The 3 Key Ingredients of Video Storytelling


Now, 20 years later, I’m a visual storyteller who utilizes the power of video to help brands communicate and connect to customers, prospects, and key personnel. Video storytelling is most effective when the story being told is relevant to the brand, entices viewers to change their behavior, and motivates them to buy a product or service. Hitting this trifecta is no easy task, but with the right strategy, video can ultimately become your most powerful marketing medium.

9 Experts Answer “What Makes an Online Video Worth Sharing?”


by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this In viral video marketing, the question that starts off any effort is “What makes a video worth sharing?” The technological advances in video capture and editing in the past few years have finally made it accessible as storytelling medium for a huge percentage of modern marketers. Marketers and creative types are constantly on the hunt for video marketing tips.

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From reporting to analysis: How storytelling with data helps secure executive buy-in

Sprout Social

This is where storytelling with data comes in. As a social expert, you already have storytelling skills. Values, vision, focus, storytelling & connection. However, strong storytelling comes from a big-picture view that takes all of social media marketing into account at once.

Emotions, Arousal, and the Science Behind Why Stories Get Shared


Research by Jonah Berger and Katherine Milkman shows that viral content is driven by emotional transmission and arousal. ” But as they discovered, virality is more complicated than that. Berger and Milkman went a bit further in their study, determining how different emotions impact viral content. For that objective, data visualization is the ideal medium for generating shares. Storytelling data visualization emotions Fractl viral content

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“Make Me a Viral Video!”—Tackling Video Content the Better Way

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Armed with this knowledge, your CMO cries: “Make me a viral video!” Does the Medium Suit the Message? “With the whole ‘pivot to video’ that’s going on in modern media, there’s a danger in losing a lot of great storytelling tools and methodologies,” says Steven McCann of Shearwater Films , one of Skyword’s own video contributors. The post “Make Me a Viral Video!”—Tackling

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Hate Clicks Are the New Clickbait


The piece was a takedown of a viral video posted by a Youtuber, in which a young woman gets a tattoo that says “Chipotle” on her inner lip while a friend films. La Foucade also hasn’t steered away from stirring the pot since the Beyoncé incident, but she does prefer to do so through another medium—radio. Storytelling bloomberg clickbait editing The Washington Post

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7 Reasons You Should Use Video and Animation for Customer Stories


As co-founder of Viral Ideas Marketing , David Feinman predicts, 80 percent of the world’s traffic will stem through video. Even if, say, you aren’t creating these media components yourself, having the ability to write for these mediums will make you that much more desirable of a hire.

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5 Ways Marketers Can Use Twitter Photo Collages


This platform enhancement is an exciting opportunity for marketers to extend their messaging and content through another, more visual medium. It was a clever, fun way to engage with followers and foster virality. Social Media Content Marketing creative marketing customer appreciation social media engagement stackable content tips storytelling Twitter engagement Twitter photo collages visual marketing

The Power of Visual Storytelling in Your Online Community

Higher Logic

1) Our substantive content should be paired with strong visual elements; and 2) Visual storytelling is a tactic we can use to increase engagement. Six Types of Visual Content Used for Storytelling: 1. Why not combine both of them for an incredibly effective storytelling medium? (3x From a visual storytelling point of view, no platform is as powerful as YouTube. Two Visual Storytelling Examples I Love for Community. What made this content so viral?

14 of the Best and Worst Video Trends From the 2010s


The Evolution of Video Storytelling. Video has moved from being a broad strokes, spray-and-pray medium to one that’s rich in niche content. It became a medium more widely used to educate buyers and answer questions they have in order to push them further along in their journey.

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Best Branded Content of August: When Data Storytelling Meets Donald Trump


Foursquare: “How the Presidential Campaign Is Affecting Trump’s Businesses” Joe Lazauskas, editor-in-chief: Data is arguably the biggest storytelling weapon in a brand’s arsenal, allowing a brand to tell stories that only it can tell, generating serious press, and maybe even helping it go viral. of data storytelling among brands. He brings a standup vibe to his lyrics and injects narrative into his music videos, many of which have gone viral.

How to Build Video Into Your Content Marketing Strategy


Storytelling takes multiple shapes and forms. That’s why content marketers need to start prioritizing alternative communication mediums. When the monthly razor subscription service launched in 2011, the founding team decided to produce a hilarious video, which ended up going viral. Why limit your video content marketing strategy to in-depth storytelling and educational content? So why are so many marketers still equating content marketing with writing?

