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LeadsRx Gives Advertisers Analytics Tools to Finally Measure National Television Commercials, Including Live, Broadcast, and Dual-Feed Cable Programming


November 9, 2021 – Marketing analytics company LeadsRx today announced its LeadsRx Attribution product now supports multi-touch attribution (MTA) for national television commercials, including live, broadcast, and dual-feed cable programming. Portland, Ore., Commercials air at different times throughout the U.S.

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How V12 and Strategus are Bringing Affordable CTV Advertising to Small and Medium Sized Businesses

V12 Data

I love CTV, and what it’s doing for marketing teams, media plans, and businesses because now small and medium-sized businesses also have the flexibility and affordability to leverage TV media. And the one medium that’s been left out of that up until now has been television. Luci: There is so much going on in CTV.

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TV or not TV? That is the question: Insights on World Television Day


30-second summary: Television has gone through significant transformations since its invention in 1924. This World Television Day we reflect on some of the most curious TV-related metamorphoses over the decades. TV revolutionized the ideas of unity and entertainment, gaming, advertising, and opportunities for content creators.

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LeadsRx Announces New Capabilities That Reveal Entire Paths-To-Purchase for Mobile App Events Including Television, OTT, Podcast, Radio, Digital, and More


Previously, developers were limited to “last digital touch” analysis, which ignored ad spend in certain marketing mediums and resulted in over-valuing other touchpoints. With more complex buying cycles, valuing each medium in the buyer journey is critically important,” said AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx.

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4 Ways to Prioritize Your Client Experience and Customer Journey

Go Beyond SEO

Television was a more pervasive and influential medium; the boundaries of fashion and the social contract were being pushed to the brink. Television gave them more access to information on all fronts. Swap out television for the internet, and much of what is described above can be said today. Sound familiar?

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What’s so cool about connected TV?


The first television advertisement was executed in July of 1941 during a break in a Major League Baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies on WNBT (later WNBC) in New York. And the accessibility of this medium is also driving its growth–nearly any advertiser can now create, test, and grow CTV campaigns.

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Wondery’s Founder Explains How Audio Storytelling Could Be the New TV


Over the last decade, audio storytelling—one of our oldest mediums—has seen an unprecedented explosion in popularity. Hernan : I’d make a parallel with what happened in television. If you look at television before TiVo and before Netflix, before television on demand, we had those shows like the procedurals and the sitcoms.