TV or not TV? That is the question: Insights on World Television Day


30-second summary: Television has gone through significant transformations since its invention in 1924. This World Television Day we reflect on some of the most curious TV-related metamorphoses over the decades.

Listen to Your Customers! Mobile Is Not a Medium for Blast Marketing


And the Deloitte survey shows more than half of us consider our smartphone as our “go-to device”, replacing our PCs, televisions, and laptops. Therefore, this is a fantastic opportunity for marketers, provided that they treat this relatively new medium with respect. Mobile Is Not a Medium for Blast Marketing was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link] The post Listen to Your Customers!


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Hulu Advertising 101: A Guide to Running Streaming TV Ads

Single Grain

Streaming TV ads are better than linear TV ads because the latter is based on Television Rating Points (TRP) which is not enough data to specifically target users. This recently launched ad option is a boon for small to medium businesses. will drop traditional television.

Ads 52

Social media strategy leaders: Hester Tinti-Kane


I was fascinated by the technology that went into editing film and producing television. The medium makes brands more accessible than ever before. So far, I have done one interview in the Leaders in Social Media Strategies series. Before introducing you to other leaders, I thought it might be valuable to pause and share my own thoughts on the topic. Yes, I am going to interview myself! Should be interesting. Here it goes… 1.

What Amazon’s Marketing Strategy Can Teach SMB Owners

Single Grain

As a small- and medium-sized business owner, you are always looking for ways to reach your ideal customers. Fifteen years ago, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon , said: “ We don't do any television advertising, and we take all of the money that we would put into television advertising, and instead put it into things like free SuperSaver shipping [free shipping on most orders over $25], lower product prices, category expansion, and invention of new features.

SMB 68

Twitter IS Social « Digital B2B Marketing

Digital B2B Marketing

In fact, they question if Twitter is more of a broadcast medium than a social medium. Broadcast networks account for nearly 30% of all television time (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc).

Rethinking Video


When you think about video, do you consider it predominately a visual or audio medium? But I have come to think of it as predominately an audio medium, albeit with important visual support. When you view television advertisements, or any video, turn off the audio and see how informative the visual elements are. I suspect most people would say visual. When we think video, we think camera. We think motion (video).

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What Is a Marketing Vehicle?


A marketing vehicle describes the various mediums used by brands to reach and target their key audience — from digital methods to in-person interactions and engagements. . Common marketing vehicles: Television: Product placements, advertisements, news features.

The best video marketing examples to use in your B2B strategy


No wonder Google study reveals that 60% of users prefer online videos to television. An example of fair use of this format was FreshBooks, a SaaS focused on small and medium business management.

Get the Most Out of Your Holiday Marketing By Using Video in Email


The house fills with multiple smartphones, tablets, laptops, and televisions — all day. No other marketing medium can communicate as effectively as video across all of these devices. When it comes to the holiday season, everyone has their favorite movie to watch. I’ve always loved watching The Christmas Story or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation between trips from the couch to the kitchen, getting more homemade goodies to eat between breaks.

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How to Develop a Successful Channel Marketing Strategy

Computer Market Research

Channel sales are a means to distribute a product on the market through a variety of different platforms and mediums. With digital marketing on the rise, budgets for digital ad spending are slowly catching up to traditional television ads.

B2B: Where Social Media Meets Direct Marketing


It can work in direct mail and email, but also in print, on billboards, on television and radio. In fact, social media represent an ideal direct marketing medium. While there, I learned that Facebook itself is a sizable user of direct mail, the long-time workhorse medium of direct marketing. The Facebook ad sales group uses direct mail to sell advertising to small and medium businesses. Photo credit: s_falkow.

LeadsRx Announces the Compatibility of their Multi-Touch Attribution Solution with Triton Digital’s Podcast and Advertising Solutions


LeadsRx can be Leveraged by Triton’s clients to Measure Podcast Advertising Data alongside other Channels including Digital, OTT, Television, Radio, Mobile, and More.

Talking head video


It’s also a poor use of the video medium. Television news professionals, arguably some of the best on camera talent that exists, long ago learned the importance of “b-roll” because of the difficulty of on camera delivery. Talking head video is the lowest form of video. It should be minimized as much as possible. It is certainly boring, and generally not very effective. Let’s look at why.

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Creating Multi-Layer Source Tracking for Contacts in HubSpot

SmartBug Media

Medium. UTM Medium. Your UTM medium is the system you’re using to promote your message. Additionally, these don’t have to be boxed in to digital mediums. Your medium may be things like radio, podcast, or television. Example: utm_medium = paidsocial.

How to Develop a Successful Channel Marketing Strategy

Computer Market Research

Channel marketing is a means to distribute a product on the market through a variety of different platforms and mediums. With digital marketing on the rise, budgets for digital ad spending are slowly catching up to traditional television ads.

Wondery’s Founder Explains How Audio Storytelling Could Be the New TV


Over the last decade, audio storytelling—one of our oldest mediums—has seen an unprecedented explosion in popularity. Joe : It’s really interesting approach and it makes me wonder… podcasts have clearly blown up over the last few years, but are podcasts the medium that we’re going to see really dominate audio-based storytelling moving forward or do you see another evolution coming? Hernan : I’d make a parallel with what happened in television.

8 Ways CMOs Should Engage Millennials on Social Media


They grew up interacting with screen-based technology like television sets, video game consoles, and computers. Instead, the real problem is that a large chunk of social media marketing is poorly suited for the medium. As a marketer, you’ve likely noticed the shift across the industry when it comes to targeted audiences. Millennials are now the primary group that everybody talks about and extensively analyzes on social media. The reason for this is simple.

Is Incrementality the New TV Currency?

