest industries on the planet.

How to sell your SEO strategy & get buy-ins across the enterprise


Additional broad-stroke challenges for many online businesses may include: enhancing customer engagement and user experience. enhancing customer engagement and user experience. establish a scalable blog merchandising strategy. How quickly are you able to define your SEO strategy?

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15 Free Resources to Discover & Learn Google Analytics (from Google)

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Here is where you will find a community of real-world GA users (and sometimes Googlers) that are running into the same issues as you are. Calling it a Demo Account is a little misleading, it is the live data for Google’s Merchandise Store. The Solutions Gallery, like the Solutions Community, is a user-generated resource center. Getting started with Google Analytics is no small task.

Why CMO’s Need To Be More Involved in Ecommerce

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A CMO should be somebody who uniquely understands marketing, merchandising, data, analytics and web design, and who can also maintain a creative, innovative organizational structure.

How Inspiring Brands Give Thanks on Social Media

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One of the most popular methods is to recognize individual fans publicly through user-generated media campaigns, photo contests, or tags in a social media post. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: User-Generated Content: Where Does It Fit in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

An Effective Social Media Strategy & Online Shopping Experience Is the Key to Millennials & Gen Zers

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Let’s see how an effective social media strategy and online shopping experience can help you woo both these generations. Here are a few startling facts released by the National Retail Federation , about the digitally native, Generation Z (born between the mid-90s – early 2000s).

3 Highly Effective Ways to Tell Your Brand’s Story


Nordstrom recently launched its newest retail store, Nordstrom Local, which offers hand-pressed juices, personal styling—and no physical merchandise. Consider creating brand-specific hashtags to encourage user-generated content, and offer incentives for people to participate in your campaigns.

7 Innovative Ways Retailers Are Using Beacon Technology


Later, your phone pings again to tell you the jerseys in the merchandise shop are half-off. In the dressing rooms, shoppers are shown user-generated content about products. Imagine this -- you walk into a store and peruse the shoe display, and suddenly your phone pings.

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Ugly Drinks’ Four Secrets to Disrupting a $392 Billion Industry


Another aspect of the community that Zenner says is hugely important to Ugly is user generated content on social media, with the brand often re-sharing social media posts from its audience to Instagram stories. “We Great businesses see the future differently.

Nine brands innovating customer-centric retailing today


They put the customer first (customer insights define campaigns, brand direction, and merchandising/manufacturing). Stay “in the know” by carrying out market research, tracking trends and user-generated hype.

T-Mobile Curates Web Content


I look at things such as online advertising, paid and organic search, social media, and Web site and retail portal merchandising as ingredients. They used search to seek out a collection of content, both corporate-produced and user-generated, in order to make an informed decision.

10 Best Content Management Systems (CMS) Software in 2020

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A content management system (CMS) is a software platform that enables users to add, publish, modify, and manage website content without requiring users to have specialized programming knowledge.

Will Review Sites Destroy Organic Search?


These sites have tens of thousands of pages of user-generated content that helps them rank well in search engines. It appears that they are spending almost as much time trying to keep the basic mechanics of their business running as they are actually selling their merchandise.

#SproutChat Recap: How to Run a Social Media Contest

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Holding a social media contest can boost your following, generate valuable user-generated content and increase brand awareness in new communities and markets. It’s All About the User Experience.

10 Things That Can Destroy an Email Marketing Program

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Factor in some user-generated content or questions - this is what will keep the consumer engaged. Many times, we are so influenced by the merchandising or information calendar that we forget what the consumers preferences are. Sundeep is also an avid user of social media, having leveraged words, pictures, and video into a conversational digital book. 2013: The Year of Social Merchandising. ); //. Marketing News & Expert Advice. ClickZ Awards. ClickZ.asia.

The complete guide to social media for musicians

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In fact, Instagram recently passed a billion active users while Facebook boasts two billion daily active users themselves. Encouraging user-generated content in the form of tagged fan photos is a brilliant way to interact with fans and show them a bit of love, too. Obviously, it makes sense to prioritize questions that deal with shows or merchandise: try to get to those within a few hours if possible. Let’s be honest: marketing as a musician is tough.

7 Creative Ways Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Drive Donations


A 2012 study from Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global @dvisor revealed that 22% of global internet users said they would purchase from a brand if they saw that a friend liked or followed the brand on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter. 4) YouTube User-Generated Content.

43 Execs Explain How Millennials Impact B2B Buying Committees


. Today’s buying committees are diverse; Millennials are already taking their seats among Generation X and Baby Boomers at the buying table, making navigating the already complicated buying environment even harder thanks to their different preferences. .

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A Marketing to Media Translation Dictionary For Journalists Turned Content Marketers


Just like an editorial package, a content campaign is a multi-format publishing plan that might comprise social media posts, videos, gifs, email newsletters, press releases, merchandising, print media, and blog posts. Translating is a tricky business.

What IKEA and Game of Thrones Taught Us About the Intersection of Brands and Pop Culture

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It was a move that not only combined timeliness, relevance, and earnestness into a great post, but from a strategic standpoint it’s also likely to drive a little bump in carpet sales and probably create a nice hedge of user-generated content come Halloween.