The Dark Power of Medium

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Medium can seem like the Dark Side to a marketing Padawan. Most marketing blogs will have an article about how to use Medium as a marketer. Why you should consider using Medium. Medium is a powerful tool. Medium allows its readers to subscribe to content.

4 Interactive Video Marketing Examples That Mastered The Medium

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The post 4 Interactive Video Marketing Examples That Mastered The Medium appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. You’ve heard it before. Visual content is powerful. Some would even say it is even the future of content marketing.

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8 Medium Publications You Should Be Following


Founded in 2012 by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, Medium is quickly becoming one of the world's most popular websites. But Medium is more than just a destination site: It's a hybrid content discovery/publishing platform. 8 Medium Publications You Should Be Following.

7 Companies That Should Buy Medium, Because Why Not?


Last week, Medium CEO Ev Williams announced that the company was laying off 50 staffers, closing its offices in New York and Washington DC, and ceasing its ad-sales operation. My best guess is that Medium will pursue some Patreon-style system that lets followers tip writers for their work.

Content Technology: How the Medium Improves the Message

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The Medium Is the Message. Canadian social theorist and philosopher Marshall McLuhan’s most famous quote is “The medium is the message.” the medium. So, the light bulb is the medium that manipulates the message (the room).

Medium for Publishers: What Media Companies Should Know


Take a look at Medium, and you’ll find a passionate community of smart people who love great content: you’ll see commenters, sharers, and writers who are seeking out a forum to share their thoughts. For a quick guide to mastering Medium, check out this podcast here.

How to Use Medium: A Beginner's Guide to Writing, Publishing & Promoting on the Platform


They all publish content on Medium. And that, my friends, is Medium in microcosm: It's a social publishing platform that is open to all and home to a diverse array of stories, ideas, and perspectives. Medium won't allow for such atrocities of design.

Business Blogging as an Equalizer for Small and Medium Businesses

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So how does a small or medium business make it into the 10K Business Blogging Club? Small to medium business bloggers should emulate the success of the 10K Club by creating a blogging strategy that includes: Specific objectives, metrics and targets (e.g.,

What’s Happening with Facebook Messenger, Medium, Podcasts & Influencers? [SnapClass #2]

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The post What’s Happening with Facebook Messenger, Medium, Podcasts & Influencers? This is the second archived installment of my SnapClasses, deep dives into a topic or technique in creativity, content marketing, or tech.

Mastering Medium: How Today's Hottest Publishing Platform Rewards Quality Content & Conversation [Podcast]


The folks at Medium think they've found the answer. This week on The Growth Show , we chat with Sophie Moura, head of B2B partnerships at Medium , to get tips for building a content strategy on the platform. Why businesses should consider Medium as a distribution channel.

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3 Insanely Good Reasons Why Marketers Should Publish on Medium


Medium attracts 60 million visitors monthly. Find out three insanely good reasons why you should consider medium for marketers. Content Marketing Marketing Strategy content marketing medium medium for marketers

5 Data Futurists to Follow on Medium Right Now

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Long before there was Medium , people relied on clay tablets to document thoughts and theories. Insert Medium , the new- ish social publishing platform from Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone. Four years old and still picking up steam, Medium is quickly becoming the blogging platform of choice for anyone with an opinion and a thirst for an audience. Medium: @NathanBenaich. Medium: @galka_ma x. Medium: @angushervey. Medium: @ekimczak.

How Should Your Content Strategy Adapt CTAs for Innovative Mediums?

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Innovative technologies are presenting immersive experiences where CTAs can thrive, and they’re setting the bar for engagement expectations across any content medium. Innovative Mediums Usher in Interactive CTAs.

Email Marketing Provides the Highest ROI Across all Marketing Mediums!


Opentopic blog >> “Email marketing provides the highest ROI across the marketing spectrum” (VB Insights), however many companies are often relegating this responsibility to very junior person within their organization. Jon Cifuenes, an analyst at VB Insight, conducted the study and found that very often the data that can be collected during outbound email marketing is being ignored in. Marketing ROI Cmo marketing roi


Why I told a client to quit blogging: finding your “One Thing”


Because there was a content marketing medium my client did enjoy– podcasting. Does posting on LinkedIn Pulse or Medium drive new, profitable traffic? Here’s a question: what’s the ONE content marketing tactic that drives the majority of your revenue? Is it blogging?

On the limited value of branded content


The main problem with branded content is not the content itself, but the medium. The digital medium is so distributed and disorganized, it makes it very difficult to tell brand stories.

6 assumptions push marketing gets wrong


But digital is an opt-in, lean-in medium. Digital is a literal medium that only works if you build trust and loyalty with your audience by helping them get the information they need. I recently gave a keynote address to the Content Strategy Applied conference in London.

3 blockers of outside-in marketing


The web is a literal medium. In the last three years, I have spoken with hundreds of digital marketers about their challenges.

Socialize your videos for business development


Sales and marketing people take note: v ideo is a medium used for everyday social communication. People spend more than 100,000,000 hours every day watching video on Facebook , which will soon be 100% video, according to Mark Zuckerberg.

What is business video content marketing and how to get started


Business decision-makers LOVE online B2B marketing videos because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

Five Often-Overlooked Reasons Senior Executives Should Use Social Media

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With a little wordsmithing, these can be turned into essays on platforms like LinkedIn Publishing, Medium , and Svbtle. LinkedIn is particularly valuable in this respect, because it has a built-in promotion medium through notifications. “I don’t have time to build my LinkedIn profile.

