How promotional merchandise magic can make the difference in your marketing campaigns


Promotional merchandise is one of the oldest types of promotions. Even in today’s digital world, promotional products and branded merchandise really do make a big impact on marketing campaigns. It takes experience to pinpoint just the right promotional product to match with your company’s culture, brand, and customer expectations. The right promotional products can help make your brand and your message memorable. Image credit:

How promotional products fit in with the modern consumer


That is where promotional products, branded gifts, and giveaways shine. Perhaps that is why promotional products have stood the test of time through the technological advances in advertising. This article will take a look at how promotional products fit in with the modern consumer and still do a very effective job when it comes to helping advertise your business. These opportunities to reinforce branding and messaging increase the exposure of your promotional products.


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What promotional products are on your desk? [survey results]


When it comes to promotional products, there is one thing for sure, this marketing method and advertising tool has stood the test of time. Even in today’s highly competitive digital marketing and advertising field, promotional products are still relevant and an effective means of promoting your brand and increasing sales. What promotional merchandise do you have on your desk right now? What is your reaction when you receive a promotional product(s)?

10 promotional product trends from the PPAI Expo 2018


Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) is an annual expo that highlights and showcases the latest in promotional products. This year, it took place in Las Vegas and there were 1,300 exhibitors filling up over 3,000 booths showing off hundreds of thousands of different promotional products. Today, we are taking a look at the trends in promotional products that we saw at the show. Notebooks are one of the oldest and most popular promotional products.

Thought Leadership Merchandising: Rising Above the Noise

Marketing Craftmanship

For example, rather than featuring a message from your CEO in each issue of the company’s quarterly newsletter, consider publishing guest commentaries (not promotional messages) from clients, prospects, referral sources and recognized opinion leaders in your discipline. Merchandising Strategy Precedes Content Development. Thought Leadership Programs Must be Accountable for Business Outcomes. Thought Leadership is one of the most widely used terms in B2B marketing.

9 Promotional Email Examples (And How to Write Your Own)


Are you looking for the best promotional email examples that you can use for your own business? Whether you need a promotional email template or you just need a bit of inspiration, you’re in the right place. 9 promotional email examples. How to write a promotional email.

The 12 Hottest Tools for Content Promotion

Marketing Insider Group

Content marketing is nothing without good promotion. There are a lot of people furiously writing great blog posts, spending hours a day, hoping that an insane amount of new customers will magically find their content and purchase their app, solution, merchandise or something else. Promotion was important before content marketing […]. The post The 12 Hottest Tools for Content Promotion appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

How to Create a Promotional Plan for Your Business (with Template!)

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Promotional planning is becoming more and more necessary for big as well as small businesses around the world. A promotional plan highlights key elements of a company’s strategy and creates a roadmap of future tasks in a way that’s more likely to achieve business goals. Promotion Name.

How The Chicago Bears Elevate Fan Engagement


The Chicago Bears launched a birthday campaign as their first automated campaign, designed to nurture fans and increase revenue through merchandise sales. The team also uses marketing automation to send out multiple messages about every event including a save the date, a presale and on sale email to keep fans informed, and regularly send out promotional offers and sweepstakes.

How brands use promotional clothing [infographic]


The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) often surveys people who have received promotional products to gauge their effectiveness! Their research helps to show businesses how well-branded merchandise can help promote your brand and increase sales. A total of 91% of the respondents use branded clothing as part of their promotions. How brands are currently using promotional clothing. 27% use branded clothing for promotions.

Reward-Based vs. Discount-Based Promotions: Which Drives Greater ROMI?


What kind of promotions hook you? Do you know what kind of promotions hook your customers? Have an idea of which promotions lead to greater return on marketing investments (ROMI)? Read: Next-Generation Promotions: Foster Customer Engagement & Maximize Marketing Effectiveness. Between February and March of 2018, Aberdeen surveyed 212 businesses about their promotions strategies. The post Reward-Based vs. Discount-Based Promotions: Which Drives Greater ROMI?


