Faster Media Planning with Intelligent Caching


Your media planning experience just got a lot faster. Bionic Media Planning Tool. The Bionic media planning interface is our crown jewel. The first version of Bionic introduced the media planning interface almost 10 years ago.

Faster Media Plan Placements and Media Plan Downloads


Bionic just upgraded its software to speed your media planning workflow with faster media placements, faster media plan downloads, and faster GCM exports. Faster Media Planning. Last month, we gave you Faster Media Planning with Intelligent Caching.


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How to Find Black Owned Media for Your Media Plan


Bionic just unveiled two new tools that help you find Black Owned Media. Finding Black Owned Media is a Top Challenge. What’s been missing are tools that make it easy to source media from diverse suppliers while in the media planning and media buying process.

What Every Content Marketer Should Know About Media Planning


There’s a misconception that media planning isn’t in the content marketing wheelhouse. Here's a quick breakdown of the fundamentals of media planning and why content marketers should be involved.

Faster Media Planning Filters, Picklists, Deletes, Exports


The latest upgrade to Bionic media planning software includes faster filters , faster picklists , faster deletes , and faster URL exports. Media Planners Feel a Need for Speed. As a media planner or media buyer, you have to move quickly. You asked. We listened.

Estimate ROAS While Media Planning


Return on Ad Spend – or ROAS – is the most important KPI in media buying. However, few advertisers or agencies have a system in place to predict ROAS while media planning. Without ROAS, you can’t treat media as an investment nor truly optimize your media investment decisions.


Media Planning at a Distance


“Social distancing” is disrupting the workflow of media planning teams. Bionic is here to help you keep your media planning team operating with minimal disruption. You can be working on the same media plan at the same time and not clobber each other’s work.

A New Media Planning Experience


Bionic, the #1 rated media planning tool , today unveiled a new media planning experience that includes new media plan creation tools , search tools , filters , customized views , and batch functions like clone and batch edit. Media plan creation tools.

How AI is simplifying the complexities of media planning


30-second summary: The explosion of media options open to consumers today is making it increasingly difficult for advertisers to reach mass audiences. AI is helping media planners to solve the complexities of media plan optimization in this fragmented world.

How to Create a Strategic Social Media Plan [Template]

Content Marketing Institute

Here's how to build a social media marketing plan to put all the essential decision-making info right at your fingertips. Continue reading → The post How to Create a Strategic Social Media Plan [Template] appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.

Everything to Know About Media Buying and Media Planning


The post Everything to Know About Media Buying and Media Planning appeared first on Valasys Media. It’s no secret that just creating advertisements does not guarantee brand success; advertisements must be properly positioned in front of the appropriate audiences.

SOLVED: Media Planning for Programmatic Advertising


Programmatic advertising brings media planning problems you don’t have with other media channels. Because rates and quantities are not known in advance, programmatic advertising creates unique challenges for media planners.

Faster Media Planning


Media plan updates in Bionic now happen faster than a blink of an eye – 20x faster than the previous version. You need to move fast when media planning. That’s because you’re expected to create elaborate media plans under tight deadlines. Your media planning tools can’t be slowing you down! Every line of your media plan contains dozens of calculations. Bionic used to do all these media plan calculations in the cloud.

Why the “ideal” media planning + buying tool?


Bionic for Agencies is rated the “ideal” media planning + buying tool because it’s complete, #1 ranked, fast, easy, and saves money. Bionic automates your entire media planning and buying workflow across all media channels.

New “Tres Comas” Media Planning Tool


Media planners, you’re going to like the new “tres comas” media planning tool. Media Plans Have Lots of Commas. When media planning, you’re often working with numbers in the thousands, millions, and sometimes billions.

Media Planning: The Ultimate Guide

Hubspot Marketing

For any business to be successful today — no matter the type, size, or industry — it must create and share media content (images, videos, infographics, social media posts, podcasts, etc.) Not to mention, media content helps you stand out from competitors and other businesses.