Five often-overlooked reasons senior executives should use social media


With a little wordsmithing, these can be turned into essays on platforms like LinkedIn Publishing, Medium , and Svbtle. LinkedIn is particularly valuable in this respect, because it has a built-in promotion medium through notifications. “I don’t have time to build my LinkedIn profile.

Customer Service Essential for Small to Medium Businesses

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Smaller businesses don’t always have the resources for quick-response and automated customer service, but because they’re not gigantic conglomerates, consumers still expect the same speed and quality of service – perhaps even more than they do of larger companies.


How to use Instagram marketing to get new leads for your business


But it would be foolhardy to underestimate the power of this medium. With more than 600 million monthly active users, Instagram is a powerful medium to communicate your brand value and generate leads.

Small & medium Telecom businesses become tele-competitive with referrals


So how are small and medium sized telecom businesses supposed to convince customers to riot and switch over to them? This alienation of customers leaves an opening for small and medium sized telecom business. Customer relationship revolution capitalized on with referral programs.

Content Technology: How the Medium Improves the Message

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The Medium Is the Message. Canadian social theorist and philosopher Marshall McLuhan’s most famous quote is “The medium is the message.” the medium. So, the light bulb is the medium that manipulates the message (the room).

The 15 Best Content Distribution and Amplification Tools


2 ) Medium. Medium (per Wikipedia) is an online publishing platform developed by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams. Flare inPowered issuu LinkedIn Pulse Marketing Insider Group Medium Outbrain

Does Your Content Need a Permanent Home?


Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Medium have gone all-in on publishing, offering anyone an opportunity to get their words in front of a massive audience. ROI facebook Featured LinkedIn Medium

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Three 2017 B2B sales and marketing video trends: it’s time to make your move


What’s important is using the medium effectively. Here’s where I think B2B sales and marketing video is headed this year. More conversational. Less advertorial. More formats. More interactive. I think the traditional categories of testimonial, webinar, explainer, etc.

My 20 top social media marketing, search, and reputation business articles


Why aren’t you cross-blogging on Medium? I went into the historical analytics of the Biznology business blog and used the Google Analytics records from all the way back in 2012 through to today and these are the twenty most successful by visitors.

Fresh Insights in Selling to SMBs


Despite the attention given to large enterprise marketing, it’s small and medium businesses (SMB) where the bulk of marketing investments go. B2B Marketing Content Marketing Public Relations B-to-B marketing B2B marketing marketing Small and medium enterprises SMB

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An End to B2B Social Media Madness

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Rapid, lemming-like adoption of social media tools by small and medium-sized B2B firms – fueled by an army of self-proclaimed social media experts – has resulted in wasted dollars, missed opportunities and heightened distrust of the marketing function in the C-suite.

Valuable Shock: Impacting With Infographics

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Communication philosopher Marshall McLuhan aptly said “the medium is the message”, and an effective infographic proves just that. Content Marketing infographics Joe Chernov marketing message medium Robin Richards save the sharks shark finning

Small Business, Big Impact: Why Small and Mid-Size Companies Adopt Marketing Automation

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If not, than what exactly is causing small and medium-sized businesses to start using marketing automation solutions? Marketing Automation marketing automation medium business small business SMB software advice

3 innovative ways to structure video content to support sales engagement


Video is a relatively high-cost medium, but the relationship between length and cost is not linear. Add video to non-video assets. There’s no getting around the fact that that text is cheap and efficient. That’s why most online “content” is text. To scope out a solution, you can skim text.

The art of writing the perfect blogger pitch


I can’t tell you how many pitches my blog, Because the Medium is the Message , and my corporate blog, Marketing Conversation , get from marketers who address us wrong, mostly as Abraham. Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr. Over the last five years that Abraham Harrison has been pitching bloggers on behalf of clients, we have learned a thing or two about how best to reach bloggers, how to engage them, how to get them to carry our client’s message to their readership.

8 Data-Driven Podcasts You Need To Hear Right Now

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Hosted by one of tech’s most prominent journalists, Kara Swisher , this podcast features hard-hitting interviews about the week in tech, with influential business leaders and outspoken personalities from media, politics and more, including Evan Williams (CEO, Medium), Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi , and Jeffrey Seller (Producer, Hamilton). Time is limited today, and the thousands of podcasts make it hard to identify those truly worth listening to.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards: A Look Under the Hood [VIDEO]

Vertical Response

Now, Twitter Lead Generation Cards are open to everyone, including small and medium sized businesses who advertise on Twitter. Twitter released Lead Generation Cards to a limited number of advertisers back in May 2013.

Answers to Your Google+ for Business Questions, Part 1


While I am pretty high-profile and was an early adopter of the single speed, circa 2006, and I guess my blog, Because the Medium is the Message , is old-magic, circa 1999, and is deeply-integrated into Google’s index, I believe the more likely truth is that I am connected to all of my friends via Gmail in my inbox, contacts in my Gmail, links between our sites and blogs, as well as we’re all linked on Google Talk as well. Google plus one (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

5 Dreamforce Sessions Sales People Must Attend and Why #DF12

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Join Laurie McCabe, partner at SMB Group and Brent Leary, co-founder and partner at CRM Essentials, as they uncover their latest technology predictions for small and medium businesses in 2012. High Tech Kickoff: The Social Enterprise from Vision to Value.