5 Ways You Can Merchandise the “Masthead Value” of Publicity

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self-promotion – Pickup in a media source with high masthead value provides some reason for high-fives internally, but it should not serve as a platform for self-promotion. Cite a relevant endorsement on your home page – One of the most effective ways to merchandise high-value media exposure is to select a very brief, relevant phrase from the coverage, for placement in a prominent position on your home page.

Three Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Promote your Event

Webbiquity SMM

Here are a few simple steps to get you started: • Create a Facebook event : This is an obvious but important first step in your social promotion, and can be one of the most effective ways to gain exposure for your event. Use this page as the central space for posting event updates and engaging content, which can then be promoted on your other social channels. She promoted the event on her Instagram page and gave followers exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage.

Stop the Insanity. Fire Your PR Firm in 2014.

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Over the past 5 decades, to rationalize hefty monthly fees, the PR profession has successfully promoted three underlying assumptions: Any publicity is good publicity. It’s All About Merchandising. The attribution is unsupported, but Albert Einstein is often credited with the quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

PR 116

Is Your B2B Firm REALLY Marketing…Or Simply Making Tactical Soup?

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Exposure that’s largely based on a firm’s achievements delivers little practical benefit to existing clients and may leave them wondering if such self-promotion will result in higher client rates and fees. For the firm to benefit from the credibility associated with publication of its partner’s life sciences expertise, it would need to proactively merchandise this inherent 3rd party endorsement. Is Your B2B Marketing a Tactical Hodge Podge?

Should I Rekindle My Blog Love Affair…Or End It?

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I need interesting ideas, not sales promotion,” my Blog would scream. Was there a strategy to promote your Blog and to merchandise its posts…or did you think that would just “happen”? Can This Blog Affair Be Saved? Here’s a sad letter from the Marketing Craftsmanship mailbag: Dear Marketing Guy, I’ve fallen out of love with my Blog and I need your advice. My sad story: It was love at first sight.

Business Blogging: 4 Ways to Have Fun and Profits

Writing on the Web

4) Selling blog merchandise. There are plenty of sites that will let you put your logo on merchandise and sell it to your readers. Tags: Content Marketing Pathway to Profits Profit Promoting Your Ezine +/or Blog blog marketing content marketing with blogs converting readers to clients Online Marketing (Vacation time, so here’s another guest post, this one by Susan Long, freelance marketing consultant.).

10 Tips for Writing Productive Description that Converts Leads


Besides this, practical and informative merchandise information makes it easier for you to improve your long-term purchaser terminal. However, most brands missed one command thing in their product specification, which helped their valued customers to understand their merchandise.

How to make money on YouTube in 2020 (enough to quit your day job)


This would include providing members with special members-only content, as well as other perks like merchandise. Promote your own products or offers. Sell merchandise. The highest-earning YouTube stars are thought to get most of their revenue from merchandise sales.

Lessons from Sleep Number: Don’t Snooze on Your Brand Advocates


In-store, video monitors play videos to promote the loyalty program. Offer rewards, perks and special promotions. Insiders also enjoy exclusive members-only discount privileges off merchandise, and they are the first to know about new products and exclusive content.

Monitoring The Data That Drives Retail Success


Were you running any promotions or did you have any new products that had just launched? Factors that can affect sales conversion include the customer service you offer, the availability and the range of products you have on offer, and the way that the store is set up and merchandised.

Make Better Business Decisions by Leveraging Customer Data


Make better merchandising decisions. Using data from a loyalty program, retail brands for example, can make informed decisions about price, promotion, and product selection. Communications and promotions are more relevant and therefore more effective in engaging customers.

6 KPI-Focused Strategies for Organizing Virtual Events

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Using the KPIs above as an example, we can consider the following strategies to achieve them: Event Promotion Strategy. Event Promotion Strategy. An effective event promotion strategy is required to expand your event reach and increase attendance.

Branding Strategies That Can Propel Small Businesses

Altitude Branding

Give away merchandise. Since you will have limited budgets, you would want quality merchandise that is affordable as well. When it comes to finding inexpensive ways for promoting your business, social media is a channel you cannot afford to miss out on.

What Companies Can Learn from Baby Yoda (Oh, Sorry. The Child.)