Build an Effective Social Media Plan in 5 Simple Steps


It's essential to review your social media plan at regular intervals to fine-tune it according to the changing customer expectations. The post Build an Effective Social Media Plan in 5 Simple Steps appeared first on Spiralytics Inc. Social Media

How to Manage Media Planning Remotely


In this recorded webinar, Brian Dolan, CEO of WorkReduce , shares the best practices he’s developed through many years of delivering media planning services with remote teams. 13:27 Tips for Managing Media Planning Teams Remotely. 19:14 The Media Planning Lifecycle.

Better Tools for Media Planning Season


Now is a perfect time to upgrade your media planning system before the crush of the fall season. Bionic for Agencies , the #1 rated media planning software, can help you every day to ease your media planning workflow, including: Capture media briefs.

Amobee integrates with LiveIntent, adding email to advertisers’ media plans


As marketers lobby for visibility in digital media, email newsletters present an opportunity in a much less crowded space to showcase their brand alongside premium content from reputable publishers.

What Is Media Planning – and Why Should Content Marketers Care? [Video Show]

Content Marketing Institute

Now that so many content marketers run their own media channels, they also must be media planners. Continue reading → The post What Is Media Planning – and Why Should Content Marketers Care?

Bionic Unveils AI-Powered Media Planning Tool


Isn’t it about time for your media planning software to recommend your media plans? Bionic has unveiled the Media Plan Recommender – a revolutionary new media planning tool that uses artificial intelligence to recommend the best media placements for your advertising campaigns. Smarter Media Planning through AI. Bionic is all about smarter media planning. Media Planning Can Be Overwhelming.

Bionic Unleashes Collaborative Media Planning Capabilities


Have you ever failed while trying to work with your teammates on the same media plan at the same time? That’s because your media planning tool was not built for teamwork. Bionic just unveiled a revolutionary new tool that enables real-time, collaborative media planning. Jump to Demo Video Media Planning is a Team Sport. Media planning is a fast-paced, team-based activity. Most Media Planning Tools Fail at Teamwork.

Integrated Media Planning: What It Is and How to Adopt it In Your Marketing Strategy

Hubspot Marketing

That’s because the company has an integrated media planning strategy. That’s why, as a marketer, having an integrated media plan is important for your marketing strategy. Integrated Media Planning. That’s where integrated media planning comes in.

New Date Formats for Global Media Planning


Bionic media investment management software is used by media planning teams all around the world. Advertisers and agencies love it because it centralizes and standardizes media planning activities of all their teams. So, dates in media plans, performance reports, and everywhere throughout Bionic will display in your favorite – or favourite – date format.

Keep Facebook on your media plan. But don’t stop there.


…But also consider layering your media plan. Why Facebook shouldn’t be the only channel on your media plan. On average, people spend 144 minutes on social media sites every day. The post Keep Facebook on your media plan.

Track Ad Creative Placements and Performance in Media Planning Software


Bionic today unveiled new capabilities for tracking ad creative placements and performance in its media planning software , enabling you to easily answer questions like these: Which ads are running in this media plan? Ad Tracking in Media Plans.

Activate and Optimize Your Media Plan through Onboarding


This is done by unifying your data silos with a people-based identifier, and then making that data available across your tech stack and media activation. Expand your media strategy. The post Activate and Optimize Your Media Plan through Onboarding appeared first on LiveRamp So you’ve gone out and amassed huge amounts of data (with permission, of course). Now what?

Bionic Speeds Media Planning with New Teleport Tool


As a media planner, you need to work fast. With its latest software upgrade, Bionic has upgraded its media planning software with a new teleport tool that enables you to quickly navigate your media plans. The Problem with All Your Media Plan Details in One Place. How to Quickly Navigate Your Media Plans. With the latest Bionic software upgrade, you will discover new tools that help you to navigate your media plans more quickly.