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How to Create a B2B Video Marketing Strategy


Video is Just the Medium. Video lends itself to emotional storytelling so why not leverage the medium’s strengths to create a testimonial that will set you apart: Video Production Tips. If you’ve never made a video, you might find yourself a bit lost when called upon to produce engaging, informative, and ideally viral content. Go Viral. True, “going viral” isn’t something you can directly control. Make sure you go viral for the right reasons!

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Video Marketing for Business in 2021


TikTok, the viral video platform, exploded onto the scene with more than 800 million users, viewing over 1 billion videos daily. Multimedia, particularly video content, captures our attention and holds it longer than any other similar medium.

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4 Reasons Your Story Is Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset


By now, you must have seen the viral Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic , right? Medium Follows Message. Is it time to move your blog to Medium? But if you don’t have a refined story, none of these mediums will work. Storytelling isn’t just a new marketing buzzword. Nicknamed the Martech 5000, the image shows that the MarTech landscape reached a total of 5,381 solutions at the start of 2017.

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How to Find the Best Background Music for Videos


Medium: Pay between $10 and $100 for a royalty-free track from a music library. Here’s an example: If I pay for a royalty-free track that goes in my YouTube video, which then goes viral, I don’t pay extra. Music is the literature of the heart, a French poet once said.

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What Is B2B Content Marketing? Definition, Channels, Best Practices with Examples

Martech Advisor

It happens when a campaign goes viral, or a product sells exclusively through word-of-mouth. Use Marketing Storytelling. Marketing storytelling uses traditional storytelling techniques in the marketing context to appeal to the emotional side of your audience.

Video Marketing Tips for A/E/C Firms: 7 Best Practices

Hinge Marketing

As arguably the most efficient and compelling storytelling medium, video is a perfect choice to connect these narratives to potential services buyers. Nobody goes viral with a rip off. Instead, use these video marketing tips, along with all that the medium has to offer—music, engaging visuals, and sincere testimonials—to tell your story as powerfully as possible. All A/E/C firms have stories to tell.

7 Customer Engagement Strategies That Marketers Can’t Ignore


The trick to creating great engagement is great video storytelling. Video storytelling. In 2019, a family-run hardware store in Wales created a marketing video for just 100 pounds, and it went completely viral, garnering over 2 million views.

The Best Branded Content of June: Heavy on the Content, Light on the Brand


“We’ll report on this story, we’ll publish it with some sick graphics, and then maybe—just maybe—it’ll go viral on Facebook and Reddit and we’ll hit our traffic goals!” It works harder for us than any other medium,” Timothy Parry, the charity’s head of brand, told Digiday. On Friday, my friends and I expressed our patriotism by going to see Independence Day: Resurgence despite awful reviews.

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Why Can’t YouTube Do Drama?


There have been countless viral hits, memes, and even YouTube celebrities, but no single work that has changed how people tell stories online. Because while YouTube is a great medium for many types of content, from personal vlogs and comedy shorts to music videos and found-footage horror, drama never quite landed. Screenwriting, acting, directing, editing, and everything else that goes into dramatic storytelling are all incredibly expensive and tough to master.

7 Brilliant Video Marketing Campaigns You'll Actually Enjoy Watching


And what better medium to propel this new wave of humanized marketing than video? It’s one of the most effective mediums for marketers -- a study by Invodo discovered that 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Expertly crafted by the brand storytellers at Arnold Boston , the Small Business Big Dreams series presented by Progressive is a perfect example of human, value-driven video marketing.

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Instagram Feed Vrs Story: How to Use Them to Build Your Brand


While stories used to be published by brands mostly to share behind the scenes and informal videos of their products or their day to day lives, they quickly became a significant storytelling medium.

The Top 50 SEO and Internet Marketing Blogs, Websites, and Social Accounts

His website is a powerful resource for anyone who wants to take a deep dive into content creation, storytelling, and the future of digital marketing. It’s an extremely relevant and timey blog – putting an emphasis on cultural trends, viral topics, and newsworthy moments.

How to Find the Best Background Music for Videos


Medium: Pay between $10 and $100 for a royalty-free track from a music library. Here’s an example: If I pay for a royalty-free track that goes in my YouTube video, which then goes viral, I don’t pay extra. Music is the literature of the heart, a French poet once said.