Martech Advisor

Advanced television such as OTT and CTV is now all the rage, as it redefines the TV ad industry. There is no such thing as an appointment with television anymore - Audiences consume content when they want and how they want.

How Content Marketing Can Help You Earn Digital PR

Marketing Insider Group

Traditional PR harnesses on forming relationships with journalists and reporters to achieve brand mentions in newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. You can also self-publish content on your own blog and social media, or to content syndication sites like Medium.

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Benefits of promotional products advertising campaigns


When a company or a marketing executive thinks about their advertising budget and where they are going to spend it, mediums like television, radio, print media, and online advertising might come to mind. However, promotional products are an excellent and memorable alternative to those advertising mediums. The impression after receiving a branded gift is increased dynamically over other mediums that can be quickly forgotten or even ignored.

TV is the New Digital… and It’s All Advertising

AdSquare Audiences in Motion

Now, as devices have continued to fragment, and the value of television-show length video content (long-form video content to some) has increased , the two industries are at a cross-platform crossroads?—?and the medium was supposed to help marketers hyper-target their audience while creating less waste- which it did do?—?but By collecting viewership data from television and connecting it via data identity graphs to the myriad of touchpoints that the digital ecosystem collects?—?things

Reaching Consumers on YouTube: Where to Begin


YouTube who hold the #2 spot for most minutes streamed on television records 20% time spent streaming videos (only falling short to Netflix at 29%) It is no surprise that YouTube is one of the most important advertising channels for marketers to invest in during the current coronavirus outbreak.

Reaching Consumers on YouTube: Where to Begin


YouTube who hold the #2 spot for most minutes streamed on television records 20% time spent streaming videos (only falling short to Netflix at 29%) It is no surprise that YouTube is one of the most important advertising channels for marketers to invest in during the current coronavirus outbreak.

Why Customer-Centric Companies Are Leveraging Performance Video for Unprecedented Growth


Video may be moving away from broadcast television, but make no mistake: On social media platforms, visual content like performance video is more powerful than ever. Between 2016 and late last year, the number of American adults who tuned into traditional television dropped by 22% , according to Nielsen C3 data. Unlike broadcast television, social platforms let brands segment their video content.

Go Long On Content And Unlock These Benefits


In 2017, long-form video was the top-ranked form of content across all devices (phone, tablets, television, PCs, etc.). For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus more on the written form of long-form content, however the reasons for long-form success, in general, are similar across different mediums. The debate rages on in the content marketing world. Which form of content is better: long-form or short-form.

Why Too Much Advertising Can Hold Back Business Growth

Marketing Insider Group

We’re all bombarded with ads in our daily lives with everything from bus stop ads and billboards to television commercials and digital advertising. We all know that companies advertise their products or services to let potential customers know about their brand and what they have for sale.

5 emerging tech and how to leverage them for marketing success


30-second summary: OTT is solving many of the problems that traditional TV advertising has faced, and the ability for brands to get extremely granular and target their ideal customers better will make this marketing medium a hot topic in the new year.

Super Bowl Strategies to Perfect Winning Advertising Plays


The cost of a television spot during Super Bowl 52 was over $5 million. But new strategies that provide both reach and ROI are available as digital becomes a more accepted medium for both branding and lead generation. million new televisions could be sold in the U.S These purchases include, for example, foods and beverages, game-related merchandise, other apparel, decorations and televisions. That’s 30 seconds of airtime, and then poof, the commercial is over.

CTV is where the viewers go and advertisers should follow


In a nutshell, both content consumption on CTV and ad spend are climbing while the ad budgets on traditional television are decreasing. Linear television that millennials and Gen Z’ers take for granted (and oftentimes smirk at) was revolutionary at the time.

4 Ways for David Cameron to Succeed on Twitter

Tomorrow People

Social media isn't a broadcast medium, it's a relational medium. Sadly, too many still use it to push out messages in the same way they've always done via television and other outbound media. How can the British PM and other leaders use social media to their advantage? Senior executives and other important folks have a peculiar relationship with social media.

Digitalization is all about creating platforms


As an example, the resolution of the control circuit that Google uses to manage digital advertising is several times higher than what’s used in the physical world, where a unidirectional medium like television or a billboard sends a static message to an unknown mass of potential customers. The digital and physical worlds – and their supporting industries – differ widely. When it comes to production and transport, for instance, costs and speeds vary greatly.

A View To A Thrill: Why Marketers Need To Get Visual, Fast

Marketing Insider Group

What Bob said was “We (those in marketing ) need to look at our PC screens as if they were televisions and people do not read television, they watch it.”. Consumers have, as Bob predicted, taken to looking at their screens as if it were a television. The most useful visual medium for marketing ourselves has been Facebook.

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Teenagers Can’t Get Enough Mobile Video


But really, their habits might not be so different from the excessive viewing of previous generations; they’ve just switched the medium from cable TV to streaming services. Television, at 8.2 I have a pair of 13-year-old cousins who come over my childhood home every year for the holidays. When they were younger, their parents often harped on their impish outdoor behavior: “Put down that tree branch!” ” “Get out of the mud!”

Understanding a Digital Marketing Agency

Altitude Branding

Digital marketing involves increased use of the internet, not just plain radio ads, television commercials, and posters. The agency will help identify the appropriate platforms and mediums to be utilized to reach out to the target audience. At present, marketing has noticeably evolved.

5 Common Integrated Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


The company ran ads through print and on television to promote a system where consumers could collect "points" through labels on Pepsi products that they could redeem for prizes like t-shirts and sunglasses. Say there's a mattress company that's just designed a revolutionary new waterbed.

How to leverage AR in your digital marketing strategy


With AR, you can collect plenty of attention from your target audience in ways that traditional promotional tactics such as Television, billboard, and print media cannot. You can share content that’s unique, interesting, and relevant through a variety of digital mediums.