Pubcon Preview: Content, Media & Site Reviews

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That content can then be shared on social media channels. The content team should be watching time on site and evaluating what is sticky. — Site Reviews: Focus on Content. Session Details : Examine content and content marketing in this live site review session.

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The 16 Best Sites for Free Stock Photos and Videos


The sites below keep you safe by providing access to vast image libraries, in most cases free, with clear guidance on acceptable uses and any applicable attribution requirements. Registration on the site (free) is required. ” — Kathryn Aragon Media. Kathryn Aragon Media.

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Industrial Blog Sites Revisited

Industrial Marketing Today

In my conversations over the past few months, I have noticed a growing acceptance of blog sites among manufacturers, industrial distributors and engineering services companies. Blog sites as inbound marketing hubs. The ability to self-manage content updates with a built-in content management system (CMS) of a blog site is one of the most requested “must have” features of industrial website redesign RFQs.

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21 Top Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand


Whether you are a seasoned social media marketer , a marketer looking to venture into social media marketing, or a business owner looking to leverage on social media, it’s helpful to know the most popular social media sites around.

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How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

lead generation tactic, followed by social media. It’s viewed as the most effective lead gen tactic, followed by social media. year, followed by social media. of highly qualified leads, including media. websites, software review sites, and live events.

Website Evaluation Comes Before Site Redesign

Industrial Marketing Today

You know your industrial site needs a major makeover but diving right into a site redesign without first doing a website evaluation or a site audit can be a costly mistake. However, you should insist that your industrial website redesign include at least the basic SEO features such as optimized <Title> and <Description> tags, keyword rich H1 and H2 tags, XML and HTML site maps, code for Google Analytics and social sharing options.

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Four Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing has come a long way over the past decade. Here are four key benefits of social media marketing. There are ways to drive traffic to your company’s websites using social media to your advantage. Traffic coming from social media sites is often very targeted.

Best Free Sites for Stock Video Footage


Free stock footage sites: Darefull. Top 5 paid video footage sites: Shutterstock. Intro to best free video footage site. The Top 15 Free Video Footage Sites to Use. #1 All the content on this site is Creative Commons Attribution 4.0,

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All social media sites should offer profit sharing and ad revenue


YouTube offers it and SnapChat offers a version of it — but every single nanosecond that you and I spend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, is for love, God, country and, for us in the social media marketing business, brand.

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Tips and Tricks for Using Hashtags on Social Media Sites

Marketing Action

Hashtags have become an integral part of social media. They’re used on every major social media site except LinkedIn, and they’re also used on many smaller social sites, like Vine. This is something you could also do across other social media platforms.

Scribd: Just Another Document Sharing Site?

Writing on the Web

I found it when I was doing research for my webinar series, Social Media KISS (Keep it Simple and Serene) for Authors. It is the most popular document sharing site available, with over 50,000 uploads each day. 2 Questions Your Site Should Answer.

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10 Examples of B2B Companies Using Social Media Successfully

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B2B companies are doubling down on social media and it’s paying off. Many social media marketers feel like social media is an important part of their overall marketing strategy, and they’re employing the latest trends and available options.

Say NO to Auto-Feeds: Your Blog & Facebook, Social Sites

Writing on the Web

Your Blog & Facebook, Social Sites" alt=" Say NO to Auto Feeds: Your Blog & Facebook, Social Sites" />. Many people who think they don’t have time for social media use applications that automatically feed their blogs into Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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How To Blend B2B SEO Into On-Site Content Development

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Thurow expressed the fact that SEO’s still needed to “build sites that can please humans and search engines combined” Sullivan’s “Back to Basics” presentation highlighted page content as it’s first bullet point in search ranking importance.

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Grading the Site Speed of 100+ Computer Hardware Sites

Directive Agency

Speaking of timing, make sure you download your copy of the Directive Site Speed Spreadsheet before reading the rest of this post. The laggy load time can deter users from seeing any of the new changes to your site. Why Does Site Speed Matter?

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17+ Best Free Stock Photo Sites to Check in 2019


(free) Best Stock Photo Sites: Fancycrave. paid) Best Stock Photo Sites (free): Adobe Stock. Introduction to the Best Stock Photo Sites. ‘A Now let’s turn our attention to the biggest stock photography sites offering free images to users.

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100+ Blog Directories and RSS Sites for Promoting Your Blog


social networking profiles, social bookmarking sites, other bloggers). But two great sources are blog directories and RSS syndication sites. So, having recently completed a submission campaign for a client, here is an updated list of blog directories and RSS syndication sites that remain active and free. It’s simplest to use a common name and password across all of the sites, but if you’re concerned about security, use variations.

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Content Curation for Ecommerce Sites: Four Hacks You Should Know

You may even have found some applications for e-commerce sites too! If you use any of the mainstream e-commerce website builder tools to manage your site, adding charts like these to your product pages should be simple.

Why Your Site Needs A Progressive Web App, Yesterday


Since then, fast mobile experiences have been a priority both on sites and on the platforms. Does My Site Need a PWA? Instead of just being a mobile-friendly site, readers are immersed in a dynamic and interactive experience, much like they would be if they were using a native app.