Baby Yoda Merchandise. Another opinion Screen Rant shared in their article was that not having merchandise of The Child ready when The Mandalorian was released was a lost opportunity to promote the show and became a lost “golden merchandising opportunity.”.

The 80/20 Rule: How one band uses ConvertKit to reach more fans


With 4,000 subscribers and counting, it’s Baustert’s foundation for promoting Throw the Fight to fans old and new. There’s plenty for musicians to promote via email. Merchandise drops. It really just depends on what we're promoting and working on,” says Baustert.

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4 Ways to Enhance Broadcast Email Campaigns with User-Generated Content


Promotional Emails and Sales Blasts. When it comes to sales and promotional emails, the messaging itself doesn’t need to be extensive. These interactive Instagram email campaigns can help to increase sell-through on products, allowing marketers to push through merchandise in a timely fashion. When used correctly, broadcast email campaigns can help you reach customers at scale.

Fashion Marketing Career 101: Jobs, Salary, Colleges, & Courses

Martech Advisor

Fashion marketing, also referred to a fashion merchandising, is defined as the process of planning and promoting goods or services in the fashion industry to the right audience at the right time and place with the use of marketing and advertising tools and strategies. Merchandiser.

Why there is a Boom in Digital Marketing


Advertising, in whatever structure, is one of the key exercises that each business should participate in, as no business can grow without powerful promotion and marketing. This is a principally web-based action pointed toward selling merchandise or offering types of services.

How to Make Money Blogging:Yes – You Can Still Make Money Blogging!

Writing on the Web

Fixed Cost Blog Advertising – Another option for niche blogs with large readership (10,000 visitors/day) is blog ads, where you decide who you will promote, or advertise, and you set the rates per visitor or time period. Affiliate – Similar to a sponsorship, affiliates can write content for your blog, but typically an affiliation will be a product recommendation, promotion or referral, and payment is commission based on referral sales. Can you still make money blogging ?

Trends and Technology Impacting Consumer Shopping Habits


Their newly launched SM PASS loyalty program features storewide points promotions, and personalized geotargeted bonus campaigns designed to incentivize customers into the store, drive a better in-store experience and encourage customers to make a purchase.

Trends 190

How the Raptors Redefined Fan Engagement During the 2019 NBA Playoffs


It’s no secret that raving fans spend more than casual fans on ticket sales, merchandising, and sports-related digital/media subscriptions, to name a few. Promoted Casey’s assistant coach Nick Nurse to head coach (Nurse’s first time coaching an NBA team). By Game 6, WetheNorth merchandise was sold out and the saw an 80 percent increase in sales, in comparison with 2016; and double that of 2018.

Digital Marketing for Business – Immense Benefits


Web marketing is the utilization of the web to advertise merchandise and ventures. With web-based marketing campaigns, one will promote their business 24 hours consistently. Organizations can utilize different devices to showcase their goods or services.

5 Ways To Create Lasting Connections in Your Virtual Event

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As you incorporate virtual networking opportunities into your event plans, be sure to promote the opportunity as well. Incentivize these activities by offering virtual badges and even event merchandise to encourage further participation.

Nicolas Franchet, Head of Retail and E-commerce at Facebook: How to Combine Digital and Traditional Retail Marketing Channels [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Whereas “one-size-fits-all” promotional tactics often drive traditional retail traffic, brands can now use digital marketing channels to segment and influence their target audiences. Keeping Customers: Loyalty—the third key component of digital merchandising, says Nicolas—is about re-engaging existing customers, 70% of whom will never read a brand’s email communications.

5 Proven Strategies To Create More Opportunities For Small Businesses


If revenue is getting stagnant or slowing down, you’ll have to look for new and innovative ways to promote your business and attract new customers. Use Promotional Items and Offer Discounts. One such method includes using promotional products.

Low on cash? Here’s how you can create a music website on a budget


A solid music website is one of the biggest self-promotion tools an artist can have in 2021. Over the past decade, merchandise and direct sales have become an increasingly large part of a musician’s income. How to promote your website to get more site visitors.