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7 Video Marketing Best Practices Worth Fighting For


Dive Deeper: Storytelling Advice and Resources for Marketers. Since many marketers are finding video to be the most engaging content medium, why not get it to do some of the heavy lifting for you? Sure YouTube fame and ‘viral videos’ are something to be proud of. Video is more compelling than text-based content. It engages minds and beautifies stories. It boosts email click-through rates and on-page conversions.

How to Use Data in B2B Content Marketing

KoMarketing Associates

Data without content makes the data not actionable and storytelling in content marketing without data makes it directionless. Medium: look at how users are accessing your platforms and how those differences can impact content. We sometimes want to focus on always having steady performance, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but isn’t how companies that are viral in their industries usually grow.

How to Create a Social Media Holiday Strategy in 5 Easy Steps


Social media marketing is pretty magical at driving traffic to your website through viral content , online contests , or social media ads. When you combine stories and images into visual storytelling , you’ll be able to: Quickly get and keep your audience’s attention. A UTM parameter is a small snippet of code added to your URL that lets you track information about the source, medium, and campaign associated with the link.

Background Music for Video: How to Pick The Perfect Track


Medium: Pay between $10 and $100 for a royalty free track from a music library. Here’s an example: If I pay for a royalty free track that goes in my YouTube video which then goes viral, I don’t pay extra. Particularly helpful is the tab called “Storytellers,” with tracks that follow common narratives. Music is the literature of the heart, a French poet once said.

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How to Create a Podcast Marketing Strategy That Speaks to Your Audience

Content Standard

For all of the medium’s opportunity, success in podcasting is hard-won. And, as one host of the popular storytelling podcast Endless Thread points out, there’s no simple blueprint to replicate that success. “We wanted to get on the same page with the kind of storytelling we were doing. “It’s a lot of hard work, and it’s not something where you can throw some stuff at a wall and make it go viral.

CMO Insight Summit 2019: Craft Winning Content Marketing Strategies

Martech Advisor

When we decided to leverage XR to ask our consumers to burn McDonalds ads and only then they would get something, then it went viral. This means brands just need to get better at storytelling and creating compelling visual content to hold consumer’s selective attention.

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6 Lessons Video Marketing Can Take From Regular Ol’ Content


All you had to do was turn a bucket of “boring data” into an attractive image with flat icons and digestible stats, and people will share it out to viral status. Enter the exciting new medium of video Video marketing is getting more and more attention every year. “Going viral” isn’t a KPI Let’s be honest: We all hope that our next piece of content is The One that goes viral. Remember when infographics were the new and hyped thing?

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How to Organize Content Strategies for Facebook in 2019


Facebook capitalized on Snapchat’s proven way of storytelling & incorporated it into the content strategy of all the platforms owned by it, including Instagram, Whatapp, Messenger & Facebook itself. At Facebook’s 2018 F8 conference, chief product officer Chris Cox unveiled exactly how pieces of content based on stories will surpass News Feed distribution in 2019: “Stories have grown up by over 800% over the year, since Facebook’s successful implementation of stories medium.

Gum, Glue, Marketing Too: 3 Ways to Make Your Content and Campaigns Stick


While quizzes and games are not new (crossword puzzles have been a print media mainstay for ages), they are becoming more interactive, social, and viral. VR can be a vehicle for powerful storytelling. Its immersive nature makes the medium inherently sticky, and when done well, it can tap into your audience’s emotions and make the digital world more concrete.

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Pump Up Your Video Marketing ROI

Content Standard

Since that time, we’ve learned about the power of “going viral” and that cat videos are, indeed, the best things ever. The power of video content is incontrovertible because, at its core, video is a compelling medium for storytelling. Earlier this year, the world celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the first video ever uploaded to YouTube.

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Infographics: Five Expert Quotes on Your Winning Content Type for 2013


In honor of the medium of content with the most votes, we've brought together five expert quotes highlighting the true value of infographics. So regardless of Pinterest or not, we know that there's a home for visual storytelling. Based on years running Cool Infographics and watching some cool designs go viral where other great designs fell flat has fine-tuned my appreciation for what makes a successful infographic design online.

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Why Jay Acunzo is Waging War on Best Practices in Marketing and his Career


Top picks like “ Dumb Ways to Die ” – a look at how a public safety campaign became a viral phenomenon – and “ The Man Bun ” – which kicks off with a blacksmithing demo – smacked nothing of a so-called “marketing podcast.”. Getting beyond best practice and to true storytelling. There, he had the chance to experiment and ultimately fell in love with podcasting as a storytelling medium with the launch of their show, Traction. “Sally’s.