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The Guide To Social Media Marketing Automation


There are several reasons why marketers may want to partially automate their social media campaigns. First, success with social media marketing comes with frequency (plus quality). Depending on your campaign strategy and target audience, social media marketing could be a 24×7 job.

11 Features Every Ecommerce Site Needs in 2018

ATAK Interactive

There’s nothing worse than wanting to purchase something online and hitting an ecommerce site that is confusing, slow, or flat out doesn’t work. At ATAK, we’ve seen our fair share of frustrating ecommerce sites, but usually the fixes are really simple.

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


Social media monitoring is vital for virtually every B2B or B2C brand. 58% of consumers follow brands on social media. Standard web analytics tools provide only a very narrow view of social media activity: clicks through to your brand website. ” — Social Media Today.

Have top influencers author your sites to appease Google search


It’s a great time to be passionate about social media, the Internet , online community, and the Google suite of products and services: Google’s about to reward you big-time just as Google pulls the rug out from under the feet of traditional SEO link strategies.

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24+ Sites to Find Free Images You Would Actually Use for Your Marketing


Our social media management tool incorporates image posting because we know how important that element is to engage your followers and fans. Read over the terms and conditions of each site you try so you know exactly when and what type of attribution is required.

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11 Features Every Ecommerce Site Needs in 2019

ATAK Interactive

There’s nothing worse than wanting to purchase something online and hitting an ecommerce site that is confusing, slow, or flat out doesn’t work. At ATAK, we’ve seen our fair share of frustrating ecommerce sites, but usually the fixes are really simple.

Interesting Infographics: How Reliable are Review Sites?


Did you know that 78% of B2B buyers start their research online and 50% of them turn to social media or peer reviews (source: The Data Behind How B2B Buyers make Purchase Decisions ). Have you thought about how significant a role review sites play in the buying decision of your customer?

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Five social media courses make one social media strategy meal


Most social media marketing strategies are like my mum and me in Genova : we were supremely blissed-out happy with our experience of the authentic, delicious, “to the tooth” spaghetti al pesto.

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Seven Key Categories of Social Media Marketing Tools


But that first impression may instead come from the company’s social media presence (and if not the first, very often the second). That fact alone shows the importance of building a solid social media as well as website presence. Social Media Monitoring Tools.

Retrofitting Blogs and Converting Industrial Websites into Blog Sites

Industrial Marketing Today

They all want to either add a blog to their static industrial websites or convert them into dynamic blog sites. Retrofitting a blog into an existing site is quicker and less expensive than recreating the site on a blogging platform. However, a blog site with a fully integrated blog has many advantages over the retrofit option. For a full list of benefits, refer to my earlier post, “Build Industrial Websites as Dynamic Blog Sites.”.

Report: On-Site Content Marketing Yields Highest ROI for Online Marketers

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According to the data, on-site content marketing (6.85), influencer marketing (6.77) and on-site SEO (6.77) showed the most value. While being two of the easiest tactics to execute or find a vendor to execute, social media and email marketing were near the bottom of the list in terms of ROI. Email marketing (6.60) and social media marketing (6.44) came in seventh and ninth place on the list, respectively. The Difficulty of Social Media Marketing.

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Owned Media: How to Create the Best Content

B2B PR Sense

One such component is owned media, which includes the writing and self-publishing of articles. In this article, we'll cover: An owned media definition. What you need to know about owned media vs earned media. An Owned Media Definition. Paid media?).

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Use These Steps to Clearly Site Your Next Facility

Eric Mower + Associates

Siting a new facility is a difficult task, especially in the energy space. With that in mind, here are two things project sponsors should strive to achieve when working to site their next project. The post Use These Steps to Clearly Site Your Next Facility appeared first on Mower

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B2B Digital Marketing: How Volvo Construction drove site visits through its email campaigns

B2B Lead Generation

Johnston wanted the website to be the ultimate guide for the visitor so they could find everything they needed, including social media posts, without leaving the site.

Communicating Value Helps Double Inbound Leads and Increase Revenue, Site Traffic and More

B2B Lead Generation

Monitoring social media. Social media has made organizations transparent. Leverage social media. Marketing Strategy competitive analysis consistent messages direct mail newsletters social media value

PR Strategy: 5 Powerful Secrets to Awesome Media Attention

B2B PR Sense

Your B2B PR strategy is a complex machine, with earned, owned, shared, and paid media components all working together. Today, we're focusing on the earned media portion of your public relations strategy. What is earned media ? Use Paid Media. But what about paid media?

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Interview with Mike Moran: AI/ML in Marketing and Beyond


Digital Marketing Interview Marketing Automation Social Media Marketing agile marketing ai analytics Artificial intelligence Big Data chat bot Digital marketing machine learning marketing ML on site search SEO site search social listening social media marketing

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6Sense Finds B2B Prospects Using Web Site Activities

Customer Experience Matrix

and key activities (Web site visits, topics researched) and scores at both company and individual levels. APIs can load data from other sources, potentially including other CRM marketing automation products, Web logs, order processing, call centers, media impressions, and pretty much anything else. It then matches against company profiles that 6Sense itself has gathered from the usual Web sources – public social media, Web sites, job boards, directories, etc. –