Prove How Much You Saved on Your Media Plan


You should be recognized for your media buying prowess. You can now prove how much you saved on your media plan with Bionic’s media investment management software. Advertising Media is a Big Investment. Media placements are often the most expensive component of an advertising campaign. So, buying the right media in the right quantity is critical. Media Buying for the Win! Effective media planning will identify the best media to buy.

Build a Custom Media Planning System without Getting into Trouble


Bionic just released new software that enables you to build your own custom media planning system. You can now easily customize Bionic’s media investment management platform to meet the unique needs of your organization, your clients, and each of your campaigns. Best of all, you can do all this without breaking the rules of running a diligent media buying operation. The ‘Standard Media Plan’ is Extinct. Media plans were simple and standardized.

When Advertising Bets Are Off: Media Planning and the COVID-19 Crisis

Rain The Growth Agency

Your media planning strategies from February may or may not tell you much in April or May. Two months ago, you understood the marketplace and your business, competitors, media costs, results and even the season. Step four is to apply marketplace changes to your media mix.

How to Erase Costly Mistakes from Your Media Plans


Without the right system, it’s nearly impossible to avoid making mistakes when creating media plans. With its latest upgrade, Bionic adds Audit Trails and Super Undo to its unparalleled set of media planning quality controls. Media Plans Are Complicated Beasts. Media plans are ever-changing, super-complicated schedules. Placements are constantly being added and removed from the media plan.

See How to Share Media Plans, Flowcharts, KPI Performance Reports with Your Clients


Watch the video below to see how media agencies use Bionic for Advertisers to share media plans, advertising flowcharts, media spending analytics, KPI performance reports, and more with clients. This is a recording of a webinar originally aired April 4, 2019. Want to learn more? Check out Bionic for Advertisers and Bionic for Agencies. Advertiser Planner

SEM: What is it and Why Should it be part of your Digital Media Plan?


SEM is an effective, low-cost solution that marketers and media planners across industries are using to increase site traffic. By familiarizing yourself with these terms, marketers and media planners become better prepared for SEM implementation and management. Search engine marketing is not something to miss out on when it comes to advertising to today’s digitally-oriented consumers.

SEM 50

Developing a Social Media Plan For Your Indirect Channel

Computer Market Research

Social Media – it’s the enterprise buzz word of the decade. More often than not you’ll hear some industry leader boast about the value of using social media for business. You may even hear about companies that have succeeded in acquiring customers from social media itself. However, there’s an inherent difficulty when incorporating social media into a partner relationship management strategy. Probably the most obvious and commonly used social media strategy.

How a 95-year-old publishing company mastered TikTok for 7X book sales


However, an influencer campaign planned by Penguin Teen unlocked the full sales potential of this novel. When Penguin Teen first joined the social platform in October 2019, it built its social media on meeting their readers wherever they were and communicating with them.

5 Effective Ways to Use Facebook’s New Trend Report to Boost Your 2019 Social Media Plan


Facebook just released their annual Topics & Trends Report for 2019. The report analyzes data from the past two years of Facebook conversations and packages them up into 33 pages of informational insights for marketers. Helpfully, Facebook curated their findings into seven industry verticals, such as Beauty & Fashion, Entertainment, Commerce, and Science & Technology. Blogs

Fox Interactive Media Plans Ad Network Expansion


Reuters is reporting that Fox Interactive Media President Peter Levinsohn said Monday that his company is in the discussion stages of creating an ad network, internally dubbed “FIM Serve,” that would service all of News Corp.’s “We’re well down the path in terms of discussions with some of the other News Corp properties to do ad serving,” Levinsohn said at the Reuters Media Summit today.

Media Planning in Content Amplification: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Content Standard

Paid promotion through strategic media planning is essential to the success of your content—a subtle boost to help it reach new milestones. Selling your campaign internally can be the most intimidating part of media planning. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a wide number of partners when you begin media planning. The post Media Planning in Content Amplification: How to Set Yourself Up for Success appeared first on The Content Standard by Skyword.